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Volume 47 Issue 9                                                                THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                                                       

                                                                                                                                                          Our exes
                                                                                                                                                          stay in
                                                                                                                                                          our lives:
                                                                                                                                                          Students share lessons
                                                                                                                                                          learned from break-ups
                                                                                                                                                          MIKE BROWN
                                                                                                                                                          NEWS EDITOR

                                                                                                                                                          Every Thanksgiving, without fail,
                                                                                                                                                          the Turkey Dump spells the end
                                                                                                                                                          for some ill-fated lovers of the
                                                                                                                                                          Frosh class. Whether you’re brim-
                                                                                                                                                          ming with hate for your now-de-
                                                                                                                                                          funct lover or still longing for their
                                                                                                                                         Sydney Helland
                                                                                                                                                          touch, figuring out where you
UNIVERSITY BLITZ - Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, addressed a packed Paul Martin Centre of students Wednesday as part of his tour.
                                                                                                                                                          stand with your newly-minted ex
                                                                                                                                                          is an essential component to mov-
                                                                                                                                                          ing on with your Laurier love life.

Layton recognizes                                                                                                                                            To that end, Cord Student Life
                                                                                                                                                          sat down with a number of pre-
                                                                                                                                                          dominately upper-year students
                                                                                                                                                          to discuss the fallout from the
                                                                                                                                                          relationships Cupid forgot about.
                                                                                                                                                          So, whether you’re lovesick in

student exhaustion                                                          working far too many part-time       cation is not only important for
                                                                                                                                                          Little House or a seasoned vet-
                                                                                                                                                          eran of the singles scene, pay at-
                                                                                                                                                          tention and you just might learn

                                                                                                                                                          Where Do We Go From
NDP leader emphasizes global warming crisis,                                hours in order to cover the cost     a skilled and successful work-           Here?
                                                                            of being a student and that’s        force of the future, but for Can-
foreign policy and the need to invest in youth                              wrong,” he said.                     ada to stay afloat in the global          There doesn’t really seem to be
                                                                               Layton points out that in Eu-     economy.                                 a clear-cut answer. Those inter-
TONY FERGUSON                        named after Paul Martin before,”       rope, funding education is seen         “We’d better start thinking           viewed covered the spectrum
NEWS EDITOR                          said Layton as he jumped up and        as an investment, a philosophy       about this in this country … there       when it came to their current
                                     down, jokingly assuring himself        that he believes Canadians don’t     are other countries that … are           ties with their various ex’s, rang-
All eyes were on Jack Layton yes-    that the floor was sturdy.              always subscribe to. Layton re-      going to pass us by,” he warned,         ing from unabashed loathing and
terday morning as the leader of         Layton began his speech with        lates success directly to devel-     pointing to China which boasted          policies of zero contact to a few
the New Democratic Party ad-         education, an issue that per-          opment and growth, something         325,000 graduate engineers this          instances of the ambitious ex-
dressed students and faculty in      tained most to Laurier students.       that is comparable to the busi-      year. Such a number of scien-            turned-best friend phenomena.
the overcrowded Paul Martin             “What I’ve witnessed is the         ness world.                          tifically inclined minds, Layton          In general, though, the extremes
Centre at WLU.                       progressive exhaustion of the             “I don’t know very many busi-     points out, can make short work          – that is, a complete cessation
  Layton was hosted by the           student body,” said Layton, who        nesses that succeed that don’t       of the problems in our society           of ties or a profound friendship
Laurier Active New Democrats         has 30 years experience as a uni-      make investments up front – ex-      such as replacing polluting cars         – were rare.
(LAND).                              versity professor.                     cept for YouTube,” he said.                                                      The gender spread revealed that
  “I’ve never spoken in a building      “Far too many students are             For Layton, investment in edu-              - SEE LAYTON, PAGE 2           guys tended to be less concerned
                                                                                                                                                          with keeping close ties, whereas
                                                                                                                                                          women were more likely to speak

Provost declines reinstatement                                                                                                                            of close friendships in the wake of
                                                                                                                                                          a romantic relationship.

WLUSU in search of                   coordinator post vacant.
                                        The upheaval of leadership in
                                                                            no organization, and there’s no
                                                                                                                 of reinstatement. On the morn-
                                                                                                                 ing of Tuesday, October 10, both
                                                                                                                                                          Pros and Cons

new coordinator                      the department has affected sev-
                                     eral students involved in campus
                                                                              “Clubs are probably losing a lot
                                                                            of faith in us right now. I’m kind
                                                                                                                 Cayenne and Matt Park, the chair
                                                                                                                 of the WLUSU board of directors,
                                                                                                                                                          For many, the transition to a close
                                                                                                                                                          friendship after a relationship
MIKE BROWN                           clubs at Laurier.                      of embarrassed to be on campus       received Provost’s official refusal       seems quite natural.
NEWS EDITOR                             “I have people coming in, ask-      clubs,” she added.                   of that offer.                              “These are people that once
                                     ing me questions – I don’t know          After questions surfaced last         “There are obvious conflicts           made you really happy,” notes
Matt Provost has declined an         what to tell them,” says Rachelle      week regarding the legitimacy of     between me and the current vice          Shayna Walford, a fourth-year arts
offer to reclaim his job after his   Lozon, a campus clubs execu-           Provost’s dismissal, he filed an      president of finance,” Provost
questionable dismissal last week,    tive. “It’s just a big jumbled mess.   appeal and WLUSU President
leaving the WLUSU campus clubs       There’s no order, and there’s          Allan Cayenne issued an offer                - SEE PROVOST, PAGE 3                     - SEE DUMPED, PAGE 10
2        THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                                               The Cord Weekly                                                                                                                         News
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             “That Hawk is eating a squirrel.”
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                                                                                 OFFING JACK - Not everyone agreed with Layton’s message - especially in his call for mediation with Taliban forces in Afghanistan.
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                                                                                 We’re in denial: Layton
                                                               Laura Purchase

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Board of Directors .........................................                     - FROM LAYTON, COVER                     ber, in November and what little      will mean the destruction of the      Crisis took place. Now the world
                                                             Penny Shearer
                                                                                                                          there is in December is washed        crops of the Bangladeshis and         looks completely different with
                                                                                 with zero-emission ones.                 away by the rain,” he explained.      other low-altitude dwellers. If the   “far more missiles pointed at ma-
                                                                                    This example was used as a            The elders are then finally able to    sea level rises any farther, warned   jor cities than there were in 1962.”
    All advertising inquiries should be directed to                              segue into the next topic which          start their hunt in January. “But     Layton, these areas will not only        Not only this, but there doesn’t
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                                                                                 Layton described as “one of the          what do you think that means          be unable to support crops, they      seem to be any effort to cut down
                                                                                 greatest threats to human secu-          for the species they are hunting?”    will be uninhabitable.                these numbers.
                                                                                 rity we are facing.” This threat isn’t   asked Layton.                           “We need to start taking cli-          “Unfortunately, in the last de-
                          COLOPHON                                               terrorism or war but the environ-           Changes in climate not only        mate change seriously and take        cade, the will to head in the direc-
 The Cord Weekly is the official student newspaper of                             ment and the dramatic changes            affect the people and species in      responsibility for the long-term      tion of disarmament has evapo-
        the Wilfrid Laurier University community.
                                                                                 that are taking place.                   northern Canada, but all over the     consequences and break out of         rated,” he said.
Started in 1926 as the College Cord, The Cord Weekly is an                          Layton began with an anecdote         world, Layton went on to explain.     the denial,” he said.                    Layton believes that the role
editorially independent newspaper published by Wilfrid
Lauriert University Student Publications, Waterloo, a
corporation without share capital. WLUSP is governed by its
                                                                                 of a recent trip to Dawson City          He pointed out that in Bangla-          Layton finished with another         of mediator, one which Canada
board of directors.                                                              in northwestern Canada where             desh, most people live no higher      threat to human security: nuclear     takes on and has taken on many
                                                                                 he spoke with Aboriginal elders          than two metres above sea level.      proliferation.                        times before in the face of super-
                                                                                 about some of the climate chang-         As the air around the earth warms,      “I grew up in the era where         power nations is the first step to a
                                                                                 es that they were noticing.              so will the water which will then     nuclear weapons really grabbed        more peaceful world.
Opinions expressed within The Cord are those of the author
and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editorial Board,                         “They typically go out over the       expand and rise anywhere from         you by the soul and terrified you,”
The Cord, WLUSP, WLU or CanWeb Printing Inc.
                                                                                 ice and snow to do their hunting         2 to 25 metres. Layton explained      he said, recalling his teen years     See PAGE 20 for editorial reaction to this story
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                                                                                 hack behind
                                                                                 Program for quitting smoking comes to Laurier
                                                                                  MARK ADAMSON                            this inaugural year.
      Preamble to The Cord Constitution                                           STAFF WRITER                               LTPB tailors its message to
The Cord will keep faith with its readers by presenting news
and expressions of opinions comprehensively, accurately                                                                   post-secondary students and the
and fairly.
                                                                                  Leave The Pack Behind, a multi-         approach offers an alternative
The Cord believes in a balanced and impartial presentation
of all relevant facts in a news report, and of all substantial                    campus smoking awareness                to standard government-spon-
opinions in a matter of controversy.
                                                                                  program, has arrived at Laurier.        sored anti-smoking programs
The staff of The Cord shall uphold all commonly held ethical
conventions of journalism. When an error of omission or of                        LTPB, based out of Brock Uni-           that aren’t specifically aimed at a
commission has occurred, that error shall be acknowledged                                                                                                                                                                                Sydney Helland
promptly.                                                                         versity, was founded in 2000 and        student demographic. “All the lit-
                                                                                                                                                                NIPPING SMOKING IN THE BUTT - A cornucopia of tobacco roaches
When statements are made that are critical of an individual,                      has spread to most university           erature that we give out is all de-
or an organization, we shall give those affected the                                                                                                            lies within the nine-metre limit of a building entrance on campus.
opportunity to reply at the earliest time possible.                               campuses in Ontario. This is the        signed for ages 18-25, the univer-
Ethical journalism requires impartiality, and consequently
conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of
                                                                                  first year that the province-wide        sity cohort,” says Laurier campus     starting to smoke.”                   creased funding from the prov-
interest will be avoided by all staff.
                                                                                  campus program will have an af-         program co-ordinator Jonathan           “We do have resources to help       ince has allowed the program to
The only limits of any newspaper are those of the world
around it, and so The Cord will attempt to cover its world                        filiation with Laurier.                  Farkouh.                              students to quit, but we know         have the opportunity to expand
with a special focus on Wilfrid Laurier University, and the
community of Kitchener-Waterloo, and with a special ear                             The government-sponsored                 The program also favours a         that it’s up to them to want to       to more campuses.
to the concerns of the students of Wilfrid Laurier University.
Ultimately, The Cord will be bound by neither philosophy,                         program receives its funding from       kinder, gentler approach to deal-     quit first,” says Welk. “We don’t         “We have been provided with
nor geography in its mandate.
                                                                                  Ontario’s Ministry of Health. The       ing with smokers. “We are not an      force students to quit smoking;       the funding to expand to the en-
The Cord has an obligation to foster freedom of the press
and freedom of speech. This obligation is best fulfilled when                      program will work hand-in-hand          anti-smoking group,” explains         we engage in dialogue with them       tire province, and this is where
debate and dissent are encouraged, both in the internal
workings of the paper, and through The Cord’s contact with                        with Laurier’s Student Health           Jillian Welk, LTPB’s research co-     about smoking.”                       our main push is coming from,
the student body.

