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									Travel for students living in hostels around the】 【fromxiaonei
MOTEL168 Motel national chain hotel, a good environment. For leisure and tourism
7 Days Inn, Super 8, Motel, Star of Jinjiang, a small town of
Lijiang type style, small turret 20 to 60
Lijiang self-guided homework ~ ~ 1 50 a night standard room wood ~ ~ This is a
travel friend's blog ~ BF% EC% C0% D6% BF%
C9% D2% D4% B7% D6% CF% ED
Xi'an and now there are four doors that the College of beds in low season
and 20 dollars
China's Youth Hostels are two big chains, one is thousands of miles way,
based in Beijing, one is the International Youth Hostel, based in Guangzhou at, the online book stores are accepted ..
Tianjin City Youth Hostel, Tel 022-27336112, Hebei Avenue street, day 1 of Guangxi
in district and convenient transportation, get off on the 906 Road.
   College Youth Hostel in Xi'an, northwest China is currently the only one
by the International Youth Alliance (IYHF) duly authorized youth hostel. It is located
in Xi'an City Centre South door, the face of the old South Gate, small
courtyard with carved beams, antique, unique style. Advantageous geographical
location, away from the Bell Tower, Drum Tower, less than one kilometer, and the
famous antique street doors College, Telford Lane Bar Street, Beilin, the South Gate
Plaza, around the city park, adjacent to the Ming Dynasty city walls, etc., with
convenient transportation. Hostels There are 20 double rooms, 14 4 human, 4 of 11
underground world, which can accommodate 140 people to stay; also has a restaurant,
reading room, Internet cafe, laundry room, public bathroom, toilet and other facilities.
   Accommodation Price: Standard room 80 / bed (Member) Common room 50 RMB
/ Bed (Member) Address: West along the south gate of Xi'an City, Big A,
Lane 2, Tel: (029) 72877207287721 Fax: (029) 7287238 Postal Code : 710 001
   Transportation: 603 Road south bus station and get off at one dollar taxi fare fare
seven yuan; take the airport bus after the bus arrived in Xi'an 405,223,302
Road south and get off at 1 per taxi fare fare 7 yuan.
West An Qixian International Youth Hostel Double (private bathroom) priced at 130
yuan per day / room (Member Price 120), Shared (private bathroom) price of 50 yuan
per day / bed (Member Price 45), more human (public bath) Bed price 35 yuan / bed.
(30 per member), double room (shared bathroom) for each of the two share a
bathroom, the price is 120 RMB / room. (Member 110 yuan)
   River International Youth Hostel Establishment: July 2000 Location: Shanghai
Pujiang Hotel, 15 Huangpu Road, Tel :021-63246388 Fax :021-63243179 E-mail:
   Price: 100 yuan / day (2 Human) 55 yuan / day (Shared) Facilities: air-conditioning,
TV, self-service kitchen, meeting rooms, ticket center, laundry room, Kara OK
entertainment room, chess room, cafe, bar, parking lot, 150-bed hotel to provide:
Breakfast 8-15 Yuan /
   Qingdao Sheng Feng Youth Hostel Address: Old Town Red Island Road, Qingdao,
No. 31 (Ocean University of Haida four gates across the road --- Continuing
Education Specialist hospital) Tel :0532-83922555 E-mail:
   50 beds, with double rooms, and more human, Master (Bo) persons who Yingkao
room and 4-8 rooms, special suites, and I is that the old building renovation, before
and after the garden, the room location of scattered irregular but separate provide you
with free space. Services (laundry / self-catering kitchen / single or double bike / car
rental / tourism circuit / on behalf of the scheduled vote, etc.). Hostel with book bar,
cafe, leisure bar, roof terrace, table tennis sets, barbecue pits, laundry room,
self-service kitchen. Guest can be interpreted according to their preferences,
"casual" concept. Zijia You can offer free parking as a friend.
   Price: from 20 yuan / day / Bed 40 RMB / day / bed ranges
   Guangzhou International Youth Hostel of establishment: October 1998 Location:
Central City, West Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Tourism building 179
Tel :020-86666889-3813, 3810 Fax: 86679787 E-mail:
   Price :50-85 Yuan / day (single rooms, 2 rooms, 3 rooms, Shared) Facilities: air
conditioning, bar, conference room, laundry room, restaurant, business center, IDD,
81-bed hotel to provide: Breakfast 4 -8 Yuan /; dinner 8-10 Yuan / copy. Seating 200.
