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Hao Jinsong civil disobedience
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"When you go to push the government, you have to let the government
think that it is able to withstand this force, and is safe, the aim is to push it forward. In
this state, the government is safe, you are safe the runway away also saw Hao Jinsong
is safe "

"Hao lawyer, you have gone, our hearts are not practical, air ups and
downs." 30-year-old Sun record Qiqiyiai said that he looked across the
dinner table of Hao Jinsong, hoping to read some positive face Hao information and
commitment. Chia-Hao Jinsong brothers insist that the "Hao
lawyer", while Hao Jinsong had reminded them that he is not a lawyer,
because he did not permit even the solicitor, "I am a legal ax wielding

Jipen braised steak was served, the original love his brother say that love to laugh in
the sector in the finger after the Sun, "a changed man", the
brothers ate silently, and then their bow fingers repeatedly twister fragile edge of the
table the disposable plastic tablecloth.

The evening of October 30, Hao Jinsong train left Shanghai as of this day, Sun
community law enforcement unit was seized in Pudong Cup car has not returned. Hao
Jinsong and Sun's brothers, accompanied by reporters from various
quarters on several occasions to discuss cars, but eat a cold shoulder. Sun event in
Shanghai, the government sector finger open admission of illegal evidence, it seems
that once again deadlocked.

Chia-Hao Jinsong promised brothers, briefly returning to Beijing to dispose of some
matters, he will immediately return to Shanghai, to accompany them so after this
tough battle.

Sun recorded in a machine factory in Shanghai to serve as fleet dispatch, he was
driving a borrowed mini-van to Hao Jinsong to the station, gradually from the autumn,
the orange street stalls start price, and 3 per pound, he choose products with the most
attractive, bought Le full Liang Tai Bao, Hao Jinsong no money for agency fees, he
can "Hao lawyer" to do's also only so much.

Sun Hao Jinsong in the understanding of television, the program, the Hao Jinsong is
another pile for Shanghai, "fishing case" party Hui Zhang to
speak out, "I think I can save my brother, that is, the people."

One of the best written essay
Hao Jinsong, Xinzhou, Shanxi, youth legal scholars, "double
action" theory put forward and advocate, advocate the use of
firepower-intensive bombardment of the social anomaly and extend fire. He was
special playing the "public interest litigation" is known, has
seven times the nature of the proceedings made public, the Beijing Mass Transit
Railway Corporation, the State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Railways, the
National Development and Reform Commission and many national ministries and
monopolies to court. He is not the end of the development of China's train
ticket history and contributed to the Ministry of Railways announced the cessation of
spring prices.

In 2005, Hao Jinsong sale of goods is not developed because of the train ticket, in 4
months for 3 times, the "Iron boss" to court, and ultimately by
the court Hao Jinsong Beijing Railway favor, forcing the Ministry of Railways to the
Railway Administration issued a nationwide "car on the railway station
catering to visitors and sales of goods to be invoiced notice", not the end of
the development of China's train ticket history. Hao also provisions for
breaking the King was named newsmaker of 2005 China's legal system,
legal system in 2005 ten people, two cases were selected for the 2005 China top ten
cases in 2005, China's top ten influential action.

Hao Jinsong, said he was affected by two people, one of Lu Xun, one of Cui Jian.
"Lu Xun's" iron house in the cry, "said we
all sleep in a sealed room iron, yelled to you a personal wake, and were awakened
when people can not get out, they begin to complain about why this person to wake us.
We not only should we wake, we must open a hole in the house, let the light in. ... ...

In 2006, Hao Jinsong one hospital to sue the Ministry of Railways, Beijing 2006,
price increases do not spring to open the hearing in violation of procedure, the Beijing
Intermediate Court in writing of a decision not on file, Hao Jinsong immediately
appeal to the Beijing High Court, the same year 12 month, the court sentenced Hao
Jinsong lost.

"Early in 2001, Hebei has been filed against lawyers Qiao Zhanxiang on
prices during Spring Festival, the court then sentenced him to lose, if after a few years
in favor of the court and then sentenced me to Hao Jinsong, then the court's
ruling on top of each other cattle it!"

