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									                                                                                                 The Willow
                                                                                                 Willow Run
                                                                                                Middle School
                                                                                                Nov. 25, 2008

Native American Indians put together harvest festivals, ceremonial dances, and other celebrations of thanks
for centuries before the Europeans came to North America. Thanksgiving, as we know it, was first celebrated
in 1621. The Plymouth colonists, known as the Pilgrims, and Wampanoag Indians together did a harvest feast
which is known as the first Thanksgiving celebration in the colonies. The harvest meal is now a symbol be-
tween English colonists and Native Americans. Today, we pause to give thanks for all we are blessed with.
                  I am thankful for having a caring family that feeds me like a pig on Thanksgiving. My
                  Grandma Brown on my mom s side of the family feeds me a lot. I eat 2 plates full. She
                  makes so much food that she sometimes has no room to fit all of the leftovers in her fridge
                  because she already has so much in it!! I am thankful for having a family that cares about
                  me and gives me food and shelter and keeps me healthy. I think that Thanksgiving is about
                  spending time with your family and being thankful for all that you have and to be happy for
                  all that you have!! - Kora Dailey

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for going to school, having friends, having fun
and eating turkey for Thanksgiving. I am also thankful for my parents and my family buy-
ing me stuff, having a home to live in, clothes, shoes, food to eat and a car to go places. I
am thankful for Thanksgiving because we get together and eat a lot of food, we celebrate,
and we get out of school for the weekend and have fun. I am thankful for being here, I am
thankful for everything. - Jasmine Gardner

                       Recipe for Thanksgiving - Turkey Cupcakes

One box Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil's Food cake mix
Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
Betty Crocker milk chocolate frosting
One tube (4.25 oz) white decorating icing
One tube (0.68 oz) decorating gel( for Turkey eyes)
Candy corn
Chocolate candy sprinkles

Prep Time:30 min
Total Time: 1 hour 45 min (includes decorating)
Makes: 24 cupcakes
                          Mrs. Swanson Told us it feels good to be a teacher here at
                          Willow Run Middle. She also feels that Willow Run stu-
                          dents are the best and that most of the students are respect-
                          ful. She works hard to be a good teacher and try's to teach a
                          lot and the best she can. She likes to teach but it seems to
                          her like it gets harder each and every day she teaches. To
                          her, teaching a class is not very easy because it s a lot of re-
                          sponsibility monitoring behavior, and taking care of kids
                          with special needs.
                           She chose the career of being a teacher because she thinks
its really important to take care of kids. She is interested in teaching all subjects like
math, science, and English, but social studies is most interesting to her because she
likes history. Mrs. Swanson thinks history is very important for students to know
about as they get older and are still in school. She is also interested in law, biology,
and the study of genetics. This is her 23rd year of teaching school and her 6th year
teaching here at Willow Run Middle.

         Mrs. Bustin said that she likes Willow Run Mid-
dle School because she likes the people that work here
and the kids. She likes being a library teacher - also
known as a Media Specialist. She has worked at a col-
lege before and at Ypsilanti Public Library. When she
first got out of college, she was a teacher and taught kin-
dergarten, in New Orleans. What inspired Mrs. Bustin
to become a media specialist was that she always liked
libraries and reading, so she decide to be a media spe-
cialist. She went to college and earned a master s degree
at Wayne State University.
        Mrs. Bustin has been a media specialist for 5 years and she enjoys being here.
She likes to see how students grow over 3 years as she gets to know us and she likes
being able to find books for people. She said she has fun being here and it would be
more fun if we had more money to order more books.
           Mrs. Bustin has pets too. She has a dog, a cat, a kitten, and Guinea Pigs.
She is married, she is 37 years old and she has no kids. Mrs. Bustin likes being here
and she likes to be the media center specialist because she likes helping us.
                              Sebastian McGough is happy to have been chosen as Student of
                             the Month. Sebastian has never been Student of the Month, be-
                             cause he is only in 6th grade. He appreciates being Student of the
                             Month and is happy the teachers picked him. I think it is the right
                             pick , he said. He feels he was picked because he works hard, gets
                             good grades and behaves most of the time. Sebastian wants to be
                             Student of the Month next year because he wants to get good
                             grades and be rewarded for his work. His parents are very happy
                             for him being Student of the Month. Some of his friends think he is
                             a nerd for being Student of the Month, but it is not a bad thing.
                             When the teachers picked Sebastian for being Student of the
                             Month, his comment was It s their pick, not mine .
Antonio Webster is the Student of the Month for the 7th grade. He
thinks he was picked the Student of the Month because of his good
behavior and good grades. He is happy to be Student of the Month
and has been Student of the Month two times in Willow Run. He
really appreciates being Student of the Month and works really
hard in all his classes. He feels the teachers chose him because of
his good grades and positive behavior. He wants to be student of
the month again sometime because it feels good. His friends didn t
know he was Student of the Month. His parents will be happy that
there son is Student of the Month when he tells them. He tries his
best to get good grades. He is good at all of his subjects. He is also
behaving in all of his classes. Antonio is really happy that his
teachers chose him to be the Student of the Month.