  ?Shenzhen Happy Valley International Youth Hostel of establishment: October 1999
Location: Happy Valley, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District
Tel :0755-6949443 6949445 Fax: 6901309 E-mail:
   Price :50-85 yuan / day (2 rooms, 3 rooms, 6 human, 12 human) Facilities: air
conditioning, table tennis room, library, gymnasium, dance halls, Internet cafes, chess
room, kiosks, self-service laundry, self-help kitchen, function room, 302 bed hotel to
provide: Breakfast 6 yuan / copy; dinner 10 yuan / copy
   Zhuhai International Youth Hostel of establishment: October 1998 Location:
Zhuhai, Zhuhai Shi Huashan resort Tel :0756-3332038 Fax :0756-3333311 E-mail:
   Price: 60 yuan / day (6 Shared) Facilities: air conditioning, television, swimming
pools, 10 yuan / time, self-service laundry room, restaurant, reading room, the resort
has free shuttle bus service, 124 bed hotel to provide: Breakfast 5 yuan / copy ; dinner
12 yuan / copy
South China Sea Xiqiao Hill International Youth Hostel of establishment: October
1999 Location: Nanhai City, Guangdong Province, Xiqiao Mountain clouds King
House in Tel :0757-6886799-8188 Fax: 6889689 E-mail:
Price: 40 yuan / day (4 earth) 50 yuan / day (2 human, 6 earth) Facilities: air
conditioning, television, entertainment room, conference room, reading room, dance
hall, table tennis room, basketball courts, 64 hotel beds available : Breakfast 8 yuan /
copy; dinner 15 Yuan / copy
?Foshan Pearl River International Youth Hostel Establishment: July 2000 Location:
Chongren Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Pearl River No. 1 Hotel (rooms) 5
Tel :0757-2221624 Fax :0757-2292263 Price: 53 yuan / night (Shared) Facilities : bar,
conference room, TV room, IDD, Ticket Centre, laundry room, chess room, reading
room, parking, hotel offers 48 beds: Breakfast 8 yuan / copy; dinner 10 yuan / copy.
Seating 50.
?Zhaoqing Dinghushan International Youth Hostel of establishment: October 1998
Location: Zhaoqing City Tel :0758-2621668 Dinghushan Fax: 2621665 E-mail: Price: 38 yuan / night (4,6, 8,12,14 Shared) Facilities:
air conditioning, swimming pool, table tennis room, conference room, chess room,
classrooms, youth training base, dance halls, 90 bed hotel to provide: Breakfast 5
yuan / copy; dinner 10 yuan / copy . Seating 160.
?Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags Youth Hostel Established:? Location: Zhaoqing City,
Guangdong Province Tel :0758-2226668 Fax Qixingyan: 2224155 Price: 35 yuan /
day Facilities: air conditioning, television, the stars tourist camp, tourist court, skating
rink, tent area, barbecue area, table tennis room , a skating rink, chess room,
badminton courts, restaurants, 168 hotel beds available: Breakfast 5 yuan / copy;
dinner 10 yuan / copy. Seating 300.
?Guangdong International Sport Youth Hostel Established:? Location: Qingyuan City,
Guangdong Province Tel :0763-Dongkeng Town Qingxin 3 5862622 Fax: 5826706
E-mail: price :45-129 yuan / day (2,7,8,9,14 Shared)
Facilities: air conditioning, more than 50 hot spring pools, more than 30 international
standard football training fields, grass skating, sports park, thousand bamboo rose
garden, coffee shop, Internet cafe, reading room, conference rooms, shopping malls,
convenience stores, laundry room, medical room , post office, IDD hotel offers:
Breakfast 8 yuan / copy; dinner 22 yuan / copy. Seating 1250.