"I can be defeated, but can not be bought, so opponents will respect you
because you and him fight over after all. We lost because the strength is too poor, not
raising their prices during Spring Festival railway that case, I would have is holding
failure of the idea, but I have to impact on the system. "
Hao Jinsong very strong struggle, "I belong to the attack, the greater the
resistance, the stronger the desire to attack. Railway is a friend we were meeting with
several lawyers determined to win the fort." Received a sentence of time
lost, then In the Spring Festival has begun, January 7, 2007, Hao Jinsong published an
influential "To the Ministry of Railways Liu Zhijun's open
letter," he said in the letter, the annual Spring Festival is a Chinese
traditional festival, If the prices at this time, it is easy to think of fishing in troubled

"It is    my open letter, written in an essay written the best, I have been
touched by my      own." "Open letter" was quickly
reprinted in the   network, a student of Hao Jinsong, because they read their own
writing teachers   excited This time, he felt a more significant was the pleasure of

"Data show that the price increase passenger numbers continue to rise year
after year after, simply did not play the role of the so-called diversion, if fares rise
block the footsteps of some people to go home, it blocked out those long years of
hardship and humiliation suffered migrant brothers and sisters, it blocked those
struggling to survive in college students and farmers ... ... "he wrote in an
open letter.

Things changed dramatically here: January 9, 2007, the Ministry of Railways officials
to "Beijing Times" said: Hao Jinsong Ministry of Railways will
not change the original price increase letter program. But the next day at 11 am, the
Ministry of Railways spokesman suddenly announced: the introduction of the Spring
Festival travel season ticket prices 14 years of the abolition, not the future price hikes.

The case of public toilets in the invoice as the government to court grindstone
In 2004, Hao Jinsong Subway does not provide public toilets for the invoice, will be
the Beijing Subway Corporation to court, this is his first attempt of judicial activists.
A total of two trips on the toilet he should go to the toilet two 5 cents invoices,
invoices for these two, he and another lawyer friend twice negotiated with the MTRC,
the process as if a black humor.

"Wudaokou Corporation, said: We are here to do no invoice, or else you to
head it. Attitude is also very good, they face the toilet the first time but also invoices,
and this person not only in person, but also left a telephone seems very seriously, not
fun. "
Beijing Youth League leadership came forward MTR Corporation received two
well-dressed, gravely to Mr. invoices to public toilets:

"Hau, we do not toilet invoice, there must be so, as you so much all the
way to run two trips, we have already given you."
"Then I'll sue you!" Hao Jinsong said solemnly.

"Yes, we are here to back two prepared two small gifts."

Opened it, two exquisitely carved crystal Metro model, is a souvenir subway line
opened, there are collection version of the subway stamps. With a lawyer friend can
not help but smile, playing up in his hand, "like a child to see the same
toys," Hao Jinsong is not satisfied, he bears a friend on the spot:
"laughing at? You laugh this field!"

People who heard this, the Corporation will also laugh together, or Communist Youth
League cadres who, with a smile on Hao Jinsong, said, "Never mind, Mr.
Hao, which you receive a gift after the notice, and you then told."

"I heard      this,       'then       I    would     kindly     consider

A week later, Hao Jinsong the Beijing Subway Corporation to court.

The last sentence is also a black humor. Western District Court The judge, exactly
Hao Jinsong's schoolmates in China University of Political Science.
"Beijing was the smallest denomination is a dollar invoices, green, no 5
hair. Because of the cost of the toilet 5 hair, the Court has done work for metro
applications for tax invoices, tax invoices did not result 5 hair, so special India and a
number, and the subway this site is equipped with toilet, and then informed me that
the court hearing. "

Day trial, the defendant railway company representatives in Beijing to carry forward
the invoice. Court trial in court: Hao Jinsong in favor of the plaintiff verdict delivered
in court accused of two 5 Mao's toilet invoice.

"He solemnly out invoices, I solemnly take over. When reporters think that
people fun, invoices, lawsuits not played, or the toilet to invoice! Once thought I was

Hao Jinsong do not think the invoice for the two public toilets, access to courtroom
boredom, this is precisely that he orchestrated a test, "I would like to assess
the government's response to similar cases. Metro public service career
with the color, its relationship with the government, But the nature of the enterprise.
so the case in favor of the invoice after the MTR, we quickly put public interest
litigation lawsuit went to the Railway Bureau, hit the Ministry of Railways, which
became the Civil Rights lawsuit against the government's important to try.
Hearing was a black vase
"China's transition problems encountered by other countries and
regions have met their legal people to play what role, history has its own similar laws.
We have to do is line with the Government, it is more standardized that the pace of
democratic politics a little more. It is necessary citizen-driven, do you want to
promote it, it is difficult to reform itself. "

In Hao Jinsong legal practice, his opponents are also layers of upgrades.
In 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of
Information Industry jointly held a hearing on mobile roaming charges lower prices,
get news, Hao Jinsong enrolled in a consumer representative, or attend the hearing,
Development and Reform Commission sent a letter to his written reply: Hearing on
behalf of the Consumers Association has commissioned production, due to venue
capacity limitations without observers.

