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Stronger Together


									   Member Newsletter
                                                       October/November 2008

Stronger Together:
Celebrating Co-ops & Our Members
October is National Co-                                                                                      an invitation to join Lakewinds at
op Month and Member                                                                                          this time. If you haven’t become a
Appreciation Month. “Stronger                                                                                member yet, please join this great
Together” is the national                                                                                    team and learn about how we are
theme on Co-op Month, which                                                                                  stronger together.
corresponds to our focus for                                                                                 October is also Fair Trade
celebrating our members as                                                                                   month. As we show gratitude for
we look back on the history of                                                                               the healthy and vibrant co-op
Lakewinds in this issue. It is                                                                               movement, we look abroad for our
clear that Lakewinds, from its                                                                               part in supporting positive change
small beginnings in a home                                                                                   to international trade through
in Minnetonka,                                                                                               the Fair Trade movement. Fair
only grew through                                                                                            Trade supports small farmers in
the strength of its                                                                                          developing countries who can’t
members.                                                                                                     compete in the export business
Every year we                                                                                                with larger companies. Find out
say thank you to                                                                more about the latest efforts of Equal Exchange, one fair
our members for                                                                 trade group, on page 3.
supporting us,                                                                  It is fitting that with all this thanksgiving, we move into the
our community,                                                                  holiday of Thanksgiving, celebrated on November 27. We
local farmers, and                                                              offer basic turkey recipes and a brined turkey recipe, for the
organic growers,                                                                more adventurous cooks, in this issue.
and for supporting
                                                                                Remember to look for holiday pre-order forms for turkeys
the programs that
                                                                                in the meat departments. Lakewinds delis at Minnetonka
uphold Lakewinds’
                                                                                and Chanhassen will be offering their spectacular and
principles of providing
                                                                                creative side dishes and main dish meals for Thanksgiving
education, healthy
                                                                                by pre-order, including traditional items like potatoes, sweet
food choices and
                                                                                potatoes, stuffing and dessert. Check out the Lakewinds
                                                                                deli catering menu as well. Don’t forget the Lakewinds
friendly products.
                                                                                Bakehouse will be taking orders for special breads for the
To celebrate Member Appreciation Month, we are offering all
                                                                       holiday. Order forms can be found in the specific departments and on
members an additional five percent discount on two dates of the
                                                                       our website at
member’s choosing in October. Also, please stop by between 11 a.m.
and 4 p.m. on October 7 and 25 for a slice of delicious cake created
especially to honor our members.
During October, we also want to show appreciation to the many
people who shop here who have not become members and extend
From the G.M.                                                     Board Corner
                                                                  By Jane Howard
                                                                                                 Were you a member of Lakewinds in 2002? Whether
                                                                                                 you answer “Yes!” or “No” I think you’ll be amazed at
                                                                                                 what has happened to your co-op in just six years: an
                                                                                                 odyssey from one overcrowded store to a three store,
                                                                                                 overextended venture, now back-on-track enterprise
                                                                                                 successfully serving many communities.
                                                                                                 What have been constants through this exciting
                                                                                                 yet tumultuous time? First and foremost are the
                                                                                                 members of Lakewinds – our best shoppers and
                                                                                                 word-of-mouth promoters. In addition, we have
                                                                                                 dedicated staff and a knowledgeable, conscientious
It is hard to believe summer is past and we are looking                                          Board of Directors elected by the members.
at fall and the holidays. October is a special time at            I ran for a position on the Board of Directors in 2002. In my application I noted
Lakewinds, when we celebrate our members and fair trade           that the primary challenge faced by Lakewinds was its cramped facility. In
month. Our theme during October is “Stronger Together.”           repeated surveys members listed overcrowding as their top concern.
Indeed, we are nothing without our loyal members and
                                                                  Options for expanding the Minnetonka store were explored without success. The
customers who consistently shop with us and through their
                                                                  decision to open a second location brought the challenges of finding an appropriate
loyalty give us the confidence to invest in our community.
                                                                  location, raising the necessary capital and operating a multi-store enterprise.
We are also busily preparing for Thanksgiving, and we
                                                                  What a roller coaster ride! A favorable site for a new store would be identified,
look forward to helping you with this celebration of
                                                                  excitement would mount, and then a deal breaker would crop up. In the midst of
family and food. As always, we will be ready to help you
                                                                  the search, the struggling co-op in Anoka sought our help to keep it open, and in
with ingredients or a complete meal. This year we will be
                                                                  2003, it became a part of the Lakewinds Co-op.
providing recipes and displays of many of your favorite
dishes and showing you alternate ways to prepare should           In November 2004, we signed a lease for a great location in Chanhassen. Then,
you have specific dietary challenges. Keep your eyes open         that same month (!), we learned that the SuperValu just a few doors from the
for all the charitable giving opportunities beginning with        Minnetonka store was closing. An expansion opportunity that we had pursued for
Kids for Coats in early October.                                  years suddenly materialized.
You are undoubtedly aware that costs from our vendors             After much investigation and discussion, the Board decided to build in
have been rising dramatically and as a result we have             Chanhassen and move to the larger space in Minnetonka. Members were key to
been increasing our prices to you. Throughout this time,          the financing. We needed to raise $700,000 in loans, and our members responded
we have focused on trying to deliver the lowest everyday          with over $1 million!
prices to all members. The pricing surveys that have been         I became president of the Lakewinds Board in early 2006, when all three stores
in the newspaper have shown that we are succeeding,               appeared to be off and running. However, by July we were not meeting projections,
with Lakewinds prices consistently lower than many of             and we faced a deepening financial crisis. Fortunately, our staff and Board
our competitors.                                                  members brought remarkable commitment and knowledge to the situation. By
We constantly challenge ourselves to look for other ways          making tough decisions, we were able to maintain all three stores.
to avoid taking prices up and as a result have been looking       Today, Lakewinds has a positive outlook. However, it is evident that we are in
at some of the discounts we offer. We have discovered that        a much more competitive market. To succeed, we must have a Board with the
we are one of the last co-ops in the Twin Cities to still offer   expertise to oversee a $25 million business, including hiring and overseeing the
case discounts. The other co-ops have stopped offering            General Manager. In 2007, we were most fortunate to have Libby Trader learn
this discount because our vendors no longer pass on case          of our search for a General Manager. Libby, who recently began her second year
discounts to us, so as a result we lose money on those            with Lakewinds, came to us with extensive experience in the food industry and a
transactions. While we have no intention of changing our          commitment to our co-op principles.
monthly 5% discount, we are evaluating whether reducing           Most important to Lakewinds’ continued success are our members. You are the
our discounts would help us delay or avoid price increases.       reason that Lakewinds exists. You have built and sustained this valuable force
We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these             in our communities. In October, we specifically celebrate you during Member
challenging waters over the next year.                            Appreciation Month. As I retire from the Board, I appreciate even more the co-op
As always, thanks for your support. We all look forward to        concept, the incomparable products Lakewinds offers, and our members–the heart
a terrific holiday season.                                        of Lakewinds.