?International Youth Hostel Guilin Established: August 2000 Location: No. 46
Binjiang Road, Guilin Tel :0773-2819936 Fax :0773-2827116 E-mail: price :35-200 yuan / day (single room, 2 human, 4 earth)
facilities: Air conditioning, TV room, laundry room, Internet cafes, public telephones,
ticket center, kiosks, bicycle rental, public health, the hotel offers 129 beds: Breakfast
6 yuan / copy; dinner 8 yuan / copy
International Youth Hostel Yangshuo Established: August 2000 Location: 102 West
Street Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Tel :0773-8820933 Fax :0773-8820988
Price :18-80 Yuan / day (2 human, more human) Facilities: air conditioning, TV,
reading room, meeting rooms, public telephones, laundry room, kitchen, hotel offers
buffet: Breakfast 5 yuan / copy; dinner 5-8 Yuan /
?Kunming International Youth Hostel of establishment: August 2000 Location: 94
South Road, Kunming Green Lake Hotel c CPPCC Block (52-way ride from the
airport to get off the people of the West Gate Road) Tel :0871-5167131 Price :20-40
Yuan / each day (single room, 2 rooms, 4 earth) Facilities: Conference room, TV room,
canteen, public telephone (IDD), self-service laundry, self-service kitchen, reading
room, chess room, Internet cafes, bars, tennis courts, car park , 218 bed hotel to
provide: Breakfast 5 yuan / copy; dinner 15 Yuan / copy
Hump Kunming International Youth Hostel Inn (including a large bar) Established:
January 2001 Location: 昆明金马碧 chicken Square Mall (from the bus station, near
the railway station) Tel :0871-3644197 3644192 Fax: 3644192 Price: 20 yuan / Night
Facilities: Large bar, laundry room, Internet room, laundry room, 100 beds
Old Town of Lijiang International Youth Hostel Establishment: September 2000
Location: Lijiang, Yunnan Yi Street, Dayan Town, No. 44, Lane Hermes
Tel :0888-5102345 5180124 Fax :0888-5129610 E-mail:
price :15-50 RMB / day (2,3,4,6,8,12 human) Facilities: Naxi houses and gardens,
open bar, laundromat, fast food restaurants, Internet cafes, chess reading room, bike
rental, photography club, public telephones , 108 beds
International Youth Hostel Lijiang Established: August 2000 Location: Shangri-La
Road, Lijiang, Yunnan Province Park West to live suburb Lai Hing Tel :0888-5163579
5166781 Fax :0888-5163579 E-mail: youthhostel.lj @ Price: Group Price
20-25 people / day FIT 30-35 yuan / day (4,6 Shared) Facilities: laundry room,
self-catering kitchen, reading room, bar, Internet, IDD, 58 bed hotel to provide:
Breakfast 5-10 Yuan /; dinner 10 yuan / copy management (complaints) Unit:
Guangdong International Youth Hostel Federation (GDYHA) Tel :020-86681851
6666889-8719,8716 Fax: (020) 86665039 E-mail: cn
Address: 185 West Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Central Tourist
House (Guangzhou railway station west)
A friend recommended: Old Town of Lijiang ~ a wooden inn: Lijiang Old Town 71
Hing Man Street, owner of Wood Lane 8, 5123129 mountain Tel: 13987046973
Beijing Youth Hostel: Youth Hostel Beijing Zhaolong Location: East Third Ring Road
in Beijing Changhong Bridge River, facing the embassy district, close to Bar Street,
within walking distance will give enough to reach Workers Stadium, Chaoyang Park,
Beijing Lufthansa Shopping Mall and other sports, tourism , business services, occupy
the city's most prosperous business location. Facilities: cafeteria, reading
room, recreation room, laundry room, central air conditioning, 24-hour hot water
supply, the restaurant can share zhaolong hotel fitness and entertainment facilities, 2-6
beds per room Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Body No. 2 North Road,
Tel :010-65972299 Fax: 65972288 Price: Member price between the two: RMB60
yuan / bed for non-member price: RMB 70 yuan / bed 4 / 6 earth Member Price: RMB
50 yuan / bed Non-Member Price: RMB 60 yuan / bed Beijing International Youth
Hostel Location: Beijing International Hotel Building 10 floor, located in the bustling
capital of Chang'an Avenue, Lot; 600 meters away from Beijing Railway
Station; Airport Shuttle, Beijing West Railway Station Line Direct, enjoy convenient
transportation. Facilities: rooms with central air conditioning; self-laundry, restaurant,
24 hours hot and cold water supply; Internet cafes, reading rooms of public health,
shower rooms; 6-8 beds per room Address: Jian Guo Men Nei Avenue Beijing
International Hotel, No. 9 Second floor, Building 10 Tel :010-65126688-6145, 6146
Fax: 65229494 Price: between two Member Price: 80 yuan / bed for non-member
price: 90 yuan / bed 8 Shared Member Price: 50 yuan / bed for non-member price: 60
RMB / Bed
Phoenix Dragon International Youth Hostel Conditions: hostel with tourist
information center, laundry room, Internet access and bicycle rental service, bar and
restaurant near the hostel provides English menus. Address: Street, Xuanwu District,
Beijing You'anmen 5 Telephone: 010-63545836 Fax :010-63536446
Oriental Morning Hostel service: safety, health, economic. Location: Located in the
heart of the capital area - Silver Street, intermediate, Asia's largest union
buildings - Dongcheng District Dongdan 3 8-16 (Oriental Plaza, East Side Building
B4 level), from Tiananmen Square, Beijing Railway Station only a stone to .
