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In fact, the invention of the first list is for commercial purposes, wanted by the
common tendency of human nature to create business opportunities, is this similar to
discount to attract consumers with. However, as with all the games, play for a long
time outside the participants found the rules of the game space, manufacturers found it
additional value, so things quietly cheating occurred.
In fact, the physical era, and it is still necessary to list the existence of this particular
information, the list is indeed the consumers important information. Although
consumers are gradually understand the rankings too much commercial involvement
hidden, but is active in the media era, the manufacturers can use the budget money
brainwashed, most consumers are gradually lose their sense of. In this digital era is no
longer passive consumers, while online media and using a list of tricks, they can
support for how long? People in the network era provide a new approach to life,
because the public is by many minority ethnic people are composed of long-term
thinking of digital media is happy to provide a variety of information to the
user-friendly search tool, which is the digital industry's biggest
opportunities. Click rate of the list is one of the tools inside a relatively unimportant,
due to the click rate chart to make a living is often a strategy can not be a long time to
run, if the over-emphasis on it will eventually lose a whole. Honest, the music
network in the world, the fraud of the charts everywhere, some initiative Made, some
passively come to this situation. However, the review is not comprehensive network
media list too seriously several years ago that the old values? If the operator of the
digital platform is the old values, then the user flow elsewhere is the inevitable
outcome. Taobao

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