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"Avaza" , Turkmenistan 's
1st National Tourist Zone
Turkmenistan Special Issue

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In The Name of Most High                       "Avaza" National Tourist Zone

June 2009               No. 6

Managing Director
Mohammad Rajabi
President, ECI
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Hafiz Muhammad Jamil Owaisi
Executive Director
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Issa Rezazadeh
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Ali Sabzalian
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Fereydoun Tarapour
                                                  Opening ceremony of putting into operation, Avaza National Tourist Zone, the first in
Editorial Board                                   Turkmenistan, was held on June 15, 2009. The President of Turkmenistan launched
Parisa Firouzkouhi                                the 1.5 billion resort on the shore of the Caspian Sea along Turkmenbashi city. On
Maryam Shafa                                      this occasion, lavish ceremonies were staged for foreign guests and international
Sikandar Abbas Zeidi                              media. The project is another sign of change in the Turkmen economy, which until
                                                  recent years was mostly closed to foreign corporations; In Focus, P. 24.
Arts & Culture Desk
Mitra Lotfi Shemirani
Taymaz Kaviani                                                                               ECO Region's Pink Flamingo

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Mohammad Sadegh Ashjaei
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                                                    "Blue Fuel" Reserves          30
                                                  - Iran, China Ink $5b Oil Deal 34
                                                •	Trade & Investment
                                                  - Kyrgyzstan Investment
                                                    Potentials, Attracting Turkey              One of the natural world's most
                                                     as One of Top 5 Kyrgyzstan's              breathtaking sights is watching
TO THE LETTER                              5                                                   the pink and crimson clouds of
                                                    Trade Partners                 35
                                                                                               flamingos that flock over the sky.
                                                  - Tricks of Trade in Kazakhstan 36           Pink Flamingos are gregarious
EDITORIAL                                  5    •	Transportation                               wading birds known for their
                                                  - Interview: "ECO Region, the                distinct pink and crimson plumage.
                                                    Business Link Between Asia &               Contrasting combination of white
NEWS                                                Europe", Haydar Ozkan         38           and red color of feathers create a
                                                                                               surprisingly fantastic picture of
•	World News                           6          - North-South Transportation                 triumph and rejoicing of the nature's
                                                    Corridor, Iran-Turkmenistan                perfect creatures. The birds could
•	Regional News                                     Railroad Project              40           be found almost in all ECO Member
  - Economy                            8          - Upcoming Int'l Tradeshows                  States; Environment, P. 48.
  - Culture                           16            in ECO Region                 42

    ECO Region's New Mission, Business Link between Asia & Europe
                                                                                         •	Sports
                                                                                           - Interview: "Pakistan Is Committed
                                                                                             to Promote Peace and Stability
                                                                                             through Sports", Mr. Pir Aftab
                                                                                             Hussain Shah Jilani            60

                                                                                         •	Travel
                                                                                           - İzmir , Turkey's Cultural &
                                                                                             Historical Tapestry         62
                                                                                         •	Food Corner
                                                                                           - Shurpa, Common Cuisine of
                                                                                             ECO Region                  66
      Haydar Ozkan: Joining TIR system minimizes administrative and financial
      burdens as well as customs duties and taxes that may become due and are covered
      by an international guarantee. In another word, goods move across international
      borders with minimum interference, encouragement of international trade, and
      economic benefits for individuals and nations; Transportation, P. 38.

                                                                                                       ECO TIMES
                                                                                                       The Monthly News Journal of ECO Cultural Institute (ECI)              www.ecieco.org               June 2009

     53rd Int'l Venice Biennale

                                               OTHER VOICES
                                                - Indonesia Takes Silk Road to
                                                  Avoid Recession              44
                                                - Pakistan, Iran Sign Gas                              "Avaza" , Turkmenistan 's
                                                                                                       1st National Tourist Zone
                                                  Pipeline Agreement           45                      Turkmenistan Special Issue

                                                                                                                                          Rl. 25000. (Iran), $ 2.50 (ECO Region), $ 4.00 ( Outside ECO Region)

                                                                                                   Turkmen Girl with traditional attire

                                               OPINION                                             Photo: Taymaz Kaviani

                                                - Uzbekistan, Place of Religious
                                                  Tolerance                      46
                                                                                         The views expressed by the writers/ authors of
                                               ENVIORNMENT                               the articles, published in "ECO Times" do not
                                                                                         necessarily represent the views of ECI, but are
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                                                  Dazzling, Dancing Colors    48         as and wherever deemed necessary.

                                               HEALTH                                    Economic Cooperation Organization is
        53rd Venice Biennale is on its full                                              an intergovernmental regional organization
        swing. One of the most touching         - Can Saffron Help Fight                 established in 1985 by Islamic Republic of Iran,
        shows this year is held in East-                                                 Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of
                                                  Blindness?                        52   Turkey for the purpose of promoting economic,
        West Divan pavilion. This show
        is particularly interesting since                                                technical and cultural cooperation among the
                                                                                         Member States. It is the successor organization
        it represents the connections and      ARTS & CULTURE                            of what was the Regional Cooperation for
        contrasts between Islamic and                                                    Development (RCD), founded in 1964, which
        Western aesthetics. East-West          •	Visual Arts                             ended activities in 1979. In the fall of 1992, the
        Divan, represents 10 artists from        - Making Worlds; West Meets East;       ECO expanded to include seven new Members,
        Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,                                                  namely Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic
                                                   53rd Int'l Venice Biennale  53        of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz
        and      highlights  the    cross-       - "Colors That Never Fade",             Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
        fertilization between Islamic and
        Western aesthetics that you can
                                                   Creative Life of Yevgenia             and Republic of Uzbekistan. ECO's secretariat
                                                   Adamova                    56         and cultural department are located in Tehran.
        see all around Venice, thanks to                                                 ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) is affiliated with
        its past pre-eminence as a port;       •	Archeology                              ECO and aims at fostering, understanding and
        Visual Arts, P. 53.                      - Thatta, Legendary Place of            the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of its
                                                                                         Members through common projects in the field
                                                   Fabulous Culture            58        of the media, literature, art, philosophy, sport and
 TO ThE LETTEr                                                                                                                                  5

 Quotations'                                                         K    yrgyzstan is committed to good and even relations
                                                                          with all the States it has cooperated with.
                                                                                                   President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Kyrgyzstan

O   ur people are the real victims of the internation-
    al	 terrorism…The	 global	 mafia	 profited	 most	                A   ll our problems, all our disputes, all our disagree-
                                                                         ments can be resolved quickly to mutual satisfac-
                                                                     tion if we address the question.
from	drug	trafficking	and	terrorism	activities
                            President Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan                             The Late Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan

U   niting millions of people, Islamic civilization is
    the system of values promoting peace and toler-                  I t is necessary to emphasize that all our countries
                                                                       and the peoples are historically deeply connected;
                                                                     our great forefathers had passed a social practice of
ance, human ideas and respect for human dignity,
and humanity and mercy.                                              productive, active, respectable interaction and Coop-
                               President Elham Aliev, Azerbaijan     eration.
                                                                                                      President Emomali Rahmon, Tajikistan

T  he ten ECO countries have a total population in
   excess of 400 million. This compares well with                    C   ountry of Turkey spares no effort to strengthen the
                                                                         regional economic cooperation as well as ensuring
                                                                     stability and tranquility in the region.
491 million of EU population in 27 countries. If EU
can make a success of Euro, it is at least theoretically                                                      President Abdullah Gul, Turkey
possible for ECO to come up with a currency of its
                                    President Ahmadinejad, Iran      F  or us there are no near or far countries, large or
                                                                        small companies, there are only honest and reli-
                                                                     able partners

K   azakhstan,	 from	 the	 first	 days	 of	 its	 indepen-                               President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan
    dence, presented itself to the world as a truly
peace-loving state, a responsible and consistent
participant of the process of nuclear disarmament                    B   y not changing the system of education and raising,
                                                                         one cannot alter the consciousness, and by not al-
                                                                     tering the consciousness, and consequently the mind,
and the strengthening of global security. These steps
ensured our country a much more effective security                   it would be impossible to achieve our highest goal – to
and favourable conditions for development.                           build a free and prosperous society.
                     President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan                                         President Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan

  Turkmenistan's New "Open Door" Policy
  A    three-member ECI delegation
       had been recently invited by the
  Government of Turkmenistan to a
                                               to the Persian Gulf Arab states.
                                               One can easily imagine the look of
                                               the future tourism zone even today.
                                                                                          both sides of the artificial river, with
                                                                                          its picturesque parks, sports facili-
                                                                                          ties, and socio-cultural destination.
  special ceremony organized in Avaza          The airport in Turkmenbashi city, to       With a wide range of customs and
  Tourist Zone.                                be reconstructed to gain the interna-      tax privileges, foreign investors have
  The highly publicized June 15, 2009          tional status, will be the gateway to      been invited to erect modern houses,
  event, inaugurated by Turkmenistan           the future tourist zone.                   sanatoria, children's health centers,
  President Gurbanguli Berdymu-                The on-going Avaza National Tour-          hotels, as well as cultural and enter-
  hamedov, was specially tailored for          ist Zone economic project, which was       tainment centers in this tourist zone.
  foreign VIP guests and international         inaugurated by the late Turkmeni-          The new "open-door" policy, initiated
  media representatives to launch the          stan president, Safarmurat Niazov,         by the energetic President of Turk-
  second phase of the new $1.5 billion         in 2007, aims to become a focal point      menistan, has shaped a fresh outlook,
  resort city, situated on the south-east      for tourists from all over the world.      profitable investment climate and the
  shore of the Caspian Sea , created to        The project, with an investment over       necessary conditions for doing busi-
  attract foreign tourists and potential       $5 billion, includes the construc-         ness in a country which, at a time, was
  investors. Government officials flew         tion of a total of five thousand hect-     one of the most reclusive countries of
  in more than 100 diplomats and jour-         ares of world-standard cozy beach          the region.
  nalists from the capital, Ashgabat, for      resort. A seven-kilometer artificial       "For us there are no near or far countries,
  the morning ceremony.                        navigable river with running sea wa-       large or small companies. There are only
   Among the delegations present were          ter crosses all of Avaza. Along the        honest and reliable partners," President
  officials from all across the region,        hydraulic structures, comfortable          Gurbanguli Berdymuhamedov said.
  from ECO Member States to Russia             recreation centers will spread on                                                - Editor

                                                       Mideast                           Japan

                                                       Job Creation                      Business Outlook
                                                       Biggest                           Optimistic
                                                       Unemployment rather than
                                                       the price of oil is the biggest
                                                       challenge facing the Middle
                                                       East, according to the for-
                                                       mer head of the World Bank.
    Islamic World
                                                       James Wolfensohn, told del-
                                                       egates at the second annual
    New Banking Policies                               Silatech summit in Doha,
                                                       Qatar, that the need to create
    Can Help                                           up to seven million jobs per
                                                       year in the region was daunt-     Japanese business outlook improved from
                                                       ing, Arabian Business wrote.      April to June on signs of rising foreign de-
                                                       He added, "The price of oil       mand but was still in negative territory, the
                                                       is less important than the        government said. The index measuring busi-
                                                       issue of unemployment and         ness conditions at companies capitalized at 1
                                                       the impact of all of this on      billion yen ($10.4 million) or more stood at
                                                       economic        development.      -22.4 in the April-June quarter, or better than
                                                       It's a daunting challenge in      the record low of -51.3 in the January-March
                                                       this region because we're         quarter, said a report by the Cabinet Office and
                                                       not creating jobs quickly         the Finance Ministry, Kyodo news reported.
                                                       enough. The numbers vary          It was the sixth straight quarter that the
                                                       but it's somewhere between        industry-wide index has remained negative.
    "New banking policies can help developing                                            The widely watched index, calculated every
    Muslim countries recover from the global           five and seven million jobs
                                                       that need creating every          three months, is the percentage point differ-
    economic meltdown", said the Iranian Econ-                                           ence between companies reporting deterio-
    omy Minister Shamseddin Hosseini. In his           year, and we have a back-
                                                       log of young people that          rating business conditions and those report-
    speech at the 34th annual summit of Islamic                                          ing improvement.
    Development Bank (IDB) in Turkmenistan,            are already unemployed."
    Hosseini said rising unemployment and pov-         Wolfensohn, who served
    erty in the developing countries is the major      for 10 years as the presi-
    consequence of economic turmoil, IRIB news         dent of the World Bank
    reported.                                          before stepping down in
    "IDB can considerably reduce the threats                                             Persian Gulf
    posed by the crisis by promoting usury-free
    Islamic banking system in other countries,"
    he said. Hosseini said injecting capital into
                                                                                         PGCC Single Currency
    troubled countries is not efficient, adding that                                     May Be Delayed
    expansion of economic activities among IDB
    member countries is a proper strategy for                                            Plans by Persian Gulf states to launch a single
    stabilizing the economy. The Iranian Minis-                                          currency could be delayed by three years to
    ter also called for increasing multilateral co-    2005, said, "If you have          2013, reports said. "It is impossible for the
    operation at the regional and trans-regional       seven million jobs that are       single currency to be launched within six
    levels within the framework of international       needed and only three mil-        months." The reports said quoting a senior
    institutions and Islamic Development Bank.         lion jobs are being created,      Persian Gulf state official.
    Referring to the latest annual report of IDB       it means that each year you       "I expect the new deadline to be 2013," the
    showing a 5.2-percent growth in capital,           are adding to the group           official told Gulf Daily News. Last month, the
    Hosseini said the figure is a sign of banking      that remains unchallenged.        UAE became the second Persian Gulf nation
    health. Speaking at the same gathering, Turk-      That's not good for them          after Oman to abandon the single currency
    menistan President Gurbanguly Berdimu-             and it's not good for society,    project. Earlier this year, the Persian Gulf
    hamedov pointed to major economic projects         because you have a group of       Cooperation Council (PGCC) abandoned an
    underway in the fields of industry, railroad       young people who are frus-        initial 2010 deadline for issuing the com-
    and road in Turkmenistan, calling for IDB's        trated, instead of being able     mon notes and coins, saying a joint monetary
    cooperation in promoting investments in            to put their creative energies    council would determine a new timetable for
    these areas.                                       to work for society."             issuance.
 World News                                                                                                                        7


                                                 Crime Nest
Russia                                           Destroyed
To WTO Only with                                 The US Federal Trade
                                                 Commission has shut down
Kazakhstan, Belarus                              an American ISP allegedly
                                                 involved in distributing
Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus plan to join      spam and child pornogra-
the World Trade Organization as a single         phy. US FTC ordered the
unit and are ceasing individual talks on ac-     closure of Pricewert LLC,
cession to the global trade body, Russian        which had done business
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday       under a variety of names,
June 09, 2009, AP Moscow reported.               including 3FN and APS
The move envisages the three neighboring         Telecom, Presstv reported.
former Soviet countries joining as one eco-      Pricewert actively recruit-
nomic bloc rather than individual countries      ed and colludes with crim-
and is likely to slow accession for Russia,      inals seeking to distribute
which has been seeking membership for 16         illegal and malicious elec-
years.                                           tronic contents, including
Russia is the largest economy outside of the     child pornography, spy-
153-member trade body. "The prime minis-         ware, viruses and phish-
ters of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will      ing. The FTC alleges that
notify the WTO of their intention to start ne-   the defendant advertised
gotiations on the accession of the tripartite    its services in the darkest
customs union to the organization and the        corners of the Internet, in-
end of national negotiations on WTO mem-
                                                 cluding a forum established
bership," Putin was quoted by ITAR-Tass          to facilitate communica-
news agency as saying after a meeting of the     tion between criminals.        Losing Trust in USD
Eurasian Economic Community.                     Command-and-control
"Entry into the WTO is our common pri-                                          Senior Chinese leaders have privately voiced
                                                 servers hosted by Price-
ority, but we want to do that as a common                                       fear over the soaring US budget deficit and
                                                 wert controlled more than
customs space," Putin was quoted as saying.                                     are increasingly looking to diversify from
                                                 4,500 malicious software
Russia's bid to join the WTO appeared to ac-                                    the dollar, a Republican congressman said.
                                                 programs such as keystroke
celerate last week after the European Union                                     "We heard across the board -in private-
                                                 logging, password stealing
said it expected to conclude talks with Rus-                                    -substantial, continuing and rising con-
                                                 and data stealing.
sia by the end of this year.                                                    cern," Representative Mark Kirk said af-
U.S. trade representative Ron Kirk said re-                                     ter a trip to China that included talks with
cently there was a "willingness" to complete                                    government officials and central bank
talks before President Barack Obama visits                                      chief Zhou Xiaochuan, AFP reported.
Russia in July, but reiterated U.S. criticism                                   "It's clear that China would like to diversify
of Russia's decision to ban some U.S. meat                                      from its dollar investments," the lawmaker
imports over fears of swine flu. Analysts                                       said at the Center for Strategic and Inter-
said the latest move would impede Russia's                                      national Studies, a Washington think-tank.
accession because Belarus is still far from                                     Kirk's assessment differed with that of Trea-
meeting the trade body's accession require-                                     sury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who said
ments.                                                                          last week on a separate visit that Chinese lead-
"I don't believe the WTO holds any ben-                                         ers had expressed "justifiable confidence" on
efits for Russia," said Nataliya Orlova, an                                     the future of the recession-hit US economy.
economist at Alfa Bank in Moscow. "Rus-                                         Kirk traveled with Representative Rick Lar-
sia has just signaled that its relations with                                   sen, a member of President Barack Obama's
its closest neighbors are more important."                                      Democratic Party, who also painted a less
A spokeswoman for Russian President                                             gloomy picture of Chinese officials' views.
Dmitry Medvedev, Natalya Timakova, told                                         China is the largest creditor to the United
Russian agencies that Russia was not look-                                      States with some $700 billion invested
ing to slow the process but that the customs                                    in Treasury bonds. Zhou earlier this year
union arrangement was mutually beneficial.                                      floated the idea of replacing the dollar with
Putin said the customs union should be in                                       a basket of currencies as the benchmark
place by 2010.                                                                  global unit.
               regional News/Economy
    Pakistan                                     Afghanistan                                "Grain: World Markets and Trade" finds
                                                                                            that wheat imports will be cut in half,

    New Cities                                   Wheat Production to                        declining from 3 million metric tons to
                                                                                            1.5 million metric tons over the same
                                                 Increase                                   time period.
    Planned Along                                                                           The increase in production comes at
                                                 According to the May 2009 "World Ag-       a key time, as opium production is
    Highways                                     ricultural Report," wheat production       expected to decrease further in 2009
                                                 in Afghanistan for 2009 and 2010 is        and agriculture has become a central
    In an effort to deal with the adverse ef-    expected to climb to 3 million metric      part of the new strategy for promot-
    fects of rising population in the existing   tons, double the production of 2008        ing development and security in Af-
    cities, Pakistan government plans to         and 2009. At the same time, the report     ghanistan.
    develop new cities along major high-
    ways, Dawn newspaper reported. The
    National Trade Corridor (NTC), work
    on which is under way, is proposed to
    be linked to these cities, which would
    also serve as logistics centers, special
    economic zones and industrial and
    technology parks.
    Under the initiative, the draft National
    Spatial Policy 2009-10 will be finalized
    within the framework of "Vision 2030"
    to maximize human settlement effi-
    ciency, sources said. According to offi-
    cial figures, at present more than one-
    thirds of the country's population — or
    about 56 million people — live in urban
    areas. By 2030, Pakistan would have to
    overcome the challenge of managing an
    additional 70 million to 80 million city
    Mega cities like Karachi and Lahore
    are proposed to operate under a new
    set of economic dynamics, necessitat-
    ing increasing non-farm employment,
                                                 Energy Swap with Iran, Russia
    removing rural-urban disparities and         According to an official of the Azerbaijan State Oil Company, Azerbaijan can swap
    developing balanced settlement hierar-       gas with Iran and Russia, but Russia can sell gas to Iran without having to trans-
    chies.                                       port it via Azeri territories. "We can deliver gas to Iran and Russia and in return
                                                 they can give us back the same volume of gas in other places such as Europe or
                                                 Turkey. This way, each of the countries will benefit from a reduction in transport
                                                 costs. We are never opposed to projects in which infrastructures of neighboring
                                                 countries are used. This is a completely normal process for unifying the gas sys-
                                                 tems of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Russia and Iran. So, each of these countries
                                                 will benefit from reducing the transportation costs," The official added.
                                                 Prior to this, Russia and Iran concluded an MoU in oil and gas sector which is
                                                 expected to facilitate swap of Russia's Gazprom Company's gas to northern Iran in
                                                 return for delivery of hydrocarbon products of this company from southern Iran
                                                 to Persian Gulf littoral states.

      Kazakhstan                                 Storage Center in the Black Sea re-      tries reaches almost one third of the
                                                 gion, Khabar news agency reported.       world grain market. The state food
      Common Grain                               This decision was made at the first
                                                 World Grain Forum in Saint-Pe-
                                                                                          corporation represents the interests
                                                                                          of Kazakhstan on the world grain
      Storage Center                             tersburg. According to the deputy        market. Entering the Grain cartel
                                                 minister for agriculture of Kazakh-      opens additional opportunities, stat-
      to Be Built in the                         stan Arman Yevniyev, western ex-         ed the company's commercial direc-
                                                 perts believe Kazakhstan, Russia         tor Daulet Uvashev.
      Black Sea                                  and Ukraine to be the most prom-          The cartel will be able to optimize
      Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine are         ising countries for the development      world grain prices in its favour, im-
      planning to create a common Grain          of agricultural business. The com-       prove the terms for deliveries and
                                                 mon export potential of these coun-      reach untapped markets.
 regional News / Economy                                                                                                                9
  Iran                                         statement issued on the occasion of the
                                               World No Tobacco Day, Tehran's mayor
                                               warned of the increasing rate of habitual
  Smoking Banned                               smokers between 13 and 15 years in the
  In Tehran Public                             country, Mehr News Agency said.
                                               In his message on the same occasion,
  Places                                       UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
                                               said tobacco kills 5.4 million people
  Tehran Mayor, Mohammad Baqer Qali-           every year and urged governments ev-
  baf, recently announced that smoking         erywhere to address this threat to pub-
  in Tehran's public places is banned. In a    lic health, IRNA reported.