The Cord will always attempt to do what is right, with fear
                                                                                  and Development Services, and           ordinator. “We’re an on-campus          Laurier is one of the last cam-     and Laurier came into our pro-
of neither repercussions, nor retaliation. The purpose of the
student press is to act as an agent of social awareness, and
                                                                                  has five paid student staff mem-         group here to support students        puses in Ontario to have their
so shall conduct the affairs of our newspaper.
                                                                                  bers on their campus team for           who smoke and are at risk of          own LTPB team. Recently, in-                    - SEE SMOKING, PAGE 4
News                                                                                                                                 The Cord Weekly        THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                         3


What is your favourite
break-up song?
                                            30 years of WLU security
                                            Laurier special
                                            constables celebrate
                                            thirty years of service
                                            DAVID GOLDBERG
                                            CORD INTERN

                                            Numerous exhibits and conver-
                                            sations occupied the front of the
                                            Fred Nichols Campus Centre last
“‘Perfect Disguise’ by                      Thursday as students flocked
Modest Mouse.”                              there for a free BBQ to celebrate
                                            the 30th anniversary of WLU
- Alaric Dennis                             Campus Security. On hand were
Second-Year Communications                  a number of alumni and security
                                            officials headed up by current di-
                                            rector, Rod Curran.
                                               “It’s a celebration of 30 years of
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sydney Helland
                                            special constable service,” said
                                            Curran of the event.                    SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY - Laurier security stand with members of the Waterloo Regional Police
                                               “What it does is it gives us a       and the RCMP at their 30th anniversary celebration on Thursday.
                                            positive learning atmosphere if
                                            you don’t have to worry about           be our partners in fighting crime       better protection.                    at him, “You won’t be laughing
                                            criminal activity,” said Curran,        on campus ... because we only             In addition, WLU security is       in the morning, buddy. I know
                                            when asked about the benefits of         have 12 people.” He bursts with        bound with Crime Stoppers and         you!”
                                            having an attentive crew of law         excitement when he talks about         is the first on-campus police unit        Our protagonist followed up
“‘Firelies’ by Faith Hill.”                 enforcers.                              the positive feedback they re-         in Canada to be associated with a     the next morning with a phone
                                               Curran went on to tell the his-      ceive: “We’ve gotten all kinds of      Neighbourhood Watch program.          call to the offender’s home. “Re-
- Victoria May                              tory of WLU Campus Security.            e-mail from students telling us           George Thom, who was on the        member me?” Thom asked. “It’s
First-Year English                          Prior to 1976, which was the year       we’re doing a good job.”               Laurier force from 1949 through       security; get over to the office
                                            Laurier received its own exclusive        But it’s not always an easy job      ’87, recalled some interesting        right now.”
                                            staff, the grounds were patrolled       protecting people, as Curran           anecdotes from his days walking          When asked about all the years
                                            by a private security sector that       knows. And he’s not afraid to ask      the beat.                             he spent on the job, a smile broke
                                            had a total of three officers on         for outside help.                         “We walked the pubs every          out across his face as he said,
                                            campus.                                   “I think it’s very important for     night and [there were] 600 kids       “It was the best job I ever had. I
                                               Folklore says that administra-       our members to see that we have        all boozed up.”                       loved the students … You’re leav-
                                            tion came in one morning and            support off-campus, especially            Thom remembers a conversa-         ing home and you’re coming into
                                            found a security guard they had         with the incident that happened        tion he had with a student whom       an area full of young people – ex-
                                            hired tied to a pole in Willison        a couple of weeks ago when our         he was arresting where the kid        cept for the profs.”
                                            Field.                                  officers were assaulted,” he said.      mentioned, “my father is a law-          Thom finished up by saying,
                                               Curran’s objective of the day          So far, Curran has done a lot for    yer,” to which Thom replied, “I       “[The students were] always up
                                            was also to raise awareness of          Laurier. His current term sings        don’t care.”                          to something.”      And as long as
“‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria                 how students and officers alike          praises of an enhanced dispatch           Another time, Thom chased          students are up to something,
Gaynor.”                                    should be working together to           centre which he feels makes            one kid who had a beer in his         there’s no reason why campus
                                            make campus the safest it can           communication much easier.             pocket down five flights of stairs      security won’t be around for an-
- Graham Barber                             be.                                     He says better communication           before the suspect tossed a bad       other 30 years.
Second-Year Poli Sci/English                   “We also want the students to        between officers translates into        name his way. Thom shouted

                                            Campus Clubs remains leaderless
                                            - FROM PROVOST, COVER                   he was assured that these would        can it create? And if it did estab-   budget and other issues.
                                                                                    not be included, since they were       lish those guidelines, why weren’t       In Cayenne’s opinion, that’s
                                            noted. “Basically, going forward        not officially filed.                    they followed? It’s just going to     precisely what he needed to do.
                                            with the position would prob-             All parties involved spoke of        be an attempt to understand the          Alex Hundert, whose exten-
                                            ably cause a little bit of trouble      a desire to move beyond the in-        situation so it can be prevented      sive campus clubs experience
“‘Lonely People’ by Augistina.”             because of the situation.               cident and ensure that nothing         in the future.”                       includes the role of treasurer of
                                              “I probably wouldn’t be able          similar occurs in the future.             He also noted that the board       the Aboriginal Student Aware-
- Meagan Sinclair                           to serve the department as ef-            In particular, Cayenne em-           could investigate whether policy      ness Club, agrees. He lauded Ba-
First-Year Archeology                       fectively and if I wasn’t able to do    phasized his focus on “ensur-          should include “immediate ter-        sir for his honesty, efficiency and
                                            that, the department wouldn’t be        ing that training that is received     mination allowance,” referring to     accountability.
                                            able to serve the clubs as much,”       by people is clearly understood        Basir’s reasoning for dismissing         “He has dealt with me immedi-
                                            he added.                               and people are aware that when         Provost without Nicole Baren-         ately, right up front and in ways
                                              From a personal standpoint,           they’re in doubt, they should          thin, VP: Human Resources,            that have made me very happy,”
                                            Provost also felt taking a step         consult the appropriate person         present.                              said Hundert.
                                            back was necessary.                     and/or manual.”                           “The board will probably have         The Students’ Union is now in
                                              “I haven’t exactly had the              Cayenne said he was confident         a few questions for Nicole on         a position where it can hire Pro-
                                            greatest two weeks out of this,”        no such policy breaches would          what her level of involvement in      vost’s replacement to hopefully
                                            he explained. “There’s been a lot       recur under his leadership and         the process was and how com-          move forward, says Cayenne.
                                            of stress out of it and I think it’s    that this issue needed to be a fo-     fortable she is with the proceed-        “Due to the fact that Mr. Pro-
                                            time for me to sort of go forward       cus of the transition to next year’s   ings as well,” said Park.             vost does not want the position
“I actually like ‘Do You Really Want to     with everything in my life.”            student government.                       In the wake of the firing, Basir    back, it is clear that WLUSU
Hurt Me’ by Culture Club. It really makes     Provost also revoked his ap-            Park, meanwhile, keyed in on         has taken over the campus clubs       needs to move forward with fill-
you feel.”                                  peal once he was assured that           the board’s role in figuring out        co-ordinator role in an interim       ing the position of campus clubs
                                            his concerns could be sorted            what exactly went wrong in the         capacity. Last week, he sent an       co-ordinator.”
-Ben Gosselin                               through with Cayenne and Park.          process of the termination.            e-mail to all campus club presi-         Details regarding that hiring
First- Year Communications                  He claimed that his main concern          “Clearly this issue was not han-     dents apologizing for the depart-     process will be available within
                                            was ensuring his HR record did          dled properly,” he said. “Why?         ment’s recent disarray and offer-     the next few days.
                                            not contain any of the allegations      Was it something the board didn’t      ing to help with any outstanding
Compiled by David Goldberg, photos          brought against him by Mossab           clearly establish guidelines on        issues. He also set up a mandato-     See PAGE 20 for editorial reaction to this story
by Laura Purchase.                          Basir, VP of finance, and he said        and if it didn’t, what guidelines      ry meeting for Sunday to handle
4    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006        The Cord Weekly                                                                                                                     News
program                               Cosmologist comes
                                      down to earth
gram under that push,” says
LTPB assistant manager Kim-
berly Brunelle. “They’re part
of our provincial push to get
every university…. We want to
get all the universities in by this
   Our neighbours at the Uni-
versity of Waterloo have had
the LTPB program on their
campus for four years. “77
percent of Waterloo students
have heard of us,” says UW
campus program co-ordinator
Tanya Christidis. “Laurier’s in
an interesting situation right
now because they’re just get-
ting people to know about
their program, and here, we’ve
established ourselves. We’re
   Welk adds, “It’s a pretty well-
received program on other
campuses, and I’m sure we’re
going to see the same kind of
feedback here at Laurier.”                                                                                                                                                                  Mike Brown

   As the program gets under-         SIGNED BY LEVIN - Astrophysicist Janna Levin signs a copy of her new book after giving a lecture at Waterloo Collegiate Institute on October 4.
way at Laurier, the LTPB team
will have increased visibility
on campus. Some of the LTPB           MIKE BROWN                               enigma code during WWII – and       “They said that there could never      from MIT, there is nothing de-
communication         campaigns       NEWS EDITOR                              tries to recreate the experience    be a mathematical theory of ev-        pressing about the conclusions of
include campus walkabouts,                                                     of what it might have been like to  erything,” meaning that math was       these two eccentric minds, nor of
booths in the concourse, and          Janna Levin, who gave a lecture          study alongside them.               not capable of evincing every pure     their increasingly-accepted view
residence presentations. “A lot       through the Perimeter Insti-                “It very much sits on the bound- truth of the universe.                 of the limits to objective truth.
of dons are starting to request       tute of Theoretical Physics last         ary of [fiction and non-fiction] –       Interestingly, though both sci-        She refers to Copernicus for an
us going into their floors and         Wednesday, is not your everyday,         that sort of strange place between  entists came to the same conclu-       example, discussing his discovery
talking about our program,”           run-of-the-mill         astrophysicist   the two,” says Levin.               sion, it sent them down very dif-      that humans are not the centre of
says Farkouh.                         -cosmologist.                               Indeed, Levin’s text gives de-   ferent paths. Gödel committed          the universe as showing us to be
   Information packages are              This is not necessarily because       scriptive passages beyond what      himself to the notion of transmi-      “simultaneously limited even as
also available in Health Ser-         she is a young mother of two at the      could be objectively known about    gration of the soul, the Platonic      we are doing the very things that
vices, and soon the Laurier           forefront of a traditionally male-       the lives of Gödel and Turing, but  idea that we pass on to another        make us great.
LTPB team will begin hosting          dominated field, nor because she          throughout she stays true to the    realm of thought when we die. By          “We’re confessing some limit
office hours where students            radiates charisma, thereby blast-        essential details of these extreme- contrast, Turing became an out-        within our own ability and I think
can speak with team members           ing apart the stereotype of the          ly important nineteenth-century     right atheist, reducing human-         that’s a very profound thing,” said
about smoking.                        dull, socially irrelevant scientist.     mathematicians’ lives. She con-     ity to simple biological machines      Levin.
                                         It’s not even because she went        cisely sums up her own view on      and denying the soul’s existence          And while many in the audience
                                      on The Colbert Report in late Au-        the novel, saying simply, “This is aaltogether.                            last Wednesday possessed a limit-
                                      gust to assure Stephen Colbert                                                                   Both historic      ed grasp of concepts such as black
                                      that the world was not a giant                                                                characters provide    holes, the big bang and a theory
                                      donut, that theoretical physics is       Levin went on The Colbert Report                     endless fodder for    of everything, most left with some
                                      not akin to unicorn husbandry,                                                                an interesting nar-   food for thought over the meta-
                                      and that he is, in essence, a Turing
                                                                               in late August to assure Stephen                     rative. Gödel was a   physical question of what exactly
                                      machine.                                 Colbert that the world was not a                     severe hypochon-      truth is.
                                         No, it is Levin’s reputation in the   giant donut and that theoretical                     driac,    weighing
                                      scientific community of putting                                                                only 65 pounds
    ACTION                            forth complex theories in acces-
                                      sible, layman’s language that sets
                                                                               physics is not akin to unicorn
                                                                                                                                    when he starved
                                                                                                                                    himself to death,     LSAT MCAT
                                      her apart, something which she                                                                convinced       the
     NEWS                             set out to further in her most re-
                                      cent book, A Madman Dreams of
                                                                                                                                    government was
                                                                                                                                    trying to poison
                                                                                                                                                          GMAT GRE
                                      Turing Machines. Rather than the         lie – but it’s true.”               him. Turing admitted to a homo-        Preparation Seminars
                                      standard scientific text, Levin de-          What can be known objectively sexual affair and was sentenced to
                                                                                                                                                            Complete 30-Hour Seminars
    Got a tip on Laurier news?        cided to write a novel.                  and the limits of truth and knowl- hormonal castration. He commit-
         Call our hotline.               “It’s supposed to be a visceral       edge are very much entangled in ted suicide by taking a cue from             Proven Test-Taking Strategies
                                      experience, not an academic one,”        the book, which Levin delivered Snow White and eating a poisoned             Personalized Professional Instruction
                                      she says. “You’re not being taught       to approximately 600 members of apple.                                       Comprehensive Study Materials
                                      something. You’re supposed to            the public at Waterloo Collegiate      In spite of her book’s title,
                                                                                                                                                            Simulated Practice Exams
     519-581-1769                     really experience it, like with any      Institute, just a few minutes walk though, Levin refutes the sub-
                                                                                                                                                            Free Repeat Policy
                                      other form of fiction.”                   from WLU on Hazel Street.           jects’ madness as an impetus for
                                         That is not to say, however, that        Gödel and Turing, she explains, her novel.                                Personal Tutoring Available
                                      the book sprung straight from            though they never met, led paral-      “Turing’s not mad. He’s not in-       Thousands of Satisfied Students
                                      Levin’s imagination. It is based         lel lives that resulted in the same sane, and neither was Einstein.
                                      on extensive research and Levin
                                      merely takes two “characters”
                                                                               conclusion of the incompleteness They’re interesting characters
                                                                               of mathematics, a notion that flew – that’s all. That’s really it. That’s    Oxford Seminars
                                      from history – Kurt Gödel, who
                                      she labels the “most important
                                                                               very much in the face of the pre- why I write about them.”
                                                                               vailing thought of their time.         For Levin, a professor of Phys-      1-800-779-1779 / 416-924-3240
                                      logician since Aristotle,” and Alan
                                      Turing, who broke the German
                                                                                  “They said something that kind ics and Astronomy at Columbia
                                                                               of terrified me,” Levin explains. University who received her PhD
News                                                                                                                                  The Cord Weekly               WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2006         5