Hao Jinsong Building, that hearing will be held in Henan Province, on early check-in
to the hotel to lease the ground, understand that the venue of the hearing can
accommodate 300 people, "January 22 to open the hearing, I was indicted
on January 21 the annulment of the NDRC I sit in the executive refused to act.
Court held: not placed on file.

Hearing date, Hao Jinsong and large waiting the results reported hearing the news
media waiting outside the venue building in Henan, Hao Jinsong made a performance
art, he put a black vase with flowers inside the plug, next to the sign on wrote:
"hearing." What I mean is: "black-box operation,
hearing equal vase decoration!"

4 pm, the hearing ended, Hao Jinsong and assistants carrying cameras, together with
the reporter inside, "the site can ask five questions, I always raise their
hands, the organizers not pretend to see." Chaired conference is made The
two Secretaries and Ministry of Information Industry and Reform Commission, a
Director, one Secretary announced the conference was about to end, Hao Jinsong
jump on the front seat, holding a hearing he refused to reply Development and
Reform Commission, said loudly: "I am a Chinese citizen Hao Jinsong, I
want to raise the last question!"

Hao Jinsong Zhangqiangduanbao have to focus, the camera's lens all
turned over. This time, organizers have been unable to let him ask a question. He
immediately seized the opportunity to continue the statement: "You live
venue with the conditions of the reasons I refuse to participate in the hearing today,
the venue can accommodate 300 people, and you meet 50 people, you are lying Well,
I need an explanation! "
They called on the Secretary's side not to shoot, one side says,
"conference is aimed at journalists, you are not a journalist, how can you
"I am a citizen, is also a journalist, the Internet is my platform for release
of information! Please give me an explanation!"

This is a video, was called "Hao Jinsong row hearing venue"
headline in the widely circulated online potatoes. Although things were forgotten, but
in October 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission revised the
"government's price policy Hearings."

Approach provides consumer representatives to participate in the proportion of the
hearing, also provides: public hearing to set a public gallery, citizens can attend.
Public hearing set press gallery. 30 days before the hearing must be announced to the
public and selected staff representatives and observers. 15, should be through
government websites, news media announced to the public hearing time, place,
program elements, as well as hearing and hearing people to participate in the list.

"In China, many the result is a subtle process. For example, the original
Ministry of Railways have a" rail passenger tariff rules,
"provided to receive a 20% refund fee, 10 yuan for each fee received two
yuan, less than 10 per Some calculated by 10 yuan. It is unreasonable, we propose
constitutional review, submitted during the NPC, the NPC did not respond, but after
less than a year, Xinhua News Agency suddenly had a little message:
'follows many years of railway passenger tariff rules, the first was modified
', no less than 10 yuan is calculated by 10 yuan. Sometimes change is not
immediate, not price increases as the spring, tiger and so on, our efforts continued a
long time, and finally they changed. "

Funny South China tiger in the Ukiyo-e
Re Hao Jinsong today because of the South China tiger incident written complaint,
can still reminiscent of Mark Twain-style humor.

"- South China Tiger is a big cat, hearing and sense of smell is very
sensitive and live in a few hundred meters from the South China tiger can perceive the
presence of large animals, and the defendant described in his possession to the media
at a distance of 20 meters distance of South China Tiger 20 minutes continuous
pictures were taken more than 70 photos, and pictures tiger has maintained a relaxed
prone ... ... neither escape nor attack, not common sense, the defendant is clearly lying,
concluded that: the defendant shot Tiger is not live, but a paper tiger.

"- From his photo, tiger head is almost covered with leaves the
tiger's head, according to common sense, an adult tiger's head
size diameter of a wash basin, then that the diameter of the leaves should have wash
basin size, simply not in fact taken to the leaves of any plant so great ... ... conclusion:
the defendant is not a live shot of Tiger, but a paper tiger.