                                                                                           China, Kyrgyzstan
Gas Contract Without India                                                                 Advance Coop.
                                              Times that as the agreement would            Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan re-
                                              be governed through a third country          cently had talks with visiting first depu-
                                              law, Pakistan Interstate Gas Company         ty Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Omur-
                                              (PIGC) and the Iranian National Oil          bek Babanov. Babanov paid his visit to
                                              Company (INOC) signed the agree-             China to attend the eighth meeting of
                                              ment in Turkey.                              the China-Kyrgyzstan joint commission
                                              Under this agreement, for the next 25        on economic and trade cooperation, Ir-
                                              years Iran would provide 750 million         innews.org reported.
                                              cubic feet of gas per day to Pakistan        In the course of talks, Wang said that
                                              which would generate 4,000 MW of             China hopes to deepen economic and
                                              electricity. Officials in Islamabad be-      trade cooperation with Kyrgyzstan for
                                              lieve the deal is a major breakthrough       mutual benefit. At the end of the meet-
                                              and is an achievement that would             ing, Wang said that the two countries
                                              greatly help Pakistan meets its energy       enjoyed deepening mutual political
                                              needs.                                       trust and sound development of eco-
                                              The pipeline project would be complet-       nomic and trade cooperation in recent
                                              ed by 2013, the sources maintained.          years. Wang also expressed China's
                                              "The gas pipeline would begin from           hope for the two sides to strengthen
                                              Gwadar near Iranian border and will          feasibility study of important coopera-
                                              be 800 km long. The determination of         tive projects.
After 14 years of negotiations over what      gas price would be linked with oil pric-     For his part, Babanov said Kyrgyzstan
was initially framed as the Iran-Paki-        es in the international market but will      was ready to boost bilateral coopera-
stan-India (IPI) gas pipeline project,        be less than 25 percent as compared to       tion in all fields, in efforts to bolster
Pakistan and Iran finally signed the          crude oil prices," the sources said. Of-     bilateral ties. Hu Jintao, President of
agreement to activate a bilateral gas         ficials of the ministry termed the agree-    the People's Republic of China also met
pipeline project, without India's par-        ment as a landmark achievement and           with his Kyrgyz counterpart Kurman-
ticipation.                                   expressed hope it would help Pakistan        bek Bakiev in Yekaterinburg. During
Sources in Pakistan's Ministry of Petro-      meet the shortfall both for commercial       the meeting, the Chinese Premier an-
leum and Natural Resources told Daily         and domestic purposes.                       nounced that China will grant Kyrgyz-
                                                                                           stan 80 million yuan.

Turkey                                        Moj News Agency wrote. Head of Teh-
                                              ran Chamber of Commerce Yahya Ale-
Mutual Trade in                               Es'haq said that the central banks of Iran
                                              and Turkey have paved the way for mak-
Nat'l. Currencies                             ing bilateral commercial interactions in
                                              national currencies. Currently the vol-
Turkey and Iran will use national cur-        ume of bilateral trade between Iran and
rencies in trade. At a meeting between        Turkey stands at around $10 billion, he
a Turkish commercial delegation with          said, adding that the figure shows a 27
the officials of Tehran Chamber of Com-       percent growth over last year. He said       million of goods to the neighboring
merce, the two sides emphasized the           Iran imports $2 billion of consumption       country. Iran also annually exports oil
need to replace dollar with rial and lira,    goods from Turkey and exports $800           worth $8 million to Turkey.
10    regional News / Economy

                                               Turkmenistan                               refineries. Liquefied gas will be loaded in
                                                                                          tankers at the Kiyanly port. Technology
                                               1st	Liquefied	Gas	                         modernization and extension of the pro-
                                                                                          cessing industry, development of the in-
                                               Terminal on the                            frastructure for selling finished products
                                                                                          are the major aspects of the program on
                                               Caspian Coast                              oil and gas industry development.
                                                                                          Since the new processing plants are put
                                               Construction of the first liquefied gas
                                                                                          into operation, from early 2000 to early
                                               terminal on the Caspian coast has been
                                                                                          2009 liquefied gas production has in-
                                               launched at Turkmenbashi complex of oil
                                                                                          creased as much as 15 times and made

                                               ECO Region
     to Digital                                Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul
     Broadcasting                              Train Link Likely from Aug 14
     Ministry of Communications and In-
     formation Technologies of Azerbaijan      Pakistan, Iran and Turkey have signed an
     plans to begin broadcasting 8-10 pro-     agreement to launch a goods (container)
     grams through one channel in terms        rail service from Islamabad to Istanbul.
     of a program on transition to digital     Secretary-General of the Economic Co-
     television broadcasting in the coun-      operation Organisation (ECO) Khurshid
     try, Trend Capital quoted the Minis-      Anwar said despite technical difficulties,
     try as saying.                            including the different rail gauge in Iran
     "This will be possible in a month - af-   and Pakistan, the 6,500-kilometre link
     ter installing relevant equipment of      would become operational on Aug 14 this
     MPEG-4standard," the Ministry said.       year, Dawn reported.
     The Ministry said there are currently     Addressing a meeting of an ECO working group, Mr Anwar said that the link was
     four programs being broadcasted by        essential to meet the region's trade needs. "The current trade volume among the
     one channel. The broadcasting will        three countries is about $15 billion and it is growing," he said.
     be carried out mainly in Baku, in Ab-     The meeting observed that the passenger movement was also growing and offered
     sheron Peninsula and later in other       a profitable business potential, he added. The Bam-Zahedan railway will be reha-
     regions of Azerbaijan.                    bilitated before August and work is under way to improve tracks from the Iranian
     Under recommendations of the In-          border to Istanbul. Railways Minister Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour stressed the
     ternational        Telecommunication      need for international cooperation for upgrading the Quetta-Taftan link.
     Union, all countries, including Azer-     "Assistance is needed from the ECO, the Islamic Development Bank and govern-
     baijan, should fully switch to digital    ments of Iran and Turkey for developing the link … Pakistan Railways is trying to
     broadcasting by 2015. Regarding the       improve the section, but it requires massive investment," the minister said. Iran
     benefits of digital broadcasting to us-   will provide transhipment facilities in Zahedan till a standard gauge line is laid
     ers, the Ministry said that along with    between Zahedan and Mirjaveh.
     high-quality transmission, it is an       About 1,900km of the track will be in Pakistan, 2,570 km in Iran and 2,036 km in
     opportunity to broadcast about 10         Turkey.It may be mentioned that a railway station in Islamabad has recently been
     channels at a frequency. For the first    made functional. The plan for the rail link dates back to 1970s but a decision to
     time in Azerbaijan, the digital televi-   launch it was taken by the 10th ECO summit held in Tehran in March this year.
     sion was launched as a pilot project in
     Baku on 10 October 2004.

                                               Uzbekistan                                 Sharing Agreement on oil and gas fields
                                                                                          of Urga, Kuanysh Akchalak groups in
                                                                                          Ustyurt region.
                                               Uzbekistan &                               The mechanism was developed in the
                                                                                          framework of the Production Sharing
                                               Malaysia Launch                            Agreement signed previously between
                                                                                          Uzbekneftegaz National Holding Com-
                                               Joint Project                              pany and PETRONAS Carigali Over-
                                                                                          seas Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) in respect of
                                               Uzbekistan has approved an implemen-       these deposits. The document is aimed
                                               tation mechanism for the Production        at increasing production and export of
 regional News / Economy                                                                                                             11

up 276,000 tons of liquefied gas a year.     sary reserves of liquefied gas. Nowadays      CIS
Such a rapid increase in productivity        liquefied gas is exported from terminal by
required development of transport in-        road and rail to Afghanistan, Iran, Paki-
frastructure for exporting domestically      stan, Armenia, Georgia and the national       Agricultural
produced products to foreign markets.
For this purpose, the special terminal
                                             market. Iranian Pars Energy specialists
                                             and Turkmen builders have performed
                                                                                           Products in CIS
was put into operation. 6 liquefied gas      a major part of building and construc-        Countries Increases
vehicles and 16 railway wagons can be        tion works. To date, the completed work
loaded simultaneously at this terminal.      makes up 81.15% of the construction
                                                                                           by 3% in 1Q
The reservoirs with the total capacity of    budget. The construction project will be      Average agricultural production in
6,000 tons were built to store the neces-    completed by the end of this year.            the Commonwealth of Independent
                                                                                           States increased by 3% year-on-year
                                                                                           in the first quarter of 2009, the CIS
                                                                                           Interstate Statistical Committee re-
                                                                                           Manufacture of agricultural pro-
                                                                                           duction grew in the first quarter of
                                                                                           2009 compared to the correspond-
                                                                                           ing period of the previous year in
                                                                                           all CIS countries (except Armenia).
                                                                                           On average, in the countries of the
                                                                                           Commonwealth, agriculture output
                                                                                           increased by 3% (in the first quar-
                                                                                           ter of 2008 - by 4%), the Statistical
                                                                                           Committee said.
Iran                                                                                       Agricultural production increased
                                                                                           by 9.4% in Tajikistan, 6.3% in Be-
Iranian Firm Implements $100m                                                              larus, 5.7% in Uzbekistan, 4.3% in
                                                                                           Azerbaijan, 3.7% in Moldova, 2.1%

Projects in Turkmenistan                                                                   in Russia, 1.7% in Ukraine, and 1.4%
                                                                                           in Kyrgyzstan, the committee said.
Iranian Ambassador to Turkmenistan           in the last Iranian calendar year (ended
Mohammadreza Forqani stated in Ash-          March 20, 2009), Forqani said, adding
gabat on Wednesday, June 17, that an         300 million dollars of the figure was
Iranian firm is currently conducting         the share of Iran's exports to Turkmen-
four projects worth about $100 million       istan, up 40 percent compared with the
in Turkmenistan's Avaza Tourist Zone         year to March 2008. Iran and Turk-
and Turkmenbashi Port. Talking to            menistan have had extended relations
IRNA, Forqani said Pars Energy Com-          since Turkmenistan's independence
pany has in hand the construction of a       from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since
natural gas storage and supply facility, a   then, the two countries have enjoyed
railroad to the length of 30 kilometers,     good relations and have cooperated in
as well as a hotel and a dock. He went       economic and energy sectors. The $139
on to say that 256 kilometers of the Ka-     million Korpeje-Kordkuy gas pipeline
zakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railroad          in western Turkmenistan and the $167
which lies within Turkmenistan terri-        million Dousti (friendship) Dam in the
tory will be built by Iranian companies.     south of the country were built through
Tehran-Ashgabat trade hit $3.2 billion       joint ventures.

hydrocarbons by attracting foreign di-       This company will finance works un-          foreign investor within three months
rect investment and special advanced         der the document using its own funds         will carry out a preliminary feasibility
technologies for developing fields in        and attracted loans. The natural gas         study for designing and construction
Uzbekistan.                                  produced from these fields will be ex-       work on the fields. In the framework of
PETRONAS Carigali Overseas Sdn.              ported by Uztransgaz, and gas conden-        the agreement, the foreign investor will
Bhd. transferred its rights and obliga-      sate will be sold in the internal market     attract at least 60% of all goods, works
tions under the agreement to a special       by Uzneftegazdobicha through a sub-          or services from domestic suppliers
subsidiary company of PETRONAS               sidiary, Ustyurtgaz. The Uzbek compa-        and providers, and involve at least 80%
Carigali (Urga) Ltd, which was regis-        nies are exempt from tax on property         of all to-be-employed workers from lo-
tered in the Uzbek Ministry of Justice       transferred to foreign investors for the     cal residents providing them an oppor-
as a legal entity resident of the Republic   agreement's duration period.                 tunity to undergo training and improve
of Uzbekistan.                               Uzbekneftegaz NHC together with the          skills.
12    regional News / Economy

                                                  Tajikistan                                  shanbe on June 12, Central Asia Online
                                                                                              reported. The independent experts, pol-
                                                  Hydroelectricity                            iticians and government officials from
                                                                                              Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
                                                  Compromise Possible                         who attended the meeting discussed is-
                                                                                              sues related to the construction of the
                                                  in Central Asia                             Rogun hydroelectric power plant in Ta-
                                                                                              jikistan and the Kambaratinsk hydro-
                                                  A round-table discussion entitled "Hy-
                                                                                              electric plant in Kyrgyzstan. The round
                                                  droelectric Issues in Central Asia: Com-
                                                                                              table was organized by the Institute for
                                                  promise Possible?" was held in Du-
                                                                                              War and Peace Reporting (IWPR).

      Kazakhstan                                  Tajikistan

      Creation of SCO
      Center for Prevention
                                                  Investment in Tajik Economy
      of Emergencies                              Tajikistan is getting over $1 billion in
      in Kazakhstan                               investments from China for the devel-
                                                  opment of the industrial and energy
      Supported                                   sectors and the transportation and
      China, Russia and Kyrgyzstan sup-           communications infrastructure of Ta-
      ported creation of the SCO cen-             jikistan, Central Asia online reported. A
      ter for prevention and liquidation          credit agreement for that amount was
      of emergencies in Kazakhstan, the           signed on June 4 in Dushanbe during
      Emergency Minister of Kazakhstan,           a visit by a Chinese delegation headed
      Vladimir Bozhko, informed in Aktau          by Communist Party Politburo member
      at the fourth meeting of chairmen of        Wang Lequan.
      emergency departments of the SCO            According to Tajik Minister of Energy
      member states, "Kazakhstan Today"           and Industry Gul Sherali, the Tajik
                                                  government and the Chinese company          lion toward improving the 90 kilometer
      agency reported.
                                                  TVEA signed specific agreements to          long Dushanbe-Dangara motorway.
      "There was a proposal to gather to-
                                                  construct the 350 MW capacity Nura-         In addition, the parties were in agree-
      gether the experts of the SCO member
                                                  bad-1 hydroelectric power plant on the      ment regarding the need to create a
      states in September, 2009 to consider
                                                  River Hingol and a co-generation pow-       transportation and trade zone in the
      the results of the discussion of the
                                                  er plant in Dushanbe.                       Murgab region of the Gorno-Badakh-
      concept of the activity of this center."
                                                  According to calculations by Chinese        shan Autonomous Region and to im-
      V. Bozhko explained that the concept
                                                  experts, the two projects combined will     prove the Mugrab-Khorog road. An
      consists of creation of a permanently
                                                  cost US$960 million. TVEA also signed       agreement has also been signed to build
      operating structure with participa-
                                                  a contract with Tajik state energy com-     a cement production factory in south-
      tion of all SCO countries, which will
                                                  pany Barki Tochik to build two 220-         ern Tajikistan which will have an an-
      provide analytical information, co-
                                                  kilovolt power lines at a total cost of     nual capacity of 1 million tons.
      ordinate the activity and supply the
                                                  US$61 million.                              In addition, negotiations are currently
      SCO countries with the necessary
                                                  Transportation and Communications           underway with major Chinese compa-
      information on the positive experi-
                                                  Minister Abdurakhima Ashura said that       nies on the creation of joint enterprises
      ences, introduction of new technolo-
                                                  an agreement has also been reached          in Tajikistan in the ore mining and agri-
      gies, and scientific researches in, first
                                                  whereby China will allocate $51 mil-        cultural product processing sectors.
      of all, prevention of emergencies.

     Kyrgyzstan                                   stan Bakyt Ospanov said at the session      reach USD 1 bln in the nearest future.
                                                  of the Inter-parliamentarian Commis-        "Over 400 joint ventures with the Ka-
     Kazakh-Kyrgyz Trade                          sion on cooperation between the Parlia-
                                                  ments of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,
                                                                                              zakh capital are working in Kyrgyzstan
                                                                                              now. The banking system of Kyrgyzstan
     Turnover to Hit USD                          Kabar News Agency reported.                 is represented by five affiliates of banks
                                                  He noted that high level negotiations       of our country. 60% of credits were al-
     1 Bln.                                       between two countries have been acti-       located by the Kazakh banks last year",
                                                  vated and the Inter-state Council, Inter-   said B.Ospanov. According to the Ka-
     "Relations between Kazakhstan and
                                                  governmental Council and the Foreign        zakh Diplomat, the cultural-humanitar-
     Kyrgyzstan are developing positively,
                                                  Ministers council have been established.    ian cooperation between two countries
     in the spirit of strategic equal partner-
                                                  The Ambassador said that the trade          is the most dynamic in two countries'
     ship", Kazakh Ambassador to Kyrgyz-
                                                  turnover between the two republics will     relations.
 regional News / Economy                                                                                                                13

According to the director of the Tajik       merges with Pyandzh River. "What is           Bulat Auyelbayev, a representative of the
Center for Strategic Research, Suhrob        very important is that the nations in the     Kazakh Center for Strategic Research,
Sharipov, a solution must be found to        region live in peace and harmony, but         believes it is a government's right to use
the issue of the use of hydroelectric re-    they must also have heating and light-        its country's natural resources, includ-
sources. No other government, he said,       ing. The Uzbek authorities and experts        ing water. On the other hand, he said,
should interfere with the construction       are being very critical with regard to the    Uzbekistan's position is understand-
of Rogun hydroelectric power plant           construction of the Rogun hydroelectric       able since the Uzbek government is be-
since the complex is being built on the      plant, but are not themselves offering        ing forced to reduce the amount of irri-
River Vakhsh, which is not a trans-bor-      anything. The process of building Ro-         gated land used for cotton-growing and
der river. Vakhsh passes 100 kilometers      gun has begun and cannot be stopped",         this could lead to discontent among the
from the border with Uzbekistan and          Sharipov emphasized.                          country's rural population.


Optical Fiber Inaugurated                                                                   Strengthening
President Karzai, while talking to Presi-    Asian regions by Optical Fiber.
                                                                                            Trade Ties with
dent Imam Ali Rahman, the President
of Tajikistan on the video conference,
                                              Minister Sangin also briefed the audi-
                                             ence of the press conference about the
inaugurated Optical Fiber in Presi-          importance of the Optical fiber in the         Pakistan has formulated an ambi-
dential Palace on Wednesday June 03,         country and added that, the current            tious plan to show case its products
2009. In the ceremony, organized for         GSM operators and the ISP providers            to tap the vast market of Central
this purpose in Presidential palace,         facilitate their services through satellite    Asian Republics (CARs), said a se-
Sangin, Minister of Communications           and indirectly through third countries         nior official of Trade Development
and IT, Spanta, Minister of Foreign Af-      such as America, Iran and so on, but           Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), APP
fairs and Jalil Shams, Minister of Econ-     by having the Optical Fiber, the GSM           reported.
omy were present.                            operators and ISP providers as well as         To reinforce trade ties with CARs,
President Karzai inaugurated the basic       TV and Radio stations will be directly         the Director General of TDAP Mir
and infrastructural project of the coun-     connected to the Optical fiber and can         Nasir Abbas told APP that the
try that connects Afghanistan with its       provide their services through this ca-        Chairman of his organization Syed
neighbors.                                   ble by land. At present, only 4% per-          Mohibullah Shah has chalked out
Minister Sangin said that Optical fiber      cent people of Afghanistan have access         a comprehensive plan for bilateral
is an essential as well as a vital project   to the internet and by inaugurating the        trade with CARs.
for the people of Afghanistan and by         Optical Fiber, it will increase to 20% in      In this connection, he pointed out
inaugurating this project, Afghanistan       the country in the future.                     that TDAP is taking a trade caravan
will be connected to its neighbor coun-      In terms of revenues, it is estimated          leaving Pakistan on June 25. Travel-
tries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,        that this project will bring 3-4 million       ling on KK highway it will enter Chi-
Turkmenistan, Iran and Pakistan, and         USD/month and more than 30 million             na's border city Sust and then move
through them, Afghanistan will connect       USD annually and by increasing the             to Kashghar.
Central Asia to the South Asia and it        number of customers, the revenues will         "In Kashghar we will hold exhibi-
means that Afghanistan plays the role        also increase accordingly, said Minister       tion and business forums. The del-
of a "bridge" that connects these two        Sangin.                                        egation comprising of 120 persons
                                                                                            includes diplomats as well as 60
                                                                                            exporters. Our next destination will
                                                                                            be Bishkek, where we will have the
                                                                                            same program. Our final destina-
                                                                                            tion will be Almaty," he noted.
                                                                                            He said that after holding exhibi-
                                                                                            tions and business meetings there
                                                                                            for three days, the delegation will fly
                                                                                            back to Pakistan.
                                                                                            He went on to say: "The purposes
                                                                                            of these exhibitions are to explore
                                                                                            new avenues of trade cooperation
                                                                                            between these countries and also
                                                                                            provide an opportunity to the del-
                                                                                            egation about the prospects of trade
                                                                                            through land to CARs".
14   regional News / Economy

                                                Uzbekistan                                  noted introduction of electronic tickets,
                                                                                            strong technical base, including increas-
                                                Bukhara Airport                             ing of the plane parking spaces, using
                                                                                            new technologies to clean the landing
                                                Wins Int'l Contest                          strip from dust and snow, as well as
                                                                                            improvement of services. The financial
                                                The best airport of the year contest        figures of the Bukhara airport have also
                                                among the CIS countries was held in         been improving over the past years. The
                                                Moscow. Bukhara international airport       profitability level increased from 29.3%
                                                won among almost 50 other contend-          to 32.6%. Last year, the airport served
                                                ers, UzA reported. The contest jury         84,000 passengers.