ASSISTANCE MEDICAL                      ford Campus                            from an office door.                        Report forwarded to Residence
                                        Special Constables and Brantford                                                  Life.                                       Special Constables responded to
Special Constables, EMS and             EMS attended to a male minor           INTOXICATED PERSON                                                                     an alarm at the Kitchener Cam-
Waterloo Fire Department re-            who injured his wrist attempting                                                  FRAUD                                       pus. The building was checked
sponded to the third floor of the        to do skateboarding tricks. The        Special Constables responded                                                           and all exterior doors and win-
FNCC because a female student           male was transported to hospital.      to the front of King Street Resi-          Special Constables are investigat-          dows were secure. No cause for
was potentially having an allergic                                             dence in regards to a male that            ing a fraud regarding a OneCard             the alarm could be found.
reaction. Upon arrival WLU ERT          THEFT                                  was passed out on the bench. The           that had been lost/stolen and sub-
members were administering first                                                male was identified as a WLU stu-           sequently used at various profit             BREAK & ENTER - Brantford
aid to the victim. EMS arrived a        Special Constables took a report       dent who had just come from a              centers within the FNCC without             Campus
short time later and transported        from a male student whose bicy-        local bar. He was taken home by            the student’s approval.
the student to hospital.                cle was stolen from outside Water-     responding officers to sleep off                                                        Special Constables responded to a
                                        loo College Hall.                      the intoxication.                          MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT                      call from a WLU student reporting
PROPERTY DAMAGE                                                                                                                                                       that a male had entered the apart-
                                        SUSPICIOUS PERSON                      DRUGS                                      Special Constables responded to             ment uninvited but was scared
Waterloo Regional Police informed                                                                                         a minor motor vehicle accident              off when the student came out of
Special Constables that they had        Special Constables responded           Special Constables responded to            in Lot #20. Both drivers were pres-         a bedroom. A description of the
just arrested two males for break-      to the Dining Hall after receiv-       a call from Bricker Residence re-          ent and will handle this situation          male was obtained and Brantford
ing windows at St. Michael’s Cam-       ing a report of a scruffy-looking      garding possible drug use in an            through the insurance company.              City Police were asked to take over
pus. Both males are affiliated with      male acting in an inappropriate        apartment. Upon arrival three stu-                                                     the investigation.
the University of Waterloo.             manner. The male was located           dents and two non-students were            DRUGS – Brantford Campus
                                        and identified by the responding        spoken to about the drug use. Re-                                                      If you have any information re-
PROPERTY DAMAGE                         Special Constables and spoken to       port forwarded to Residence Life.          A concerned citizen handed over             garding this or any other incident
                                        about his behaviour.                                                              a bag of suspected marijuana to             please call Community Safety &
Special Constables discovered                                                  DRUGS                                      Special Constables. The male had            Security at 519-885-333 or Crime
that unknown suspects ripped two        PROPERTY DAMAGE                                                                   found the drug in an area near the          Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. You
parking signs out of the ground                                                Special Constables responded to            library. The marijuana was hand-            can also report a crime electroni-
behind St. Michael’s Campus.            Special Constables took a report       Willison Hall because of possible          ed over to the Brantford City Po-           cally through the Campus Safety
                                        from a staff member advising           drug use within the building. Two          lice for destruction.                       and Security website.
                                        that unknown culprits had ripped       WLU students were identified and
ASSISTANCE MEDICAL - Brant-             down some Positive Space posters       spoken to about the allegations.           ALARM

                                                                                                                           Super Blah-Buster
WLU secretary passes                                                                                                         Medium
University administrator leaves behind rich legacy to school community                                                                     $27.99
                                                                                                                             3 Great Pizzas
DAVID GOLDBERG                          served as president of the Beth Isa-      In the opinions of many, you                3   Fabulous Toppings on each Pizza      402 King St. N. in Waterloo
CORD INTERN                             iah Synagogue. “She would always       would find a picture of Jacobs in               3   Free Dipping Sauce
                                        host the Seders at her home,” said     the dictionary beside the word                                                                 519-884-8000
                                                                                                                               Add 1lb. wings for $4.39
The average person that walks           fellow worker and friend Maebelle      “legacy” because that is what she
past WLU probably wouldn’t won-         Koebel.                                was to so many people. She was
der why – or even notice that – the        When the mother of two was          a dedicated wife, a responsible
flags are at half-mast. But they are     not at the gym, she was involved       mother, a woman who loved her
this week in respect to the death       with family, friends, work and her     job and faith. And if one looked
of 54-year-old university secretary     faith.                                 back on her life, they may under-
Marilyn Jacobs, who passed away
from pancreatic cancer last week.
                                           Jacobs leaves behind a son,
                                        Daniel, and a daughter, Sarah. Her
                                                                               stand why she was loved by so
                                                                                                                                  MASSIVE BRAIN
    It’s an assumption that possi-      death marked the end of a 33-year         A funeral service was held last                 with impressive body of work and
bly every community within our          marriage to her husband Robert,        Monday at the Beth Isaiah Syna-
nation has someone like Marilyn         which was described by friends         gogue in Guelph. Shiva will take                   numerous international awards
Jacobs. You know, the glue, the
staple, the common ground and
                                        as a relationship full of love and
                                                                               place at 73 Woodland Glen Drive
                                                                               in Guelph from October 15 to 20.
                                                                                                                                  enjoys frequent publishing in top
all those other clichéd, proverbial        Koebel said, “She was very ded-                                                        journals and spending time in
meanings.                               icated to her job and family and
    But in so many ways, Jacobs         she did so much … that was a part                                                         North America's third-largest
was anything but a cliché. In fact,     of her legacy.”
it’s safe to say she was an original.
                                                                                                                                  research library. Seeks like-
    Laurier’s Vice President: Aca-                                                                                                minded grad students for
demic Sue Horton noted that Ja-
cobs, “would keep her cool” under                                                                                                 similar pursuits.
all sorts of intense situations. Hor-
ton also remembered how Jacobs
would take control and “never
wanted to worry anyone.”
    After graduating from Laurier in                                                                                        The University of Toronto is now accepting applications
the ’70s, Jacobs would continue a
                                                                                                                            from top graduates flirting with the idea of pursuing
more than 25-year-long affiliation
with the university. She mostly as-
                                                                                                                            their grad studies with us. We think it's a perfect match.
sociated herself with social wel-                                                                                           You're brilliant and accomplished. We're an irresistible
fare work, and spent her final sev-                                                                                          combination of scholarship and world-renowned
en years as a university secretary.                                                                                         research. But don't admire us for our brains alone. U of T
Jacobs also held the role of univer-
                                                                                                                            is a vibrant campus located in North America's most
sity Harassment and Discrimina-
tion Co-ordinator until the time of
                                                                                                                            multicultural city. Clearly we should meet when U of T
her death.                                                                                                                  visits Wilfred Laurier University on Oct.18, 2006. Please
    Jacobs logged in a lot of hours                                                                                         ask your career centre for details and feel free to contact
of community service through-                                                                                               us any time.
out her life. She served on many
boards and committees including                                                                                                     
the board of directors for Family
and Children’s Services of Water-                                                                                                   
loo Region, League for Human
Rights of B’Nai B’rith Canada and
the Holocaust & Hope Advisory                                                                         Contributed Photo
Committee.                              Marilyn Jacobs, former university secretary, passed away last week.
    As a devout Jew, Jacobs also
6    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006            The Cord Weekly                                                                                International

                                                                                                                      Straight Talk
                                                                                                                      about AIDS
                                                                                                                      ALYKHAN ESMAIL                         sex. In matters of survival, these
                                                                                                                      CORD INTERNATIONAL                     young girls often choose to sleep
                                                                                                                                                             with the men and risk infection
                                                                                                                      Recently, I had the opportunity to     rather than to be without the
                                                                                                                      embark on the journey of a life-       things they need most.
                                                                                                                      time to Kampala, Uganda, to vol-          There are also many myths that
                                                                                                                      unteer for the AIDS organization       surround HIV/AIDS in Uganda.
                                                                                                                      Straight Talk Foundation (STF).        For instance, some Ugandans be-
                                                                                                                      STF is a non-governmental orga-        lieve that they must engage in sex-
                                                                                                                      nization that works with young         ual activity at an early age or they
                                                                                                                      Ugandans and educates them             may never be able to reproduce.
                                                                                                     Sydney Helland   about HIV/AIDS prevention, by          Some even believe that sexual ac-
I CAN GET CREDITS FOR THIS? - Rena Delloso gets the low-down on overseas opportunities.                               covering topics such as family         tivity is vital to avoid getting can-
                                                                                                                      planning, abstaining from sex and      cer or contracting other deadly
                                                                                                                      maintaining a healthy lifestyle.       diseases.

Getting out of
                                                                                                                         Through my involvement with            As a Canadian, I asked Jailes
                                                                                                                      STF, thanks to financial support        Bahati, an educator at STF, what
                                                                                                                      from the WLU Students’ Union           I could do in order to help the
                                                                                                                      Grant Fund, I gained a lot of in-      HIV/AIDS crisis in Uganda. Baha-
                                                                                                                      sight into the reasons why many        ti believes that those living in the
                                                                                                                      Ugandans contract HIV/AIDS. In         developed world should monitor

the country 101                                                                                                       Eastern Uganda, there is a ritual in
                                                                                                                      which many boys are circumcised
                                                                                                                      at the same time and usually with
                                                                                                                      the same knife. As a result, the
                                                                                                                      knife becomes contaminated and
                                                                                                                                                             the funds they donate to help al-
                                                                                                                                                             leviate the HIV/AIDS crisis. Many
                                                                                                                                                             Ugandans cannot afford antiret-
                                                                                                                                                             roviral drugs, which can prolong
                                                                                                                                                             the lives of those who are primar-
MARY ERSKINE                            vice given by Career Services.     Japan. The program is designed             many of the boys become infected       ily infected with HIV; financially
STAFF WRITER                            “With the world becoming more      to “bridge the cultural gap and            with HIV/AIDS.                         supporting the donation of anti-
                                        global,” Pejovic noted, “it’s im-  promote internationalization,”                Western Uganda is home to           retroviral drugs to Ugandans is a
The Concourse booths had a              portant that students are aware    according to Smit.                         many “transient traders,” who are      way in which Canadians can help
certain international flair on           of all their options.”                Not only were Laurier students          individuals with temporary jobs.       to alleviate the crisis.
Wednesday during the “World of             Sasja Smit, a program coordi-   engaged with the prospects of              The inability to secure a steady          There are over two million or-
Opportunity Fair.”                      nator from the Consulate Gen-      going abroad, but they were also           job is a problem, especially for       phans in Uganda as a result of the
   Students could wander the            eral of Japan, was impressed by    involved in the fair in order to           many women who are forced to           HIV/AIDS crisis. Unfortunately,
diverse displays and explore the        the interest in the fair and the   share some of the positive expe-           choose prostitution as a profes-       some have contracted HIV/AIDS
various types of international          centralized information it pro-    riences they had already encoun-           sion in order to make a living. This   themselves or were even born
opportunities presented while           vided to students interested in    tered in other countries. Fourth-          helps spread HIV/AIDS, especially      with it.
engaging in conversation with           going abroad. She commented        year political science student             because there is a scarce supply of       With the high number of or-
representatives from around the                                                              Anne Dunham              condoms in Uganda.                     phans, it has become a burden
globe. Over 30 international or-                                                             traveled to Van-            Northern Uganda is going            to society to take care of all of
ganizations were represented,            “This is the perfect opportunity                    uatu with Youth          through a civil war and, as a re-      them, especially with the lack of
spanning a wide range of inter-          for Laurier students because of                     Challenge In-            sult, many civilians have been         resources. Financially supporting
ests such as teachers’ college or                                                            ternational, and         displaced from their homes and         an orphan can make a significant
other academic credits, English          the emphasis on volunteering                        was     involved         forced to live in camps for inter-     impact.
teaching programs, not-for-prof-         at Laurier. It’s a great way to get                 with the Oppor-          nally displaced people. There is          Peter Okirra, who works in con-
it groups and language schools.                                                              tunity Fair to in-       a high population of individuals       junction with STF, suggests that
   The event was organized by
                                         involved internationally.”                          form other Lau-          living in these camps, and to pass     we should become more empath-
Laurier International and sup-                                                               rier    students         time some engage in promiscuous        ic towards the crisis in Africa.
ported by Laurier Career Servic-         - Anne Dunham, Laurier student                      about     volun-         activity. Rape is not uncommon.           Okirra feels that individuals liv-
es. Allison Fleming, the primary                                                             teering experi-          Soldiers fighting in the north who      ing in the West should understand
organizer of the event, noted that                                                           ences. “This is          are detached from their families       that AIDS is not only an African
“the most important part of the         on the usefulness of the event for the perfect opportunity for                turn to females for sex and sexual     problem and should recognize
day is to raise awareness of inter-     the student body, stating that she Laurier students because of                comfort.                               that we are all one in the struggle
national opportunities,” that are       “didn’t have this kind of opportu- the emphasis on volunteer-                    Older Ugandan men, who are          to combat the disease.
accessible to the Laurier student       nity when [she] was in school, but ing at Laurier,” Dunham said.              often married, take advantage of          To learn more about STF, visit
body. Primarily dealing with in         it would have been very useful,” “It’s a great way to get involved            young girls by offering money for      their website at www.straight-talk.
course exchanges, Laurier Inter-        not only for students currently internationally and show the rest             food or clothes in exchange for
national has over 80 partner in-        enrolled in an undergraduate of the world Laurier’s volunteer
stitutions itself, and is also linked   program, but for those unsure of spirit.”
with Career Services on campus.         what to do after graduation.          If you missed the fair but want
   Vanessa Pejovic, a represen-             Smit represented JET, a pro- to learn more about internation-
tative of Career Services, was          gram funded by the Japanese al study, work or travel options,
happy to support the initiative         government in order to encour- drop by the Laurier International
while promoting the additional          age Canadian students to work office, located on the fourth floor
resources, workshops, and ad-           in the public school system in of the Aird building.