Libby Trader, General Manager

 • Lakewinds Natural Foods
  small farmers,
  Big Change
  By Scott Patterson, Equal Exchange

» about fair trade
  Fair Trade has evolved into a certification and justice movement that              Unfortunately, just as the rooibos farmers have begun to imagine a
  advocates the payment of fair prices as well as social and environmental           brighter future for themselves, a number of factors are threatening
  standards in the production of foods. Fair Trade principles include: fair          their success. Severe droughts and higher temperatures have
  prices, fair wages, fair labor conditions, equal employment opportunities,         endangered the long-term production capacity of their land.
  community development, and environmental sustainability.                           Simultaneously, they compete in a market where 98 percent of the
  Equal Exchange supplies co-ops with Fair Trade products: high-quality organic      rooibos industry is dominated by post-apartheid, large-scale white
  coffees, teas, chocolates and snacks from farmers and farmer cooperatives          owned plantations.
  practicing Fair Trade principles around the world, including the U. S.             The tea grown by the Heiveld and Wupperthal farmers is the only
                                                                                     rooibos tea in the Fair Trade certification system that comes from
  Partnerships like that between co-ops and Equal Exchange have
                                                                                     indigenous small-scale farmers.
  created supply chains that respect small-scale farmers and the
  environment. At the same time, our work continues to face challenges.              During Fair Trade Month in October, recognize your own power as a
  Equal Exchange has recently launched a new line of teas. The story                 member or shopper at Lakewinds by purchasing Fair Trade tea. You
  of the farmers who grow one of these offerings, the wild rooibos, is               will be participating in a chain that plays a vital role in giving the
  representative of both the power of our network and the challenges.                Heiveld and Wupperthal farmers market access.
  The Khoisan farmers of South Africa formed a rooibos cooperative                   For more information, go to:, fairfoodfight.
  of 16 members in 1998, the Wupperthal Tea Association. In 2000,                    com, or For more information about
  another group of 14 farmers, just north of that region, founded                    Fair Trade, go to:,, and
  the Heiveld Co-operative. Today, over 100 small-scale farmers are        
  exporting rooibos and have dramatically improved their livelihoods.