     Kazakhstan                                  Turkey

     Econ. Minister                              Energy Minister Agreement on
     Expects Economy                             Nabucco Project
     to Shrink
     Kazakhstan expects the economy to
     contract by 2.0-2.5 percent in the first
     half of this year, Economy Minister
     Bakhyt Sultanov said, backtracking
     on an earlier, more positive govern-
     ment forecast, Reuters, Astana re-
     Prime Minister Karim Masimov said
     this month he expected economic
     growth to be negative in the first half
     of this year. "The forecast is that the
     figure for six months will be nega-
     tive," Sultanov told reporters on the
     sidelines of a business conference. "It
     will be about 2.0-2.5 percent."             Turkey's Energy Minister has said          does not matter if we achieve such a
     Sultanov said he expected a return          that the agreement on Nabucco proj-        goal through Nabucco or via talks and
     to positive figures only in the sec-        ect would be signed in July the latest,    agreements with other countries. The
     ond half. He forecast Gross Do-             Turkish Weekly reported.                   agreement on Nabucco project will be
     mestic Product would rise by up to          Turkish Energy & Natural Resources         signed in July the latest".
     1.0 percent in the whole of 2009 or         Minister Taner Yildiz replied to ques-     Tourism and culture connected
     at least stays flat, compared with          tions at a ceremony held in Istanbul       countries to each other in the past,
     growth of 3.2 percent in 2008.              on the occasion of Turkish Akenerji's      Yildiz said, "energy pipelines have
     Hit hard by the global economic             partnership with Czech power utility       undertaken such a role in our pres-
     crisis, Kazakhstan's oil-dominated          CEZ on Tuesday, June 23.                   ent day." Yildiz said that Turkey
     economy shrank 2.2 percent in the           Commenting on the progress with the        currently had a remarkable co-
     first quarter. Sultanov said the con-       Nabucco Project, Yildiz said, " the im-    operation with Greece, Bulgaria,
     traction had widened to 2.7 percent         portant point for Turkey is the signing    Romania, Russia, Iraq, Azerbai-
     in January-April. "For the whole year,      of an agreement that meets its needs       jan and Turkmenistan within this
     we think the situation will level out as    and comply with its growth rate. It        framework.
     the funds are spent," he said.

                                                Pakistan                                    Faisalabad Dry Port Trust (FDPT), for-
                                                                                            mer President Faisalabad Chamber of
                                                                                            Commerce & Industry (FCCI) in Faisala-
                                                Cargo Train to Make                         bad on Monday, APP reported.
                                                Exports Competitive                         Lauding this decision, he said apart from
                                                                                            reducing the transportation costs, the
                                                Pakistan Railroads (PR) will start inter-   measure would make Pakistani exports
                                                national cargo train for Iran and Turkey    competitive and viable in the global mar-
                                                from August 14. This was disclosed by       kets. He said this international cargo
                                                Sheikh Ashfaq Ahmed, Chairman, Paki-        train should run via Faisalabad to facili-
                                                stan Dry Ports Association (PDPA) and       tate textile exports from Faisalabad.
 regional News / Economy                                                                                                              15


                                                                                          Iran, 7th Major
                                                                                          Trade Partner
                                                                                          The value of Iran-Turkey trade ex-
                                                                                          changes in the first nine months of
                                                                                          2008 rose by 41 percent to reach $8.3
                                                                                          billion, Turkish Weekly reported.
                                                                                          Turkey's exports to Iran in the said
                                                                                          period showed an increase of 64.3
                                                                                          percent and Iran's exports to Turkey
                                                                                          indicated a rise of 36.6 percent com-
New Round of Gas Talks with Iran                                                          pared to the same period the previous
                                                                                          year. The figure stood at $1.9 billion
Turkmenistan and Iran started a new           Iran currently pays $140 per thousand       in September 2008, up by 34.34 per-
round of gas talks in Ashgabat on June        cubic meters (tcm); Gazprom is willing      cent compared to $814.3 million for
19, the National Iranian Gas Export           to buy the same gas for re-export from      the same month last year.
Company's managing director said.             Ashgabat for $240/tcm. Russia is more       Turkey's exports to Iran reached
Mehr News Agency quoted Seyyed Reza           willing to access to natural gas supplies   $153.6 million in September 2008,
Kasaiizadeh as saying that, "the two          in Iran's South Pars field, which holds     showing an increase of 42.4 percent
sides will discuss the contract period        an estimated 8 percent of the world's       compared to the same period a year
extension in the two-day meeting."            natural gas reserves.                       ago.
"The price of natural gas has fallen in       Ties between the two energy powers          Turkey's imports from Iran were up
the global markets due to the crude oil       were strained in winter 2008 after Turk-    by 33.1 in September 2007, reaching
price fall. So we plan to negotiate with      menistan halted gas sales to Iran, but      $940.9 million. Tehran and Ankara
the Turkmen officials to reduce the gas       during an official visit by Turkmen lead-   also signed a deal last year on joint
export price," he added. "We aim to           er Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov to            gas production and export of Iranian
extend the contract period for another        Tehran in February 2009, the two sides      gas via Turkey to Europe.
3 years," the official said while noting      inked an agreement which would allow
that Iran has also requested a rise in the    Iran to develop the Yolatan gas field in
volume of exported gas.                       Turkmenistan and import 350 billion
Turkmenistan has been supplying gas to        cubic feet of the extracted gas annually.
Iran since 1997, but exports have never       The feasibility studies for the Yota-
hit the Korpeje-Kurt Kui pipeline's full      lan gas field has been finished and
capacity of 8 billion cubic meters (bcm)      Petropars has proposed its finalized
per year, a report from the Russian           plan for the development of the field to
newspaper Vremya said, adding that            the Turkmen officials. Iran sits atop the
exports have not exceeded 6.5 bcm.            world's second-largest natural gas re-
Turkmenistan has a contract to send an        serves after Russia, and has long sought
additional 10 bcm to Iran in 2009. In         to promote itself as a transit route for
mid-March, Iran and Russia signed a           oil and gas from Central Asian states.
gas swap deal that would see Gazprom          Turkmenistan, Central Asia's biggest
assume responsibility for the delivery of     gas producer, is seen as one of the key
Turkmen gas to Iran. Ashgabat would           suppliers for the planned Nabucco pipe-
benefit from this arrangement since           line from Turkey to Austria, designed to
Russia would purchase Turkmen gas at          ease Europe's dependence on Russia
a premium price.                              for gas supplies.

 The Pak official demanded that a meet-       at present, there was a very limited vol-   arrangements have to be made at Zahe-
 ing of all the stakeholders including        ume of exports/imports between Paki-        dan Railroad Station, under supervision
 chairmen of the up-country Dry Ports         stan and Iran by rail via Koh-e-Taftan      of director general of Zahedan Railroads.
 should be convened to deliberate and         although a broad gauge tail track from      He also urged the Pakistan government
 remove official bottlenecks and other        Quetta to Zahedan is existent but there     to explore new world markets for con-
 impediments for exports and imports          was a standard gauge track between Iran     sumption of Pakistani exports and take
 through Pakistan railroads. He said the      and Turkey which needed improvement.        immediate corrective measures to boost
 freight charges of the international cargo   He said the cargo containers loaded from    exports from Pakistan by providing lu-
 train should be reasonable and competi-      and to Pakistan will be transshipped on     crative incentives and adequate relief to
 tive if PR authorities intend to make this   the Iranian/Turkish rolling stock for       the exporters of textiles and other vital
 venture successful. Sheikh Ashfaq said       standard gauge and the transshipment        sectors of the economy.
               regional News/Culture
                                                 Kyrgyzstan                                   Raev informed the news agency "24.kg".
                                                                                              Azamat Sadykov became not only the
                                                 Kyrgyz Pianist Wins                          winner of the festival but was awarded
                                                                                              grand prize- Gold Cup. "It is one of the
                                                 Int'l. Competition in                        most prestigious musical competitions.
                                                                                              Pianists from all over the world come to
                                                 Italy                                        take part in the contest. But Azamat Sy-
                                                                                              dykov so amazed everybody with his per-
                                                 Kyrgyz pianist Azamat Sydykov has won
                                                                                              formance that the first prize was uncon-
                                                 the first prize at the International Piano
                                                                                              ditionally awarded to him," Sultan Raev
                                                 Competition in Italy, Culture and Infor-
                                                                                              said. Sydykov is graduate student of Mos-
                                                 mation Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sultan
                                                                                              cow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory.


                                                 Iranian Film at 2010 Oscars
                                                 "Tehran Has No More
                                                 Pomegranates!" will be
                                                 representing Iran in the
                                                 82nd Annual Academy
                                                 Awards for Best Docu-
     Pakistan                                    mentary Feature catego-
                                                 ry in 2010 Willow Films,
                                                 a U.S. international sales
     Summer Art Show-                            agency and distribution
     2009                                        company for films from
                                                 the Middle East, will
     A painting exhibition titled "Summer        submit the film to the
     Art Show-2009" started on Saturday          cinematic race, Iran's
     June 27 at Nomad Art Gallery, Islam-        Experimental and Docu-                       into a mega-polis of increasing urban
     abad. Nomad has showcased 26 paint-         mentary Film Center (EDFC), producer         sprawl, pollution, inadequate housing,
     ings and prints in different mediums        of the film, announced in a press release    class gaps and the fatal destiny of its
     by four artists, including Ufaq Ehsan,      published on Saturday, June 20, 2009,        delicious pomegranates.
     Samina Jamshed, Ajnum Ayub and              Mehr News Agency reported.                   Using an energetic mix of rare archi-
     Mughees Riaz.                               Directed by Masud Bakhshi, "Tehran           val footage from the past 150 years,
     The exhibition provided a soothing          Has No More Pomegranates" tells the          unconventional photography, mock
     breath to art connoisseurs by taking        story of a director and his crew who         interviews, and a playful soundtrack,
     them to realm of ecstasy. In the sizzling   are tasked with making a film about          the aesthetic and cultural values of
     heat and humid weather, the exhibition      their hometown of Tehran, but have           old and new Tehran are brought to
     provided fresh air to the terror-affected   run into a stone wall and are com-           life. In the process, director and crew
     residents of Islamabad. The aura and        pelled to explain to their supervisors       embark on a self-discovery, realizing
     diversity of artworks created by these      at the EDFC why they cannot complete         that while they belong to a drastically
     painters, printmakers and graphists,        their project.                               transformed Tehran, being a "Teh-
     depict unique imageries with a fine         They decide to investigate the city's        rani" is a timeless state of mind. The
     blend of creative experiences with mix      past in order to better understand the       documentary has won awards for di-
     media, oil on canvas, and sugar lift/       present. What follows is a sarcastic         rector Masud Bakhshi at several Ira-
     etching. The exhibition will close on       and comic narrative about Tehran's           nian and foreign events over the past
     July 27.                                    transformation from a small village          three years.

     Uzbekistan                                  anniversary of the city of Tashkent.
                                                 According to the document, the sol-
                                                 emn meeting and a concert program
     Tashkent's                                  devoted to the jubilee will be held on 1
     2,200th                                     September 2009 at the Uzbekistan in-
                                                 ternational forums palace. On 2 Sep-
     Anniversary                                 tember, the mass events for the public
                                                 will be held on the city's squares.
     President of Uzbekistan Islam Kari-         The 2,200th anniversary of the capital
     mov signed a resolution on 10 June on       of Uzbekistan is celebrated with par-
     the main events devoted to the 2,200th      ticipation of the UNESCO.
 regional News / Culture                                                                                                                17

Afghanistan                                  in Houston, Texas, where it attracted
                                             317,000 visitors. The exhibit's 228 ar-
"Hidden Treasures"                           tifacts document Afghanistan's rich cul-
                                             tural heritage, telling a story of a country
Closes in Houston,                           that was once a crossroads of civiliza-
                                             tions and a hub for continental trade and
Heads to New York                            travel. Originally housed at the National
                                             Museum in Kabul, the artifacts were
The critically acclaimed exhibit "Afghan-
                                             hidden away by regular Afghan citizens
istan: Hidden Treasures of the National
                                             prior to the Soviet invasion in 1979. The      only revealed in 2003, after the Taliban
Museum, Kabul" recently ended a three-
                                             artifacts and their whereabouts were           had been driven from Afghanistan.
month run at the Museum of Fine Arts

Uzbekistan                                                                                  Turkmenistan

Uzbek Film Wins Several Awards                                                              Int'l Art Forum in
The XVIII Asian, African, and Latin
American Film Festival took place be-
tween June 9 and 16 in Innsbruck,                                                           An international exhibition of the
Austria. Prominent Uzbek film director                                                      works of fine and applied arts, jew-
Nazym Abbasov presented his "Oidi-                                                          eler's art and national musical instru-
noi" or "The Moon-Faced" there. The                                                         ments opened in the Turkmen capital
film won two awards. Abbasov himself                                                        on June 26. The forum was organized
was rewarded "For Contribution to the                                                       and held by the Ministry of Culture
Festival". Marjona Shavkatova, 8, who                                                       and Broadcasting, State News Agency
starred in "Oidinoi" received a Special                                                     of Turkmenistan (TDH) reported.
Prize.                                                                                      The international exhibition is of
As Ferghana.Ru pointed out already,                                                         great interest to culture and art fans of
                                             but keeps hearing from adults that she is      Turkmenistan as well as their foreign
"Oidinoi" is a parable. It is a story of a
                                             too small. The ban becomes a tragedy for
six-year-old from a mountainous ham-                                                        counterparts.
                                             the girl by the name of Oidinoi and she
let who desperately wants to go to school                                                    The painters and ceramic designers,
                                             leaves the hamlet for the mountains.
                                                                                            sculptors and jewelers, art histori-
                                                                                            ans and culture experts from differ-
                                                                                            ent countries of the world – Poland,
                                                                                            China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Tur-
                                                                                            key, Iran, Azerbaijan, the United Arab
                                                                                            Emirates, France, Uzbekistan, Russia,
                                                                                            the United States, Tajikistan and Ja-
                                                                                            pan participated in the exhibition. The
                                                                                            large-scale exposition arranged in the
                                                                                            Exhibition Hall included the works of
                                                                                            the well-known as well as young Turk-
                                                                                            men and foreign artists, graphic and
                                                                                            ceramic designers, sculptors and jew-
                                                                                            elers, makers of the musical instru-
                                                                                            ments. It presented a wide spectrum
                                                                                            of the genres, styles and trends in
                                                                                            modern fine and applied arts and the
                                                                                            unique musical instruments from the
                                                                                            collections of the national museums
                                                                                            of Turkmenistan.
Kyrgyzstan                                   meant for meetings of literature con-          The scientific and art conference was
                                             noisseurs and fans, is situated in the         held in the framework to help partici-
                                             basement of the Raritet book shop at
1st Literary Café                            Molodaya Gvardiya Avenue.
                                                                                            pants to learn about different trends
                                                                                            in modern fine and jeweler's arts and
Opens in Bishkek                               It is also planned to hold presenta-
                                             tions of new books and various literary
                                                                                            establish fruitful creative contacts.
                                                                                             The guests also visited the Old Nisa
The first literary café was opened in        events in the cafe. The first event, which     State Historical and Cultural Reserve,
Bishkek on June 15, the website litera-      took place in the Cafe Club, was discus-       large museums and other landmarks
tura.kg reported.                            sion of works of the modern playwright,        of the Turkmen capital. The exhibition
The special establishment Cafe Club,         actor and writer Evgeny Grishkovets.           closed on June 28.
              Inside ECO
                                                  Training                                Survey and Development Adminis-
                                                                                          tration (EIE), Ministry of Energy and
                                                  Program on                              Natural Resources of the Republic of
                                                  Energy	Efficiency	                      The representatives of the Secretariats
                                                                                          of ECO and Organization of the Black
                                                  & Management                            Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) as
                                                                                          well as the Japan International Coop-
                                                  JICA-EIE Third Country Training         eration Agency (JICA) also attended
                                                  Program (TCTP) on Energy Efficiency     this Workshop.
                                                                                          During the first week of the course,
              ECO                                 and Management in Industry was held
                                                  on 25 May-5 June 2009 in Ankara in
                                                  cooperation with Japan International
                                                                                          which was theoretical, the lectures
                                                                                          were given by the lecturers from EİE

           Secretariat                            Corporation Agency (JICA) and the
                                                  Directorate General of Electric Power
                                                                                          and other partners. The participants
                                                                                          acquired the audit techniques and

     ECO to Launch Nano-
     Technology Network
     The opening ceremony for the ECO Nanotechnology Net-
     work was held at the Iran Nanotechnology Initiatives Coun-
     cil (INIC) in Tehran on 26 May, 2009. The inauguration
     was performed by Mr. Saeed Sarkar, Secretary (INIC), and
     Amb. Hassan Taherain, Deputy Secretary General of ECO.
     During the ceremony, a Letter of Agreement between
     ECO and INIC was signed for utilization of US$ 50,000
     from the ECO Feasibility Fund. The website of ECO-
     Nanotechnology Network was initiated under the web
     address of http://www.econano.org/. The inauguration
     was followed by presentations and an exhibition on nan-
     The main goal of the Network is to strengthen coopera-
     tion among ECO countries in nano-technological research
     and development. The experiences of the member states
     would synergize development measures and policy formu-
     lation on nanotechnology in such sectors as public health,
     employment, occupational safety, information society, in-
     dustry, innovation, environment, energy, transport, secu-
     rity and space.
 inside ECO                                                                                                                        19

knowledge in energy efficiency and
identified feasible energy cost reduc-
tion opportunities. During the prac-
tical part of the Training Program
which was held in the second week,
the participants used the measuring
devices and took measurements on
the energy consumed equipment in
the "Energy Efficiency Training Unit"
including steam boiler, steam trap,
combustion furnace, compressed air,
fan, pump, compensation and light-
ing. Training units of EİE and evalu-
ated the result of measurements with
EİE experts.

                                                                                           Upcoming Event
Int'l. Workshop on System of                                                             Workshop on
National Accounts Held                                                                   "Development of
                                          Republic participated in the event.            Water Electric
                                          The representative of UNESCAP briefed          Power Plants"
                                          the participants on the SNA-2008 re-
                                          visions and regional initiatives. The          Regional Center on Urban Water
                                          representative of the ECO Trade and            Management of Iran is going to
                                          Development Bank also contributed to           host a Workshop for the high rank-
                                          training sessions.                             ing and senior officials of power
                                          The goal of the Workshop was to fol-           sector of the ECO Member States
                                          low up with updates on SNA-1993                on «Development of Water Electric
                                          /2003/08 and highlight the need for            Power Plants" on August 17 – 20,
                                          applying international standards and           2009, in Tehran. The subjects to
                                          classifications in statistics. Participants    be discussed would include:
                                          expressed their views on the need for a         - Prospects of energy
                                          continued training on technology-based             consumption in the ECO Region
                                          computation methodology for SNA.                   and the role of water power
                                          The workshop came to be a practical                plants;
                                          step in setting up efficient linkages            - Possibilities and potentials for
                                          among National Statistical Offices                 development of water electric
                                                                                             power plants in the Region;
ECO's System of National Accounts         through a harmonized data collection.
                                                                                           - Method of financing of such
Workshop was held on 17-20 May 2009       As such the Workshop contributed to                power plants;
in Tehran. The event was hosted by the    the objective of the ECO Statistical             - Regional cooperation for
Statistical Center of Iran. Representa-   Network, which is to provide a com-                building of headed equipments
tives from seven ECO Member States        mon opportunity for ECO countries in               for the power plants; and
including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan,        exchange of statistical and economic             - Needs of the region for human
Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyz     data within the region.                            and institutional capacity
                                                                                             building in this regard.

ECO Holds                                 Meeting of the Heads of Privatization
                                          Administration of the ECO Member
                                                                                        tization had been initiated and would
                                                                                        be developed into a joint website by

Privatization                             States on May 21, 2009.
                                          The Meeting reviewed the report of the
                                                                                        April 2010. They would extend full co-
                                                                                        operation to the Turkish Privatization

Meetings                                  3rd ECO HLEG Meeting on Privatiza-
                                          tion and Private Sector Development.
                                                                                        Administration for construction of the
                                                                                        joint website. Member States discussed
                                          The meeting, endorsing the report,            Turkey's proposal to exchange of expert
The 3rd Meeting of the ECO High Level
                                          called on the Member States to take           in the field of privatization. The meet-
Experts Group (HLEG) on Privatiza-
                                          necessary measures for the implemen-          ing agreed to develop a framework for
tion and Private Sector Development
                                          tation of decisions taken by the 3rd          that purpose. Meanwhile, the member
was held in Baku on 20 May 2009. The
                                          HLEG. The participants noted with sat-        states would follow bilateral programs
HLEG met back-to-back with the 4th
                                          isfaction that the ECO website on Priva-      to that end.
20    inside ECO

                                                  Turkmen Amb.:                              tion to a special ceremony organized
                                                                                             in Avaza Tourist Zone situated on the

                                                  "Turkmenistan                              south-east shore of the Caspian Sea,
                                                                                             12 kilometers west of a city named

                                                  Seeks More                                 after country's late President Sapar-
                                                                                             murat Niyazov, popularly known as
                                                                                             Turkmenbashi (meaning leader of
                                                  Foreign                                    Turmens).