                Get Involved.                     Write For Us.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Contributed Photo

                                                                                                                      A HELPING HAND - Efforts to educate Africans about HIV/AIDS are
                                                      email:                                    best received when we empathize with sufferers.
International                                                                                                                        The Cord Weekly          THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                7

World takes North Korean
threats with a grain of salt
Four Laurier students are in the Asia-Paciic region; putting them in harm’s way if diplomatic relations with North Korea go awry
                                                                                  one press release denouncing the      a bomb within Pakistan’s borders,    time on Monday.
                                                                                  alleged test, while Japan imposes     confirmed by airborne plutonium          Assuming the test was suc-
                                                                                  heavy sanctions and South Korea       residue collected shortly there-     cessful, it does not indicate that
                                                                                  prepares its troops for atomic war-   after. According to a report by      the country is capable of firing a
                                                                                  fare, according to reports by the     Satoshi Morimoto of Takushoku        nuclear bomb at a target. Earlier
                                                                                  Globe and Mail yesterday. Ever-       University in Japan, up to fifty      missile launch attempts demon-
                                                                                  hopeful Peter MacKay, Canada’s        or sixty kilometres square is re-    strated that North Korea cannot
                                                                                  foreign minister, urged the DPRK      quired to conduct a test. “Unless    reach the US, and, according to
                                                                                  to return to six-party talks.         you have the kind [of barren land]   the US, those aimed at Japan have
                                                                                     Predictably, Iranian press said    they have in India or Pakistan, you  a high margin of error. According
                                                                                  that “international pressure on       cannot do it.”                       to BBC reports, missiles could be
                                                                                  North Korea has pushed the coun-         The official DPRK test an-         fired over South Korea’s border,
                                                                                  try to carry out a nuclear test.”     nouncement, as reported by Re-       although the bombs are likely not
                                                                                  The US, accused by the DPRK of        uters, said that “there was no such  small enough to be attached to a
                                                                                  aggression on the other side of       danger as radioactive emission       long-range missile. Current nukes
                                                                                  the nuclear friendship spectrum,      in the course of the nuclear test    are considered part of the “first
                                                                                  called the test a “provocative ac-    as it was carried out under a sci-   generation,” too large and heavy
                                                                                  tion” against the international       entific consideration and careful     to hit a distant target reliably.
                                                                                  community.                            calculation.”                           Mohamed ElBaradei, direc-
                                                                                     Even countries typically sup-                                                            tor general of
                                                              Contributed Photo
                                                                                  portive of the isolated communist                                                           the International
ALL EYES ON ME - Recluse Kim Jong-Il has drawn lots of attention.                 regime of Kim Jong-Il have de-                                                              Atomic       Energy
                                                                                                                        North Korea claims to have tested
                                                                                  nounced its decision. China said                                                            Agency, a UN nu-
ARLA LATTO-HALL                       widespread among experts and                the test “defied the universal op-     a nuclear bomb on its eastern                         clear watchdog,
INTERNATIONAL EDITOR                  major news media. The blast, reg-           position of international society,”   coast. Four Laurier students are on                   said the reported
                                      istering on seismographs world-             and later described the act with                                                            test “creates seri-
A popular destination among           wide, seemed small by nuclear               the word hanran, which translates
                                                                                                                        exchange in the region, living close                  ous security chal-
those teaching English abroad,        standards. This may mean that               into “brazen” or “flagrant”. China     to one of the most unpredictable                      lenges not only
South Korea is neighbour to one of    the test failed or was faulty, that         has only used this word ten times     regimes of our age.                                   for the East Asian
the most unpredictable regimes of     the DPRK didn’t intend to set off           in the past 20 years, according to                                                          region but also for
our time, which now hangs nucle-      a large blast, or that the blast was        US officials, making this a pow-                                                             the international
ar threats over the region’s head.    muffled.                                     erful statement. As the DPRK’s                                                              community.”
   North Korea (DPRK) claims to          According to Laurier Interna-            greatest trade partner, which of-        The UN noted that North Korea        Obsesrvers have noted that Kofi
have tested a nuclear bomb in         tional, there are currently four            fers heavy discounts on its oil and   has previously “timed its actions Annan’s successor as UN Secre-
Gilju on the eastern coast of the     Laurier students on academic ex-            other products, such words are        to coincide with specific dates.” tary-General may be more than
Sea of Japan early Sunday morn-       change in the Asia-Pacific region:           not to be taken lightly.              September 9 fell between the an- coincidental. South Korean Ban
ing. If claims are true, they mark    one in Seoul, one in Japan and                 Before Sunday’s test, critics      niversary of Kim Jong-Il’s acces- Ki-moon, described as mild-man-
one of the few times North Ko-        two in Hong Kong, China.                    speculated that any nuclear tests     sion to secretary general of the nered and conciliatory, may reign
rea has followed through with its        At press time, the Department of         would have to take place outside      National Workers’ Party in 1997 over a UN that takes a back seat
threats, congruent to its reputa-     Foreign Affairs and International           the DPRK’s borders, noting that       and the 61st anniversary of the to other world powers, instead of
tion as one of the most unpredict-    Trade has not yet warned against            the country’s seabed was too          creation of the party. Japan’s new one that intervenes in crises while
able regimes of our age.              visiting the region. Since Monday,          shallow to avoid water contami-       prime minister, who opposes con- its administration deteriorates.
   Doubts as to whether or not the    Stephen Harper, Canada’s minor-             nation. In a 1998 joint operation     ciliation towards the DPRK, was to Ban will take his new seat on Janu-
test was carried out as claimed are   ity prime minister, has issued only         with Pakistan, it reportedly tested   visit Beijing and Seoul for the first ary 1, 2007.

                                      WAS up against
                                                                                                                        countries in. Each committee had       and the dozens of other schools
 Cofee and Justice                                                                                                      a list of topics and students de-      that attend model UN conferenc-
                                                                                                                        bated those topics as their coun-      es. Competition is stiff, but Alice
 A free coffee house to discuss                                                                                         try. Mark Ennis, vice president        Wan, this year’s head delegate for
 current events and social jus-
 tice issues of the Middle East
 will be held on October 16. Dr.
                                      some tough                                                                        of finance for WAS, represented
                                                                                                                        Honduras in Organization of
                                                                                                                        American States. Ryan Jabukows-
                                                                                                                                                               WAS, says, “We have a very dedi-
                                                                                                                                                               cated group. I’m confident that
                                                                                                                                                               we’ll do well this year.”

 Gavin Brockett, history pro-                                                                                           ki, President of WAS, represented
 fessor at Laurier specializing
 in Middle Eastern studies, will
                                                                                                                        the Minister of Health and Soli-
                                                                                                                        darity in the French Cabinet and        Teach English
 be speaking at the event. For                                                                                          earned an award for Outstanding
 details, see Laurier’s events        JACKIE MARTINZ
                                      STAFF WRITER
                                                                                  participants, especially those pur-   Delegate.                                 Overseas
 calendar online.                                                                 suing careers in politics.               New WAS members will be in
                                                                                     Laurier’s model United Nations     attendance for McMUN and HN-
 Glass ceiling replaced               More than fifty years after its cre-         team, the World Affairs Society       MUN much like last year, and
                                      ation, the United Nations remains           (WAS), competes in conferences        have the option of competing in         reported      one of the most influential organi-          such as the McGill Model United       a third conference at either the          Intensive 60-Hour Program
 yesterday that the European          zations in the world. Top univer-           Nations (McMUN) and the Har-          University of Chicago, the UN             Classroom Management Techniques
 Court of Justice has ruled that      sities such as Harvard and McGill           vard National Model United Na-        Headquarters in New York City             Detailed Lesson Planning
 male workers can be paid             – known to some as the “Harvard             tions (HNMUN), a group consist-       or the Government Conference              Comprehensive Teaching Materials
 more than female workers. It         of the North” – host annual con-            ing of WAS alumni and their board     Centre in Ottawa. Regardless of
                                                                                                                                                                  Internationally Recognized Certificate
 argued that additional years of      ferences that simulate the intense          of directors. They attended the       their choice, the delegates will
 service allowed for greater ex-      debate and negotiation that are             National Collegiate Security Con-     enjoy the long list of events found       Teacher Placement Service
 perience on the job, leading to      hallmarks of the UN.                        ference hosted by Georgetown          at a typical model UN. These in-          Money Back Guarantee Included
 improved work performance.              Here, students interested in             University in Arlington, Virginia.    clude opening ceremonies with             Thousands of Satisfied Students
 Unequal pay for similar jobs         politics and world affairs meet             Georgetown simulated only the         a famous guest speaker and late
 will therefore be accepted,          and discuss issues concerning               security and crisis committees        night parties for each night of the
 where a woman has taken              the well-being of refugees, the             found in the UN.                      conference.
 time off for what were called        development of third-world na-                 Like at every other conference,       However, passing resolutions in
 “natural childcare burdens.”         tions and other major current is-
                                      sues. These model United Nations
                                                                                  however, students were assigned
                                                                                  countries and chose committees
                                                                                                                        committee and accurate represen-
                                                                                                                        tation of their assigned country
                                                                                                                                                                1-800-779-1779 / 416-924-3240
                                      conferences help open doors for             they wanted to represent those        remain the primary focus for WAS
8   THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006            The Cord Weekly                                                                           The Turkey Dump

So you’ve been turkey dumped...
Where to seek advice                        Lindsay Rennie, a counsellor
                                         at Counselling Services, says that
for handling a turkey-                   about 30 to 40 percent of the cases
                                         they see are individuals who come
related breakup                          in regarding relationship issues.
                                            Rennie says that the effects a
LAURA CARLSON                            breakup can have on an individ-
STAFF WRITER                             ual range anywhere from “general
                                         havoc on all aspects of their life
Thanks to the infamous Turkey            [to] re-integrating right back into
Dump, many Laurier students are          the single world without much
coming back from the holidays            difficulty”.
with a new weight (aside from all           Rennie finds that one reason
those turkey pounds) to deal with.       for such differences between in-
And that is moving on, after end-        dividuals is the significance, or
ing a relationship with someone          dependency, one places on the
you have spent a significant por-         relationship.
tion of your life with.                     “One reacts differently accord-
   It doesn’t matter if you ended it     ing to their relationship within
because of mutually agreed upon          the relationship,” she says. And
reasons, if you were the heart-          these new singles can feel any-                                                                                                                  Sydney Helland

breaker or if you were the one           thing from sadness and jealousy         LEAN ON ME - Counselling Services can provide a shoulder to cry on.
who had their heart smashed into         to relief and excitement. However,
a million pieces: breaking up with       because most of the people who
someone always requires that ad-         are seeking counselling are hav-        courage them to voice what they           and in case of a breakup you have       ing Services, The Student Health
justments be made to your daily          ing problems coping, the major-         feel, and stay with them through          somebody to fall back on”.              and Development Center, The
life.                                    ity of cases Rennie sees are those      the process,” says Rennie.                   Nieboer stresses the importance      Women’s Center, The Chaplin’s
   And although it may be tempt-         who are experiencing anger or re-          Marilyn Nieboer, from the Stu-         of dealing with a breakup because       Office and Health Services, Lau-
ing to hit up the bar and get so         sentment towards their ex. When         dent Health and Development               of the negative effects it may have     rier is dedicated to aiding those
drunk you don’t even remember            this type of individual comes into      Centre, feels that friends can be         on a person’s health.                   who are experiencing difficulty
you were ever in a relationship,         Counselling Services, they work         another important resource, for              “You may be angry and feeling        coping. Don’t be afraid to take
there are much more effective            with where this person is in the        those dealing with breakups.              the physical effects of anger ... Or    advantage of these resourses, and
ways to deal with your loss. Mak-        breakup process.                           “Always maintain your girl-            if you’re experiencing sadness,         work through your problems with
ing sure you have the support you           “Here we allow you to explore        friend relationships even when            you may be lonely and this can          someone, whose name doesn’t
need to cope with all the involved       what you are thinking and feeling.      you have a boyfriend,” suggests           lead to depression.”                    happen to be Jack Daniels or Haa-
emotions is an important part of         It isn’t helpful to suggest that you    Nieboer. “You need to keep these              With services around campus         gen Dazs.
moving on.                               just get over it. You need to en-       relationships going for yourself,         such as Peer Help Line, Counsel-

