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									Rong Xiuli

Rong Xiuli, chairman of Tianyu! Frank, hearty personality, dare to think and dare to
say so, a dream to catch up Nokia. "I do not think that the success of
female entrepreneurs harder than men, nor because I am a woman had been
In 1963, Rongxiu Li was born in Henan Xinxiang a worker's family. From
primary to secondary school, Rong Xiuli results are among the best in class
"people do not seek the opportunity and strength" of the tutor
that she is still inherits this view.
In 1979, Rong Xiuli admitted to the School of Mechanical and Automotive
Engineering, Hunan Institute of internal combustion, for three consecutive years of
track and field sprint champion in Hunan Province.
In 1982, Rong Xiuli graduated distribution of Luoyang Tractor Research Institute.
Senior engineer from the engineer did, and became the cadres in the middle.
"We are very young director, was one of China's 100 young
entrepreneurs, but I told him that the work of the Institute of boring. I was on the
director said: 'You're so young to become a working director, I
did it to Finally, at best, a deputy director, boring, and I definitely quit.
"Rong Xiuli candor on the director's remarks, said moving the
other party, the Director agreed Rong Xiuli unpaid leave of absence, Rongxiu Li came
to Beijing to obtain the EU Business School's MBA, and to use school
career, traveled to France, Italy and other countries, our horizons. Rong Xiuli MBA
learning experience to find where their interests - business, marketing, and she
immediately as their own goals and, ultimately, success.
In 1991, Rong Xiuli back to Luoyang Tractor Research Institute procedures for
handling files, the retention of its director had also been left. "Then he said
to me, then let me go because I tell him not dare say the truth."
MBA looking for a job after graduation, many companies are interested in recruiting
her in finance, personnel management, production management and other work, but
not his interest, and she are all rejected. Various jobs in his resume of
"Study Abroad" column, the Rong Xiuli write almost all
marketing & sales (marketing / sales). "I love doing it, i do not
like, earn more do not attract me."
After 2000, the mobile agent to do business Rongxiu Li has sprouted its own idea of
making cell phone.
Founded in 2002 Rongxiu Li Tianyu, the industry still has not been peer recognition.
By the end of June 2008 the world's second-largest private equity funds
Jinhua Ping to 530 million yuan shares Tianyu, China Ping Tianyu less than 10%
shareholding, Warburg Pincus on Tianyu 7.5 billion valuation, Rong beautiful person
holding value more than 6 billion yuan. Lenovo's mobile phone whole sale
price is less than 10 billion Rongxiu Li said "COSA, the Asian
Development Bank, IDG and so sent for me, coming up the majority of investment
banks and asked: how to sell your company? How much? But my strength is mobile
phone business, the financing did not understand. "She did not even choose
another investment bank to price ratio. "There is little negotiation skills,
Tianyu, and Warburg Pincus is the key to mutual understanding and cooperation,
Warburg Pincus investment in Tianyu for a year's time, two or three days a
week to the class." Rongxiu Li said, " I spoke to the phone I do
dream of what to do each step, and he helped me sort out the financial system,
financing the work by him to do. The final valuation is that I am in China for several
programs in flat chose an intermediate value. "Warburg Pincus managing
director, admits Lun Cheng Zhang, Hua Ping choose Tianyu the most important factor
is the fancy Tianyu become the world's top mobile phone brand potential,
Rong Xiuli on the mobile phone industry dreams of love and touch the
"harsh" investment banker.
Today, Rong Xiuli phone industry has become one of the most successful
entrepreneurs. About success, Rongxiu Li admitted that the key is "I made
phone as interest, not a business, nor is it a tool to make money."
"I never had too much money, the desire, not because money, do not do
enough to decide one thing, I want to do the things I like to do. "
Cause family members are important: "I am by the employee in the
company is a welcome female boss, a good mother at home, daughter, mother of the
children, as the United States made it." Rongxiu Li has a son and a
daughter, a big 19-year-old , small 8-year-old. "My only outside of work,
the greatest love is accompanied with parents and children to play." Rong
Xiuli and parents, children and all children living with a husband, family activities are
"team activities." "My family activities are tennis,
travel or something, definitely not to play golf, because the elderly do not like. One
can be enjoyable for people to play with." "I would tell her
daughter was very young - my mother to go to work, people can not work live, work
and eat, sleep, like all basic needs. Now, my daughter among her peers is an
independent, progressive. "" I think, business enterprises and
business households there is no contradiction exists between work and family issues
must be balanced. "

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