                  ECO                             Investment"
                                                                                             The highly publicized June 15, 2009
                                                                                             event, inaugurated by Turkmenistan's
                                                                                             President Gurbanguli Berdymu-
                Cultural                          Visiting ECI's new Headquarters, the
                                                  Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Teh-
                                                                                             hamedov, was especially tailored for
                                                                                             foreign VIP guests and international

                                                  ran, Mr. Ahmed Gurbanov, officially        media representatives to launch the
                                                  invited a three member ECI delega-         second phase of the new $1.5 billion

     Amb.: "ECO Will
     Promote Member
                          "ECO's main objec-
                          tives in the com-
                          ing years will be to
                          promote Member
                          States' potentials
                          and capacities in
                          economic and cul-
                          tural areas to the
                          world", noted the
                          Afghan        Ambas-
                          sador to Tehran
                                                  Eminent Philosopher Pays a Visit to
                          and ECO Secretary       ECI Headquarters
                          General elect, Mr.
                          Yahya       Maroufi,    The Head of Iranian Academy of Science,    about their achievements in our publi-
                          during his formal       Prof. Davari paid a visit to ECI Head-     cations," he said.
                          visit to ECO Cultur-    quarters and met with ECI staff. While     The professor appreciated ECI's warm
                          al Institute's new      presenting the prominent philosopher,      hospitality and talked on the common-
                          Headquarters on         ECI President, Dr. Mohammad Rajabi         alities between the ECO countries. He
                          June 17, 2009.          said, "His reputation and his works are    laid particular emphasis on the fact
                          ECI President, Dr.      well-known within the ECO region." He      that geographical boundaries cannot
     Mohammad Rajabi welcoming the Af-            added that ECI plans to establish closer   disguise our common cultural heritage.
     ghan Ambassador said: "Afghanistan,          ties among such renowned academies in      "We share so many commonalities that
     being located at the heart of the ECO        ECO Member States.                         it seems we are members of a one big
     region, is a strategic member of ECO.        "We will introduce those institutes and    family", he said.
     We hope to open a local ECI branch
     office there to act as its Focal Point for
     implementation of future activities and      Azerbaijan                                 and brotherhood," said Ambassador of
                                                                                             the Republic of Azerbaijan to Tehran,
     "In the current year, ECI has published      Amb.: "Culture,                            Abbasali Hasanov in his meeting with
                                                                                             ECI President Dr. Mohammad Rajabi
     three books on Afghan literature and
     luminaries," he added.                       Powerful                                   on June 25, 2009.
                                                                                             Dr. Rajabi, lauded the great culture of
     Maroufi, for his part, said, "All interna-                                              Azerbaijan and said the country is fa-
     tional organizations need a cultural arm
     and ECI plays that role very effectively
                                                  Medium"                                    mous in all fields of arts and culture
                                                                                             especially for its rich music.
     in the ECO. I'm absolutely delighted         "ECO countries enjoy an ancient cul-       "ECI aspires to promote Baku as
     that Mr. Rajabi is successfully manag-       ture. I believe, culture could be a pow-   ECO's ‘Music Capital' and plans to or-
     ing such an important department".           erful medium to promote friendship         ganize joint concerts here in Tehran,"
 inside ECO                                                                                                                           21

resort city, created to attract foreign
investors and tourists.
Turkmenistan, offering great invest-
ment opportunities, seeks more for-
eign investment", said Ambassador
Gurbanov, in a meeting with ECI
President, Dr. Mohammad Rajabi at
the Institute's Headquarters here in
Tehran on June 8, 2009.
Avaza, a National Tourist Zone in
Turkmenistan, is an on-going prom-
ising economic project, which is ex-
pected to enjoy high international
standards as regards the quality and
range of services to be offered.

                                                                                          Renowned Islamic
Tajikistan Amb. : "Energy Problem
in Tajikistan to Be Solved by 2013"                                                       Cognoscente Visits
                                            referring to Tajikistan as a full member      ECI Headquarters
                                            of ECI, said: "Three ‘ECO Shops' will be
                                            opened in three major Tajik cities – Du-
                                            shanbe, Koulab and Khojand – where
                                            cultural products from ECO Member
                                            Countries would be offered."
                                            "The cooperation between Tajikistan
                                            and ECI has considerably imporved
                                            under the leadership of Dr. Rajabi", the
                                            Tajik Ambassador noted.
                                            He briefed the members present on the
                                            investment opportunities in his country,      Prof. Hossein Zomarshidi, a prominent
                                            including projects in construction, road-     university professor and a specialist in
                                            building, food industries and animal          Islamic architecture, paid a visit to ECI
                                            husbandry. "Because of its unique posi-       Headquarters and met with ECI staff.
"Tajikistan, enjoying more than 1,130       tion, Tajikistan will be made the future      The university lecturer and the author
rivers, supplies 65% of Central Asian       headquarters of Persian Television net-       of 16 books on technical subjects, ad-
water resources. Development projects       work, a joint venture of three Persian-       mired ECI publications and their in-
are being carried out all over the coun-    speaking countries, namely Afghanistan,       teresting articles on the subjects of art
try and it is predicted that energy prob-   Iran and Tajikistan," Mirzoev said.           and architecture in the ECO region.
lem in the country will be brought to an    Replying to a question regarding the          He briefed the meeting about the sig-
end by the year 2013." the Tajikistan       existing difficulties for foreign students'   nificance of traditional architecture
Ambassador to Tehran, Ramazon Mir-          education in Tajikistan universities, he      and said: "Almost the same style of
zoev, said during his visit to the ECO      said, presently, a special department at      architecture is seen all over the ECO
Cultural Institute on June 18, 2009.        Tajikistan's Ministry of Education is be-     region, which proves our cultural sim-
ECI President, Dr. Mohammad Rajabi          ing established to rectify the situation.     ilarities."

he announced. Azeri Ambassador
pointed out that music is highly val-
ued in Azerbaijan."Traditional music
is one of the important commonalities
between ECO countries. In Azerbai-
jan, numerous projects have been car-
ried out to keep the traditional music
Hasanov said he was hopeful that his
country would ratify ECI's Charter and
promised to follow up the issue with
the relevant authorities in Baku.
                Special report

     Ashgabat Int'l.
     The forum is the logical continuation of the Turkmen Leader's
     initiative to build the common approaches to establish reliable
     global energy infrastructure.

                   high-profile international     Security Council on the initiative put       tional cooperation in energy sector in
                   energy conference was          forward by Turkmenistan President.           order to analyze deeply and objectively
                   held in Ashgabat on April      This initiative will strengthen the po-      different factors influencing on the
                   23-24, 2009, State News        litical-legal foundation of international    global energy security stating:" Defi-
     Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) report-         cooperation on construction and use of       nitely, it is impossible to ensure the se-
     ed. For two days, the Turkmen capi-          transnational gas pipeline, other con-       curity of any country when there is no
     tal provided a platform for exchanging       structions of energy transport-commu-        security in the region, in the continent,
     views on a wide range of issues put on       nication infrastructures in the energy       in the world."
     the agenda of the international energy,      branch.                                      A number of other speeches were made
     with the emphasis on the main agenda         Thus, having offered a robust solu-          at the forum. The future influence of the
     of the conference - reliable and stable      tion to the global problem, the country      Turkmen proposals on creating differ-
     transit of energy means and its role in      launched the work to build an effective      ent forms of exporting hydrocarbon to
     ensuring sustainable development and         legal mechanism for international part-      the world markets which will facilitate
     international cooperation the reliable       nership on reliable and stable transit of    the development of the world economy
     and secure transit of energy.                energy.                                      was stressed in the speeches.
     The forum at the Ruhiyet Palace              Hydrocarbon-rich Turkmenistan again          Especially, the routes going from Turk-
     brought together the heads of the gov-       demonstrated the very responsible and        menistan to China, Iran, Russia, and
     ernments and energy ministers of doz-        constructive approach to tackling glob-      the proposed Turkmenistan – Afghani-
     ens of countries worldwide, represen-        al challenges and problems endeavor-         stan – Pakistan-India gas pipeline
     tative delegations of main international     ing to turn the international dialogue       project, the project being planned in
     and regional organizations including         into open long-term 9mutually advan-         the European direction were the focus
     the United Nations, OSCE, the Energy         tageous cooperation.                         of attention.
     Charter Secretariat, ECO, SCO, CIS           Addressing the conference participants,      The Exhibition Center of the Palace
     and the heads of about 100 renowned          the Turkmen Leader underlined: "At           hosted plenary sessions on major themes
     foreign oil and gas and service compa-       present, it is difficult to find the trend   such as global and regional aspects of en-
     nies operating in the fuel and energy        of civilized life which is not dependent     ergy cooperation, transit of energy and
     sector.                                      on energy space, on energy means and         sustainable development, management
     The Ashgabat forum that is of great          the availability of their transporta-        improvement and legal mechanisms,
     interest to the political and economic       tion. The characteristic of the global       trade and investments to provide a plat-
     circles across the world is the logic con-   development in the 21st century, the         form for conducting business talks and
     tinuation of the Turkmen leader's ini-       emergence of new economic centers            meetings. In the framework of the inter-
     tiative to build the common approach-        and continuous increase of energy con-       national energy conference, a special-
     es to establish reliable global energy       sumption cause the widening of energy        ized exposition presenting Turkmeni-
     infrastructure.                              use and increase in their volume in the      stan's profound energy potential and the
     Last year, the 62nd session of the UN        markets."                                    vast opportunities for wide international
     General Assembly approved the rel-           During his speech, noting that the ini-      cooperation based on mutual economic
     evant UN Resolution co-authored by           tiative had not been put forward by          benefit to the forum participants repre-
     about 60 states including five states        chance, the Turkmen Leader under-            senting world's oil and gas business was
     – the permanent members of the UN            lined the importance of the interna-         also arranged in the same venue.
Special report   23

Energy Forum
24   IN FOCuS

                Tourist Zone
                The Gate to Turkmenistan's
                    New Open-Door Policy
 iN FOCuS                                                                                                         25

Formation of a powerful tourism industry in Turk-
menistan is one of the priority directions of the social
and economic policy of the Government of President
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov of Turkmenistan.
Special attention is paid to the construction of a
modern tourist and resort centers at the Caspian
seaside. Opening ceremony of putting into opera-
tion, Avaza National Tourist Zone, the first in Turk-
menistan, was held on June 15, 2009. The President
of Turkmenistan launched the 1.5 billion resort on
the shore of the Caspian Sea along Turkmenbashi
city. On this occasion, lavish ceremonies were
staged for foreign guests and international media.
A 3-member delegation from ECI including ECO
Times Editor participated in the event at the official
invitation of Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Tehran,
Mr. Ahmed Gurbanov.

          he largest settlement of the Turkmen coast along the Caspian
          Sea is the city of Turkmenbashy formerly Krasnovodsk) lo-
          cated in a convenient bay. It has an extensive transport infra-
          structure and is rightfully called the Sea Gate of Turkmeni-
stan. And very close to the city – just to the north, outside the gulf,
there is the settlement of Avaza, located on the open sea coastline.
The settlement has always been a favorite place of rest for local resi-
dents and numerous visitors. With it's almost thirty kilometers of
clean sandy beaches, the generous sun, salubrious air and warm sea,
the site is really blessed. The name "Avaza" meaning "fame/singing"
was chosen due to proximity of the resort to the sea where one could
hear the" singing waves" of the sea! And everything on this land, from
the standpoint of the natural grace and environmental purity, is just
The national project was presented to the international arena couple
of months after disclosing the ambitious plan by the Turkmen Presi-
dent. The grandeur participation of foreign companies at the event
vividly indicated the vast interest of foreign investors in the promis-
ing resort business.
                                                                            President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

Currently, companies from Russia, France, Turkey and Iran who have
experience in building similar facilities around the world are working
at the site. At their own expense, they build a botanical garden, high
class hotels, cottage-type guesthouses, business centers, and a tennis
The assurances of the Turkmen government to provide incentives for
investors, the legal protection guarantees, favorable positive natural
factors and environmental friendliness of the east coast of the Cas-
pian Sea and the development of the tourist zone looks promising in
terms of proximity to the large passenger traffic are the main driving
factors for the attraction of foreign investment.
Located near the intersection of international sea, air, land and rail
routes, Avaza will be ready to accommodate all travelers to enjoy a
full and comfortable rest. Construction of the North-South railway
transport corridor along the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea has al-
ready been started.

     Special Turkmen Orchestra Awaits Arrival of the Popular President

     Putting into operation the Turkmen 6975-kilometer section           Basic Infrastructure
     of the international railway line with all auxiliary facilities     The engineering and communication networks and roads are
     is scheduled for December 2011. As a result, the Russian
                                                                         laid in Avaza, the construction of gas turbine power plant with
     and Kazakh railways will connect through the new, shorter
                                                                         all the transformer substations with a capacity of 254 MW is
     route with the Turkmen and Iranian transport systems and            under way, the system of water supply and sewerage stretch-
     will have access to the Persian Gulf, which promises great          ing for 75 km is laid and a water desalination plant with a ca-
     benefits to all participants of the project. In parallel with the   pacity of 35,000 cub m per day is being constructed.
     railway, an automobile Expressway will be constructed. This
     means not only the growth in freight traffic, but the multiple
     increase in the flow of travelers from the South to the North
                                                                         Recreation Zone
     and back.                                                           Enjoying a 5000 hectares area allocated for the construction

of the tourist zone along a 26 km coastline, about 60 different     mini-sites for game sports, golf club, yacht club, restaurants,
class hotels (high-rise and cottage-type), villas, parks, am-       cafes and eateries. Much of the territory in the tourist area is
phitheaters, business centers, water parks, sports and fitness      allocated to park zones and alleys. To create a favorable cli-
centers, entertainment complexes and casinos are planned to         mate, a botanical garden with collection of exotic plants from
be built in Avaza.                                                  all over the world will be built and numerous parks with
The first phase of construction is carried out in the area of       fountains will gladden visitors with its beauty and diversity.
751 hectares, designed to accommodate 30,000 tourists. Un-          Hotels
der the master plan, there will be an administrative center
                                                                    Starting with the current holiday season, six comfortable ho-
and other facilities for tourists: hotels, shopping malls, sports
                                                                    tels with a capacity to accommodate over 1800 people will
complexes, including the tennis stadium for 5,000 specta-
                                                                    operate in Avaza. The hotel services will meet high interna-
tors, football and athletics arena for 10,000 people, dozens of
                                                                    tional standards.
28    IN Focus

                                                                          Walking and cycling paths will stretch along the river. On
                                                                          both banks, construction of 28 restaurants, cafes and bars
                                                                          is planned. Six artificial lakes with beaches in a total area of
                                                                          four hectares will decorate the landscape. Four major sports
                                                                          complexes and many sports grounds will appear on the banks
                                                                          of the channel.

                                                                          Construction of a matchless entertainment center for chil-
                                                                          dren and adults in Central Asia is planned to be built in
                                                                          an area of 30 hectares. It will include a "Disneyland" with
                                                                          a variety of attractions, pavilions for carting, ice-hall, a
                                                                          planetarium, aquarium and dolphinarium, as well as a
                                                                          mini-park with accurate copies of historic buildings all
                                                                          over the world.

                                                                          A new international airport with a capacity of 800 persons
                                                                          per hour is being construced in Turkmenbashy city. The
                                                                          airport consists of a main passenger terminal, VIP-hall and
                                                                          the traffic control tower. A new 3.5 km runway will be built
                                                                          besides the existing one. The new airport could receive 7
                                                                          planes simultaneously and will be equipped with all neces-
                                                                          sary technological equipment and advanced navigation sys-
                                                                          tems. The airport will be commissioned in October 2009.
                                                                          A new 22 km motor road will connect the airport with the
                                                                          tourist zone.

                                                                          Hiking trails to historic and natural monuments of the region
                                                                          will be organized for tourists who would like to learn more
     Artificial River                                                     about Turkmenistan, its history, culture and everyday life. So
     A marine channel, crossing the whole territory of the future         far, the following cruise itineraries to visit the picturesque is-
     resort, will be one of the zests of the project. The length of the   lands in the Caspian Sea have been designed:
     artificial river is 7 kilometers and the width of 50-60 meters       •     the Ogurchinsky Island, 100 km from Avaza inhabited
     allows small vessels to pass. Seven road and four pedestrian               by gazelles, flamingo and other wildlife listed in the Red
     bridges will connect both banks of the river.                              Book;
    IN Focus                                                                                                                                  29

•    Karshi settlement, 80 km of Avaza with curative radon
•    Gyzylsu Island, 12 km of Avaza, known for the beauty
     of its nature, where construction of tourist facilities and
     restaurants is planned in the future.
Tourists, who prefer the exotic tourism, will be invited to
ride camels in the Karakum desert.

Investment Privileges
•     Entry visas and permits to foreign specialists and work-
      ers arriving in Turkmenistan to work in the tourist zone
      for the construction and operation of the facilities in the
      zone are issued expeditiously, without charging consul-
      ar and registration fees;
•     Visas for tourists arriving in Ashgabat and Turkmen-
      bashy to rest in the tourist zone shall be processed un-
      der the simplified procedure at the place and time of
•     Subjects of the tourist zone are provided with tax ben-
      efits granted in accordance with the Tax Code of Turk-
      menistan, exempting them from paying value added
      tax during the construction and installation works as-
      sociated with building of new tourist facilities and their
      infrastructure and during fulfilling services to receive
      tourists, including accommodation, catering, provision
      of individual daily and medical rehabilitation services,
      entertainment, provided by subjects of the tourist zone
      on the territory of this zone within 15 years from the
      date of putting the facilities into operation.

Benefits to the property tax apply to:
•     Property used to carry out construction and installation       Certification of equipment and materials imported into
      works associated with the erection of new facilities to re-    Turkmenistan by investors and other persons engaged in
      ceive tourists and their infrastructure in the tourist zone    construction and operation of facilities in the tourist zone is
      or the completion of the unfinished construction sites;        made without charge for certification services. Subjects of the
•     Property of new facilities to receive tourists and their in-   tourist zone are provided with:
      frastructure in the tourist area, within the first 15 years    •    Transport (air, rail and water) to deliver cargo for the con-
      from the date of putting them into operation.                       struction and operation of the facilities in the Avaza na-
                                                                          tional tourist zone in accordance with the terms of agree-
Income Tax Benefits                                                       ments;
                                                                     •    Transportation of specialists, workers and tourists at the
Taxable income is reduced by the amount of profits earned
                                                                          international and domestic flights;
from providing services to receive tourists, including accom-
                                                                     •    Organization of charter flights for this purpose.
modation, catering, provision of individual daily and medi-
                                                                     The project is another sign of change in the Turkmen econo-
cal rehabilitation services, entertainment (besides gambling
                                                                     my, which until recent years was mostly closed to foreign cor-
industry), provided by the subjects of the tourist zone in the
                                                                     porations. the President hopes that the development would
territory of the zone – during the first 15 years from the date
                                                                     help his energy-rich country diversify its economy. Accord-
of putting into operation of the facilities.
                                                                     ing to the President, this new facility would entice investors
                                                                     to his Central Asian desert nation of five million.
Other Privileges                                                     Today, after only two years since the start of the project, it
Registration of investment projects and entities engaged             is already hard to imagine that on the place of the current
in the construction and operation of facilities in the tourist       construction boom taking place in Turkmenbashy, which is
zone is effected with charging a registration fee. The subjects      taking shape of an important center of the tourism industry,
of the tourist zone are exempt from:                                 there once was the lifeless space. The changes that have taken
•    Payment of customs duties and taxes upon importation            place are not only evidence of the intensive economic growth
     into Turkmenistan of goods set for the construction and         of Turkmenistan, but the fact of international recognition of
     operation of the tourist zone;                                  the country as a reliable and proven partner.
•    Payment of exchange fees for the registration of con-
•    Deductions from earnings to the extra budgetary funds
     established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.                                                              ECO Times Editorial Board
                Energy & Minerals

                                                         urkmenistan's gas industry is one of the leading sec-
                                                         tors of the Turkmen national economy and its "loco-
                                                         motive". Established over 40 years ago, it has rapidly
                                                         grown in a short span of time and now makes its wor-
                                               thy contribution to the economies of not only the country itself,
                                               but also other CIS countries.
                                               Since 1999, Turkmenistan has been annually increasing pro-
                                               duction and exports of this most valuable energy raw material.
                                               In the recent years, powerful gas extracting and processing
                                               complexes have sprung up, new fields have been found, and
                                               gas transporting enterprises have been constructed. The coun-
                                               try has been completely gasified and the population gets "blue
                                               fuel" supplies free of charge.
                                               The figures show the development of underground reserves.
                                               149 gas and gas condensate deposits have been discovered in
                                               Turkmenistan. Their reserves make up 4,970,768 million cub
                                               m, including 136 on-shore fields and 10 in the Caspian shelf. 54
                                               fields with reserves over 2.6 billion cub m are under exploita-
                                               tion, 11 deposits have been prepared for exploitation, 73 pools
                                               are under exploration, and 11 fields are in conservation.
                                               "Turkmengaz", "Turkmenneft" and "Turkmengeologiya" State
                                               Concerns are engaged in gas extraction in the country. "Turk-
                                               mengaz" State Concern produces over 80% of the total gas
                                               production. To increase gas reserves, the exploration drilling
                                               is carried out at the accelerated rates with the help of up-to-
                                               date drilling rigs able to ensure penetration of deep wells (up to
                                               6,000 m), geophysical and other equipment.
                                               Active application of the latest technologies is under way. De-
                                               spite considerable amount of exploration works, the territory of
                                               the country has not been surveyed completely yet. The average
                                               density of seismic profiles makes up 0.39 km per one square
                                               kilometer in Turkmenistan and the exploration drilling density
                                               20.5 m per 1 sq km. As a matter of fact, only the upper layers
                                               of the oil and gas bearing deposits have been surveyed. Con-
                                               sidering that the explored reserves and cumulative extraction
                                               make up only about 25% of hydrocarbon resources, continua-
                                               tion of prospecting works opens wide opportunities to transfer
                                               estimated and promising resources to the commercial reserves
               Turkmenistan's                  category that will make it possible to reach the level of hydro-
                                               carbons production set by the Strategy of Turkmenistan's oil

            Riches of
                                               and gas complex development until 2020.
                                               Eastern Turkmenistan, occupying an area of 180 thousand sq
                                               m, is the main gas producing region in the country. Over 1000
                                               exploration wells have been drilled which makes up almost one
                                               third of the total drilling conducted in Turkmenistan. Over 60

            Blue Fuel
                                               gas and gas condensate fields have been discovered, includ-
                                               ing the giant Dowletabat pool with estimated 4.5 trillion cub
                                               m of gas and the big Malay, Shatlyk, Ojak and Samantepe and
                                               other deposits, in the region. The forecasts of geologists on the

                                               presence of the biggest beds of hydrocarbons on the vast area
                                               in the south-east of the country in Mary province have been
                                               confirmed. It is anticipated this region will become the main
                                               resource basis for the development of the gas industry in the
                                               nearest 15-25 years.
           "Demonstrating flexibility in       Until recently, the gas extraction in western Turkmenistan was
                                               limited to associated gas extracted during the development
     implementing projects, Turkmenistan       of oil and oil and gas fields. Now, natural gas extraction has

      is ready to supply gas at any point on
                                               started here. "Blue fuel" extraction in western Turkmenistan,
                                               as well as in the country as a whole, exceeds the domestic con-
      its border, including the Caspian Sea    sumption many times. Gas surplus, after its corresponding
                                               treatment, is exported to the Islamic Republic of Iran and to
       coast, to all interested customers"     the north through Kazakhstan.
 energy & Minerals                                                     31

      Forecasts of geologists on the
       presence of the biggest beds
      of hydrocarbons on the vast
       area in the south-east of the
        country in Mary province
          have been confirmed.