  Cooperative Values:
  Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility,
  democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.
  In the tradition of their founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical
  values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.

  Our Mission:                                 Cooperative Principles:                                        Full Spectrum Light Bulbs
  We are a member-owned cooperative              » Voluntary and open membership
                                                                                                      •Energy saving Compact Fuorescent
  committed to outstanding customer              » Democratic member control
                                                 » Member economic participation                       Blues Buster now available.
  service. We support our community
  by providing education, healthy                » Autonomy and independence                          •We are joining with Lakewinds
  food choices, and environmentally              » Education, training and                             to recycle!!
  friendly products.                               information                                        •Bring back Blues Buster Compact
                                                 » Cooperation among cooperatives
                                                                                                       Flourescents to Lakewinds and we
                                                 » Concern for community
                                                                                                       will take care of them for you!!
  Board of Directors
  Mary Chasin–President, John DePaolis, Sarah Foss, Jane Howard, Katherine
  Roseth, Joe Wagner, Sharann Watson, Dale Woodbeck
                                                                                                                  Buster + Lakewinds!!

                                                            We are a member-owned cooperative committed to outstanding customer service.   Lakewinds Natural Foods • 
Organic Roots
                                                                           She has always shopped at the co-op, seldom going anywhere else.
                                                                           At one time, the family had the distinction of being one of the top
                                                                           buyers in the store.
                     remain for lakewinds                                  One of her fondest memories is taking her daughter to the store for
                                                                           an OatsCream cone, a soft-serve cream frozen treat that was once
The Minnetonka Buying Club was started by Edith Stodola and                available at the deli counter.
Helen Davis in the basement of the Davis’ Glen Lake home in 1972.          Word was out about Lakewinds, and it had outgrown the store by
The Davis’ garden provided organic produce, and fresh                                            1995 when it moved to the Spasso location. The
eggs came from their hen house.                                                                  Lakewinds Natural Home store, a few doors down
The group had grown enough by 1975 to officially form                                            from the grocery, was added in 1998.
a co-op and move into the Red Shack behind the St.                                               Sarah Stensgaard, member and employee, and
Luke Presbyterian Church, taking on the name St. Luke                                            her family of five joined Lakewinds right before
Community Co-op. Many church members were part of                                                the move to its corner store in 1994, after her
the co-op and increased its size, so that by 1983 the co-                                        family moved to Victoria. Sarah greets you at the
op had to move again.                                                                            customer service desk in Chanhassen.
This time, they had a real store front on Minnetonka                                             If you asked Sarah why they joined, her answer
Blvd. across from where Spasso Restaurant is today.                                              is different than what it would have been 14
The store moved to the Deakynes True Value Hardware                                              years ago. Originally, the family joined because
location in 1989.                                                                                they wanted to eat more organic food, she
In 1992, Leslie Henckel and her family joined the co-op                                          says. “It soon became a learning experience
when it was at the hardware store location. At that time, members          about shopping local. It was a complete joy to meet the farmers
were still volunteering to help out at the co-op, she says. She            and producers of products such as Beeler’s, Thousand Hills Cattle
remembers slicing cheese from larger rounds into saleable portions,        Company and Gardens of Eagan.“
wrapping them and sticking on the label. Her husband, on the other         Lakewinds’ importance in her family life has to do with being
hand, was always unloading trucks.                                         connected to the people who produce the food, she says. “Knowing
She liked the closeness of the small group. When she joined, as her        that when we buy and get fresh food we are supporting local, small
member number (1441) indicates, membership was still under 2000.           farm families has become almost a passion. ”
“When it was smaller, we knew everyone, and they knew us. It was           The pleasure in knowing she is supporting local farms is extended
really personal. ”