Enjoy the long term: it’s worth the effort
Long distance is diicult, but has its rewards                                      Even if a couple has diverging paths, it doesn’t have to mean splitsville
                                         without all those charges.                                                         yourself you’d never put it on the     The tricky part is making it
                                            Short visits also help to pass the                                              line like that again.               work, and this is where most
                                         time. There are buses and trains                                                      Or it may be the “grass is alwayspeople lose hope. So you’re in dif-
                                         that connect to every university                                                   greener” syndrome, where your       ferent schools, or maybe you’re
               HEATHER HAMILTON          or college town in Ontario, so if                          APRIL ROBINSON          other half suddenly breaks it to    planning on living in different
                     CORD STUDENT LIFE                                                                   EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
                                         you’re local you can always hop                                                    you that they can’t imagine only    cities in the future.
                                         on a bus and go see your guy or                                                    being with one person for the          Perhaps you may consider
Around Thanksgiving, people              gal for the weekend.                      As university students, there’s          rest of their life. They need to ex-– gasp – a little give-and-take.
tend to worry about breaking up             It is sometimes a sad visit,           one word that seems to frighten          perience more people. Bologna.      There is nothing wrong with
with their hunnies from home.            knowing that you got there on a           us all: commitment. Say the “L”             But I think our problem with     changing plans. It doesn’t mean
Keeping a relationship together is       Friday night and have to leave on         word to your significant other            commitment is rooted in our         you have to change your dreams.
a hard thing to do, especially over      a Sunday morning, but, like they          and be prepared for a flight.             education.                          Yet for some reason, student cul-
long distances.                          say, absence makes the heart grow         Even mention the sound of wed-                                                               ture looks down
   “Turkey dump” break-ups often         fonder. Being able to see your sig-       ding bells and you’ve kissed your                                                            on couples who
occur because of a lack of commu-        nificant other in person, even for         sweetheart goodbye.                                                                          make sacrifices to
                                                                                                                            There is a genuine fear of locking
nication, and lack of communica-         a short while, can make you feel             This generation of youth has                                                              stay together.
tion leads to lack of trust. You have    so much better.                           seemed to have lost the art of ro-       it down, limiting alternatives and                      As      young
to ask yourself if your relationship        Once you leave you might miss          mance and no longer recognizes           to stop playing the field.                           adults, we are
is worth the hard times and worth        them more, but that just makes            joy in staying together.                                                                     taught to believe
the work to keep it going strong.        those times together all the                 There seems to be a limit to re-                                                          that success is the
   Personally, I have been with my       sweeter.                                  lationships for students. We have                                                            path to happiness.
boyfriend for just over three years,        So don’t give up on a relation-        no problems starting off new                We’re taught to value our goals, But if we listen to the Beatles
including a little over one year of      ship just because you’re at differ-       flings.                                   desires and dreams. There are and Jesus, they say, all we need is
living 72 kilometres apart.              ent schools or one of you is still           But long term partners are            separate paths which mean dif- love.
   Communication is definitely            living at home. Keep the lines of         hard to come by.                         ferent grad schools and different      Some relationships are just not
the key to keeping a relationship        communication open, and don’t                It seems that people even have        cities.                             meant to be.
going. The tricky part is getting        be afraid to fight.                        trouble categorizing their lov-             This creates enormous diffi-         But when a long-term high
around the long-distance charges            Arguments help to get all those        ers as boyfriends and girlfriends        culty after the sparks have flown school love is killed just for the
with phone companies. This is            little things that have secretly          nowadays. There is a genuine             and the seeds of love have been sake of change, just because it
where MSN comes in. I know, it           bothered you come out, allowing           fear of locking it down, limiting        planted.                            will be “too hard,” why not put a
seems wrong to only have elec-           you to be closer to your hunny            alternatives and to stop playing            “But what will we do after little extra effort into it.
tronic conversations with your           than ever before and to gain a            the field.                                graduation?”                           The best relationships don’t
other half, but all you need is          deeper understanding of your guy             But why? There is no doubt               Why not stay together.           just happen on their own. They
a microphone and a webcam                or girl.                                  that students want love, seek it            Seriously, why not?              take hard work, trust and an un-
and you’re able to have a video             The dating world can be diffi-          out and crave it.                           If everything else is peachy dying support for one another.
conversation.                            cult, so just remember that if it’s          It may be the fear of heart-          – if you feel as though things are     Please reconsider making the
   Even if you don’t get the web-        worth it, go for it, and don’t be         break. There was that one, really,       right, if you’re happy, if you feel turkey dump this year.
cam, you can call his or her com-        afraid to hold on to something            really hard break-up back in high        complete – there is absolutely         After all, true love is hard to
puter and talk like you’re on the        that so many people let go.               school that scared the bejeezus          no reason to mess with a good find.
phone for as long as you want, but                                                 out of your heart. And you told          thing.
The Turkey Dump                                                                                                                      The Cord Weekly             THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                        9

Left over turkey recipes                                                                                                  You will need:
                                                                                                                          1 microwavable container          Mashed potatoes

Creative ideas for what to do with leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, by                                                 Gravy                             Turkey

Adria Cehovin
                                                                                                                          low power level.

                                                                                                                          For better results, bake in a toaster/convection oven at 350 degrees for approxi-
   Turkey Rolls with Cranberry Sauce                                                                                      mately 25 minutes.

   You will need:                                                                                                         You could also try turkey salad sandwiches or grilled cheese turkey sandwiches.
   1 package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls                       While this is baking, heat up 1/2 can of cranberry sauce
   1/2 can of cranberry sauce                                  in a sauce pan on simmer and do watch it, because the      Turkey substitutions: chicken or other precooked meat
   x amount of pre-cooked turkey (if you have extra            sauce is thick and it could burn easily.
   dough save it in the fridge, or put a spoonful of jam or
   a slice of apple and cinnamon and roll it up and bake it    When the rolls are cool enough to handle, dunk them
   for dessert)                                                into the cranberry sauce and enjoy!

   Pre-heat oven (as the package of rolls says)

   Pull apart the dough along the pre-cut lines and place
   a teaspoon (the smaller spoon) of turkey at the widest
   end of the triangle of dough. Roll the largest end to the                                                                                 Paper Polishing
   smallest end and bake as directed on the package of
   Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.
                                                                                                                                   Professional Editing Service
                                                                                                                          Have you dreamed of getting your essay back without
                                                                                                                            any red corrections on it? If so, the staff at Paper
                                                                                                                              Polishing can help you achieve this goal for a
                                                                                                                                             reasonable fee.
                                                                                                                                    For information or a free estimate, email

                                                                                                                            Post-Graduate programs at Fleming College
                                                                                                                            provide the specific training you need to get
                                                                                                                                         OUR PROGRAMS ARE:
                                                                                                                                         • Short in duration (2 – 3 semesters), offered
                                                                                                                                           during one year
                                                                                                                                         • Taught by industry professionals
                                                                                                                                         • Developed to meet specific sector employment

                                                                                                                                         CAREER AREAS OF STUDY INCLUDE:
                                                                                                                                         • Advertising
                                                                                                                                         • Event Management
                                                                                                                                         • Global Supply Chain Management
                                                                                                                                         • Emergency Management
                                                                                                                                         • Natural Resources – Law Enforcement
                                                                                                                                         • Museum Management and
                                                                                                                                         • GIS – Applications Specialist and Cartographic
                                                                                                                                         • Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism
                                                                                                                                         • Expressive Arts

                                                                                                                            for more


                                                                                                                          PETERBOROUGH • LINDSAY • COBOURG • HALIBURTON
10    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006            The Cord Weekly                                                                        The Turkey Dump

The turkey dump ex factor
Mike Brown sits down                    you’re with someone that way
                                        and you try to be friends with
                                                                                      “I do have some great friends
                                                                                                                        are a number of considerations
                                                                                                                        students weigh, including shared
                                                                                                                                                                    relationships, it seems easier to
                                                                                                                                                                    pursue a friendship, but also much

with Laurier students to                them, it’s kind of hard to take your
                                        mind away from that association
                                                                                   who get trapped in the ‘let’s have
                                                                                   casual sex and hopefully it’ll lead
                                                                                                                        interests, how the relationship
                                                                                                                        ended, whether the trust has been
                                                                                                                                                                    easier to cut ties completely.
                                                                                                                                                                       For the women surveyed, one

discuss exes and the fun                that you’ve made with them,” she
                                                                                   back into a relationship’ mindset,”
                                                                                   adds fourth-year Jaclyn Roden-
                                                                                                                        broken (in instances of cheating,
                                                                                                                        for example), if both parties are
                                                                                                                                                                    of the most crucial considerations
                                                                                                                                                                    was simply who the ex had be-

complications breaking                     “My biggest problem with try-
                                        ing to stay friends is that I can’t
                                                                                   burg. “It never works and it doesn’t
                                                                                   matter if you say, ‘You know what?
                                                                                                                        willing to make an equal effort,
                                                                                                                        whether they were friends prior
                                                                                                                                                                    come and how they treated them.
                                                                                                                                                                    For example, if someone broke up

up can bring                            get rid of some of the expecta-
                                        tions that still linger from being a
                                                                                   I’ve done that before and it doesn’t
                                                                                   work.’ They still have these visions
                                                                                                                        to dating and whether feelings
                                                                                                                                                                    with them for genuine, well-inten-
                                                                                                                                                                    tioned reasons, women were more
                                        couple,” adds Rachael McKnight,            that it will, and you want to slap      Length and seriousness of rela-          likely to retain amicable ties.
- FROM DUMPED, COVER                    fourth-year English major. “I get          them.”                               tionship were other key factors.               Interestingly, whereas the pri-
                                        hurt if they don’t make an extra ef-                                                                “Being in a lon-        mary considerations for women
double-major. “These are people         fort to come talk to me or call me,                                                            ger     relationship,        centred upon the dynamics of the
that you could talk to, be close        because there is a level of attach-                                                            you end up also              relationship and the ex himself,
                                                                                   “People think it’s weird when you
to, get their advice on things and      ment that you hope remains.”                                                                   becoming friends,”           guys took people outside the cou-
whatnot … and they often know                                                      keep in touch with your exes. I’ve                  reasons     Miranda          ple into consideration in a much
you better than a lot of people.”       Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby                 definitely gotten a lot of flack for                  MacDonald, a re-             higher proportion. They placed
Why lose all that simply because                                                                                                       cent communica-              added importance on whether
a relationship didn’t work out,         Sexual ties, like their emotional          it.”                                                tions grad. “You             their friends liked the ex, noting as
many reasoned.                          brethren, are not easily severed.                                                              go from having               well considerations such as family
   That said, the road to friendship    Many participants admitted to              - Alex Pelly, fourth year English                   someone that you             ties.
can be fraught with frustrations,       dragging out relationships long                                                                tell every little de-
which some simply don’t deem            past their natural end. In these                                                               tail of every single         To Break Or Not To Break?
worthwhile.                             cases, it often increased bitter-                                                              day and everything
   Perception is foremost among         ness and made break-ups messier               “We’re young, we like sex,” about your life – it’s too much just              Regardless of other factors, an
them. Just ask Alex Pelley, a           once they ended for good.                  shrugs fourth-year business stu- to cut them off completely.”                    overwhelming majority of par-
fourth-year English major who              Many others seem to have trou-          dent Marc Ramalho. “It was just         But fourth-year English student          ticipants agreed that a period of
has retained a close friendship         ble ending things at all. More than        easy to do because you’ve done it Ani Artinian questions how you                 non-contact was very healthy fol-
with her most serious ex. “People       half of respondents admitted to            before, so it was like, ‘why not?’”  could go from something so in-              lowing a break-up.
think it’s weird when you keep in       falling back into a sexual relation-          “It’s a terrible reason [to main- tense to a mere friendship. “How               “You have to basically cut all
touch with your exes,” she says.        ship and even those that didn’t            tain contact], but it happens, I do you just casually hang out with              ties for a certain amount of time,”
“I’ve definitely gotten a lot of flack    acknowledged it as a legitimate            think. The flesh is weak,” laughs someone that you saw yourself                   says third-year English student
for it.”                                concern. A strong majority also            Jason Shim, a part-time sixth-year marrying, you know? That would                Amanda Fullerton. “Everyone told
   “There’s a reason why you break      admitted to maintaining ties with          student of religion and culture.     be pretty weird.”                           me that and I didn’t believe them,
up,” reasons fourth-year women’s        an ex at least in part due to a hope                                               Most people with experience in           but it’s so true.”
studies major, Julie Guthrie. “You      of reconciliation.                         The (E)X-Factors                     long-term relationships agree that             “For me, I need some isolation,
don’t just break up for nothing.           “I think it’s really easy for a night                                        seeking a friendship is difficult,           collect my thoughts, get them
Obviously, you got this feeling         to forget that you guys broke up or        In determining whether or not a but in many cases, would find it                  [the ex] out of my system,” agrees
that something was wrong.               why you guys broke up,” says Pel-          friendship can rise from the ashes more difficult to lose the ex from
   “Sex changes things. Once            ley. “In the morning, you always           of a romantic entanglement, there their lives completely. In shorter                   - SEE JEALOUS, PAGE 11

