To the professional market to buy jewelry consumer confidence

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					To the professional market to buy jewelry consumer confidence
International Jewelry Network Jewelry Beijing in recent years along with the
professional market, expand and improve. Jewelry Information in the jewelry market
to buy expensive jewelry, cheap, poor quality, genuine goods, "Beijing has
become a jewelry professional jewelry market selling new market situation. Runoff
from that. International Jewelry Net is not worried about price, more jewelry is true .
from the current situation, most of the jewelry is good quality of the city assured the
lead in the Po Co, Beijing set up 10 professional market jewelry jewelry Information
"faith alliance" a very good job in raising jewelry market part of
the general significance to the relations major, is also largely inspired by international
jewelry net cost to the determination of the professional market to buy jewelry.
Beijing professional jewelry market in recent years shows good momentum of
vigorous development. Jewelry growing IT market operations standards, jewelry
market is gradually increasing. Awareness continues to increase, significantly enhance
the cost to buy the confidence of the international network of broken jewelry jewelry
shopping centers dominate the format. Bao Association in professional jewelry
association as people think from time to time the market and the increase in jewelry
stores to naive market, said the brand jewelry industry, operating a must. Jewelry
Information jewelry market and Beijing Huan Yuan-Sheng Liu, chairman of persons
interviewed in an interview that -
   Into the sophisticated market of professional jewelry
   Has 10 years experience in jewelry market jewelry market in Beijing, chairman of
the five YS Liu Huan think. Jewelry Information by the end of 2003 can be a dividing
point between the formation of Beijing jewelry market in general can be divided into
two phases. Prior to this, the international network of professional jewelry jewelry
market experiences a complex process, although there are more than 10 jewelry
extend the professional market have opened, but the Ebb Tide, the end to keep to the
original city of only five Huan jewelry, jewelry, and the Office of Information West 41
Small Business International Jewelry City 3. International Jewelry Net reason for the
city in advance or a novelty jewelry, expensive jewelry city who lack the professional
solution. Coupled with the lack of long-term operator to start looking, there was a lot
of jewelry on the market short-lived scene. In 2003, the jewelry market is a new
improvement in point, a large number of Jewelry Information jewelry market
springing up in the show, added more than 10 one after another, larger jewelry market.
End now, most of these operating fine jewelry market, the user gradually increase the
network of international jewelry, brand general gradually promoted the minds of
people formed a good impression. Although there are several individual management
is not ideal, but it can earn a living. But the real failure of the jewelry market is now
also the only Jardine and Beijing-Hong Kong International Jewelry City 2. This
period, the jewelry market, operating three characteristics, old jewelry market has
been bound to the well-known, very prosperous business. Built some new jewelry
market polarization, the international network of some jewelry business is quite good,
jewelry, jewelry information such as city and park officials has just opened near the
city jewelry gold trail have made excellent achievements. There are also several
jewelry little town as geographic location, manage forms, product positioning and
other factors, operating in poor condition. But overall, most of the emerging specialty
jewelry market will persist, Beijing local jewelry market has gradually entered a
mature professional.
Jewelry industry is a sunrise industry. Jewelry Information jewelry consumption in
China in 2006 the amount is more than 1600 billion yuan, jewelry spending increasing
at a rate of 15% a year. It is estimated that by 2010 will reach 200 billion yuan over.
Good market conditions, the international network to make some new jewelry
merchants tried to get on. Beijing is an interview with an understanding of the
business investment and plans by the end of the jewelry market is 4, is also site of the
planned 5. Runoff from this that the information that further proves the whole jewelry
market atmosphere of good, to establish the jewelry market or income-generating
livelihoods, or who put millions or even tens of millions of white money into it.
Network as a senior international jewelry jewelry man, YS Liu also reminded of some
jewelry market is preparing to open businesses, to seriously consider, not to say too
much jewelry but cities that followed the jewelry market gradually naive, and now is
at In a period of adjustment appears as high as the stock market correction, Jewelry
Information period of adjustment prior to open would be better.