In the recent decades, oil and gas has been explored in the
Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea, almost all area of which
represents interest from the point of view of its hydrocarbon
reserves. As a result of conducted geological and exploration
works, a total of 161 oil and gas fields, including 30 oil and gas
and 131 gas and gas condensate ones, have been discovered
on the mainland and in the sea. Moreover, drilling enterprises
of "Turkmengeologiya" State Concern carry out a lot of work
in Turkmenistan's other promising regions with accumulated
large reserves of natural gas. It is necessary to point out that hy-
drocarbons extracted in Turkmenistan possess high commodi-
ty properties: they are practically devoid of aggressive chemical
elements sulfur, carbon dioxide and hydrosulfide gases.
Turkmenistan annually upgrades the oil processing indus-
try's capacity represented now by Turkmenbashy Oil Refiner-
ies Complex and Seidi Oil Refinery. Deep oil and natural gas
processing with the liquefied gas being one of the products is
among the first priority tasks.
Nearly 2.0 million tons of liquefied gas has been produced in
last five years by Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries and
the Naip gas processing complex. In line with the increasing
world demand for liquefied gas, the exports in 2006 increased
almost by 400 thousand tons. The specific gravity of exported
liquefied gas in the production structure has steadily grown
from 4.4% in 1997 to 96.7% in 2006. The production capac-
ity of liquefied gas output is to grow by 94,000 tons this year
alone, and its production will continue to grow up to 2 million
tons in 2020. For these purposes, it is planned to construct over
20 plants on the fields with high content of propane-butane
fractions in the east of the country.
The Turkmen liquefied gas is exported to Iran and Afghanistan
and a number of other countries in the region. In the future,
with upgrading of the production capacity, it will be exported
to Pakistan, China, South Korea and Japan. Currently, liquefied
gas is delivered to consumers by the railway transport. The pro-
jected considerable increase in liquefied gas output and insuf-
ficient consuming capacity of the nearest local markets require
the use of alternative export routes, access to the main regions
of the world liquefied gas markets, and creation of the reli-
able high capacity sea transportation system. In this context,
construction of the terminal at Kiyanly port to store and ship
exported liquefied gas has been started. The port enables Turk-
menistan to export liquefied gas to the sea ports of neighboring
Caspian states and further to Europe.
The existing gas extraction and treatment capacities are capa-
ble of ensuring commodity gas supplies up to 220 million cub
m per day. Work on creation of additional capacities on the new
fields is going on. A number of projects on development and
32    energy & Minerals

     reconstruction of existing networks of        Caspian Sea coast, to all interested cus-
     gas transportation in volumes specified       tomers.
     in the existing export contracts is being     To realize the set plans, it is necessary
     realized. Turkmenistan's gas transport-       to increase the capacity of existing ex-
     ing system operates 8 thousand km long        port trunks as well as to lay new routes
     pipelines in one line calculation. Turk-      providing outlets to new export markets.
     men gas is exported in two directions: to     Turkmenistan has been successfully ad-
     Ukraine and Russia in the north and to        dressing this issue. By 2007, the Turk-
     Iran in the south. By 2010, natural fuel      men sections of the gas pipeline system
     exports will grow more than twice. Most       leading to European countries will have
     of exports, as before, will flow in the Eu-   been modernized. The project capital in-
     ropean direction.                             vestments will make up US$ 730 million.
     In 2005, Turkmenistan exported about          The favorable geographical location in
     45.5 billion cub m of gas to the Russian      the center of the Eurasian continent and
     Federation, Ukraine and the Islamic           abundance of the natural resource en-
     Republic of Iran. Turkmenistan and            able Turkmenistan to export raw materi-
     the People's Republic of China signed         als to any part of the continent and make
     an agreement on construction of a gas         the country attractive to investors from
     pipeline. Under the agreement, China in-      all over the world.
     tends to buy 30 billion cub m of blue fuel'   At present, the projects on exploration,
     annually during 30 years. The Turkmen-        prospecting and development of hydro-
     Iranian agreement on increasing Turk-         carbon deposits cover the major volume
     men natural gas supplies to Iran up to 14     of direct foreign investments in Turk-
     billion cub m in 2007 was concluded. The      menistan's oil and gas complex. The use
     Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan gas         of international experience in applying
     pipeline project is one of the most prom-     advanced technologies in local condi-
     ising. The three countries confirmed their    tions, rendering services, and delivering
     decision to lay the pipeline by signing the   equipment enables the industry to in-
     interstate Agreement in 2002. The pipe-       crease its productive effectiveness. The
     line throughput will make up 33 billion       significant increase of investment in the
     cub m of gas per year.                        national oil and gas complex is foreseen
     In April 2006, the Ministry of Oil and        to achieve the planned indicators in hy-
     Gas Industry and Mineral Resources of         drocarbons production and their export
     Turkmenistan and the representative           to foreign markets. In the period from
     delegation of Gazprom Open Joint Stock        2005 to 2020 over US$ 60 billion is to
     Company negotiated in Ashgabat the an-        be invested in development of the indus-
     nual supplies of 50 billion cub m of Turk-    try with over 40% being direct foreign
     men gas to the Russian Federation with-       investments under Production Sharing
     in next 3 years. Adhering to the principle    Agreements. The well-known foreign           The subdivisions of the State Concerns,
     of multiple gas deliveries, Turkmenistan      companies, as Argomar Oil Ltd, Middle        Turkmenneft, Turkmengaz and Turk-
     considers other gas supply routes to Tur-     East Petrol Farm, Petronas, British Pe-      mengeology, render the major volume
     key and further to Europe. Demonstrat-        troleum, Vitol, Itochu, Som Petrol, BP       of service in the oil and gas industry.
     ing flexibility in implementing projects,     Oil International, Dragon Oil, Maersk        The share of foreign companies does
     Turkmenistan is ready to supply gas at        Oil and others successfully operate in the   not exceed 10 percent. Relying on the
     any point on its border, including the        Turkmen market.                              establishment of the national service
                                                                                                sector Turkmenistan is determined to
                                                                                                collaborate with foreign companies in
                                                                                                designing the technologies not yet ap-
               According to specialists, over 80 per-                                           plied by the Turkmen specialists.
                                                                                                Turkmenistan explores and develops
               cent of hydrocarbon reserves occur in                                            the on-shore hydrocarbon deposits pri-
                                                                                                marily by its own. Nevertheless, the for-
              insufficiently explored oil and gas accu-                                         eign companies have a lot of opportu-
              mulation zones at a depth of over 3 km.                                           nities to do business in Turkmenistan.
                                                                                                The opportunities include delivery of
               The prospects for the discovery of new                                           modern equipment, technologies, and
               deposits are linked to the development                                           services. Most of oil and gas equipment
                                                                                                is not produced in Turkmenistan and
              of two large Middle Caspian and South-                                            the demand for it can be met through
              ern Caspian oil and gas bearing basins.                                           To achieve the planned oil and gas pro-
                                                                                                duction level till 2020 the state con-
                                                                                                cerns and corporations are planning to
 energy & Minerals                                                                                                                                    33

drill over 1,300 production and prospect     reserves and about a quarter of natural        with foreign companies. Besides, Turk-
wells.                                       gas reserves Turkmenistan is rich in. Ac-      menistan is interested in using the latest
The fleet of drilling rigs and well over-    cording to specialists, over 80 percent        technologies and up-to-date equipment
haul equipment is being modernized.          of hydrocarbon reserves occur in insuf-        in the offshore oil production. The task
The drilling technologies are being up-      ficiently explored oil and gas accumula-       is to establish the national drilling fleet.
dated: the technologies of drilling large-   tion zones at a depth of over 3 km. The        Turkmenistan is considering the foreign
size holes, horizontal drilling and some     prospects for the discovery of new de-         companies' proposals on the placement
others are being applied in production.      posits are linked to the development of        of contracts for building drilling units,
Within the next 4-5 years, Turkmenistan      two large Middle Caspian and Southern          work boats and shore base.
is expected to extract almost half of its    Caspian oil and gas bearing basins.            The bulwark and priority of the national
total amount of oil and gas from deep        Till 2020 Turkmenistan relies on the ac-       economy, the steadily developing nation-
horizons in Turkmenistan, as a result,       tive participation of foreign investors in     al oil and gas complex has approached
there is a need in purchasing appropriate    developing hydrocarbon resources in the        the 15th anniversary of independence
equipments and technologies ensuring a       Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea. The         with the great achievements. Turkmeni-
well structured reliability.                 government of Turkmenistan adopted             stan has firmly established itself as a big
The prospects of Turkmenistan's oil and      the Program of licensing of the Caspian        energy producer, and upholds its high
gas sector development in the next ten       Turkmen sector, assigning 32 blocks            international status. The abundant re-
years are related to intensive develop-      for hydrocarbon exploration and pro-           serves of hydrocarbon material hidden
ment of the Caspian Sea's Turkmen shelf.     duction. Over 25 oil companies, includ-        in Turkmenistan's depths continue to
According to the exploration data, the       ing those from Europe, Russia and the          serve the young state's development and
abundant hydrocarbon accumulations           United States, took a keen interest in the     prosperity.
are concentrated in the depth between        proposed blocks.
2,000 and 7,000 meters. Estimated 12         To attract foreign investments in the ex-
million tons of oil and 6.2 trillion cub     ploration of offshore deposits is a priority
                                                                                              Prepared by the ECO Times Economy Desk based on an
m of gas is more than half of petroleum      direction of Turkmenistan's cooperation        article produced by Akhmetjan Nuriev of Turkmenistan.ru
34    energy & Minerals

     Iran, China Ink $5b Oil Deal
     "Total" Replaced with Energy- Starving China

            ran and China signed a $5 billion deal to develop up-       Mosconi said Total would remain a ‘key operator' in South
            stream phase II of the South Pars gas field in Beijing,     Pars, which has reserves of about 14 trillion cubic meters of
            said Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Com-         gas--or about 8 percent of the world's total reserves.
            pany Seifollah Jashnsaz.                                    "We are not used to enter a major project without remaining
     The South Pars gas field has reserves of about 14 trillion cubic   a key operator. Our role cannot change in a deep way and we
     meters of gas - or about 8 percent of the world's reserves.        will remain a key operator of the project," he said.
     Speaking to IRNA, he said due to the neg-                          Total was officially commissioned to develop Phase II of
     ligence of French Oil Major Total and its                           South Pars. However, Iran announced in March that it had
     repeated delays, the Iranian side decided                           found a new partner to replace Total in the project. The
     to sign the deal with the Chinese company                             French company has been under US pressure to abandon
     CNPC. CNPC is already a major partner in                                cooperation in Iran's energy projects.
     Iran's energy projects. Iran signed a $1.7 bil-
     lon deal with CNPC in January for the development of                  All-Out Cooperation
     Iran's North Azadegan oilfield which is estimated to have
                                                                                     Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokes-
     six billion barrels of oil in reserves.
                                                                                       man Hassan Qashqavi called for accelerated
     "We could not wait for them any longer and decided to
                                                                                            expansion of mutual cooperation between
     sign the deal worth $4.7 billion with the Chi-
                                                                                                    Iran and China in all the various
     nese company," he said. "Total can con-
                                                                                                        fields and in a balanced form.
     tinue its cooperation in the downstream
                                                                                                         "The age-old ties of Iran and
     section of the South Pars as well as Pars
                                                                                                         China require that the level of
     LNG if it desires," he underlined.
                                                                                                          two countries' cooperation be
                                                                                                                 enhanced in all fields and
     Western Sanctions Futile                                                                                       in a balanced form,"
     Jashnsaz continued that the                                                                                      he said in a meeting
     policies of the West, es-                                                                                        with Chinese Depu-
     pecially the US, to impose                                                                                      ty Foreign Minister
     sanctions on Iran's oil and                                                                                   Wang Guangya in Bei-
     gas industries are futile and inef-                                                                        jing. Qashqavi further
     fective.                                                                                              noted Iran's role in resolving
     He said despite the West's expectations that Irani-                                         regional and international problems,
     ans will be crippled and cannot develop its oil and                                           and expressed hope that the two
     gas reserves if they pull out of Iranian projects, the                                        countries' cooperation would bolster
     conclusion of different accords for developing oil                                           in all fields. "Relying on the common
     and gas fields shows that the policy of the West has                                        Asian identity can bolster Asia's coop-
     failed. He said the country's oil and gas industries today                               eration with the world," he said, men-
     are more vibrant and undergo development process more              tioning that Iran's diplomacy is in pursuit of making an op-
     vigorously than in the past. He added that based on cur-           timum use of the two countries' capabilities and possibilities
     rent indices, sanctions don't have the slightest impact on the     in a bid to further expand the two states' relations.
     country's oil and gas industries.                                  During the meeting, Guangya pointed to the good relations
                                                                        between the two countries, and said, "China attaches much
     Total Still Involved                                               significance to the durable expansion and consolidation
                                                                        of the two countries' relations and assumes it as among its
     Total says it is still involved in the development of Iran's       principal policies," Qashqavi, who heads a media delegation
     South Pars gas field, one day after Iran replaced it with a        in his visit to China, is in the country at the invitation of the
     Chinese firm.                                                      Chinese government. In recent months, Iranian and Chinese
     "We are still involved in this project and especially in the ma-   private sectors have signed dozens of agreements to boost co-
     jor project of South Pars II, combined with the liquefied natu-    operation in various economic fields.
     ral gas (LNG) train," Jean-Jacques Mosconi, head of strategy       Tehran-Beijing trade volume has jumped from $400 million
     and planning at Total, told the Reuters Energy Summit.
                                                                        in 1994 to $29 billion in 2008. Iran currently supplies 13
     Mosconi did not comment on Iran-China deal but said, "For
                                                                        percent of China's oil and is a major supplier of LNG to the
     sure some Chinese companies are very active to try to play a
                                                                        energy-hungry country.
     bigger role in Iran."
                Trade & Investment                                                                                                   35

                                Mutual Coop.

                                Attracting Turkey as One of Top 5
                                Kyrgyzstan's Trade Partners

       yrgyzstan considers Turkey to be one of its main for-      Trade
       eign partners and Kyrgyz-Turkish relations appear to       Turkey is one of Kyrgyzstan's major trading partners. Kyr-
       be steadily developing, especially in the areas of trade   gyzstan exports 25 percent of its total volume of exported
and economic cooperation, education and culture. This was         vegetables and fruits to Turkey, Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister
highlighted in a speech by Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Ba-         Igor Chudinov said. In addition to this, Kyrgyzstan sells Tur-
kiyev at the Kyrgyz-Turkish Business Forum, held on May 27        key wool yarn and cotton fiber. Kyrgyzstan exports 15 percent
in Bishkek, reports Maria Levina of Times of Central Asia.        of the woolen yarn it produces and 10 percent of its cotton
The forum was attended by about 300 representatives from          fiber to Turkey. In 2008, trade turnover between the two
Kyrgyz and Turkish business circles.                              countries amounted to $239 million, whereas in 2004 it was
Turkey has the capacity to invest more in the economy of          $88 million. In 2008, the volume of Turkey's import to Kyr-
Kyrgyzstan, stressed the President of the Turkish Republic        gyzstan amounted to $191 million.
Abdullah Gul. This was Abdullah Gul's first visit to Kyrgyz-      Both sides noted that trade turnover between the two coun-
stan as the President of Turkey. Before this, he visited Kyr-     tries does not correspond to the great potential of their rela-
gyzstan as the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs.               tionship. The trade turnover between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey
                                                                  should be increased to $500 million or $1 billion, said the
Kyrgyzstan's Investment Potential                                 Turkey's Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergun. Kyrgyz-
Big Turkish companies are going to pay more attention to          stan, meanwhile, has to develop a sound legal framework and
Kyrgyzstan, according to Abdullah Gul. The Turkish Presi-         implement all relevant arrangements.
dent spoke about both the big investment potential of Kyr-        Turkey and Kyrgyzstan discussed the possibility of conclud-
gyzstan and the Government's efforts to improve the business      ing an agreement on free trade.
climate in the country. The essential condition for economic
development is political stability, and Kyrgyzstan has estab-     Collaboration
lished it, Gul said.                                              The Kyrgyz government will do its best to attract Turkish
Turkish investors could share their experience with the Kyr-      businessmen to invest in the country, said Kyrgyzstan First
gyz side in the construction of small and medium-sized hydro      Vice Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov at the meeting with
power plants, as well as in the tourism, mining, agriculture      Turkish businessmen. Currently, negotiations on the estab-
and communications sectors.                                       lishment of a major joint airline are being held between Tur-
Turkey ranks among the top five countries with major invest-      key and Kyrgyzstan, Babanov added.
ments in the economy of Kyrgyzstan. Increasing trade and          Turkish businessmen are ready to expand their business in
economic relations with Turkey remains a priority for Kyr-        Kyrgyzstan, but they currently express reservations concern-
gyzstan, President Bakiyev stressed.                              ing the lack of preferences for certain taxes.
About ten thousand students in Kyrgyzstan are educated in         Turkish entrepreneurs have made a number of suggestions
institutions which were established with the assistance of        to the Kyrgyz authorities on how they may be able to make
Turkey. In May 2009, the volume of Turkish investments to-        improvements. In particular, they asked to reduce the sales
taled $209 million. In Kyrgyzstan, there are more than one        tax. Currently, the sales tax is 2.5 percent, while for imported
hundred Turkish firms. They are working in various sectors of     goods it is 1.5 percent. This situation does not stimulate the
economy, such as banking, construction, production of plas-       manufacturing works and does not support local investors,
tic windows and doors, production of furniture and trade.         believe the businessmen.
36    Trade & Investment

     Energy, communications, agriculture, tourism and mining              Negotiations
     are priority sectors for investments in Kyrgyzstan, stressed         As a result of the Kyrgyz-Turkish negotiations, the Joint Dec-
     the Kyrgyz Prime Minister Igor Chudinov. He urged Turkish            laration has been signed. The document reflects the inten-
     businessmen to establish enterprises related to the process-         tion of the two states to develop close cooperation in various
     ing of agricultural products. The development of the halal           areas.
     industry in Kyrgyzstan would help to find new markets in the         The two countries expressed their intention to accelerate the
     countries with Muslim population, said the Prime Minister.           implementation of joint projects in transport and commu-
                                                                          nications, energy, mining, banking, finance and agriculture.
     Energy                                                               The implementation of joint projects will continue through
     Through developing energy projects, Kyrgyzstan could be-             privatization and tenders, as well as solving the problems
     come one of the largest suppliers of electricity in the region,      faced by Turkish companies.
     Chudinov believes.                                                   Turkey welcomes Kyrgyzstan determination to resolve water
     The Kyrgyz side presented information on projects in hydro-          and energy issues in line with constructive cooperation for
     power, building small and medium-sized hydroelectric power           mutual benefit, says the Joint Declaration.
     stations that might be interesting for the Turkish investors.        In Kyrgyzstan, the telecommunications and financial sectors
     Kyrgyzstan is ready to present 90 projects on building small         also have good prospects for cooperation, said Turkish Presi-
     hydropower stations to Turkish entrepreneurs, said the Kyr-          dent Abdullah Gul. Several Turkish banks have expressed an
     gyz Prime Minister. He raised the idea of Turkish investment         interest in working in Kyrgyzstan, while commercial banks
     in the CASA-1000 project, which would help to deliver elec-          with Turkish capital currently working in Kyrgyzstan intend
     tricity from Central Asia to South Asia. Turkish entrepreneurs       to develop their presence in the country and increase their
     expressed interest in projects in the energy sector of Kyrgyz-       lending activity.
     stan. "We are ready to assist Kyrgyzstan in the development          Conducting business meetings between representatives of
     of feasibility studies and in the design and implementation of       both countries enhance trade and economic relations be-
     hydro-power station projects," President Gul said.                   tween the two states.


     Tricks of Trade
     Do's and Don'ts for Foreign Entrepreneurs

     Do's                                                                      2. Carefully study the market before making
          1. Take medium- to long-term approach to the                         any commitments—In terms of goods and services
          market—The Kazakhstani market operates with 20-                      markets, Kazakhstan is relatively well integrated into
          200 percent profit margins (depending on the types                   the world economy. The country's companies trade
          of ventures), paying solid risk premiums. However,                   with 135 nations having alternative sources of supply
          typically an SME(small-medium enterprise) company/                   and working on different terms at various price ranges.
          joint venture can count on earning its first profit after 2-3

                                                                               South Asian, Russian, and Eastern European companies
          years of doing business in Kazakhstan.                               carry out aggressive marketing strategies in Kazakhstan.
     Trade & Investment                                                                                                                        37

        Consequently, a U.S. company can enter the market                through due diligence before the project is launched and
        more effectively after studying generally accepted price         occasionally in the course of project implementation.
        levels, terms of payment and delivery, etc. Obtaining
        a comprehensive understanding of the market may                  7. Diversify activities whenever possible—
        require one or several preliminary on-site visits and            Kazakhstan's legal system is known for its instability
        some investment into market analysis. These initial              with customs duties, export and import preferences, and
        investments, however, will save a company from wasting           local taxes fluctuating on a regular basis. The experience
        resources as a result of a poorly chosen market entry            of the country's leading enterprises vividly supports the
        strategy.                                                        need for diversification as a key to successful long-term
                                                                         company development.
        3. Ensure a constant market presence—The first
        sales usually do not happen immediately since potential
        local partners, clients, and government officials prefer to    Don'ts
        get acquainted with the U.S. firm at a more informal level       1. Do not consider Kazakhstan "a far away
        before buying. Specifically, establishing a representative       stan" with distances preventing effective
        office or hiring an individual representative (avoiding          business relations—Research indicates that it costs
        establishment of a legal entity) can ensure effective market     $3 to bring one kilogram of air cargo from New York to
        presence. This option is favorable from the taxation             Almaty, while it costs $5 to bring one kilogram of air cargo
        standpoint since Kazakhstani legislation provides for zero       from continental Europe to Almaty. Transportation costs
        rate income tax on representative offices and a number           for a 20-foot container are around $4,500 on New York-
        of other tax breaks. Salary levels are relatively low even       Almaty route and $3,800-3,900 on Amsterdam-Almaty
        for skilled professionals, making a representative office        route, which constitutes an insignificant difference when
        an inexpensive but efficient operation.                          shipping the vast majority of goods.