     Two women formed                                                                                                                    1999
      the Minnetonka                                                                                                                 Added a space
        Buying Club                                                                                                                 onto the back of
                                                                                                                                    corner location
                                                                                                          1995                     that served as the
                                                                                                                                    Learning Center
                                                                                               Expanded to location on the
                                                                                               corner where Spasso is now
                                 Moved from the little red shack to the
                                  spot across the street from Spasso

                     A cooperative was
                   formed and named St.
                  Luke Community Co-op
                                                                                       1989                                   1998
                                                                     Re-named to Lakewinds Natural Foods and Lakewinds Natural Home was
                                                                      relocated to the south side of Minnetonka opened in the same building
                                                                        Blvd where the hardware store is now     that is now the Classroom

 • Lakewinds Natural Foods
to her shopping experience at Lakewinds. “It’s a joy to shop here.”        available after the SuperValu grocery store closed and about the
When Sarah and her husband realized how much they enjoyed                  same time construction on Chanhassen began. The new 14, 000
shopping at Lakewinds, it became another date night.                       square foot Minnetonka store opened January 12, 2006.
Soon the children were in on the fun too. My son said, ‘It feels           Mary Beth Ziembiec and her family joined at the Chanhassen store
like home.”                                                                                  as soon as it opened, she says. Her story is one of the
Though the family liked the improvements when the                                            newer ones in the Lakewinds history. Her reasons
store moved to the corner, when the Chanhassen                                               for joining were to eat more organic. With so much
store opened she couldn’t have been happier, she says.                                       history and expertise behind its products, Mary
Lakewinds was now close enough to their home in                                              Beth trusts what she finds at the store, with so much
Victoria that Sarah could fulfill her dream of working                                       history and expertise behind its products.
there.                                                                                       After joining, she grew to appreciate the
In the summer of 2003, Lakewinds merged with the                                             community and familiarity she finds at Lakewinds.
Anoka Co-op Grocery and Café, a small neighborhood                                           “They know me. They order for me and provide
store in downtown Anoka. The Anoka store has                                                 more explanation when I want it. ”
been a part of its community for over 25 years. The                                          Mary Beth finds what she has gained from
co-op was located where Sparky’s Café is today in                                            Lakewinds is a security in knowing that she is
downtown Anoka, says Dorothy Kelly, one of the first employees             providing her children with a good diet. “It is really important
at the co-op. Dorothy has memories similar to many who worked              to me to start my kids with a clean slate and reduce as many
when the stores were staffed by volunteers. One of her favorites is        chemicals that they can come in contact with as possible. ”
pounding on the large peanut butter drums to empty them, and she           Seeking healthy organic food and providing an informed staff who
remembers cheering when the store had its first sale of $100 worth         can speak in depth about the products they offer are some of the
of groceries.                                                              reasons the original Lakewinds Minnetonka was created.
In the spring of 2005, construction was started on the 13,000 square       Though Lakewinds has grown to over 10,000 members, those
foot store in Chanhassen. The opening of the Chanhassen store in           same reasons are cited as what people value about their own
December 2005 highlighted the many environmentally responsible             memberships: supporting our community by providing education,
and sustainable products used in the building, including the solar         healthy food choices, and environmentally friendly products.
power panels on the roof.
Again feeling the pinch of member growth, Lakewinds Minnetonka
jumped at the chance of moving to its present site, which became

      Merged with the Anoka Co-op
                                                                                                                    December 2005
                                                                              2005                      Current Chanhassen store open for business
                                                                   Began demolition of the
                                                               previous Cooper Super Value for
                                                                current Minnetonka location

                                      2005                                                                                        January 2006
                Broke ground for an additional store in Chanhassen
                                                                                                                  Current Minnetonka store open for business