"- Accused by the media to the public a false picture of cheating people of
the world, but also to deceive the plaintiff. The plaintiff is an animal lover, like a
variety of small animals like the tiger in particular, the defendant began to publish
photos of the acts of a Let the plaintiff believed her, wild with joy, but in the
subsequent investigation to get a false picture about the tiger's conclusion
false, the plaintiffs were being deceived, was playing in the hands of the feeling, the
plaintiff abnormal depression, abnormal angry! The defendant violated the
plaintiff's right to truthful information, and to animal lovers as the spirit of
the plaintiff has suffered greatly, causing the plaintiff is now awake at night, eyes
closed, I saw a shadow of the South China Tiger. "

As a plaintiff, Hao Jinsong Zhou Zhenglong to the defendant claimed: 1 yuan. Hao
Jinsong, said, recalling "Tiger" process, he still felt fun, this is a
very absurd farce of color, it is opening the way to a joke, gradually, it was found
laughing, just the absurdity of prolonged exposure reality absurd and unreasonable.

Still need to fight this battle of skill and organization of writing. "The
strategy is to drag each other, not say anything. We do 6 sets of response options. For
some time against reporting, we also stopped, and this time you force reports are
useless. Duishou paralysis in time, we suddenly be a legal act, the use May 1 for the
first time the implementation of information disclosure regulations as soon as the
information for the public the South China tiger photo, the whole issue is towed back
to the public eye again. Otherwise, so many things happened in China every day, the
media is also very utilitarian , will be transferred to the other direction. "

Vacational trial day, Hao Jinsong attend the court can not enter, he played a huge
black umbrella stand in court, the umbrella in front of the words
"Vacational is the scapegoat." Many media have published
photographs appeared in the anti-umbrella, he stood behind the police guarded.

"The police to maintain order standing behind me, but they can not see my
umbrella in front of the word, so it did not come to stop. People can not remember the
lengthy legal process, but they will remember that the rich visual impact of the black
umbrella. "

I would not Big Brother for many years
Hao Jinsong since they were children in the small head, a vote to live under the
command of a lane of Xiaopi Hai, is the desire of the old tough man, he led them to
jump from a high platform, because it is "a form of exercise guts .
"To maintain my credibility, my young age, and ostrich on the pumping
Bashan cigars cigar, 5 cents a, the children bought for me. Because I saw on television,
Boss had to cigars. Pumping when the fact is painful, numb tongue, to the Mother of
the image I had to live with. "

Now they have grown up, discovered the power of the identity of this community is
not the cigar its mouth, while the accepted democratic values Hao Jinsong do not
want to be what the lead brother, he wants to be an enlightening, because leaders often
mean the hegemony, "so I do not smoke a cigar, not even cigarettes

Since childhood, Hao Jinsong is the famous "thorn",
"I do not like to obey discipline, the total to challenge all
authority." At school, he challenges dormitory system, lights system, study
up the system ... ... period in the rebellious students, he a Industrial and Commercial
Bank of China office in Shanxi, as usual, a unit of the troublemakers and
uncooperative elements.

He is responsible for oversight of accounting matters, the Congress workers on
invoices for reimbursement to the president of the question, "with a stay
invoice is 8,000 yuan, who stay ah? Yes meetings? By county among the best standard
of 20 yuan a day count, 400 people enough to open one day. But we had banks will
not open it how is it? "

He also self-law, to participate in self-examination, 4 years, has received specialist
and university diplomas. Small county in Shanxi, he felt his power is limited, work 8
years later, he submitted his resignation to the bank, Chuaizhao more than 50,000
yuan of buyouts fee, a person came to Beijing.

In 2003, he was in Beijing for a whole year's course rubbing, following the
borrowed curriculum to lectures, He Weifang, of course the most heard, there
Exerting the criminal law, constitutional Wang Lei, Wang Xi zinc administrative
law ... ... he every morning by bus to Peking University, one question that day.
"That year I think every day to change the thinking, like a tree so hard to
absorb nutrients."

Graduate student in China University of Political Science, he devoted a semester
studying criminal investigation, "because I think one day I will need
Criminal acts of anti-reconnaissance aroused intense battle of wits his fun,
"such as how to get rid tracking. Someone tracking you, you walk his walk,
he do you take a bus transit, he has to drive your car ... ... then the easiest way is to on
the subway, get off quickly at the close of the moment, if this time some people to
follow you down, you're being tracked. In addition, there are many ways,
these forensic tools although I have not tried, but I am thinking to develop an overall
when they have strategies to exercise it. "

Graduate period, Hao Jinsong engaged in another interesting practice, in 2006, he was
more than 30 teachers and students on the recommendation of an independent
candidate to run for Haidian District People's Congress, this election has
encountered a reasonable and legitimate Many strange resistance, but his campaign
team or exclude the pressure in the constituency campaign distributed 2,600 copies of
the Declaration: "the election of a person wielding an ax when the legal
representative", and in the final vote was 406 votes.