        4. Find yourself a tax and legal advisor                         2. Do not rely on printed matter and
        before forming a partnership or setting up a                     promotional materials—Kazakhstani customers
        legal entity—The Kazakhstani legal system imposes                tend to judge goods (industrial as well as household) by
        serious penalties even for minor tax and administrative          their physical appearance. Consequently, it is much more
        violations, even if they are discovered several years after      effective to attend fairs, exhibitions, and other events,
        establishment of the legal entity. That is why having            bringing samples of goods or equipment rather than
        competent tax and legal advisor from the outset can              just sending promotional materials and publications.
        be crucial for ensuring effective development of the             Logistical difficulties and costs associated with bringing
        company.                                                         in the samples usually pay back multifold.

        5. Maintain positive working relations with                      3. Do not judge partners by their appearance—
        government         officials    whenever     possible            Because of the influence of local traditions, some
        and participate in government tenders—In                         Kazakhstani companies tend to present themselves very
        Kazakhstan, government procurement serves as one                 well, while having no substantial activities to support
        of the key types of guaranteed demand. Additionally,             the appearance. On the other hand, other companies
        fulfillment of government orders and participation in            might appear to not be as savvy, but nonetheless have
        tenders can create a positive company image, providing           a more solid financial standing. It can be best to make
        valuable connections and saving time when dealing with           preliminary judgments only after getting to know
        the wide range of inspectors.                                    the company's current business activities, history,
                                                                         managers, etc.
        6. Ensure your partner's reliability and try to
        know intentions—In a number of cases, local partners
        tried to push their foreign counterparts out of joint
        ventures as soon as the business started to gain some
        recognition and profitability. Potential wrongdoings on
        the part of the partner always remain a possibility in                                                               Andrey Chursov

                                                                                                Former "BISNIS" Representative in Kazakhstan
        Kazakhstan. Consequently, it is advisable to carry out


     ECO Region,
     The Business
     Link Between
     Asia & Europe
     During April 27-29, 2009, a Seminar on
     the "TIR Convention" pertaining to the
     subject of international road transport
     system was held at the ECO Secretariat
     in Tehran. The Seminar was attended by
     UNECE (United Nations Economic Com-
     mission for Europe and IRU (Interna-
     tional Road Transport Union) officials.
     The Editor of ECO Times had an oppor-
     tunity to interview Mr. Haydar Ozkan,
     an IRU General Delegate to Middle East
     and the (ECO) Region.
     The full text is as follows:

                      hy is road freight so important com-
                      pared with other modes of transporta-
                      Manufacturing and international trade be-
     came impossible to sustain without road freight logistics.
     Whether we like it or not, it is the most flexible, versatile, eco-
     nomic, productive and competitive form of transport for the
     vast majority of industry's needs.
     Rail, shipping (including inland waterways) and air freight
     play their part – a vital role in the movement of freight – but
     they are simply not always viable or sufficently competitive to
     be able to take over from road freight.

     So,	the	ECO	Region	has	suddenly	gained	new	signifi-
     cance in the Asia-Europe business interlink?
     Yes! The remarkable development of Asian economies is bring-
     ing unprecedented changes in the transport links between Eu-
     rope and Asia. China is Europe's fastest growing export mar-
     ket. Europe exported Euro 72 billion worth of goods to China
     in 2007 and this figure has increased by about 12% over the
Transportation                                                                                                          39

                 first 9 months of 2008 compared to the same          harmonize the administrative formalities of
                 period in 2007. So, in this context the role of      international road transport. As of January
                 ECO Region as the key linkage between Europe         1, 2006, there were 66 parties to the Conven-
                 and China has become increasingly crucial.           tion. The TIR Convention was adopted under
                 Europe's imports from China have grown by            the auspices of the United Nations Economic
                 about 21% per year for the last five years. In       Commission for Europe (UNECE).
                 2007, the EU imported Euro 232 billion worth
                 of goods from China. China today is Europe's         Is TIR's role limited to customs transit
                 biggest source of imports of manufactured            by road only?
                 goods, whereas almost two decades ago, trade         No! The TIR system not only covers customs
                 between China and Europe was practically nil.        transit by road but a combination is also pos-
                 This implies an increased trade and conges-          sible with other modes of transport (for exam-
                 tion on traditional routes. New routes are           ple, rail, inland waterway and even maritime
                 created with fresh regulations and modern or-        transport), as long as at least one part of the
                 ganizational methods. Among the major play-          total transport is made by road.
                 ers having a crusial role in international road      To date, more than 40,000 international
                 transportation is the the International Road         transport operators have been authorized (by
                 and Transport Union or IRU.                          their respective competent national authori-
                                                                      ties) to access the TIR system, using more than
                 What is IRU?                                         3.2 million TIR carnets per year.
                 The International Road and Transport Union           IRU established a permanent delegation in
                 (IRU) is the international guarantor of the TIR      Moscow for CIS region. Since 2005, another
                 system that relies on the TIR Convention, under      permanent delegation was established in Is-
                 which trucks are sealed by customs upon depar-       tanbul, Turkey, which is delegated to the Mid-
                 ture and can cross several borders without fur-      dle East, involving ECO Region, South Asia
                 ther checks until they reaches their destinations.   and also some regions of North Africa.
                                                                      The TIR organized by the IRU has expanded
                 When was it founded?                                 in the last decades to most of the Caucasus and
                 IRU was founded in Geneva on March 23, 1948.         Central Asian countries, as well as expanding
                 It is an international organization which up-        to the Middle East, while other Customs Con-
                 holds the interests of the road transport indus-     ventions are still not providing guarantees in
                 try worldwide. Via its network of 181 national       those regions.
                 Member Associations in 71 countries across
                 all five continents, it represents the operators     Why ECO countries should join TIR
                 of buses, coaches, taxis and trucks, from large      system?
                 fleets to individual owner-operators.                Because it minimizes administrative and fi-
                                                                      nancial burdens and customs duties and taxes
                 What is the TIR system?                              that may become due and are covered by an
                 TIR system or TIR Convention stands for              international guarantee. In other words, goods
                 "Transit International Router" or "Internation-      move across international borders with mini-
                 al Road Transit". Basically it is the movement       mum interference, encouragement of interna-
                 of goods, which originates from a customs of-        tional trade, and economic benefits for indi-
                 fice of departure in one country to a customs        viduals and nations.
                 office of destination in another country; with-
                 out requiring extensive and time-consuming           My	 final	 question,	 what	 are	 the	 roles	
                 border checks at intermediate borders; at a          played by UNECE ?
                 cost-effective price; while, at the same time,       UNECE's major aim is to promote pan-Eu-
                 providing customs authorities with the re-           ropean economic integration. To do so, UN-
                 quired security and guarantees.                      ECE brings together 56 countries located in
                                                                      the European Union, non-EU Western and
                 Could you elaborate on the historical                Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and Com-
                 background of TIR?                                   monwealth of Independent States (CIS) and
                 In 1949, shortly after World War II, the first       North America. All these countries cooperate
                 TIR Agreement was concluded between a                under the aegis of the UNECE on economic
                 small number of European countries which             and sectoral issues. To this end, UNECE pro-
                 led to the creation of the TIR Convention in         vides analysis, policy advice and assistance to
                 1954 under the umbrella of the United Nations        governments; it gives focus to the United Na-
                 Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).              tions global mandates in the economic field, in
                 The convention on international transport of         cooperation with other global players and key
                 goods under cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Con-           stakeholders, notably the business communi-
                 vention) was established in Geneva, Switzer-         ty. The UNECE also sets out norms, standards
                 land, on November 14, 1975 to simplify and           and conventions to facilitate international co-
                                                                      operation within and outside the region.
40    Transportation

          The New Kazakhstan-Iran-
          Turkmenistan Railroad
          Project Provides Convenient
          Access to the Persian Gulf &
          European Markets

              he    Islamic     Development     and on the south by Iran and Afghani-         Iran is located at the center of this con-
              Bank (IDB) says it will fi-       stan. Their land area is around 4 million     sideration because it has the best po-
              nancially support Iran-Turk-      square meters and they together have a        sition for being a transit route to the
              menistan railroad project.        population more than 50 million.              Persian Gulf and can give secure, cheap
     According to Fars News Agency, Turk-       Most of the area is endowed with natu-        and short access to the international
     men government and IDB signed a            ral resources and in the former Soviet        waters.
     memorandum of understanding (MoU),         system was providing raw material for
     on which IDB is committed to deliver       the Soviet industry and also agriculture      Convenient Access
     financial support to the Iran-Turkmen-     products. Iran's geographic location          On December 1, 2007, and in a historic
     istan (Barkat-Atrak-Gorgan) railroad       permits it to play a significant role in      ceremony, President Gurbanguli Berdy-
     project.                                   political and economic consideration of       muhamedov of Turkmenistan used a
     The MoU covers establishment of            Middle East and Central Asia.                 gold-plated spanner to bolt together
     North-South Transportation Corridor        The transportation network in Central         two sections of rails, marking the for-
     (Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran rail-        Asia has crucial role in regional abilities   mal start of the construction of railroad
     road). The 900-kilometer railroad will     as following cases; renovation of trade       link between Kazakhstan, Turkmeni-
     link Europe and Asia transportation        activities with other CIS countries ac-       stan and Iran.
     networks providing shortest route from     cording to international labor division       Bereket, formerly known as Kazanjyk,
     Europe to the Persian Gulf ports.          and expansion of foreign trade with           a small town in the Balkan province of
     The five Central Asian republics of Ka-    other parts of the world.                     western Turkmenistan where the cer-
     zakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,        The Central Asian states for decreasing       emony took place, is the center point
     Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan occupy a geo-    dependency on Russian networks have           where the railroad lines coming from
     graphically contiguous area, on the East   to find different routes. At the moment,      Kazakhstan and Iran would meet. It is
     China, on the west by the Caspian Sea      they look at their southern neighbors.        about 300 kilometers west of Ashgabat.
Transportation                                                                                                                      41

Kazakhstan's Minister for Transport        was signed by Turkmenistan, Kazakh-         also be instrumental in exploiting the
and Communication Jenis Kasym-             stan and Iran on 16 October, 2007, in       non-hydrocarbon resources of Turkmen-
bekov, Iranian Minister for Road and       Tehran on the sidelines of the second       istan at Garabogazgol and Gyzylgaya.
Transportation Mohammad Rahmati,           Caspian summit.                             Before performing the opening cer-
and Director of Iran Railroads Hassan      The initial load capacity of the line       emony, President Berdymuhamedov
Ziyari were present in the ceremony.       would be 5 million tons of cargo annual-    signed a decree to clear any bureau-
As Berdymuhamedov put it, the 900-         ly, to be expanded up to 12 million tons    cratic hurdles from the way of the
km railroad line would provide more        by 2012. In addition to cargo, the rail     project. According to the decree, land
than a dozen countries with convenient     link is expected to handle passengers.      would be provided free of cost for lay-
access to the Persian Gulf and Euro-       A railroad official said that cargo from    ing the railroad line. Turkmenistan
pean markets. He underlined that poli-     the railroad stations Astrakhan-Makat-      has declared it a priority project with
tics should defer to economy. The new      Beyneu-Yeraliyevo-Turkmenbashy-             political and economic significance.
railroad line would start from Uzen in     Bereket-Gorgan (Russia, Kazakhstan,         However, Iran has agreed to build the
Kazakhstan and terminate in Gorgan         Turkmenistan and Iran) will be deliv-       railroad link between Gorgan (Iran)
north of Iran. The line would follow the   ered to the sea ports of Persian Gulf.      and Bereket (Turkmenistan). This link
Uzen-Gyzylgaya-Bereket-Etrek-Gor-          This route will decrease the expenses       would connect with the Turkmenbashy
gan route.                                 and the time of transportation of cargo     (Turkmenistan)--Eralievo      (Kazakh-
It is expected that the rail link would    and of passengers, he said.                 stan) that was approved during Berdy-
be ready for service by December 2011.     The railroad link, part of the broader      muhammedov's recent visit to Kazakh-
However, the authorities said that it      North-South corridor concept, would         stan. Together, these two links would
could be completed as early as Decem-      make Turkmenistan a hub of cargo and        provide a shortcut between Iran and
ber 2010. The tripartite agreement for     passenger movement in north-south and       Central Asia.
the construction of the railroad link      east-west directions. The rail link would
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44     OThEr VOICES

         N E W S              A R T I C L E S                 F R O M            E C O          C O U N T R I E S


     Taking Silk Road to Avoid Recession
     "This is the right time for Indonesia to explore new directions and to travel
     the Silk Road to look for new investment and trading opportunities in part-
     nership with Azerbaijan and the other Central Asian Republics."

         ndonesia is exploring new paths and has taken the Silk       Andry Asmoro of Bahana Securities reported recently (Jakar-
         Road to help avoid recession, quickly expanding economic     ta Post 22.05.09) that the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI)
         relationships with non-traditional trading partners like     rose to 102.5 in April, its highest level since 2005. So although
     Azerbaijan and looking for new deals with the Central Asian      exports and imports dropped 19 percent and 24 percent re-
     Republics on oil and gas, commodities, relatively low cost       spectively, consumer demand has remained high and people
     manufactures from Indonesia and tourism.                         are buying more local goods.
     Whilst Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and now South        Martin Jenkins, analyst at Danareksa Research Insti-
     Korea have hit recession and downturn following the Octo-        tute, said Thursday May 28th (Jakarta Post) that the Ja-
     ber 2008, Western banking and financial collapse, Indonesia      karta Composite (Stock Exchange) Index rose 40 per-
     maintained growth at 6.1 percent in 2008 and at 4.5 percent in   cent this year, the Business Sentiment Index (BSI) hit
     2009. The total value of Azerbaijan-Indonesian bilateral trade   117.4 and the Business Confidence in Government Index
     expanded from only $2.25 millions in 2007, to $396 millions      (BGGI) increased from 76.4 in May 2008 to 130.8 now.
     in 2007 to $1,4 billion in 2008.                                 Second, the government has pursued a policy of trade and
     There are three main reasons why Indonesia has avoided re-       investment diversification, reflecting increased South-South
     cession and is now a key global economy with growth, size and    co-operation partly via ASEAN and increasing economic links
     confidence.                                                      between member states of the Organization of Islamic Confer-
     First, the size of the 235 million strong Indonesian internal    ence.
     market with an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in         So, increased trade with Azerbaijan fits in with this medium
     terms of purchasing power of $908 billions in 2008, whilst 70    term policy framework which has been accentuated by the Oc-
     percent of GDP growth reflects internal consumer demand.         tober 2008 Western economic collapse and global economic
                    oTHeR VoIces                                                                                                                              45

                   downturn. But the diplomatic and com-          Asian Republics, the Indonesian econom-      to Azerbaijan and to promote tourism
                   mercial push into non-traditional mar-         ic model offers an understandable parallel   to Indonesia, plus maybe a market for
                   kets, both for imports and exports, was        to their own transition from a state cen-    Indonesian skilled labor in Azerbaijan.
                   already under way.                             tralized economy to a market economy.        Indonesia has been dynamic in striking
                   Third, the Indonesian economy has been         Azerbaijan with a population of 8 mil-       up new energy deals with Iran and Azer-
                   saved from the full ravages of a global cri-   lion and GDP by purchasing power of          baijan as well as investing in oil and gas
                   sis by somewhat selectively welcoming          $74 billion is therefore a natural trading   development in Libya.
                   the benefits of free trade and globaliza-      and economic partner for Indonesia.          This is the right time for Indonesia to
                   tion whilst holding onto a strongly state-     Ibrahim A Hajiyev, the Azerbaijan Am-        explore new directions and to travel the
                   backed and state-run economy, with 200         bassador to Indonesia interviewed re-        Silk Road to look for new investment
                   State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) with            cently by Veeramalla Anjaiah of the Ja-      and trading opportunities in partner-
                   assets of $170.5 billions representing up      karta Post (28.05.09) explained the bulk     ship with Azerbaijan and the other Cen-
                   to 40 percent of nominal GDP, backed           of bilateral trade reflected Azerbaijan      tral Asian Republics.
                   by an annual state budget rapidly ap-          exports of oil to Indonesia, which is now
                   proaching $100 billions per year. This         a net importer.
                   is neither a classic capitalist globalized     Indonesian exports to Azerbaijan are
                   economy nor an old-fashioned state-            based on crude palm oil (CPO) and alu-
                   centralized economy, but a pragmatic           minium fluorides, but there is good po-                                       Terry Lacey
                   compromise between the two.                    tential to expand CPO exports, possibly
                   For Azerbaijan and all the new Central         to sell lower cost garments and shoes

                   Pakistan, Iran
                   Sign Gas Pipeline

                                               akistan and Iran have signed an          disputes on prices, transit fees and security issues.
                                               agreement to activate a bilat-           The pipeline project would be completed by 2013, the sourc-
                                               eral gas pipeline project, with-         es maintained. "The gas pipeline would begin from Gawadar
                                        out India's participation, after 14 years       near Iranian border having 800 kilometer length. The de-
                                        of negotiations over what was initially         termination of gas price would be linked with oil prices in
                                        framed as the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI)         the international market but will be less than 25 percent as
Dr. Asim Hussain

                                        gas pipeline project.                           compared to crude oil prices," sources maintained. Officials
                                        Sources in the ministry of petroleum            of the ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources termed
                                        and natural resources told Daily Times          the agreement as landmark achievement of the government
                                        that Pakistan Interstate Gas Company            and expressed the hope the it would help Pakistan to meet
                                        (PIGC) and the Iranian National Oil             shortfall both for commercial and domestic purposes.
                   Company (INOC) signed the agreement late Friday June 5,              The country urgently needed gas and the agreement would
                   2009 in Turkey.                                                      greatly help the country to overcome the shortfall. Another
                   The official said that the agreement would be governed               official of the concerned ministry said that the new explora-
                   through a third country law that was why it was signed in            tion and production petroleum policy 2009 with alluring in-
                   Turkey.                                                              centives would definitely accelerate the investment in the oil
                   Under the gas sale purchase agreement, Iran would provide            and gas sector. Pakistan was rich in oil and gas, particularly
                   750 million cubic feet of gas per day to Pakistan for the next       Balochistan. If the government manages to enforce its writ by
                   25 years, which would generate 4000MW of electricity. Offi-          giving the ownership feeling to the local people, then aggres-
                   cials in Islamabad termed the deal a major breakthrough and          sive oil and gas exploration could be carried out. This was the
                   an achievement that would greatly help Pakistan meet its en-         only way left for Pakistan to cater to the energy needs of the
                   ergy needs. The project, when initially mooted in 1994, was          country.
                   intended to carry gas from Iran to Pakistan and on to India.
                   New Delhi withdrew from the talks last year over repeated


     Place of Religious Tolerance

                                                                zbekistan is forging ahead
      According to the law of the Republic of                   co-existing and cooperating
      Uzbekistan, "On freedom of conscience                     with nations having vari-
                                                                ous customs, religions and
      and religious organizations", freedom         cultures for hundreds of years. As the
                                                    country's President, Islam Karimov,
      of faith is the constitutional right of ev-   stated: "Our nation's ethnical, cultural
      ery citizen having a belief in any reli-      and religious tolerance is an unfinished
                                                    base of spiritual renaissance. During
      gion or none of them. Exercising any          thousands of years, Central Asia has
                                                    been the center of various religions,
      kind of force against the citizens, what      cultures, customs, and co-existing
      he/she decides to believe, worship, at-       peacefully. Ethnical tolerance became
                                                    the general norm of living and develop-
      tend religious ceremonies or take reli-       ing in this hazardous world".
                                                    While human race is approaching a new
      gious education, or not, is prohibited.       era of cooperation, tolerance, which is
                                                    the main source of growth between na-
 oTHeR VoIces                                                                                                                                  47

                                              religions live together peacefully. Each     there are representatives of 136 nations
                                              one has his own right to choose religion     and ethnic groups in the country. Each
                                              and he has to accept all rights of oth-      of them has their own national, cultural
                                              ers.                                         customs, traditions, language and con-
                                              Truly, Uzbeks have always proven their       stitutional equal rights.
                                              respect for other nationals and religions    In Uzbekistan, there are more than
                                              throughout history. Religious tolerance      hundred national cultural centers as a
                                              is one of the best ownership of the Uz-      result of democratic development and
                                              bek nation. It is also supported by Is-      state attitude towards multinational
                                              lam, which they have been worshipping        citizens of the country. During the
                                              for ages. According to Islam, all human      years of independence, all opportuni-
                                              beings are brothers, and there is no         ties have been created for religious or-
                                              preference among them. There is no           ganizations. For example, in the period
                                              obligation to have religion, all religious   of the Soviet Union, non-Islamic reli-
                                              customs have to be kept secured and          gious organizations were 62, now there
                                              there must be friendship among reli-         are 179.
                                              gions – not envy or evil mind-set.           Muslims of Uzbekistan are of peaceful
                                              It is important to note that only Islam      nature and are very deeply and morally
                                              announces open freedom of choosing           rooted in their faith. For ages, Islam
                                              a religion. In the 256th verse of Surah      had been considered by peoples of the
                                              Baqarah in the Holy Qur'an, in part          region as a faith, as a moral, as a con-
                                              it says: "La ikraha fid-din", meaning        science and as an enlightenment and
                                              "There is no obligation for religion".       plays a gigantic role in the education of
                                              The government of the Republic of Uz-        the people, in the spirit of humanism
                                              bekistan has always supported toler-         and fairness. An immense job is con-
                                              ance in its laws. For instance, Article      tinuing in the country to use effectively
                                              31 of the Constitution states that every     the religion of Islam and its great po-
                                              citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan        tentials as a rich spiritual and cultural
                                              can choose one of the religions or none      heritage.
                                              of them. Religious ideas cannot
                                                                                                        "o'zbekiston" Magazine, No. 3-4/2008
                                              be propagandized. This is the
                                              bright sign of religious toler-
                                              ance. Freedom of choice is not
                                              only guaranteed by laws but
                                              also the choice of every citizen
                                              is secured by the state.
                                              According to the law of the
                                              Republic of Uzbekistan, "On
                                              freedom of conscience and
                                              religious      organizations",
          Russian Orthodox Church ,Tashkent   freedom of faith is the
                                              constitutional right of the
tions, is becoming more and more im-          citizens believing in any
portant. Therefore, on November 16,           religion or none of them.
1995 at the twenty-eighth session of          Exercising any kind of
United Nations Educational, Scientific        force against the citizens,
and Cultural Organization, the Declara-       what he/she decides to
tions of Tolerance was accepted by the        believe, worship, at-
member states.                                tend religious ceremo-
First of all, we have to explain the word     nies or taking religious
"tolerance" itself and clarify what we        education or not, is
mean by tolerance. "Tolerance" is used        prohibited. They may
in various spheres of life as politics,       be prohibited only in
psychology, philosophy, social matters,       cases when they be-
and comparative religions. Latin word         come dangerous for
"tolerare" means "to bear" as one can         citizens' life, health,
stand for others' outlook.                    rights and freedom
In Uzbek "Diniy bag'rikenglik" is the         or are against na-
synonym for this word. Religious toler-       tional security.
ance is when the members of various           According to the
                                              statistical     data,