Traveling on exchange leaves
memories of ex back home
Travelling develops a new found sense of self after a break-up
                                       break-up-scenario, it will all be
                                       worth it in the end.
                                                                           or anything that culture entails,
                                                                           it can be hard to adapt during the
                                                                                                                          Never having a relationship
                                         The new life might have origi-
                                       nated from a negative point of
                                       view, but there are positive sides
                                                                           first weeks.
                                                                              It is hard to plan the rest of
                                                                           your life, especially as a universi-
                                                                                                                          baffles some individuals
                   CORD STUDENT LIFE
                                       to the story.                       ty student busy with homework,                                                           But I’ll admit from time to time, it
                                         Most people who lived abroad      midterms and keeping up with a                                                           gets rather annoying at times, es-
One way to get over a break-up is      for a certain period of time have   social life.                                                                             pecially when I visit relatives and
to go on an exchange or become         developed a new sense of inde-         Taking a year off to study some-                                                      I’ll have aunts and uncles hovering
an international student some-         pendence, upgraded their self es-   where else gives you the oppor-                                   CHRISTINE SUIZA        around with the same question, “So
                                                                                                                                                CORD STUDENT LIFE
where far, far away.                   teem and have developed them-       tunity to get over the break-up                                                          do you have boyfriend?”
   By packing up your suitcase         selves faster than they ever could  and at the same time gives you                                                               Of course, my answer is always
and leaving the environment full       have in their home country.         an opportunity to set your goals               The concept of “I don’t need a man”       the same. I guess my relatives are
of memories of your significant                                                               straight for the             best described my philosophy on           thinking because it would have
other, it is easier to get over the                                                          next few years.              relationships back in high school.        been awhile since I’ve last seen
feelings that caused so much
                                       Most people who lived abroad for a                       It    organizes           Don’t get me wrong, it was not to         them, I’d finally break the cycle with
trouble for a long time.               certain period of time have developed yourself, your                               say that I was ever against the male      a “yes.”
   At the same time, it is possible                                                          thoughts      and            counterpart. It was that I didn’t be-         Besides that minor disadvantage,
                                       a new sense of independence.
to start a new life in a different                                                           your life.                   lieve in having a relationship at the     I don’t feel that I’m really missing
country. But for this approach                                                                  Obviously, you            time.                                     out on too much. I’m sure being in
to have success, make sure you                                                               will miss your                  I just felt that I was so busy meet-   a relationship has its benefits and
pick a country that fits your              They will always treasure their friends, family, pets and a lot of              ing the demands of school, work,          I’ll often wonder what it’s like to
personality.                           experience within the foreign material things, but you will only                   friends and family all at once. So        have someone special in your life.
   Is it as easy as it sounds? Not     culture, and in some cases, they appreciate them more when you                     how could I possibly have time for            At the same time, I’m not sure
really, because there are a lot of     find the love of their life far away return.                                        a boyfriend when I barely had time        that I’m ready for it all. I’ve always
things that have to be done be-        from home.                             It becomes clear who your real              for myself, my friends and family?        enjoyed living the single life. For me
fore you can leave.                       Of course, there are less posi- friends are; you can leave some                 But it’s a funny thing how old habits     to all of sudden to be in a relation-
   Apply to the university of your     tive elements, like culture shock. memories behind while creating                  die hard.                                 ship would be going into a whole
choice, apply for a visa (if you       It can get you in hilarious, but new valuable friendships. A new                      Nearly four years later, I’m still     new territory and in some ways I
need one), make sure you have          awkward and embarrassing love will come, even if it takes                          finding myself in the same boat.           find it to be slightly terrifying. Once
a place to live and have enough        situations.                         years.                                         Beating deadline after deadline, and      I’m well-established, I’ll know if I
money to survive. It might take a         By not knowing the country’s                                                    with graduation soon approaching,         need a man or not.
month or three, but in the worst       rituals and habits, social system                                                  it doesn’t make sense to start now.
12   THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006   The Cord Weekly                                                                                                Sports Feature                                                                                                                                           The Cord Weekly   THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006   13

                                 raptors Rebirth
                                                    With a new GM, a new focus and a revamped roster, the Raps head to Waterloo to open training camp
                                                   DAN POLISCHUK                            the hiring of highly-respected exec-    some input on his acquisitions.         Villanueva, and Fred Jones from In-    the floor,” he commented.                   that. That’s my biggest thing - I like
                                                   SPORTS EDITOR                            utive Bryan Colangelo, formerly of         “[Garbajosa] comes in with all       diana, are two sharp shooters that        With this balance, Mitchell be-         to let my teammates know I’m gon-
                                                                                            the Phoenix Suns, as the team’s new     sorts of experience and success at      will no doubt improve an already       lieves the team can maintain “where        na be there everyday, gonna work
                                                   MARK D. HOPKINS                          general manager.                        pretty much every level he’s played     proven scoring squad.                  we were in the past two seasons -          hard — whether slightly injured or
                                                   SENIOR SPORTS WRITER                       And, unlike any post-season in        at.”                                       Understandably, though, it was      top five in [NBA team] scoring.”            not. I’ll give what I have.”
                                                                                            recent memory, the faithful in Rap-         Bargnani, on the other hand, “is    what these players offer on defence       “I think we’re going to get eas-           “With the iron-man streak I think
                                                   While still a fairly young franchise     torland had something to look for-      a young kid, but he’s played a 75-      that attracted the team to them —      ier shots. We may not get as many          that guys look at that and say, ‘Hey,
                                                   in only its twelfth year, the Toronto    ward to.                                game schedule, a World Champion-        having completed the year second       points out of the point guard posi-        if Morris can come play everyday,
                                                   Raptors were looking to get back                                                 ship, played against grown men ev-      last in points against.                tion as we did in the past, but I think    than I can do it too.’”
                                                   to their roots this past week in         The European Invasion                   ery night, so his experience at least      Chiming in on the focus of a more   [with] Mo and Anthony Parker, Gar-            And it is exactly this type of effort
                                                   Waterloo.                                                                        is one that I think is going to bode    balanced game, Ford acknowledged       bajosa, we may have more guys              that Peterson hopes to get out of his
                                                      In fact, the last time the Raps got   Finally catching on to the fact that    very well for him,” he said.            that coaches are “telling the guys     averaging eight, nine, ten points a        players this year as the franchise
                                                   a sniff at success, their season was     impressive talents laid in waiting         Head Coach Sam Mitchell was          you have two responsibilities: keep    game than we did in the past.”             looks to make some noise in the
                                                   preceeded by a training camp at the      overseas, the Raptors made a huge       much more blunt in his assess-          the guy in front of you and contest                                               upcoming season.
                                                   very same courts they were playing       plunge by acquiring American An-        ment, though, trying to dispel any      shots.                                 Leadership                                    But before any championship
                                                   recently at RIM Park.                    thony Parker and Spaniard Jorge         misconceptions held about the Eu-          “If we improve our defence, we’re                                              celebrations are planned, Colange-
                                                      Those days, almost five years ago      Garbajosa.                              ropean players stepping in.             going to be better. I’m not really     One other intangible quality the           lo will simply remain eager to eval-
                                                   now, belonged to the now-departed           Also included in the lot were last      “We’ve got basketball players.       worried about offence. We’ve got       team is blessed to have this year is       uate a team he thinks has a solid
                                                   Vince Carter and Co.                     year’s draft pick Uros Slokar (from     There is really no big difference       enough guys that can shoot the         that of a veteran presence, which,         chance to compete in every game.
                                                      Who knew that that, by sneaking       Slovenia) and Andrea Bargnani -         between players today. They’re bas-     basketball,” he said.                  more often than not, comes from               “Before we jump to any con-
                                                   into the post season as the seventh      the team’s number one draft pick        ketball players.”                          Expanding on that strategy, Col-    Morris Peterson.                           clusions and say, “What’s next?”
                                                   seed only to lose to the Detroit Pis-    overall - from Italy.                                                           angelo admitted “a couple things          The longtime defensive specialist       we need to go out and play some
                                                   tons in the first round, the team            Commenting on the wave of for-       The ‘Other Guys’                        will help” with his new guys.          for the Raps, is, in fact, relishing his   games. Going out and playing a few
                                                   would have to suffer through some        eign talent looking to make an im-                                                 “First of all, there’s been some-   role.                                      games and getting a better under-
                                                   unbearably frustrating times in the      pact wth the squad, Colangelo has       And “basketball players” are what       what of a point of emphasis on the        “I feel like it’s definitely a chal-     standing of what we have exactly [is
                                                   years ahead?                             no reason to believe why his pick-      the Raps GM continued to add            defensive end in terms of the pre-     lenge something I enjoy doing,”            important].”
                                                      All but devoid of a star-studded      ups cannot succeed at the NBA           throughout the summer months.           papration and the strategy. We’re      said Peterson, who holds distinc-             Behind all the words spewed out
                                                   lineup, Toronto would let go of two      level, explaining that roughly 20       The biggest — quite literally —         clearly a good offensive team. We’ve   tion as the league’s current leader        from players and coaches alike,
                                                   coaches and two general managers         percent of the league today is made     came in the form of Rasho Nest-         added offensive weapons but we’ve      in consecutively played games (aka         though, the only thing that really
                                                   leading up to last year. As the 2005-    of foreign-born players.                erovic from San Antonio, who will       brought in an overall better team      “iron-man”).                               comes out as important is winning.
                                                   2006 campaign came to another               “All of them are here for differ-    finally give the squad a proven in-      that understands how to play de-          “I think it gives me credibility ...
                                                   painful conclusion, it appeared as       ent reasons. All of them come with      side presence.                          fence. I’m not gonna say we’ve got     that people know I’m coming to
                                                   though the franchise would have a        different reasons to want to prove        TJ Ford, coming via a trade with      great man-on-ball defenders but        play,” he said about the streak, add-
                                                   chance to rise from extinction with      something,” he said, eager to give      the Milwaukee Bucks for Charlie         we’ve got better team defenders on     ing, “I want to show my teammates

                                                                                       Senior Cord Sports Writer, Mark D. Hopkins,
                                                                                       has a chat with Toronto’s new point guard TJ Ford                                           Cord Sports Editor, Dan Polischuk, gets a
                                                                                       MDH: How was it for you person-
                                                                                       ally to come from the university
                                                                                                                              will TJ Ford bring to the Raptors
                                                                                                                              and what can fans expect from
                                                                                                                                                                                   quick one-on-one with Raptor star Chris Bosh
                                                                                       setting at Texas directly into the     you?
                                                                                       NBA spotlight where you are so                                                              DP: What can you say about the       in signing the your three-year
                                                                                       well paid and the public eye?          Ford: “Just give it my all. Show my                  new additions helping in im-         extension?
                                                                                                                              leadership skills. Make plays for                    proving the overall balance of the
                                                                                       Ford: “You’ve just got to have the     others. Play a team sport and get                    team?                                Bosh: “It made it a lot easier. At
                                                                                       right people around you. You’ve        everyone involved. Make a lot of                                                          first, it was going to be a tough
                                                                                       just got to have a lot of veteran      other people’s jobs easier.”                         Bosh: “We always averaged a lot      decision to make because, hon-
                                                                                       guys. The coaching staff is defi-                                                            of points — defence was the key      estly, we weren’t headed in a
                                                                                       nitely going to be there to help       MDH: The NBA changed their bas-                      [thing to address]. We can always    good direction.
                                                                                       you.                                   ketballs for the first time in over 30                build on offence ... but defence       “We had all the pieces there,
                                                                                          “It’s not an easy task and you’re   years this season. How do you like                   has to be good. We had a lot of      but I think that just what we were
                                                                                       going to go through some ups and       the new basketballs that have been                   defensive breakdowns that cost       working with — the mentality of
                                                                                       downs. You’re going to experience      the subject of scrutiny?                             us a lot of games last year.         the people in charge — weren’t
                                                                                       some things. You’ve just got to be                                                             “That’s our focal point. We       good.
                                                                                       able to have those mentor guys to      Ford: “Not a big fan of them. That’s                 want to contain our man and get        “Then they brought Bryan in ...
                                                                                       help you.”                             what they’re making us play with.                    our rebounds.”                       and he made the right changes.
                                                                                                                              We have no choice but to adjust to                                                        He’s really changed the aura and
                                                                                       MDH: You were traded for a fan fa-     it. But I prefer the old balls.”                     DP: How much did the offseason       the personality of this team.”
PHOTOS BY SYDNEY HELLAND AND MATT SYMES                                                vourite, Charlie Villanueva. What                                                           moves make your decision easier
Sports                                                                                                                                        The Cord Weekly          THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                                              15

No dreaming on this ball field                                                                                                                                            SPORTS BRIEFS
                                                                                                                                                                          DAN POLISCHUK
                                                                                                                                                                          SPORTS EDITOR
After rough start to season, Laurier’s baseball team goes on huge streak to get into postseason
                                                                                                                                                                          With another win this past Friday
MARK ADAMSON                          able to qualify for the playoffs.          at the start, but we weren’t hit-                 The Hawks’ 9-9 record is good          over the Waterloo Warriors, Lau-
CORD SPORTS                           But over the last two weeks of             ting. It was just a matter of get-              enough to earn them the fourth           rier’s men’s rugby team extended
                                      the regular season, the Hawks              ting a clutch hit, or a timely hit,             seed in the OUA, and it has them         their unbeaten record to 6-0.
After struggling early in the ‘06     went 6-1, finishing up with a               and we weren’t getting that.”                   squaring off against the first               Not having beaten UW for 17
baseball season, Laurier’s Men’s      .500 record at 9-9.                           The team was stuck at the bot-               seeded Brock Badgers (14-4) in           years, the Hawks came away with
Baseball team has made a huge           The Hawks swept a double-                tom end of the standings until                  the semi-finals.                          a 17-8 victory with scoring efforts
late-season push to qualify for       header with McMaster in their              season’s end, when they went on                   Last season the Hawks came             from Jeff Danko, Spencer Houli-
post-season play.                     final two games of the season on            a blistering tear to ensure that                flying out of the gate but cooled         han and Jacob McNamara.
   The Hawks opened the season        Saturday to lock up a post-sea-            they won’t be packing it in early               as the playoffs approached and              The men will look to complete
with a 3-8 record, and it looked      son birth for the second consec-           this year.                                      were swept by the eventual               the ultimate goal of an unbeaten
doubtful that the team would be       utive year.                                   “All of a sudden we started to               champs from Western.                     season with two games remain-
                                        After starting the season win-           hit, and we started to play good                  Reidel believes this year’s team       ing on the schedule – including
                                      less through their first four               defence,” said Reidel.                          can translate this season-ending         this Saturday’s home match up
                                      games, the outlook for the re-                “Things started to fall into                 hot streak into playoff success in       against the Western Mustangs at
                                      mainder of the season looked               place,” he explained, adding,                   their upcoming series. “I think          Fisher Hallman Field.
                                      bleak. “We were very, very in-             “the fellas have confidence now.                 we have a terrific chance,” said             The Hawks will wrap up the reg-
                                      consistent at the beginning,”              I kept saying to them, let’s just               Reidel.                                  ular season against the defending
                                      said Head Coach Paul Reidel.               take it one game at a time, and                                                          OUA champions from McMas-
                                        “We had pretty good pitching             let’s make the playoffs.”                                                                ter, a game which may very well
                                                                                                                                                                          determine who takes the first
                                                                                                                                                                          overall position heading into the

                                       Owens meets his match in ‘Big-D’                                                                                                   playoffs.

