Turkey Relay Swim Meet by tdl18804


									                              Turkey Relay Swim Meet
Location: Orange Pool, corner of Tennis Drive and Orange Ave
Warm-ups: 3:00 PM Est. 3:40 Pm

Turkey Relay Swim Meet is a fun event for all levels of swimmers to compete in. Each swimmer
will be put into a draft (a selection process used to place swimmers with a particular team).
There are a total of six teams, represented by six different color caps (blue, green, yellow, red,
orange, Pink, etc.). Each team will have one to two captains. On Monday, Nov. 9th captains will
choose teams using swimmers from the draft list. Swimmers will be able to see which teams they
were placed with on Tuesday Nov. 10th . Captains will have three days to place swimmers in
events. On the day of the swim meet, each swimmer will need to locate their team captains and a
list of events for that day. A list of events will be posted on the wall.
Tentative Relay Event Schedule (The event selection could change)
   1.     200 Medley Relay
   2.     200 Cup-Head Backstroke Relay
   3.     200 Two-person as one Breast
   4.     100 Kickboard Relay (38 years and under)
   5.     200 Drop Cap Relay
   6.     100 Free Relay (38 years and under)
   7.     200 Person Raft Race
   8.     200 T-shirt Relay
   9.     100 Fly Relay
   10.    200 Inter Tube Relay
   11.    90 Yard Over/Under Lane Line Relay
   12.    100 Yard Dreaded Gatorade Relay
   13.    200 Floating Island Relay
   14.    200 Free Relay
   15.    200 Pool Cover Crawl (40 & under)
   16.    200 Pool Cover Crawl (Open)
   17.    4 Man Obstacle Relay
Cost: $13.00
After the Relay Meet is over, we will have food in front of the pool at about 5:15 PM. After the
food is served, the pool will be open until 7:45 PM. All swimmers are welcome to enter the
water. Siblings are welcome, provided an adult accompanies them into the water.
Please fill in the form below, captains will not be able to put swimmers in events without
complete information.
Swimmer’s Name _____________________________________ Age ____________
USA Club Name ________________________________________________
How tall are you ______Ft. ____inches.
How much do weigh: Please circle one (Below 100 lbs) (101-150lbs)(above 151lbs)
Best guess on times or ask your coach for a time.
50 Free _______.________50 Back _______.________50 Breast _______.________
100 IM _______._______
All Entries must be submitted to your swim coach by Friday, November 6th,

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