     ECO Region's

     Miracle of Meeting with
     Dazzling, Dancing Colors

     One of the natural world's most breathtaking
     sights is watching the pink and crimson clouds
     of flamingos that flock over the sky. Flamingos
     are one of the most ancient birds still living in
     our world today. They are found in both the
     Western Hemisphere and in the Eastern Hemi-
     sphere, but are more numerous in the latter. Al-
     most all ECO Member States are located in the
     range of Central Asian Flyway (CAF). The flyway
     comprises several important migration routes
     of water-birds, most of which extend from the
     northernmost breeding grounds in Siberia to the
     southernmost non-breeding wintering grounds
     in West Asia, South Asia, the Maldives and the
     British Indian Ocean Territory.
     The countries on the way include: Afghanistan, Ar-
     menia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, Georgia, Iran,
     Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russian Federa-
     tion, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turk-
     menistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom,
     Chagos Islands, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan,
     India, Iraq, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Myan-
     mar, Nepal, Oman, Qatar and Yemen.
eNVIRoNMeNT                                                                                   49

              General Information                      Breeding
                                                       They breed in colonies of hun-
              Color                                    dreds to thousands of individu-
              Pink Flamingos are gregarious            als. Pairs are not faithful from
              wading birds known for their dis-        one year to the next, yet indi-
              tinct pink and crimson plumage,          viduals of the same age tend to
              pink legs, and stout, down-turned        pair together (Cezilly & Johnson
              beak. Contrasting combination of         1995). Nuptial parades start at
              white and red color of feathers cre-     the end of the autumn and pairs
              ate a surprisingly fantastic picture     are formed the following sum-
              of triumph and rejoicing of the na-      mer. Flamingoes breed and nest
              ture's perfect creatures. An adult's     on islets surrounded by water,
              plumage can vary from pale pink          for protection from predators
              to a bright red called crimson de-       such as boars and foxes. Their
              pending on the species.                  hummock-shaped nests are made
              The bird's pink color is caused by       of mud, measuring 10 to 20 cm
              the Beta carotene in its diet. The       high. The clutch is incubated by
              source of this varies by species,        both partners (for 1-4 days each)
              but shrimp and blue-green algae          over 28-30 days.
              are common sources. The feathers
              contain special pigments that be-        Chicks
              come pink with enough carotenid          Chicks, with short thick legs and
              consumption and if flamingos are         short necks, do not resemble their
              deprived of a carotenid diet, their      parents at all. They are not born
              feathers will lose their color and be-   with coloration. Instead they pos-
              come a dull grayish white. Though        sess a grey feathering and gradu-
              predominantly pink and crimson,          ally obtain their true pink within
              pink flamingos also have black on        their first three years of life.
              their flight feathers and on the tip     They wander outside the nest once
              of their beak.                           they are a week old. After approxi-
              There is no difference in coloration     mately 12 days, they gather in a
              between male and female flamin-          crèche as they are abandoned by
              gos. Males tend to be larger in size     the parents during the day. Each
              and possess a greater wingspan,          parent finds its chick among hun-
              but sex determination by visual          dreds thanks to its unique cry. Par-
              distinction is unreliable.               ents feed their chicks by producing
                                                       a liquid from their crop, which is
              Feeding                                  high in protein. Feeding lasts from
              The beak of the greater flamingo         15 to 30 minutes, chicks will not
              is a distinguishing characteristic       forage for themselves until they
              of the Phoenicopteridae family to        fledge at 75 to 80 days.
              which all flamingo species belongs.      When they are two weeks old,
              The beak of a flamingo is thick and      their beak starts to bend and the
              down-turned midway along its             young bird begins to look for
              length. The lower beak is thicker        food independently. Left without
              than the upper beak. In contrast to      parents and leaving their nests,
              the majority of other birds, the up-     the baby birds bunch up in large
              per part of the beak is movable not      groups, romp and swim in shallow
              the lower. It is an excellent mecha-     water under the supervision of
              nism, a real "scoop" to catch the        grown up "nannies ". After getting
              tiniest seed shrimps – flamingoes'       stronger and being able to fly, the
              main food. When the bird dips the        young flamingoes join the flock.
              head under water, the "scoop" turns      However, they will differ from the
              upside down. Quickly moving with         older ones by their size and color
              the tongue, the bird strains the wa-     for a long time. Only on the third
              ter out through the lamellae leav-       year of life, the former baby bird
              ing behind the small invertebrates       acquires the outlines of a true fla-
              and the vegetable matter upon            mingo with the peculiar coloring
              which the bird feeds.                    of feathers.
50   eNVIRoNMeNT

     Distribution of Flamingos in                               18. Gorgan Bay, Mazandaran Province
                                                                19. Shadegan Marshes, Khuzestan Province
     ECO Region                                                 20. Tidal mudflats of Khor-al Amaya and Khor Musa, Khuz-
                                                                    estan Province
                                                                21. Gomishan Marshes, Golestan Province
     Afghanistan                                                22. Turkoman Steppes , Golestan Province
     1.   Ab-i-Estada Lake, Ghazni                              23. Hamun Lakes, Sistan & Baluchistan
     2.   Dasht-i-Nawar Lake, Ghazni                            24. Chabahar Bay, Sistan & Baluchistan
                                                                25. Gagin and Gabrik, Sistan & Baluchistan
                                                                26. Hara, Qeshm Island
                                                                27. Kavir National Park, Qom Province
     3.   Gizilaghaj State Reserve, Lankaran                    28. Gav Khoni Lagoon, Esfahan Province
     4.   Hajigabul Lake, Ali-Bayramli                          29. Helleh Wetland, Bushehr Province
     5.   Ganli Lake, Baku                                      30. Sefid Rud Delta
     6.   Aghgol State Reserve, Mil Steppe, Kura-Araz Lowland
     7.   Garayazy State Reserve, West Azerbaijan
     8.   Kur River Delta
                                                                31.   Mai-Kolachi by-pass, Karachi
                                                                32.   Lake Hadeiro, Karachi
                                                                33.   Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary, Sindh
                        9.    Dasht-e Arjan, Fars Province      34.   Ucchali, Khabbaki and Jalar lakes, Punjab
                        10. Lake Parishan, Fars Province        35.   Indus River Delta
                        11. Kaftar Lake, Fars Province
                        12. Tashk Lake, Fars Province
                        13. Bakhtegan Lake, Fars Province
                        14. Kamjan marshes, Fars Province       36. Kurgaldzhin Nature Reserve at Lake Tengiz, Akmola
                        15. Lake Kobi, West Azarbaijan          37. Lower reaches of the Torgai River in Central Kazakhstan
     16. Lake Uromiyeh, West Azarbaijan                         38. Northeastern coast of the Caspian Sea
     17. Miankaleh Peninsula, Mazandaran Province

                                              Almost all ECO Member States are locat-
                                               ed in the range of Central Asian Flyway
                                              (CAF). The flyway comprises several im-
                                              portant migration routes of water-birds.
 eNVIRoNMeNT                                                          51

                     39.   Tuz Lake, Aksaray, Ankara
                     40.   Gediz Delta, Izmir
                     41.   Acigöl lake, Afyon, Denizli
                     42.   Ayvalik, Balikesir
                     43.   Burdur lake, Burdur, Isparta
                     44.   Seyfe Lake, Kirsehir
                     45.   Sultansazligi, Kayseri
                     46.   Tersakan Lake, Konya

1.   Ekerem – Esenguly, Balkan
2.   Turkmenbashy Bay, Balkan

Flamingos in general have a very long life span, living a mean
age of 25 years but up to 50 years is not an unusual occur-
rence. Watching them flying over the shores leaves deep in
the heart a feeling like living through the miracle of meeting
with dazzling, dancing colors.
                                                 Parisa Firouzkouhi
                                          ECO Times Editorial Board

52     hEALTh

                                                                                                       Research has
                                                                                                      shown that this
                                                                                                       herb not only
                                                                                                    protects the vision
                                                                                                     cells from dam-
                                                                                                     age, it could also
                                                                                                       slow and even
                                                                                                     possibly reverse
                                                                                                        the course of
                                                                                                    blinding diseases
                                                                                                     like age-related
                                                                                                     macular degen-

     Can Saffron Help Fight Blindness?

             affron may help prevent loss of     difficult to recognize faces, read, drive   Bisti said a third line of research has
             sight in old age and even improve   and perform other everyday activities.      found that saffron is active in af-
             vision in people suffering from     A clinical trial with patients suffer-      fecting genetic diseases of the eye,
             certain blinding eye diseases.      ing AMD in Rome has found early             such as retinitis pimentos', which
     Research by Silvia Bisti, professor at      indications that treatment with a           can cause life-long blindness in
     the ARC Center of Excellence in Vision      dietary supplement of saffron may           young people. Animal research here
     Science (The Vision Center), Univer-        cause damaged eye cells to recover.         too offers the prospect of slowing
     sity of L'Aquila, Italy, has established                                                down the progression of sight loss.
     that saffron has remarkable effects         Protective to Vision                        And fourthly, saffron given to human
     on the genes regulating the perfor-         "Saffron is not simply an antioxi-          patients suffering from age-related mac-
     mance of the eye's key vision cells,        dant, it seems to possess a num-            ular degeneration, which causes partial
     Times of india.indiatimes reported.         ber of other properties which are           or total loss of sight to many people in
     Her research has shown that the             protective to vision," Bisti said.          old age, has shown signs of cell recov-
     high-priced golden culinary herb            "For example, it appears to affect genes    ery, said a release of The Vision Center.
     made from crocus flowers not only           which regulate the fatty acid content of    "We are excited by these early find-
     protects the vision cells (photorecep-      the cell membrane, and this makes the       ings. We will know more when all the
     tors) from damage, it may also act to       vision cells tougher and more resilient.    results are in later this year," Bisti said.
     slow and possibly even reverse the          "Secondly, we have shown in animal          The saffron diet treatment may also
     course of blinding diseases like age-       models that a saffron diet will protect     be tried as part of a wider experiment
     related macular degeneration (AMD).         the eye from the damaging effects of        involving ways to prevent vision loss
     AMD is a disease of the retina that can     bright light--something we all suffer       in humans in Sydney and Rome later
     cause loss of central vision and make it    whenever we go out in the sun," she said.   this year.
 ARTs & cuLTuRe
                      Visual Arts                                                                                                    53


53rd International
Venice Biennale

He who knows himself and others
here will also see,
that the East and West, like brothers,
Parted ne'er(never) shall be.
Thoughtfully to float for ever
'Tween (between) two worlds, be
man's endeavor!
So between the East and West
to revolve, be my behest!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
West-Östlicher Divan

         he 53rd Venice Biennale is on
         its full swing. This highlight
         of the art world calendar is a
         celebration every other year      the many threads of the world of art         past years' biennales where installa-
of contemporary art. Art fans and lov-     into one whole.                              tions and video art prevailed.
ers head to the continent for Venice to    National pavilions have been set up to       One of the most touching shows this
witness the most prominent interna-        house exhibitions from each participat-      year is held in East-West Divan pavil-
tional artistic event in the world. Over   ing country's chosen artists. The Olym-      ion. This show is particularly interesting
the weekend artists, curators, dealers,    pic games of the art world showcases         since it represents the connections and
journalists and collectors descend the     the work of leading artists from 77 coun-    contrasts between Islamic and Western
event en masse even before the event       tries from across the world. Apart from      aesthetics. "It will display giant Iranian
begins.                                    pure artistic creations Venice Biennale      pop-art portraits in the neoclassical
This is the oldest and most high pro-      has always been a scene for expressing       arches of a 16th-century scuola. "They
file contemporary art exhibition which     political views and you will find there      will be like everyday saints, as opposed
displays a wide range of the most cut-     some maverick arts as well.                  to those by Titian and Tintoretto else-
ting-edge art from all over the world,     Different countries play host to vari-       where in the city," The curator of the
presented in grandly titled and grand-     ous spots around the city, which still to    show, Jemina Montague says.
looking pavilions in the Giardini, acres   this day reflect the status of the country   East-West Divan, represents 10 artists
of gardens a short ride from St Mark's     during the Biennale's Victorian debut.       from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Square. The 53rd edition of Venice bi-     This year's biennale has surely a domi-      and highlights the cross-fertilization
ennale, entitled Making Worlds, weaves     nant painterly theme in comparison to        between Islamic and Western aesthetics
54    Visual Arts

                                                                The show also implies an ongoing
                                                                     misinterpretations and mis-

                                                                                                                who was awarded a
                                                                                        Golden Lion for her highly distinctive hand-
                                                        that you can    drawn animations. Mandana Moqaddam and Bita Fayyazi
                                             see all around Venice,     participated in the 51st biennial, but Iran did not participate
                          thanks to its past pre-eminence as a port.    in the 52nd biennial in 2007.
     Keeping with the ever-political edge of the event, their show      Monir Farmanfarmaian, the veteran Iranian artist is among
     is designed to challenge Western perceptions of their coun-        the Iranian pioneers in modern art. Her works display a sort
     tries as being linked to terrorism.                                of freshness (with mirrors mosaics reflect many fragments
      "East-West Divan meditates upon links between the artistic        of the world around them, assembling a constructed iden-
     traditions in Venice and the Persian artistic heritage shared      tity, a life composed of memories, individually disjointed, but
     by these countries, revealing the tightly knotted relationship     beautiful in their overall effect, held in balance by the act of
     between East and West - both in life and the imagination".         composition.
     Montague says. Disappointingly it was hard to fund the exhi-       Monir's compositions, while externally bound and limited,
     bition (Turquoise Mountain and Bita Daryabari, a US-based          open inwardly to the infinite, underlining the timeless and
     Iranian philanthropist, stepped in).                               infinite quality of Islamic geometric concepts. At the age of
     "It seems such an obvious one to support because it has a          84, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian is witnessing a glit-
     humanitarian angle – these are artists coming from develop-        tering revival as one of Iran's most inspiring and innovative
     ing countries" she says. She'd had no problem funding shows        living artists.
     in Afghanistan and Pakistan. "But it was much harder here.         The Afghan artist, Khadim Ali has its own striking way of ex-
     It is so sad confronting the horrible old (Western) art world      pression. He has done a series of sinister pictures of Rustam,
     again. People are so wary of your being cool enough."              the mythical Persian hero whose image for Ali was tarnished
     Some of the works presented here has come from Kabul by            when he heard Taliban fighters, whom he loathes, praising
     way of Islamabad. East West Divan in an upstairs chamber           him. One can assume that the deformation of a mythological
     at the "Scuola Grande della Miseracordia" brings together          personage who is usually considered as the symbol of good-
     artists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran to demonstrate         ness, nobility and bravery is artist's massage regarding the
     the variety and richness of artistic practice still taking place   misinterpretation of such universal values by blind prejudice
     in countries that according to some critics "we in the West        and extremism resulted in a shattered image of Islam.
     imagine are still stuck in the middle ages".                       Shehzad Dawood is another Afghan artist who has partici-
     But Iranian Khosrow Hassanzadeh's giant silkscreen por-            pated in Venice biennale. His large Neon Chandeliers with
     traits of harmless old women labeled "Terrorist" amount to         three negations (there is no god but allah) is artist's effort
     indignant political statements, his work features giant do-        to demonstrate the dialogue between east and west. Dawood
     mestic portraits of his mother and sister. Hassanzadeh is one      has said that "[the] perverse desire for authenticity, yet al-
     of Iranian leading contemporary artists whose works show           ways in translation, is at the core of my work. Ideologies,
     his tendency towards self exploration on one hand and self         cultures - I tend to see the artifice in all of it; they're all con-
     expression through this inner journey.                             structs in a way."
     During his artistic career his work became increasingly con-       Another Afghan artist Sherzd Khalili's work is a "Burqa" (a
     cerned with Islam as a factor in the interplay between East        typical Afghan veil worn by women especially under Taliban
     and West. His recent series of works titled as "Terrorist" is      rule) in Sherzad's work the veil has been lifted a sharp yet
     artist's manifesto that simultaneously criticizes the accusing     beautiful implication which is in harmony with the title of
     gaze of the West and reclaims the right of self-representa-        hey work "Espace libre" (Hawaye Azad). There are calligra-
     tion. Painter Iraj Eskandari, calligrapher Sedaqat Jabbar,         phy inscriptions written all over the "Burqa" in gold ink.
     and sculptor Hamidreza Avishi are the Iranian artists who          Pakistani artists has also participated in this edition of Venice
     will display their works at the biennial, (they are representa-    biennale with a vibrant variety of works comprising installa-
     tives of Islamic Republic of Iran) this year. Iran took part in    tions like the work by Aisha Khalid or miniature paintings by
     the 50th biennale in 2003 with masters Hossein Khosrojerdi,        Imran Qureshi and collection of Nusra Latif Qureshi. Imran
     Behruz Darash, Ahmad Nadalian and Avish Khebrehzadeh,              Qureshi's works are miniature paintings depicting contem-
    Visual Arts
    eNVIRoNMeNT                                                                                                                         55

effort to build bridges between two cultures to correct the
understandings and to open up an active constructive way
              of communication between East and West.

   porary figures. The contrast between the finely illuminated       der Rodchenko perhaps, as a way of making a world. I men-
   margins of the paintings and the contemporary figures de-         tioned that we will build some installations on-site, and some
   picted are subtle yet quite defining and sometimes shocking.      of them will be collectively produced."
   However, another Pakistani artist Nusra Latif Qureshi has         Venice biennale is a major venue for international art. Its
   presented her works in a more elaborative way. Her col-           grand scale allows artists with different cultural backgrounds
   lection of works represents distorted images of a Pakistani       from across the world to present their latest creations; it is
   woman layered with different images of renaissance figures        also an international stage for expressing different thoughts
   and miniature paintings creating a rich mosaic of historical      and ideas.
   figures both in east and west.                                    The participation of artists from Iran, Pakistan and Afghani-
   Curating a grand show such as Venice biennale is no easy          stan in this year's biennale (whether artists who live abroad
   task especially with global financial crisis which creates many   or artists living inside their own countries) sends a clear mas-
   hardships and obstacles for the organizers of the biennale.       sage to international community, the unanimity of this mas-
   The director of 53rd Venice biennale, Daniel Bienbaum com-        sage is in its simplicity, may it be complex in its form, the
   ments on various problems involving running the show with         dialogue between East and West still continues and there is
   its own standards and grand scales as well as the concept         an ongoing effort to build bridges between two cultures to
   behind its denomination: "Our starting-point was a book by        correct the misinterpretations and misunderstandings and
   Nelson Goodman, "Ways of World making" (1978). The idea           to open up an active constructive way of communication be-
   is that every work of art contains a world of its own.            tween East and West and what medium would be better than
   We couldn't translate the title literally, so we're calling the   the universal language of art to make worlds come closer to-
   show "Fare Mondi: Making Worlds". If, say, a language-            gether?
   based work by Chinese conceptual artist Xu Tan can be a way
                                                                              Mitra Lotfi Shemirani - ECO Times, Arts & Culture Desk
   of making a world then so can a huge installation by a vision-
   ary architect like Yona
   Friedman. We're go-
   ing to create a show
   that is closer to the
   site of production and
   creation – the studio.
   While it won't be some
   big relational aesthet-
   ics thing – that is, not
   just an art school or a
   studio – there may be
   some works that will be
   displayed still in pro-
   duction. There will also
   be a painterly theme
   through the exhibition.
   I'm thinking about the
   Russian avant-garde
   in which there were
   visions of how society
   is constructed along-
   side art: for example
   little Kazimir Malevich
   paintings or an Alexan-
56    Visual Arts