                                                   We are a member-owned cooperative committed to outstanding customer service.     Lakewinds Natural Foods • 
Talking Turkey                                                                  Combine spices with 1⁄2 of the salt and sugar. Heat until dissolved
                                                                                in 1 gallon water. Cool and combine with remaining salt, sugar and
                                                                                water in a cooler or large container. Place turkey breast down in the
Turkey timing                                                                   brine to cover. Add onions. Keep cooler cold outside or add ice for 16
Here are some basic guidelines for cooking a turkey. The time chart             hours to 24 hours.
is based on a fresh or completely thawed turkey at refrigerator
temperature. Frozen or partially thawed turkeys will take longer                Ingredients for the turkey
to cook. These cooking times are guidelines only. Use a food                       » 1⁄2 Stick of softened butter
thermometer to determine safe doneness. The turkey is done when                    » Fresh sage
a thermometer stuck into the thickest part of the thigh registers                  » Aromatic vegetable (your choice): celery, onion, apple, carrots,
175–180°F and stuffing is at least 160°.                                             thyme
                                                                                Rinse and thoroughly dry turkey. Place the turkey on a rack in a roasting
Weight • Unstuffed Timing • Stuffed Timing                                      pan and refrigerate for at least 2-3 days. The skin will dry, which seals in
  »   8 to 12 pounds 2 3/4 to 3 hours /3 to 3 1/2 hours                         moisture during baking.
  »   12 to 14 pounds 3 to 3 3/4 hours /3 1/2 to 4 hours                        Remove from refrigerator at least 1-2 hours prior to baking. Rub 1⁄2 stick,
  »   14 to 18 pounds 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 hours /4 to 4 1/4 hours                    or more, of butter and fresh sage under skin. Use toothpicks to keep the
  »   18 to 20 pounds 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 hours /4 1/4 to 4 3/4 hours                skin in place over the meat if necessary.
  »   20 to 24 pounds 4 1/2 to 5 hours /4 3/4 to 5 1/4 hours
                                                                                Loosely place aromatics in turkey cavity and in pan. Do not stuff with
Thawing: Never thaw your turkey at room temperature. The safest                 dressing or over stuff with aromatics. Lightly truss turkey legs. Bake
method is to keep it in the refrigerator, allowing one day per four             breast down on a baking rake in a pre-heated 475 degree oven for 45 min.
pounds. If you need to thaw it faster, put it (still wrapped) in a sink         until brown.
covered with cold water. Change the water every half hour, and
                                                                                Turn turkey breast side up, reduce heat to 325 degrees, and bake for 3 to 3
expect 30 minutes per pound.
                                                                                1⁄2 hours. Times vary depending on size. A brined turkey will cook faster
Basic Turkey Recipe                                                             than normal. Cover turkey with foil if necessary to prevent excessive
                                                                                browning, baste occasionally. Cook until internal temperature is 160-170
Cooking: The main reason cooking a turkey is a little tricky is that
                                                                                degrees. Remove and let stand for at least 30 minutes (covered).
the white meat should only be cooked to 160°; it dries out above 165°,
while the dark meat is cooked at 175°. Preheat your oven to 325° and            Recipe by Joe Peters. Joe lives in Minnetonka and enjoys cooking for
then follow these steps:                                                        friends. Thanksgiving 2007 was the first year he used a free range turkey
                                                                                for this recipe. He says he’ll never use anything but free range again.
Rinse out the turkey and pat it dry with paper towels. Generously
sprinkle it inside and out with salt. Place on a flat rack in a 2” deep
roasting pan. Brush the turkey with melted butter.
Place in the oven, and baste with more butter or pan drippings every
half hour. See chart for doneness.
Lightly cover the breasts and just the top of the drumsticks with
aluminum foil to keep them from overcooking when the turkey is

                                                                                                                  ordic Naturals Gold Standard ensures
about 2/3 done.                                                                                                   that all of our Arctic Cod Liver Oil
The turkey is done when a thermometer stuck into the thickest part                                                products are derived from the freshest
                                                                                                        and purest raw material. We use 100% Arctic Cod
of the thigh registers 175–180°F and the stuffing is at least 160°. If                                  livers in our CLO formulas—no fish body oils or
the turkey is done, but the stuffing is not, don’t dry out the turkey.                                  synthetics additives are ever used.
Pull out the stuffing and finish it in a pan in the oven or on the stove.
Allow the turkey to sit 20 minutes (covered with foil or a towel)                                                  20% off Nordic Naturals
before carving to allow juices to resettle in the meat.                                                   Arctic Cod Liver Oil Lemon Soft Gels, 90ct
                                                                                                           Arctic Cod Liver Oil Orange Liquid, 16oz
Joe’s Brined Turkey Recipe                                                                                          during October 2008
Brine for 0 pound turkey:
Ingredients for the Brine
  » 3 Cups kosher salt
  » 1 Cup brown sugar                                                                                                                Octo
                                                                                                                                         ber 2
  » 3 to 4-gallons of water (add to cover Turkey)
  » 2 Tablespoons whole pepper (mixed colors)
  » 1 Tablespoon allspice berries
  » 1 Tablespoon candied ginger
  » 2 Onions (quartered)
  » 4 Bay leaves