   Professional market will be an important mode of selling jewelry
Professional jewelry market interest rates and prices have unique advantages jewelry
information. In the interview, interviewers learned the beginning of some jewelry
market is relatively remote geographical location. Therefore, relatively inexpensive
land prices or rents. For example, are not found commercial prosperity. Beijing
professional jewelry market housing money even in an international jewelry per
square meter per day net 0 yuan, while the number of well-known shopping day eight
U.S. dollars per square meter mercy, or the gross floor area addition. A room for the
professional market only five stores to one-tenth. Jewelry Information Market is
mostly to point deduction in the style of settlement, certainly increased the level of the
operator's capital.
   Manage aspects. To business as quickly as possible to make money, jewelry
information jewelry market is always possible cost savings for the business. More
cases, the market manager and business benefits of a close body alone. Higher
administrative costs and some shopping malls, the ultimate consequences of the
international jewelry net drain on costly price, market efficiency is quite good, the
operators did not receive a high cost. Many industry insiders believe that some of the
same quality products, some stores are several times higher than the professional
market. A Beijing mall operator jade jewelry business, Mr. Wang told reporters that
information, because a lot of pressure in the market operations, operating conditions is
not ideal, is planning to find one near the West Fourth jewelry market operation,
saving money and have peace of mind.
   From the price side. Some jewelry stores and jewelry market information sites
selling similar products spreads up to 45 percent or more. The reason for what the
market price of jewelry than the mall shops often much lower. According to
incomplete statistics. In addition to the international jewelry house of money and
managed network of relatively cheap, some jewelry market, business can get
first-hand goods, jewelry information how to significantly reduce intermediate links,
increase in the sold out capital, so that consumers can better purchase of goods to the
said center. In addition, the jewelry has always been the independent market operator,
the price on the larger stores and specialty stores more flexible.
   Jewelry from China and overseas markets in Hong Kong's overall
situation. Jewelry jewelry Information Today Beijing area cost structure is gradually
changed, the market spent most of jewelry is a jewelry store and professional style of
the market there to buy expensive jewelry who are also the two places. International
Jewelry Net YS Liu said. Professional jewelry market is accepted by consumers, the
professional market and the future will be the jewelry store cost tributaries, jewelry
information, but the concept of consuming those changes take time.
   Fidelity Management is the moment to improve the confidence of the consuming
The results show, no good low-cost goods "concept is to send expensive
jewelry information habits of those who choose the reason large shopping malls to
buy jewelry. To this end, on July 11, Jewelry Trade Association of China, the lead, the
five-Huan jewelry market, Beijing International Jewelry International Jewelry Net
core business, Hua Yang Fu-new jewelry market, Chiffaut new yang jewelry, large
jewelry Emerald Wynn good market, the core business of mutton lane jewelry, gold
jewelry sell core trail, Hongqiao Market, grace, International Jewellery City, the
official Park City 10 jewelry jewelry jewelry Information largest professional market
set up a "credit union", the international jewelry collaboration
networks Bao jewelry market, a comprehensive study. recent. community
commitment to consumer "sales fidelity": the Jewelry sales of
goods necessary to fit the standard title of "jewelery title of"
national norms; jewelry can provide authoritative information on product testing
organizations test certificate.
In fact. From no one case of quality complaints. International Jewelry Network
operators are also self-discipline, fidelity selling "jewelry market, nothing
new. A lot of jewelry market has from time to time from the opening operation uphold
fidelity. Huan jewelry market as Beijing opened the five jewels of information more
than 10 years. Has always been not to sell counterfeit counterfeit jewelry, and jewelry
to maintain its general image of the city. Besides the volatility of business operations
is, traders settled in the early opening of the market now operated as high as 90%.
Beijing International Jewelry Information Jewelry core business (small business
Jewelry City) and Loving collectibles market on social commitment, is sold in the
quality of fidelity, aware of fake double compensation, and to buy jewelry in 7 days
can be returned unconditionally. the international network of small jewelry business
jewelry city also committed to the value of goods sold jewelry to information required
in more than 100 inspection certificate issued.
International Jewelry Net