                              Taylor Shaffer is happy to be our 8th grade Student of the
                              Month. Taylor has been Student of the Month 2 times because
                              she said she is a straight A student. Taylor, a member of the
                              National Honor Society, told us she really appreciates being
                              Student of the Month. When we first told Taylor she was Stu-
                              dent of the Month, she was surprised and happy. . She said she is
                              happy that the teachers chose her and she thanks them. At par-
                              ent-teacher conferences, her Mom was told that Taylor had been
                              selected as Student of the Month. She was also very excited and
                              proud of her daughter.
                              Outside the classroom, Taylor is a member of the WR swim
                              team and has qualified for the state swimming competition.
She also plays second base and shortstop on the softball team.
One of the favorite electives here at the Willow Run Middle School is
band. Learning to play an instrument can be a fun and rewarding ac-
tivity. Currently, there are about 80 students enrolled in the band
program. The band performs concerts throughout the year. Their
next performance is the Christmas concert in December. Mr. Shelton
and Mr. McWethy are the band teachers here at Willow Run.
We interviewed Mr. McWethy to find out more about the program
and him too. Mr. McWethy has taught band for 22 years. He s been
teaching at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. . He
told us that teaching band is his favorite subject to teach. He s enjoys
teaching band to his students and likes teaching them different music.
Besides teaching band, he enjoys teaching social studies.
When he was a student himself, Mr. McWethy played the trombone,
trumpet and baritone in band. Even then, he liked to learn different types of music. A graduate from Western
Michigan University, Mr. McWethy is married and has two children. By: Kimaya Searcy

                                                                                    21st Century
                                                                    I interviewed Mrs. Hodges, who along with
                                                                    Mr. Mills, is one of the 21st Century
                                                                    coaches. She told me that 21st Century is
                                                                    an afterschool program designed to give
                                                                    students help with home work and to bring
                                                                    in fun and happy club activities to students
                                                                    that might not otherwise have these oppor-
                                                                    tunities. She said that 21st Century helps
                                                                    them perform better in their daily life be-
                                                                    cause it gives kids something to do after-
                                                                    school and they have fun!! She said that
                                                                    the 21st century program has been going
                                                                    on for two years and is funded through
                                                                    Eastern Michigan University. The one
                                                                    thing that inspired her to do 21st century
                                                                    was that she wanted to work with students
                                                                    that do not have the same opportunities as
        Ms. Hodges, Mr. Mills and several students of 21st Century others and to increase the community in-
                                                                   volvement in the district. She has had other
jobs similar to 21st century. Ms. Hodges has been teaching overall a total of 15 years plus the two years of
21st century. Mrs. Hodges said that she graduated from EMU!! By: Kora Dailey

Muskegon Heights Middle School Marching Band under the direction of Michael Moore, paid Willow Run a
visit last Friday with a marching band performance during sixth hour. After driving for nearly four hours, the
band played and marched for the WR student body. The visiting band played marching songs and featured its
drumline with flag and baton twirlers dancing to the music. The Willow Run Drumline started the perform-
ance with a series on cadences to welcome the visiting band. The visit was arranged by Mr. Shelton to pro-
mote more interest in the Willow Run band program.

A Muskegon Heights Twirler in step          Band Directors Michael Moore and Derek Shelton pose for the camera

     The Muskegon Drum Line beats out a cadence.               Paul Akande leads the Willow Run Drum Line
                                Coach Acker - Willow Run Swimming Coach

                              We recently interviewed Mr. Acker, the swimming coach at Willow Run. He has
                              been coaching and teaching swimming for 40 years he told us. He also teaches
                              team sports and business in the high school. His best swimming season was in
                              1992 because he was voted Coach of the Year. The most challenging thing about
                              teaching swimming, he told us, is to teach kids that don t know how to swim. He
                              loves to watch his swimmers do free style. He also said that he was so good at
                              swimming that he used to teach swimming when he was in high school. He won
                              only one medal in his swimming career because they did not give a lot of medals
                              when he was swimming. He told us that he played football in high School. He likes
                              to watch football and volleyball but his favorite is always going to be swimming.

                    WR BASKETBALL
We recently interviewed the Willow Run Middle School
basketball coach, Latin Davis. Coach Latin, 54, has been
working at Willow Run for 16 years. There are 15 players
that made the team. Each player must not only be a good
basketball player but they must have a grade point aver-
age of a 2.0 or higher. He has never done no other physi-
cal activity except basketball. The team plays a total of
12 games a season - 6 home games and 6 away games.
Coach Latin told us the team is looking for a good sea-
son. There are a lot of good players with a lot of poten-
tial he told us. So for this year the 8th grade team is un-
defeated in its first 3 games.

                                                                    11/12      Belleville North - WON -24-18
                                                                    11/17      East Ypsilanti -WON -27-19
                                                                    11/19      Romulus WON - 28-27
                                                                    11/24      Belleville South
                                                                    12/1       Ypsilanti West
                                                                    12/8       River Rouge
                                                                    12/10      Belleville North
                                                                    12/15      East Ypsilanti
                                                                    12/17       Romulus

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