 • Lakewinds Natural Foods                                               lakewinds0808.indd 1                                                    8/25/08 2:22:46 PM
Upcoming Classes                                The class will be held on the lower level of
                                                the Minnetonka District Service Center.
                                                                                                              Thanksgiving in Minnesota (D/T)
                                                                                                              Local/Sustainable cooking
       this fall                                Homeopathic Remedies from Lakewinds
                                                for Common Illnesses: 4 Part Series (L)
                                                                                                              Tuesday, Nov. 11, 6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                                                              $45/$40 members
Our mission: We are a member-owned              Wednesday, Oct. 15, 22, 29, and Nov. 5, 6:30-8 p. m.          Instructor: Jenny Breen
cooperative committed to outstanding            Must register for the series, $120/$100 members               Gluten and Dairy Free Thanksgiving (D/T)
customer service. We support our community Instructor: Andrea L. Oien                                         Wednesday, Nov. 12, 6:30-8:30 p. m.
by providing education, healthy food choices,   Anti-Inflammation—Reducing the Cause                          $35/$30members
and environmentally friendly products.          of Chronic Health Symptoms (DM)                               Instructor: Angela Litzinger
To register for a Lakewinds class, contact the Cooking Class                                                  Stories of Hope and Healing for Emerging
Minnetonka customer service desk by calling Thursday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8:30 p. m.                                Disorders: Examples of Homeopathic
952-473-0292 or visit our web site www.         $45/$40 members                                               Cases from Asperger’s to Alzeimer’s (L) and click on classes.            Instructor: Jeff Woodward                                     Monday, Nov. 17, 6:30-8 p. m.
Introduction to Sushi (D/M)                     Chair Yoga for Arthritis-Part II                              $25/$20 members
Wednesday, Oct. 1, 6:30-8:30 p. m.              Saturday, Oct. 18 through Nov. 22, (Six week                  Instructor: Andrea L. Oien
$60/$55 members                                 series) 10:30-11:30 a. m.                                     Nutrition for Pregnancy (L)
Instructor: Nils Westdahl                       $65/$60 members                                               Tuesday, Nov. 18, 6:30-8 p. m.
Smart Shopping the Co-op Way (L)                Instructor: Mary Tellers                                      $22/$18 members
Thursday, Oct. 2, 6:30-8 p. m.                  Breast Health: Take the POWER back (L)                        Instructor: Jennette Turner
$30/$25 members                                 Tuesday Oct. 21, 6:30-8:30 p. m.                              Digestion and Detoxification (DM)
Instructor: Kelli Schulte                       $15/$10 members                                               Wednesday, Nov. 19, 6:30–8:30 p. m.
Informed Consumer Series: Creating the          Instructor: Diane Rother                                      $45/$40 members
Positive Life You Want with Flower Essences (L) Preparing For Menopause (D/T)                                 Instructor: Jeff Woodward
Friday, Oct. 3, 7-8:30 p. m.                    Thursday, Oct. 23, 6:30-8:30 p. m.
FREE! Participants will receive a 15% discount $45/$40 members
on Flower Essence Service flower essences.      Instructor: Gabriele Kushi
Instructor: Isadora Tavens                      12 Points for Self-Health (L)
A Whole Foods Digestive Tune-Up (D/T)           Tuesday, Oct. 28, 6:30-8 p. m.
Monday, Oct. 6, 6:30-8:30 p. m.                 $30/$25 members
$45/$40 members                                 Instructor: Larry Caldwell
Instructor: Gabriele Kushi                      Healing Your Personal Relationship to
Heath for the Family: Delicious Dishes          Food (DM) New Class!
with Fresh Raw Sauerkraut! (D/T)                Thursday, Oct. 30, 6:30–8:30 p. m.
Tuesday, Oct. 7, 6:30-8:30 p. m.                $45/$40 members
$35/$30 members                                 Instructor: Jeff Woodward
Instructor: Adrienne Caldwell                   One Dish Meals (DM)
Food for the Skin (L)                           Monday, Nov. 3, 6:30-8:30 p. m.
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 6:30-8:30 p. m.              $45/$40 members
$15/$12 members                                 Instructor: Jeff Woodward
Instructor: Kathleen Maxwell                    Your Kids Are What You Feed Them
Shopping for Special Diets (L)                  (L/D/T)
Thursday Oct. 9, 6:30-8:30p. m.                 Thursday, Nov. 6, 13, 20, 6:30-8:30 p. m.
$30/$25 members                                 $35/$30 members
Instructor: Kelli Schulte                       Instructor: Kelli Schulte
Gluten and Dairy Free Baking for                Lakewinds Bakehouse Bread (D/T)
Autumn (D/T)                                    Monday, Nov. 10, 6:30–8:30 p. m.
Tuesday, Oct. 14, 6:30–8:30 p. m.               $25/$20 members
$35/$30 members                                 Held at the Chanhassen Bakehouse
Instructor: Angela Litzinger                    Instructor: Nate Spitzer
Techniques for Grilling Grass Fed Beef          Informed Consumer Series: How to Live
Tuesday, Oct. 14, 6:30–8:30 p. m.               a Joy Filled Life; Principals of Self Love
$20/$15 members                                 including Basic Meditation Skills (D)
Instructor: Will Winter                         Tuesday, Nov. 11, 6:30-7:30 p. m.
                                                Free Class/Must Pre-register
                   Class Codes: DM-Demo with Meal                        Instructor: Audrey
           DT-Demo with Tasting • H-Hands On • L-Lecture                 Grossman