He certainly did not elected, but the voting day, an old lady pinching his election
leaflet issued, said to be specialized to give the child one vote, just because he is a
willingness to take the initiative to make house to house people know who the
candidates people. This gives Hao Jinsong impressed.

The basic dimensions of a man
Not with any rivalry in the days, Hao Jinsong considered as a person who loves life,
he Shenshangnajian plum pink ribbon shirts faint Obscure reflects the
man's personality and aesthetic. Shopping is a leisurely unpack his way, he
frequented in large Shopping Mall, look at all the fun things, feet get tired sit down
and eat. Friends know that he is a gourmet, there is a gathering place for a dinner he
ate 3 tons of records, this sharp increase in body weight love him once, and lost his

A lawyer friend who criticized him: "like you who engage in public
interest law career, how can the fat head and big ears? So you look like the person you
are opposed to what the difference?!"

He therefore was persuaded, soon began to lose weight, eat less, and hyperactivity. A
strong sense of crisis was his nest from the morning and kick out, the cool mist into
Beijing early autumn, running.

37-year-old Hao Jinsong, everything should be asked a "Why",
and "Why not", has spread to all areas of equality awareness.
From Beijing to Shanghai, he found the streets of trendy Shanghai girl pop does not
wear socks, barefoot wearing high heels, "they can not wear, why not?
That I do not wear!" He immediately took off his very cool to socks, black
suits dry pair of shoes in impressively large bare feet exposed.

"Why do women wear shoes you can not wear socks? Why men will
definitely wear?" He confidently refute my suspicion.
"The woman can also wear stockings, you can wear a stocking over
When he discovered that the problem is not socks, such as "equality before
the law", the next day put socks put on.

With Jia-brother to the restaurant, because the wish to have a private environment on
the merits, Hao Jinsong requirements package, the waiter was told: We are only 8
large individual rooms, not between three or four packets.

Attendant attitude is very firm, but more determined attitude Hao Jinsong. A minute
later, private rooms with.

This record is very pleased to Sun, he found: the time when the rights are denied, so
long as to insist to fight for something, will have rooms, justice may come with.

In Beijing, Hao Jinsong and another one in mind to pack between the killer, that is, no
matter how small the number, first get in to eat up to say, their bill, the cost of
ordering the minimum between the natural lack of spending package, he gently told
the clerk: I can pay the minimum consumption, no problem, but you open two
invoices, one is how much we eat a meal, the rest of the requested invoices issued by
another, items marked "private rooms minimum consumption

No one dares to openly provide a "minimum consumption
rooms" of the invoice, so the minimum consumption Hao Jinsong rooms is
never there.

For the performance is also revealed through childhood, Shanxi often snake charmer
playing tricks on the street, percussion ideas struck a vote on the surrounding
spectators, snake snake flower holding hands, ask which came to power with the
audience is willing, it lasts 10-year-old Hao Jinsong immediately raised their hands,
"I! me!"

The little boy looked at the piece of slippery snake their small animals into the vest,
proudly patting his belly to show, "afraid." Hao
Jinsong's mother told the neighbor to go back: "Your the man ya,

As the descendants of soldiers, the military fanatical fans, he always cares about
"courage" the character dimension, provided that he prosecuted
the case, he would insist in the end, would rather lose and would not halfway through
withdrawal, fear of others that he Naozhong . "Everyone will have fear, but
I can not look at the points. In the hearts of people, we have never taken so many
ministries, Forestry Administration, Ministry of Railways, the National Development
and Reform Commission, we are safe. And we changed some of the status quo can not
be afraid . "
"Democracy is a runway, we do not determine how long the runway, we
initially assumed it was a 5,000 meter runway, take 20 years or 15 years to achieve.
The government is also in this track, you can not throw Open Government will be
able to enter the modern society, when you go to push the government, you have to let
the government think that it is able to withstand this force, and is safe, the aim is to
push it forward. In this state, the government is safe, you are safe, people other than
the runway to see Hao Jinsong is safe, then there will be more people down this
runway. many people, the democratic process will be shortened. "he said.

Or challenges in a number of power, or risk-rights cases, the event found themselves
psychologically shaken, he would stare at the mirror, said to himself:

"Jinsong, you brave!"
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