Conditions: central air conditioning, 24-hour air system, direct access to elevators,
newly renovated, features self-service kitchen, laundry room, change and wash rooms
and public showers, hotel a total of 42 double rooms, 4 triple rooms, a five world and
two single rooms, can accommodate 103 people to stay. Facilities: Hotel first floor
has the main desk and tourist information counters can book air tickets and train
tickets agents in Beijing and around the tour, photofinishing, buffet, room area is
equipped with reading room, bar, safe and other services for you are in
Beijing's business and tourism to provide a comprehensive, thoughtful
service. Room prices: Single room: 80 RMB / room; Double A: 60 yuan / bed; double
room B: 50 yuan / bed; economic room: 40 yuan / bed; telephone consultation:
010-65284347 Fax :010-65284350
?Far East International Youth Service aim: to provide economic, health, safety,
convenience of living, entertainment, environment, location: situated in the Far East
Hotel, opposite the old Beijing courtyard, the courtyard with carved beams, antique,
unique style, excellent geographical location, distance Tiananmen Square is only one
kilometer, and the well-known Liu Li Chang Cultural Street, Dashilan Commercial
Street, Huguang Guild Hall, adjacent to convenient transportation. Conditions: hostel
has 4 rooms, 6 rooms, can accommodate 68 male and accommodation. Each room has
hot and cold air conditioning and hot and cold water; public toilet, shower; cafeteria,
laundry equipment; and a reading room, entertainment room, IC card telephone.
Address: Tieshu Xie Jie, Xuanwu District, Beijing, Room 113, price: 60 yuan per bed
(RMB) Telephone advice: 010-63018811 Fax :010-63018233
?1. Guangzhou City Youth Hostel Address: 179 Huan Shi Xi Road, Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Tourism Building, Tel: 020-86666889-3813 Fax: 020-86679787
2. Zhuhai Youth Hostel Address: Zhuhai, Zhuhai Shi Huashan resort Phone:
0756-3332038 Fax: 0756-3333311
3. Zhaoqing Dinghushan Youth Hostel Address: Zhaoqing Dinghushan Tel:
0758-2621668 Fax: 0758-2621665
4. Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags Youth Hostel Address: Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags Tel:
0758-2226688 Fax: 0758-2224155
5. Nanhai Xiqiao Mountain Youth Hostel Address: South China Sea within Xiqiao
Mountain clouds King House Tel: 0757-6886799 Fax: 0757-6889689
6. Shenzhen Happy Valley Youth Hostel Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Overseas Chinese in Happy Valley Tel: 0755-6949443 Fax: 0755-6901309
7. Jiangmen International Youth Hostel Address: Embankment Road, Jiangmen,
Guangdong Province Mayor 86 Tel: 0750-3638908 Fax: 0750-3681908
8. Guangdong Moon Bay International Youth Hostel Address: Yangxi county,
Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province town of Moon Bay Yutong Tel: 0662-5752037
9. Guangdong International Sports Youth Hostel Address: Qingyuan City, Guangdong
Province, three Qingxin Dongkeng Town, Tel: 0763-5862622 Fax: 0763-5862706
10. Gaoyao Youth Hostel Address: Clay City, Guangdong Province town to shade
Avenue, Tel: 0758-8174762 Fax: 0758-8174753
11. Foshan Pearl River Youth Hostel Address: Foshan City, Pearl River 1, Chun Yan
Road, Tai Hotel Phone: 0757-2221624 Fax: 0757-2292263 Beijing
12. Far East International Youth Hostel Address: Tieshu Xie Jie, Xuanwu District,
Beijing Tel :010-113 63018811 Fax :010-63018233
13. Beijing Zhaolong Youth Hostel Address: Gong Ti North Road, Chaoyang District,
Beijing Tel :010-2 65972299-6111 Fax Phone :010-65972288
14. Beijing International Youth Hostel Address: Beijing Jian Guo Men Nei Avenue 9
Tel: 010-65126688-6145,6146 Fax: 010-65229494
Military Museum near Beijing Xidan Beijing Railway Bureau of Ministry of
Railways and guest houses. Bus, subway go west.