     Colors That Never Fade
     Creative Life of Yevgenia Adamova

               he name of Yevgeniya Adamova, the People's        By this time, her interest in drawing had turned into a
               Artist of Turkmenistan, is forever included in    real passion, and determined the girl's future fate. She
               the list of first painters who laid the founda-   entered the Turkmen State Art School named after Shota
               tions of the modern Turkmen fine arts.            Rustameli. Such tutors as Byashim Nurali, Sergey Niki-
     Yevgeniya Adamova was born in 1913 in Livny town of         tovich Begliarov, Maxim Mikhailovich Daneshvar, Yulia
     Orlov region. She spent her childhood in Ukraine. In        Prokofievna Daneshvar greatly influenced the formation
     1932, Adamova moved to Ashgabat with her family. Her        of ideals and mastery of the painter.
     parents insisted that she enter the Turkmen State Medi-     At the same time, the creative work by Ivan Ivanovich
     cal Institute. Having realized that the profession of be-   Cherinko, her teacher and friend, who later became her
     ing a physician was not her calling, she, a third year      husband, played a key role in her professional growth.
     student, dropped out from the Institute.                    While a student, trips to Moscow, where young artists
Visual Arts                                                                                                            57

were introduced to the best works of the Russian and
Western European Art, became unforgettable for her.
They played a great role in the development of her pro-
fessionalism and growth. In 1940, as a member of the
small ethnographic expedition, during a month and a
half Yevgeniya Adamova traveled to the northern and
western regions of the country on the bullock-cart. She
made sketches, drew genre scenes and landscapes.
Here is how the painter described her impressions:
"The Turkmen girls and women surprised me. And the
old men in white telpek (fur hats), and red gowns stroke
me. Something new, bright, and even theatrical was in
those people. I saw bright costumes, surprisingly beau-
tiful people and their composed and proud bearing …
And then there came a close acquaintance with the peo-
ple, and with the women. I learned that their life was not
so easy. I was struck by their firmness in accomplishing
the purpose".
The painter remained dedicated to the theme of Turk-
men women's fate during all her creative life. Already
her first paintings depicted the image of a Turkmen          High working capacity allowed Yevgeniya Adamova to
woman. However, the large-scale program works devot-         remain in continuous creative search until her old age,
ed to the topic were created much later, in 1950s-1960s,     preserve the dynamism and vigilance of life perception
when she had already accumulated rich life and creative      in her works.
experience.                                                  Many years have passed since the time when Yevgeniya
The country that turned into the second homeland for         Adamova created her outstanding canvasses. The great-
Yvgeniya Adamova, simple and sincere people became           ness of her talent keeps having a strong impact on the
the main objects described in her canvasses. The paint-      spectator even today. And every time, walking in the
er's artistic method was continued by the young genera-      halls of the museum, a visitor can not help stoping in
tion of talented Turkmen artists who perceived the mys-      front of Adamova's canvasses admiring the perfection of
teries of the fine arts from the master's bright works.      painting and brightness of colors that never fade.
      ARTs & cuLTuRe


     Legendary Place of Fabulous Culture

               ocated about 98 km east of Karachi, on the National      turned to be the capital of Lower Sindh from the 14th cen-
               Highway, just west of the Indus River and the Ara-       tury. Thatta was the capital of Sindh for 95 years during the
               bian Sea coast and near the largest freshwater lake in   ruling era of Soomro Tribe. The capital of three successive
               the country, Lake Keenjhar, rests Thatta, a historic     dynasties and later ruled by the Mughal emperors of Delhi,
     settlement in the Sindh province of Pakistan.                      Thatta was constantly embellished from 14th to 18th century.
     Once called the El Dorado of the East, Thatta is historically an   However, following the Battle of Karnal in 1739, the province
     important region which has served as a center of literature,       was handed over to Nader Shah of Persia.
     religious ideologies and socio-political clashes. The amalgam-     The remains of the city, its historical monuments and ne-
     ated past of this area made its geographic locations into an       cropolis provide a unique view of civilization in Sindh reflect-
     unforgettable scenery.                                             ing the city's importance as Sindh's capital and as a center for
     It is difficult to discern the exact location of ancient Thatta,   Islamic arts. Thatta's major monuments are listed among the
     but the name indicates its strong relation to the Indus. Thatta,   World Heritage Sites.
     derived from Thatti, Thatt or Thatto, a Sindhi word for a small
     settlement on riverbanks, was an important medieval city           Shah Jahan Mosque
     locally known as Nagar-Thato. All historic accounts portray        This mosque was built in 1647 during the reign of Mughal King,
     Thatta as a populous and flourishing trading post and a refuge     Shah Jahan, also known as the "builder King". The mosque is
     of saints and scholars.                                            built with red bricks with blue colored glazed tiles probably
     The city used to command the delta of the Indus and then           imported from Sindh's another town of Hala. The mosque has
 Archeology                                                                                                                                   59

33 arches 93 domes of different sizes which make it the world's      cal octagonal brick structure whose dome is covered in blue
largest mosque with such number of domes. It has been built          and turquoise glazed tiles.
keeping acoustics in mind. A person speaking inside one end          Apart from these, Makli has kept within the bodies of a lot of
of the dome can be heard at the other end.                           poets, warriors, Sufis and intellectuals.
The arched domes give the structure superb acoustics and             The artistic monuments at Makli show proof of Islamic ideolo-
the tile work, a whole range of shades of blue, is equally fine.     gies and the Hindu mythology as well, which in itself is a great
This edifice has 101 domes and is designed in such a way that        documentation of the socio-cultural past of Sindh. Today,
imam's voice can reach every corner of this building without         Makli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is visited by both
the help of any loudspeaker or other device. The unique char-        pilgrims and tourists.
acteristic about this mosque is that it has no minarets and but      Makli is a silent place, so silent that one can even listen to the
only one dome which lies in the central prayer hall.                 unspoken voices and whispers of the sand particles which, fly
                                                                     around and make eyes watery; a tearful homage to the souls
Makli Necropolis                                                     who once were not so silent!
Located a few kilometers away from Thatta, Makli is truly the
                                                                                                                         Parisa Firouzkouhi
place where history starts to reveal its glorious past it wit-
                                                                                                                  ECO Times Editorial Board
nessed, and talk about the legends and myths it has under-
taken. The site is considered as one of the largest necropolises
in the world. Here in eternal sleep lie kings, queens, scholars,
philosophers and soldiers of a by-gone era,an era renowned
for its culture and learning.
Covering about 15 square kilometers, Makli provides an unfor-
gettable visual experience with the most vibrant archeological
sites in Pakistan. Legends abound about its inception, but it is
generally believed that the cemetery grew around the shrine of
the fourteenth-century Sufi, Hamad Jamali.
 Some of the greatest ruins of Sindh are the mausoleums and
tombs in Makli which also say a lot about Sindh's commu-
nal structure from 14th to 18th century. Though many of the
mausoleums and graves are dilapidated, we can still see the
masterpieces of stone carvings over the gravestones and mau-
soleums. These stones represent different eras and dynasties.
There are monuments of Summa period (14th to 16th centu-
ries), the Tarkhan & Arghun period (16th century), and the
Moghul period (16th to 18th centuries).
You can examine the minute and delicate workmanship on the
tombs of famous Mughal governor's. The main stone used in
the construction of these monuments are; marble and granites
which have a tendency to last for generation's. You could eas-
ily see a rhythmic construction in these monuments. Among
necropolis' significant sights are Isa Khan Tarkhan and Jam
Nizam al-Din mausoleums.
The largest and the most impressive tomb is that of Isa Khan
Tarkhan who died in 1644. It is a two-story stone building
with majestic cupolas and balconies. Isa khan had this tomb
constructed in his lifetime. It is said that after a partial com-
pletion of the construction, Isa khan ordered to cut off the
hand's of most talented craftsmen, so that no other emperor
could engage them to copy the same monument again! Be-
sides the most preserved monuments are, the tombs of Mirza
jani Beg, Mirza Tughral beg and Diwan Shurfa Khan.
The tomb of the Samma king, Jam Nizam al-Din (reigned
1461–1509), is an impressive square structure built of sand-
stone and decorated with floral and geometric medallions. Jam
Nizam al-Din ruled during Sindh's golden age as the leader of
Summa Dynasty. The rise of Thatta as an important commer-
cial and cultural center was directly related to his patronage
and policies. The Summa civilization contributed significantly
to the evolution of the prevailing architectural style that can be
classified as "Sindhi-Islamic architecture".
In contrast to the architecture of these two monuments,
which integrate Hindu and Islamic motifs, are mausoleums
that clearly show the Central Asian roots of the later dynasty.
An example is the tomb of Jan Beg Tarkhan (d. 1600), a typi-

     "Pakistan Is
     Committed to Promote
     Peace and Stability
     through Sports"
     Exclusive Interview with
     Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani,                  Pakistan's
     Federal Minister for Sports

     Elected as a member of National As-
     sembly of Pakistan from 1990 to 2008,
     Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani was
     appointed as Pakistan's Federal Minis-
     ter for Sports since 2008. He has a MS
     degree in Agriculture from University
     of Tando Jam in Sindh Province. For
     more than a decade, he was a member
     of Pakistan's National Cricket Team.

     What was the purpose of your trip to Iran?                           maintain "competition programs" among Asian countries.
     I came here to attend the 2nd Asian Sports Ministers' (ASM)          It was also decided that the venue for the 3rd Asian Sports Min-
     meeting, hosted by the Government of Iran. A number of sport         isters' meeting will be in China.
     delegations from 28 Asian countries, including; Japan, Syria,
     China, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Cambo-              How would the government of Pakistan contribute in
     dia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Hong Kong,            the overall development of this initiative?
     Qatar, South Korea, China Taipei, India, Brunei, Lebanon,            Upon establishment of a permanent secretariat of Asian Sports
     Tajikistan, The Philippines, Singapore, Nepal, Jordan, Oman,         Ministers, the Government of Pakistan would fully support the
     Cyprus, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka also took part in the       proposal for establishing a permanent secretariat of Asian Sports
     three-day event. The 1st ASM meeting was held in Osaka, Ja-          Ministers to coordinate various steps for promotion of sports
     pan, on August 27, 2007.                                             and strengthening existing friendly ties among the Asian coun-
                                                                          tries. "Also, we will offer our assistance as a human resource for
     What were the main topics discussed?                                 operation and management of the secretariat including techni-
     The main topics were expanding sports ties across the Asian          cal assistance in preparation of its rules and regulations."
     continent and eradication of doping in sports. The meeting also
     took measures to ensure better results in international sports       What is the principle objective which your Govern-
     competitions. Moreover the meeting discussed sports coop-            ment wishes to achieve in this organization?
     eration between the Asian countries as well as sharing of each       Addressing the Meeting, I on behalf of Pakistan, said that, we
     other's experiences in the field.                                    at this point of time are looking for genuine efforts, assistance
     The Asian sports ministers discussed on exploring ways to            and enhanced cooperation from Asian countries to allow this
     counter doping and improve sporting facilities in local areas.       concept of peace through sports to work more effectively
     Altogether, six important issues were brought up as the agenda       in country like Pakistan. We believe that extended cooperation
     of the meeting and fortunately all were covered and decisions        and increased focus will surely bring more people together,
     were reached.                                                        help rebuilding confidence and greatly facilitate our national
     Among the decisions made was the establishment of a tempo-           efforts to arrest forces of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.
     rary secretariat in Tehran. This result was taken on the basis of    Referring to the recent research and development of sports
     consensus. A committee has been set up wherein deliberation          science, the Government of Pakistan is conscious of the vital
     would be taken for a permanent location of a secretariat and         importance of the research and scientific know-how for the
     for the final drafting of the constitution. It was also decided to   promotion of sports and taking steps for setting up of the 1st
 sports                                                                                                                                               61

National Sports Training Institute in the country.                          tions of these cities. Sheikh Sa'adi, Hafiz and Omar Khayyam
The Government of Pakistan is a WADA (the World Anti-Dop-                   are not only well-known elites in Iran but they are also very
ing Agency) compliant country and is taking all the necessary               much popular with the people of Pakistan. This also shows the
measures to curb the tendency of doping in sports. We have                  closeness of the two nations of Pakistan and Iran.
already ratified the Instrument of Ratification of the Interna-
tional Convention Against Doping in Sports in 2007 and Paki-                Is	this	your	first	trip	to	Iran?																																							
stan is strictly implementing the WADA regulations.                         Yes it is.
Did you discuss bilateral issues with your counterpart                      From your name it looks like you have ancestral ties
from other countries?                                                       with Iran. Is this the case?
Yes, on the sidelines of the conference, I had meetings with my             Yes, I myself belong to Gilani family which is very big and wide-
counterparts from Iran, Malaysia, Japan and Sri Lanka and                   spread in Pakistan, which has links to Gilan Province in Iran.
discussed various issues of mutual interests and planned for                And that is why I am eager to visit the Gilan Province in north-
future cooperation in the field of sports.                                  ern Iran. I have also heard a lot about its natural beauties.
How is the sports organization set up in Pakistan?                          It Would be almost impossible to talk about Pakistan
Pakistan Sports Board was established under the Ministry of                 and not mention Iqbal's name. What are your thoughts
Education through the Sports Development and Control Ordi-                  on Iqbal?
nance in 1962. It was structured for the purpose of promoting               It is nice to see that Iran is also holding Pakistan's famous poet
and developing uniform standards of competition in sports in                «Allama Muhammad Iqbal» so great. In Pakistan, Allama Mu-
Pakistan, comparable to the standards prevailing internation-               hammad Iqbal is known as Sha'er-e- Mashriq (the Poet of the
ally. In July 1977, with the creation of the Ministry of Culture,           East), whose writings were mostly devoted to the revival of Islam.
Sports and Tourism, the administrative control of the Pakistan              He was a philosopher and a statesman, born in Sialkot and his
Sports Board was transferred to it.                                         poetry in Urdu, Arabic and Persian is considered to be among
The Board has a general body, with its headquarters at Islam-               the greatest of the modern era. His vision of an independent
abad. The general body consists of 76 members. It lays down                 state for the Muslims of British India inspired the creation
the policy and 22 members Executive Committee are assigned                  of Pakistan. It is so refreshing to know that Iqbal is popular
to implement this policy. Pakistan Sports Board being the                   among every stratum of Iranians. I even have heard that the
supreme body of sports, monitors the activities/affairs of Na-              Supreme Leader of Iran, His Eminence Ayatollah Seyyed Ali
tional Sports Federations affiliated to it and ensures proper               Khamenei, spoke about three hours on the personality of Al-
utilization of annual and special grants given by the Board. The            lama Muhammad Iqbal in a seminar. One thing so amazing
annual grants are released to the National Federations to meet              about Iqbal is that although he was not a Persian speaking poet,
their day-to-day expenses whereas special grants are meant for              he had written so many remarkable poems in Persian that have
participation and holding of international sports events. These             captured the minds and thoughts of so many Iranians.
grants are approved by the Executive Committee of Pakistan's
Sports Board keeping in view the popularity of games, achieve-              In addition to Allama Iqbal, there are many renowned
ments at international level and activities of the Federations.             mystics unknown to the world. Whom do you admire
At present, 40 national sports federations are affiliated with the          the most?
Board. Each federation is responsible for promotion and devel-              I should say Shah Abdul Latif Behittai, who is a famous poet
opment of its respective game/sports.                                       of the Sindh Province. He had delivered his messages to all
                                                                            peoples the world across. He is a Sufi and his poetry is based on
Do you think sport activities among the ECO countries                       the Quran-e-Karim. In Pakistan there are many famous Sufis
would enhance economic cooperation among them?                              which needs to be recognized.
It is possible and it is a good idea, but it requires strong initiatives.
ECO was established to strengthen economic activities among the             Anything else you would like to add?
Member States, but by enhancing sports activities, there would              At the end, I would like to add this point that, coming to Iran re-
be even more encouraging results among its members.                         ally impressed me. During my short stay here, I think so many
Should the resources be available, sports certainly would have              misunderstanding about Iran have been cleared up from my
the global appeal and the potential to address multiple issues of           mind. There are so much false fabrications and negative pro-
developing countries.                                                       paganda against Iran in the international media which needs to
                                                                            be eradicated. I have to admit that before coming here, I had
How could Pakistan help sport activities in the region?                     different ideas about Iranian people. Actually, I came to realize
Pakistan has been playing an important role in sports like                  that Iran is a very progressive and an open society, based on
cricket, hockey, squash, snooker and rowing for many years                  justice and equality. I could visibly see that in this society, men
and is in a position to organize sports competitions among                  and women are bearing equal opportunities. Women, while
ECO Member States in athletic fields such as kabaddi, hockey,               practicing their moral duties, are heavily engaged in private
cricket etc. Also, Pakistan being one of the leading nation in              sector entrepreneurship as well as governmental activities. I
cricket, can offer services of its coaches in the field of cricket as       was especially impressed by the speech delivered by the Hon-
well as squash and kabaddi.                                                 orable President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Mahmoud
                                                                            Ahmadinejad on the subject of «sports». It was full of new
Have you visited any other cities beside Tehran?                            ideas which we should follow. I have no doubt that he is a real
No, but insha'Allah, in my next trip I am planning to visit Esfa-           knowledgeable person.
han, Shiraz and Mashhad. I have heard a lot about the attrac-

     Turkey's Cultural &
     Historical Tapestry

            T         he Aegean
                      Region is a unique region
                      in Turkey opening to the sea extensive-
            ly. It covers 11% of Turkey's lands with an approximate area of
            79,000 km². The famous historian Herodotus of Bodrum had described
           the region as "Having the most beautiful skies and the best climate in the
           world". The region is rich by nature as well as historical assets. The an-
           tique theaters, temples, agoras and castles have turned the Aegean into a
           region where mythology comes to life.

             Beautiful "İzmir", the birthplace of the noted epic bard Homer, is a mo-
             mentous tourism, arts, culture, trade and industrial center. The very first
             settlement in İzmir is Bayraklı (3,000 B.C.). The city came under the in-
            fluence of the Hittite state after 1,500 B.C.; and Alexander the Great con-
            structed a citadel which still exists in Kadifekale and rearranged the city on
            the slopes of Kadifekale in the 4th century B.C.
           The city gained prominence during Roman times and came under the Otto-
           man rule after Byzantine domination. İzmir, liberated from Greek occupa-
           tion on September 9, 1922 with the National War of Independence, shortly
           became the third largest city in Turkey.
           The Kültürpark (Culture Park) is in the central quarters of the city. The pop-
          ular International İzmir Fair is held in this area annually. The city is also
          known for the International İzmir Festival, one of the most praised festivals
          in Turkey. Çeşme is among İzmir's most beautiful and Turkey's most popular
         holiday resorts. The Urla quay and Çeşmealtı are known for their beauti-
         ful beaches and islands. Balıklıova is noted for its fresh fish; Mordoğan and
         Karaburun for their untouched shores and beaches as well as a nature where
         narcissus and hyacinth grow in the mountains in wintertime. The magnifi-
         cent Çeşme Citadel was constructed by the Ottomans in the 16th century.
        The Süleyman the Magnificent Caravanserai nearby the citadel is restored and
        converted into a hotel, and it also dates back to the 16th century. Çeşme shores
        are ideal for surfing, sailing and yachting and Altınyunus Marina offers excellent
        services to yachts. An International Song Contest is also held in Çeşme every year.
        Close by Çeşme is Ilıca, a developed thermal spring center.
       The hot springs in the sea are unmatched in the world, more than 250 of them
       in Ilıca Bay alone.Sığacık in the south of Çeşme Peninsula is an important
       yachting center. There are many beautiful bays around, each with distinct
       beauty. Close by Sığacık there are the ancient cities of Teos, the faith
       center of the wine god Dionysus, and Claros, where the Temple
      of Apollo is located. Gümüldür, known for its beaches
      to the southeast of Sığacık, is a prominent tour-
      ist resort. Foça (Phocaea), an important
      trading center in ancient times,
     is another favorite holi-
     day resort north of

The Phocae-
ans, who were also noted
for their seamanship, are known for
establishing trading colonies in various places
around the Mediterranean. Bergama (Perga-
mun) is a well-known town not only in Turkey,      Bergama
but also all over the world. In the west of the    are located on
town, a very important center of culture, arts     the acropolis. The li-
and medicine in ancient times, there is one of     brary famed for its 200,000
the oldest and largest hospitals in history, the   books, the Temples of Ath-
Asclepion. At the entrance of the hospital con-    ena and Trajan besides the
structed in the name of Aesculapius, the god of    steepest amphitheater in the
health, there are snake reliefs, which symbol-     world and the foundations
ized the god and eventually became the             of the Altar of Zeus, one of
symbol of medical science. Galen of                the artistic wonders of
Pergamun, the noted medical                        the world, are located
scientist, practiced in this                       here. (Today, the
hospital.The most im-                              entire altar is in
portant architec-                                  the Pergamun
tural monu-                                        Museum in
ments in                                           Berlin.)

                                                           Turkey Ministry of Culture & Tourism
                  Food Corner

     Common Cuisine of ECO Region

           hearty spiced lamb soup,         root vegetables, this rich soup is        night before, so that you can refrig-
           Shurpa is a cuisine common       uniquely delicious, with its even and     erate overnight and easily remove
           between inhabitants of ECO       colorful dice, and superb as a winter     every scrap of fat before adding the
     Region. Aromatic and energetic with    meal. It's better to start cooking the    vegetables the next day.

       Serves 8                                                  Garnish:
                                                                 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
       •  1/4 cup olive oil
       •  1½ pounds stewing lamb, cut into 1-inch chunks         Cooking Directions:
       •  1 cup onions, chopped                                  Fry the onion in vegetable oil in the pan until the onions
       •  10 cups beef stock                                     are softened and turn yellow. Add meat and fry well, stir-
       •  2 large turnips, peeled and cut into a ½-inch dice     ring occasionally. Let it reach the boiling point.
       •  2 carrots, cut into a ½-inch dice                      Then reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for about 1½
       •  2 big green/red bell peppers, cored, seeded, and cut   hours. Refrigerate the soup, preferably overnight, so you
          into strips                                            can easily remove the fat.
       •  1/2 teaspoon hot pepper flakes                         About an hour before serving, bring the soup to boiling
       •  2-3 garlic cloves                                      point over medium heat, then add the turnip, zucchini,
       •  1 teaspoon ground coriander                            carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cumin, hot pepper flakes, co-
       •  1 large zucchini, cut into a ½-inch dice               riander, and chickpeas.
       •  1½ pounds tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and chopped        Add pepper and spices along with the garlic squeezed
       •  1½ teaspoons cumin                                     through a garlic press. Cover and cook, for 30 minutes.
       •  1 16-ounce can chickpeas, drained                      Ladle into bowls and garnish with lots of finely minced ci-
       •  Greens to taste (fennel, parsley, etc.)                lantro.
       •  Salt, pepper and spices to taste

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