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Roosevelt family in the United States over 300 years. Of course, well known from the
family's two United States Presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt, the
twenty-sixth president (Theodore Roosevelt) and thirty-second President Franklin D.
Roosevelt (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), and the current U.S. Congress of the China
Committee of the General Law Dean Susan Roosevelt (Susan Roosevelt) is also the
Roosevelt family.

In addition to success in politics outside the Roosevelt family as prominent in the
business. Beginning of the establishment in New York, 22 from the United States,
Manhattan Avenue to 46th Street, from 5th Avenue to the Hudson River, most of
Roosevelt family estate property. Were seen in many cities in the United States to
Roosevelt family named roads, highways and buildings, which also includes
well-known in the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt. Comfortable 19th
century, Roosevelt family in financial and investment began to develop and obtain a
significant achievement. Roosevelt family in addition to managing their assets outside
the family, but also to manage the funds entrusted to others. The establishment of
more than 100 years of Roosevelt's trust has a respected reputation and
extensive experience in the world has a lot of investment. Roosevelt China Investment
Fund is a trust set up by the Roosevelt dedicated to investing in China's
international investment company. The two presidents Roosevelt family are serving
the people, is a good president!
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, January 30, 1882, Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New
York. His father James Roosevelt was active in the diplomatic and business
community figures, his mother 萨拉德拉诺 is upper class background and beautiful
women received education abroad.詹姆斯比萨拉 great 26 years. After his mother
after the implementation of elementary education, learning Latin Roosevelt with the
tutor, French, German, calligraphy, arithmetic, and European history. Roosevelt 5
years old at the time his father went to see President Cleveland, the President had
given him a strange wish: "pray to God never to let you when the U.S.
president." But he has become in American history's
longest-serving president, is also President of one of the most prestigious. In 1896,
Roosevelt was sent to train politicians targeted Groton School, began to adapt to the
new environment. He read more extensive knowledge, gentle, loves sports, good at
tennis, golf, horse riding and sailing hobby. At that time, the ball Groton Public
School Gan Lan popular, he would take the initiative to organize a cheering squad, as
the administrator. He specializes in the debate is "Debate Club"
member, in the Groton public schools of his good performance, the impression is way
to please people to strengthen their position, so Rexford. Tugwell that deal with
difficult issues in Groton practice, became his subsequent similar cases in the
demeanor of the model. "

1900, entered Harvard University, studying political science, history and journalism.
This year, his 72-year-old father died, leaving 120,000 U.S. dollars in deposits, the
parent will inherit from the grandfather 130 million estate, the times of Roosevelt
University, interested in social activities, academic performance is not outstanding,
several times to Europe Travel, like ball games. At Harvard he became the magazine,
"Blush report" excellent assistant. His clever use of the old
Roosevelt of Tang Shu, he asked then-New York governor Tangshu to Harvard to
lecture, then press on the absorption of his assistants, just as the McKinley Theodore
Roosevelt at this time partner with the Democratic Party's bray Grace ran
for president. He offered to visit the principal, Elliott met the president a freshman.
Offensive against President Roosevelt said: "If you vote on behalf of your
beliefs, you should be willing to put your impact on the scale." Elliott
answered his question. Not only in "Blush," the newspaper
Franklin's exclusive news, the United States have also made other major
newspapers reprinted. Shortly before graduation, so when Roosevelt, was promoted to
editor of the newspaper. In order to maintain the reputation, he read for a year at
Harvard graduate.

In 1904, Roosevelt entered Columbia Law School. March 1905, and Eleanor
(Theodore Roosevelt's niece) married. Eleanor was the niece of the current
President Theodore Roosevelt, the President personally attended the wedding
ceremony, making a very grand wedding, but Franklin found that most people come
for the President, this inspired his commitment to politics. In 1907, Roosevelt
graduated from law school into the law firm attorney.

In 1910, Roosevelt began to get involved with Democrat politicians. When he decided
to tell this president as a Republican uncle, the other angry and cursed:
"You dirty bastard! You traitor ... ..." But Franklin Roosevelt did
not change direction. He rode a red car, a speech a dozen times daily, eventually
elected senator of New York City. In 1913, President Wilson appointed him Assistant
Secretary of the Navy, he was in office for seven years, the outstanding advocates
building "a powerful and combat capability of the Navy." In
1919, Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson International clever plan to run lobbying, resulting
in failed 1920 run for vice president. Although the campaign failed, but his political
star's light as it had not been cut. Since then, Roosevelt served as
Maryland's vice chairman of credit and savings, while re-operating the bar.
Moreover, Roosevelt was also engaged in various business adventures.

Intelligent, capable, broad-minded, who are charged up to the expectations, it seems
nothing can stop this 39-year-old man onto the pace of political hilltops. However, the
relentless catastrophe to come at this time. August 1921, Roosevelt in Campobello
Island vacation with his family in a fire fight, he jumped into the icy wat