Beidaihe Liuzhuang family hotel stay
Qinhuangdao city Recommended henyan 400 to 200 rooms to discount good
Qinhuangdao hotels near the train station aviation Standard 200 / night good
environment Tel :0335-7916231 7916232
A friend recommended ": on the reservation
15. Phoenix Dragon International Youth Hostel Address: Street, Xuanwu District,
Beijing You'anmen 5, Tel: 010-63545836 Fax: 010-63536446
16. Beijing International Youth Hostel really good Address: Beijing Hutong,
Dongcheng Street, historians, 9 Tel: 010-65249098 Fax: 010-65272773
17. Beijing Eastern Morning Youth Hostel Address: Dongcheng District, Beijing, 8-16
Dongdan three East Side Building, Oriental Plaza, Tel: 010-65284347 Fax:
010-65284350 Shanghai
18. Shanghai Pujiang Youth Hostel Address: No. 15 Huangpu Road, Shanghai Tel:
021-63246388 Fax: 021-63243179
19. Shanghai Youth Hostel Old Master Address: No. 37 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Tel:
021-63235053 Fax: 021-63219331 Yunnan
20. Lijiang Ancient City International Youth Hostel Address: Lijiang, Yunnan Yi
Street, Dayan Town, Hermes, Lane 44 Tel: 0888-5102345 5105403 Fax:
21. Kunming International Youth Hostel Address: 94 South Road, Kunming Green
Lake Hotel C Block CPPCC Tel: 0871-5175395,5167131 Fax: 0871-5167131
22. Kunming Camellia Youth Hostel Address: 96 Dongfeng East Road, Kunming Tel:
0871-3163000 Fax: 0871-3147033
23. Dali International Youth Hostel Address: 181 Po-ai Road Dali, Yunnan Province
Tel: 0872-2662418 Fax: 0872-2662418 Liaoning
24. Dalian South China International Youth Hostel Address: Yingchun Road 1 Xigang
District, Dalian Tel: 0411-2496830 Fax: 0411-82494665
25. Dalian Rhine International Youth Hostel Address: No. 667, Zhongshan District,
Dalian, 104 Ship Tel: 0411-2394026 Fax: 0411-82394400 Shaanxi
A friend recommended: the bridge over there Chenglin Qing victory in guest houses.
26. Xi'an College Youth Hostel Address: West along the south gate of
Xi'an City, Big A, Lane 2, Tel: 029-7287720,7287721 Fax: 029-7287238
27. Xi'an Fenghe International Youth Hostel Address: Xi'an
Fenghe Road 11 Tel: 029-6240349 Fax: 029-6240349 Guangxi
28. Yangshuo Youth Hostel Address: 102 West Street Yangshuo, Guilin Tel:
0773-8820933 Fax: 0773-8820988 Sichuan
29. Chengdu Forestry International Youth Hostel Address: 6 North Road, Chengdu,
Tel: 028-83416580 Fax: 028-83364547 Jiangsu
Chengdu wide alley Dragon Hall International Youth Hostel
30. Nanjing Sun Yat-sen International Youth Hostel Address: Nanjing Shi as Road 7
Tel: 025-4446688,4432615 Fax: 025-4446458 Henan
31. Luoyang Ming Court Youth Hostel Address: Jiefang Road, Luoyang Xigong 20
Tel: 0379-3194668
32. Huangshan International Youth Hostel E-mail:       Tel    :0559-2114522
Fax :0559-2114523 Address: Anhui Province Ring Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan
City 58 Zip Code: 245000
34. Kunming Bigfoot's International Youth Hostel Address: 23 Tong Road,
Kunming seal Tel :0871-4103777
35. Hangzhou Jiangnan recalled food over there in the edge of West Lake in
Hangzhou is also well-known Tel :0571-83966789
International Youth Hotel Hangzhou West Lake District, Southern relay Manjuelong
Road Si Yanjing 87
Reservations Hotline: 0571 - 87153273
36. Puncog Kangsang Youth Hostel
Lhasa Duo Senge North (Youth Road) 48, north of Lhasa City, the Bureau of 20
meters Road East
Tel: 0891 6915222-8000 08916915048
37. Below at the Wuyi Road Changsha, a CYTS Pinghetang
A friend recommended: Suzhou Ming Tang Hostel

National Unity Hotel Reservation Hotline: 4007-16-4007 or 020-22641111
Special offers hotel website:
Recommend a hundred passengers in Guangzhou hotel chain. Price over the right, the
room is pretty good, in the Baiyun district. Apply online to their members can enjoy
preferential 7 days 600

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