                                                                                    I was free to enjoy the game                 sideline rant.
                                                                                 and soak in the carnivalesque at-                  As one of the NFL’s premier
                                                                                 mosphere of it all.                             ball-catchers, he was limited to a

                                                             JOE TURCOTTE
                                                                                    And a carnival it was. Thank
                                                                                 God, though, for the foresight
                                                                                                                                 3 catch night for a rather sparse
                                                                                                                                 45 yards. While Owens can rant
                                                                                                                                                                                   Top 10
                                                                  A & E EDITOR
                                                                                 of stadium officials to limit beer               and rave like he did as a member          RealTrax ring tunes          TM

                                                                                 sales to the first two quarters of               of the Eagles, things don’t seem           Week of October 2
                                       So this is the American Dream             play. If not, more than just a per-             as though they’ll be the same in
                                                                                                                                                                             1.         Bossy
                                       in action. Sixty-five thousand             son’s feelings - specifically those              “Big D.”                                                  - Kelis (feat. Too Short)

                                       drunken savages jeering at a              of ex-Eagle Terrell Owens - may                    The Dallas Cowboys are not               2.         Chain Hang Low (Kids)
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Jibbs
                                       man that they’ve never even met,          have been hurt.                                 the Philadelphia Eagles. Terrell            3.         I Know You See It (A Cappella)
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Yung Joc
                                       a man that they’ll probably never            The Philly faithful had also re-             Owens is not bigger than the
                                                                                                                                                                             4.         Lips of an Angel
                                       even know.                                solved to “suspend brotherly love               team, as he was in Philadelphia.                          - Hinder

                                          Drunkards to the left of me,           until after the game,” as a stadi-              The Dallas Cowboys are “Amer-               5.         London Bridge (Chorus)
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Fergie
                                       insanity to my right, there I was         um wide advertisement promot-                   ica’s Team.” The Cowboys have               6.         Money Maker (Pharrell Chorus)
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Ludacris (feat Pharrell)
                                       stuck in the middle of it all.            ed, and were more than eager to                 lived - and thrived - through the
                                                                                                                                                                             7.         Ring the Alarm
                                          And while there may be no-             silence any dissenting voices via               antics of Michael Irvin and Deion                         - Beyonce
                                       bility on the field of play, there         a furious storm of heckling and                 Sanders. They have won the Su-              8.         Say Goodbye
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Ashlee Simpson
                                       was none of it in the stands of           hurling.                                        per Bowl a record five times and             9.         Sexy Back
                                       Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial             For their part, the gladiators               are led into each contest by one                          - Justin Timberlake
                                                                                                                                                                             10.        Shoulder Lean (feat. T.I.)
                                       Field this past Sunday night. Just        made a valiant effort to match                  of the league’s toughest coaches,                         - Young Dro
                                       ask any soul who was brave - or           the intensity of the audience.                  Bill Parcells.                              Text "PLAY" to 4800 on your Rogers wireless
                                       masochistic - enough to don the           The football was strong and tight                  On this night Owens fulfilled             phone to download your favourite ring tunes today.

                                       colours of “America’s team” and           as both teams took their shot at                half of his commitment. The                Enter to WIN a trip to the 2006
                                       navigate the sea of green and             an NFC East Division lead. But in               team played well, Owens did not.           Billboard® Music Awards in Las Vegas!
                                       black.                                    the end there must always be a                  He dropped balls that he would             • Text BILLBOARD to 555 on your
                                          Fortunately, I was not privy to        winner. For a moment, it looked                 normally catch. He looked a little           phone to get started!
                                                                                                                                                                            • Download any Billboard ring tune or subscribe to
                                       the deranged love of the Eagles           like the out-of-town underdogs                  rattled and afraid to stretch out            Billboard Mobile between September 15 to October
                                                                                                                                                                              31, 2006 for your chance to win.*
                                       faithful. Instead, as a condition         would hold the day and send                     across the middle and pull in a
                                                                                                                                                                                Brought to you by Rogers Wireless.
                                       of attending the evening’s fes-           those in attendance angrily out                 big catch.
                                       tivities, I was forced to leave my        into the streets.                                  Perhaps, for once, the Owens
                                       blue-and-silver gear at home. I              By ending the game victorious                hysterics unnerved the recei-
                                       was, therefore, exempt from the           though, the Eagles silenced the                 ever to the point of realizing that
                                                                                                                                                                            *Billboard ring tunes start at $2.10 plus 50¢ for the download. The
                                       constant barrage of drunks yell-          evening’s villain, Terrell Owens,               he is not, in fact, larger than the        Billboard® Mobile subscription is $5 ($3 content fee plus $2trans-
                                                                                                                                                                            port fee). This subscription does not include the cost of ring tunes.
                                       ing “asshole” any time a Cowboys          and had the former cancerous                    game.                                      Billboard is registered trademark of VNU Business Media, Inc.

                                       fan was spotted.                          Eagle doing his now-patented

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              Tel: (519) 576-8889                                              Tel: (519) 886-9645                                                              See you there!                             
16    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006            The Cord Weekly                                                                                                                           A&E

Filling the
Laurier students ask musicians, activists, and
artists about their favourite books — let the
Internet tell you about it
                                         on building the site [rather] than
JOSIAH YOUNG                             actually convincing these musi-
CORD A&E                                 cians, writers and activists that
                                         this new site was a good idea and
There comes a point in every stu-        that they should give us a few
dent’s life when the mere thought        minutes of their time to answer
of reading one more word can             our questions,” says DePaul.
bring tears to the eyes.                    Once the catalogue was
   It then becomes almost laugh-         launched, readership has contin-
able to ask the question, “So, have      ued to grow and “the feedback we
you read any good books lately?”         often get from most of the people
Since nearly 90 percent of the           we talk to is ‘nobody ever asks me
time the answer received will be         about my favourite books, I would
along the lines of, “You mean that       be happy to answer your ques-
weren’t for class? There isn’t any       tions’,” continued DePaul.
time for that.”                             In its young existence, the site
   It is true that time is a precious    has undergone a facelift and is
commodity, and that for some,            looking as snappy as ever. The
the reading of a book for pleasure       layout is excellent and easy to
just can’t compete with the allure       navigate and there are many ar-
of a flip cup tournament or a rau-        ticles to browse, as well as a com-
cous night at Phil’s, but it certainly   munity to join so that visitors can
is an excellent way to spend a lazy      discuss any of the novels or artists
Sunday. The question as to what          featured.
to read then arises and there are           Thus far, the site features inter-
many places for one to look for          views with the likes of musicians
answers.                                 Sara (one half of Tegan and Sara),
   One website that provides an          Ron Sexsmith, The Constantines,
abundance of chances to find an           The Hidden Cameras, as well as
interesting read is Found in the         writer/activists Amy Richards, Launched in April           Jennifer Baumgardner and Kalle
2006 by Laurier students Chris           Lasn. The response towards the
DePaul and Juanita Boone, Found          site has been extremely posi-
in the Margins delves into the lit-      tive and both DePaul and Boone
erary minds of those who inspire.        would love to see its continued
Ranging from musicians to writers        growth.
to activists, the site asks today’s         When asked who they would
inspirational artists about what         most like to see featured, DePaul
novels are currently stimulating         responded with Bob Dylan while
their intellectual minds.                Boone hopes to interview Kurt
   Launching a new website is nev-       Vonnegut.
er an easy task, and one that pro-          So the next time you are look-
motes both thought and discus-           ing to kill some time, instead of
sion can often be a difficult selling     watching the newest Deal or No
point. But Found in the Margins          Deal, why not put on a pot of cof-
was meticulously planned for             fee or make some hot chocolate
approximately a year before its          and sit down with a good book
                                                                                                                                                                                          Sydeny Helland
launch.                                  and then swing by Found in the
                                                                                 BOOK SMARTS - WLU students Chris DePaul and Juanita Boone get wild for web sites and books.
   The time was spent “focused           Margins to discuss it.

                                                                                                                       and a party dress with matching         her Boston shop, Magpie, and her

Online crafters’ community                                                                                             clutch made entirely out of paper
                                                                                                                          Another big focus of the site is
                                                                                                                                                               newly released book, The Craftster
                                                                                                                                                               Guide to Nifty, Thrifty, and Kitschy
                                                                                                                       reconstructing, revamping, recy-           Although the site is US-based, it unites craft-lovers from across the globe, creating avenues of fun                                        cling, and remaking anything.           is almost like a lesson in globaliza-
                                                                                                                          This could include changing          tion (the good kind). While there
                                         sters” from all over the world (over    preppy to punk, glam to gothic,       actual trash into treasure, or pick-    are sections of the site to find
JESSICA PETER                            75,000 members at the time of this      normal to Japanese Lolita, and ev-    ing up goodies at the thrift store to   crafty people in your own area,
CORD A&E                                 article, and many thousands more        erything else in between.             make into something even more           and the site itself is quite multina-
                                         guests) exchange ideas, photos of         The sort of talk that ends up       fantastic.                              tional, although all in English. The
If all of those handspun, domestic       completed projects, and plenty of       on the site includes advice on           Craftster was launched in 2003       diversity that the site offers is part
handicrafts and folk art – the ones      tutorials.                              how to hold your dream-themed         by Leah Kramer, a long-time             of the community’s appeal.
with kittens in bonnets, ducks              It is a site for young people who    wedding, (horror B-movie? Alice       crafter, who started it as a forum         There is also the craft swaps
carrying baskets, and “Bless this        also happen to share a love of craft-   in Wonderland?) or what to make       for those crafty people who just        board, where you can trade your
Mess” – are not really your cup of       ing, and it is one of the forerun-      your boyfriend’s friend’s parents’    needed a different outlet from          hand-made goodies for other
tea, there is an alternative. Craft-     ners in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY)        neighbour for Christmas.              what was already out there – the        things from literally all over is a new breed of crafting      movement, which has changed               The crafts themselves are just as   site’s motto is “no tea cozies with-    the world, often with a specific
message boards for a new breed of        into something of a revolution.         diverse. Some completed projects      out irony.”                             theme. The whole idea kind of has
crafters.                                   The crafts and discussion            include a Ken doll remade into           Besides maintaining Craftster,       a cozy feel to it: uniting the world
   The site has carefully organized      threads on the site are innovative,     the Wolfman, sushi-shaped pil-        Kramer – who has pretty much            though a love of DIY and alterna-
sections for different crafts, with      and above all, unique. There are        lows, clay Super Mario-themed         achieved goddess status to its          tive crafting.
more being added all the time            clothing and accessories for every      wine glass charms, the cast of        members – also fills her life with          Now, a person can get used that
with member input. “Crafting hip-        subculture you can think of: from       Dawn of the Dead in knitted form,     other craftiness in the forms of        kind of world domination.
A&E                                                                                                                              The Cord Weekly        THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                17