                                                       We are a member-owned cooperative committed to outstanding customer service.   Lakewinds Natural Foods • 
   Co-op Heartbeats
   Holiday Hours                                                             Holiday Food Order Forms
   All of our locations will be closed on Thanksgiving. Visit our website    Look for holiday order forms for turkeys, entrées, appetizers
   for current store hours at                                and desserts at the beginning of November in the deli and meat
                                                                             department at all locations. Order forms will also be on our website
   Holistic Health Support for Diet Change                                   at
   Are you feeling overwhelmed by having to change your diet for             Warm Hands, Warm Hearts
   medical reasons, or looking for a healthier lifestyle? Holistic Health
   Support for Diet Changes is now available at Lakewinds this fall.         Person-to-Person is a non-profit organization that helps children
                                                                             who are in need receive new winter coats through the Warm Hands,
   Learn how to adapt to a special diet with Joanne Lieske. Joanne will
                                                                             Warm Hearts program. Please help us achieve our goal of donating
   be available through the end of November to teach you how to use
                                                                             115 new coats to kids in the program. You can receive a card with
   a holistic approach to improve your health through diet change by
                                                                             the child’s name, size and coat type request at the customer service
   addressing specific diet related concerns.
                                                                             desk at all Lakewinds locations starting Oct. 7, and return the new
   With a background in education and counseling, Joanne is finishing        coat to us by Oct. 25. Gently-used coats, boots and other winter
   a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Studies from the College of St.      clothing can be donated to the Hopkins/ Minnetonka Family
   Catherine in St. Paul. She will be available for one-on-one sessions in   Resource Center located on Main Street in Hopkins. Contact
   transitioning to a new diet Sept. 25 through Nov. 30th.                   Rachael Eide by calling 952-697-3366.
   To arrange an appointment with Joanne, call the Minnetonka store:

                                                                    Sale Dates
                                                                October             November
                                                              Sept. 29–Nov. 2       Nov. 3–Nov. 30

County Road 101 and Minnetonka Blvd.
       17501 Minnetonka Blvd.
   Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345

     2nd Avenue and Main Street
       1917 2nd Avenue South
      Anoka, Minnesota 55303

  Highway 5 and Great Plains Blvd.
       435 Pond Promenade
   Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317

     Member of the Twin Cities
       Natural Food Co-ops.

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