Writer-director Sophia Coppolla follows the long
tradition of portraying historical stories on ilm
DAVE RICCI                              has digressed considerably. In-
STAFF WRITER                            stead of a focus of the technical,
                                        audiences are drawn to the aes-
As a genre within the world of          thetic. This is considerably so in
cinema, historically based films         Sophia Coppola’s forthcoming re-
appeal to a diverse audience. For       lease Marie Antoinette. Based on
some, films dealing with past            the life of the French queen, the
events are like a portal to a forgot-   film traces her journey from Aus-
ten world. For others, stereotypi-      tria to France. The film focuses
cally the male audience, history        on the queen’s role in the revolu-
films provide a well formulated          tionary uprisings which besieged
balance between violence and            France in 1789.
intrigue. Regardless, history will         Although Coppola is known for
always be a topic that filmmakers        directing rich films, it appears that                                                                                                          Contributed Photo
and audiences will be compelled         her forthcoming release is bound       PLAYING ROYALTY - Kirsten Dunst puts on her Sunday best to go back in time and portray Marie Antoinette.
to explore and experience.              to disappoint. After a debut view-
  Since the dawn of cinema, his-        ing at the Cannes Film Festival,
tory has been the subject of some       Coppola’s costume-based drama          sex appeal.                             the almighty buck.                       With anything, there is bound
of the strongest films made to           was booed.                               Films such as Marie Antoinette          For all the bad history films         to be good and bad. This is espe-
date. Take for example, Eisen-             And rightfully so. If the preview   raise the question of whether or        there are many that please both        cially true in today’s film industry.
stein’s unfinished trilogy Ivan          is any indication, Coppola’s new-      not it matters that history-based       the entertainment and history          Regardless, all history films share
the Terrible, which combines the        est release is set to rely heavily     films are accurate. Most audiences       junkie. Take for example Steven        the common goal of remember-
timeless story of the Russian Tsar      on visual elements as opposed to       would not be too concerned with         Speilberg’s Saving Private Ryan,       ing something that has already
and stunning visuals.                   relevant historical facts. The film’s   such questions. Films such as           which combined a strong sense          happened.
  Alongside Eisenstein, Abel            alternative punk soundtrack and        Gladiator and Kingdom of Heav-          of realization with a great story of     Evidently, society has a desire to
Gance’s Napoleon is also an ex-         lavish costumes are sandwiched         en, both directed by Ridely Scott,      brotherhood.                           remember past and recent events.
ample of early cinema’s determi-        between Coppola’s explorations         are somewhat feeble in their at-          Also, the German film Downfall,       With cinema’s ability to recreate
nation to bring to life people and      of Marie Antoinette’s famed sexu-      tention to historical fact. But, at     which chronicles the last twelve       events, history films both good
events long past.                       al escapades. Once again, it seems     the end of the day when the box         hours of Adolf Hitler’s life, is an-   and bad, resonate with viewers
  Fast forward to 2006.                 that an intriguing piece of history    offices are swelled with ticket in-      other example of a well researched     because they offer a chance to es-
  Modern cinema as we know it           will be back-seated to modern day      come, history takes a back seat to      and pertinent history film.             cape into a world lost to time.

A new way to get the news
New Internet-based news channel allows you to watch news on demand
                                           The site does offer users the op-  whelmingly Anglicized point of
PAUL ALVIZ                              tion of uploading their own video     view on a majority of the stories.
CORD A&E                                news stories, but these personal      Instead of getting news from
                                        accounts of news don’t make           around the world, you get the Eng-
A new way for people to watch TV        much of an appearance when            lish version of world news. This is
that has been emerging over the         browsing the video catalogue.         due to various signed agreements
past couple of years: the Internet.        IBC boasts that it provides        with the aforementioned news
Thanks in part to more people           you with up-to-date news cover-       agencies, but the lack of agree-
having high-speed connections           age from around the world, all in     ments with news agencies from
and to developers who are able to       streaming video clips, updated ev-    the rest of the world. For the most
compress good-quality video clips       ery 20 minutes of every day. This     part, IBC’s content is really just the
into smaller and smaller sizes, al-     means that you can access the         glazed over, dumbed-down news
most anything can be put into           stories you want, from wherever       we’re all used to being spoon-fed.
a website as a streaming video          you want, when you want them.            When searching for news in
broadcast.                                                                                     Bosnia, Estonia or
   Think of it as the poor man’s                                                               Yemen, what you
Rogers OnDemand, where instead          Think of it as a poor man’s Rogers                     get is the sensa-
of trying to record shows with your     on Demand, where instead of                            tionalist news sto-
digital cable, you can just look it                                                            ries about violence
up with your nifty computer.            trying to record shows with your                       and      corruption is one of those          digital cable, you can just look it                    we are so used to
websites where you can browse,                                                                 seeing here. In
search and watch various video
                                        up with your nifty computer.                           fact, the stories
clips from around the world. Its                                                               are from here, but
biggest current competitor is You-                                                                     “over there.”
                                                                                               they are about
                                                                                                                             DON’T MAKE
   IBC, however, is a news-only,            In terms of saving time and ac-      On their website, the Internet
broadcast-oriented          website,
meaning you won’t find any video
                                        cessing global news, it’s great, but Broadcast Corp claims that they
                                        it’s still news from TV, just repack- “aim to provide a global platform
                                                                                                                           DYLAN ANGRIER.
clips of robot dance-off competi-       aged for the Internet in a highly for every broadcaster and adver-
tions here, unless of course, it’s
breaking news.
                                        organized and archived website.       tiser around the world,” but cur-
                                            You aren’t going to find any rently they stand pretty far from
                                                                                                                            WRITE FOR THE
   The leading edge that IBC holds      underground breakthroughs like reaching that goal.
over other video-based websites
is its credibility, as most of IBC’s
                                        what really happens inside Ste-          That being said, it’s entertaining
                                        phen Harper’s home, or what’s to watch news clips from across
                                                                                                                              CORD A&E
sources are giant news corpo-           happening in the Aboriginal Ca- Canada, such as one where an 81-
rations like Reuters, CP (Cana-         nadian communities of Northern year-old purse snatching victim in                      CONTACT: 
dian Press) or the AP (Associated       Canada.                               BC who “fought back” and refused
Press).                                     Another problem is the over- to be a passive victim.
18    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006            The Cord Weekly                                                                                                                           A&E

Returning to his roots
By casting an ensemble of acting greats, Martin
Scorsese looks poised to end his Oscar drought
LAURA CARLSON                               However, Costello has a long-
STAFF WRITER                             time relationship with Sullivan,
                                         and uses him to ensure that he
From the director who brought            remains out of the police’s hands.
GoodFellas to the screen in 1990,        Meanwhile, Costigan has become
Martin Scorsese scores big with          a member of Costello’s gangster
his new action flick, The Departed.       circle and is leaking all the in-
A remake of the Hong Kong film            formation he obtains back to his
Internal Affairs, Scorsese is able to    bosses on the force. Both Sullivan
take the original’s basic plot struc-    and Costigan know that there is a
ture and turn it into a classic of his   mole and are working hard to ex-
own.                                     pose him.
  Starring Leonardo DiCaprio,               The film features outstand-
Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and           ing performances by all actors,
Mark Wahlberg, this outstanding          in both leading and supporting
cast, combined with remarkable           roles. Jack Nicholson delivers an-
directing, makes for a spectacular       other first-class with a captivating
cinema experience.                       portrayal of the charismatic and
                                         utterly vulgar villain. Matt Damon
                                         also continues to prove that he
  The Departed                           is a top-notch actor by showing
  Director: Martin Scorsese              us that aside from his character’s
  Starring: Jack Nicholson,              good looks and charm, Sullivan is
                                         nothing but a greedy rat.
  Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt                   However, it’s Leonardo Di-
  Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Alec             Caprio who stands out and steals
                                         the screen. His acting skills, whic
  Baldwin                                are often overlooked, are dem-
  Rating : 8.7 / 10                      onstrated by his ability to portray
  Original Release Date:                 his character’s incredible depth
                                         and complexity surely make this
  October 6, 2006                        DiCaprio’s best performance.
  Recommendaton:                            Although in a supporting role,
                                         Mark Wahlberg (as Sergeant Dig-
            WATCH IT TWICE               nam) flawlessly executes his role
                                         as the hot-headed, hard-assed
                                         cop. Completing the cast are Mar-                                                                                                               Contributed Photo

   The gangster film follows the          tin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Vera       MASTERS AT WORK - Alec Baldwin and Martin Scorsese relax while filming the acclaimed The Departed.
lives of Billy Costigan (Leonardo        Farmiga, who all deliver notewor-
DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt       thy performances.                       of the gangster genre. There is a       viduals will do to ensure that they    ters. The film becomes a story not
Damon), two young cops serving              The movie’s soundtrack also          hint of romance in the form of a        come out on top. The characters’       only of violence and bloodshed,
in Boston. The two grew up in an         adds to the riveting action of the      love triangle but it’s never made       fates become sealed through the        but a psychological tale of what
Irish mob community, and both            film. From music by the Rolling          to feel sappy, nor does it demand       ethical — or the very unethical —      happens when one is faced with
graduate from the Police Acad-           Stones to a Van Morrison cover          too much attention. Instead, the        decisions that each one ultimately     living a double life.
emy. Sullivan is placed in a high        of “Comfortably Numb” the mu-           film focuses on personal ties be-        makes for his or herself.                 WIth its cat and mouse game
profile special investigations unit,      sic perfectly suits the tones of the    tween characters and the theme             Though longer than most ac-         and scenes of shocking violence,
and Costigan is chosen to go un-         most crucial moments.                   of betrayal.                            tion movies (The Departed runs         you are left hanging from your
dercover and book the head of the           From foul language to gut-              In this world of double agents       for about two and a half hours),       seat from start to finish. It is truly
organized crime scene in Boston,         wrenching scenes of violence this       and rats, one is left questioning       this extra time allows Scorsese to     a Scorsese masterpiece, and one
Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson).         film has everything prototypical         where alliances lie, and what indi-     explore the depth of the charac-       of the best films of 2006.

Killers’ sophomore slump                                                                                                 now, as previously mentioned,
                                                                                                                         much more mature, with only one
                                                                                                                         love song making the cut on this
                                                                                                                                                                so tightly.
                                                                                                                                                                  They matured. They grew mous-
                                                                                                                                                                taches. Inevitably they tried to be
The Killers tone down, grow up and opt for dirty Las Vegas for Sam’s Town                                                twelve song album.
                                                                                                                            In the song, “Uncle Jonny” it’s
                                                                                                                                                                something they just couldn’t.

                                                                                                                         hard to picture Flowers having an
SARAH MACDONALD                          moral subtext.                          “Enterlude” begins with Flowers         uncle who did cocaine, let alone
CORD A&E                                    “When You Were Young” is             singing “We hope you enjoy your         being within twenty feet of some-
                                         catchy, pop-like, something a re-       stay / it’s good to have you with us    one doing cocaine. The more he
Is this the best album in the last       cord deal exec would adore, but         / even if it’s just for the day.”       sings, the more unbelievable each
twenty years? According to Bran-         mentions of rivers and nature              It brings about the old Vegas feel   lyric is.
don Flowers, lead singer of the          just don’t cut it for the best com-     these boys so eagerly want you to          It seems like Flowers took his
Killers, it is – but maybe he’s too      mercial band to come out of the         buy. He sings this as if you’re in a    change musically and fashionably
boastful.                                revival of new wave.                    hotel with the band.                    to his bandmates and pseudo-
   Is it any good? Sure it is, but the      Do David Bowie and Morrissey            The “Exitlude” reiterates the        forced them to follow suit. Guitar-
album has some of the same slips         have your approval now, Killers?        same vibe as the “Enterlude” but        ist Dave Keuning needs to realize
that have plagued many sopho-               Sam’s Town starts out optimis-       adds-back up vocals, an acoustic        that he is not our generation’s Jim-
more albums after wonderful de-          tically with familiar synth tones,      guitar and Flowers trying to prove      my Page, get a haircut and wear a
buts, like The Strokes’ follow-up,       but Flowers’ new warble doesn’t         that he’s a grown man.                  shirt underneath his tight leather
                                                                                                                                                                 The Killers
Room on Fire.                            feel as right as any of the songs on       “Bones” starts out painfully         vest. Drummer Ronnie Vannucci           Sam’s Town
   “When You Were Young” has a           Hot Fuss. When Flowers sings “I         with a choir singing “come with         obviously needs to trim his han-        Rating: 6.7 / 10
very exaggerated, amphitheatric          see London / I see Sam’s Town,” it      me” trying to recreate any Queen        dlebar moustache.
feel that isn’t anything like the        makes one crave for a time when         opening from some of their best            Enough said.                         Original Release Date:
oft-made comparisons to Bruce            the Killers would have seen Lon-        pieces. He takes pieces from the           It’s a good album; it definitely      October 3, 2006
Springsteen. Instead of the songs        don and wanted what London had          finest musicians of the ‘80s and         shows the growth that a band
about budding young relation-            to offer instead of gritty Las Vegas,   tries to shove them all onto one        needs in order to succeed. It’s
                                                                                                                                                                 Label: Island Music Group
ships, murders and obsession             Americanization, dirty facial hair      album, calling it creativity inspi-     not a great album because they          Recommendaton:
that appear on Hot Fuss, Flowers         and Peter Gabriel.                      ration instead of copying.              not only grew up, but they aban-                  WORTH A LISTEN
opts for more mature lyrics with a          The forty-nine second long              The themes in the songs are          doned every ideal they once held
                                                                                                           THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                    19

                                                                    EMPLOYMENT                                                       SERVICES
SYD-OKU                                                         Appointment Bookers Wanted                           10-10-940 Long Distance Service
                                                                Established company is looking for                   Dial 10-10-940 before your long dis-
                                                                                                    -                tance call. No contracts of signup.
                                                                ible hours, no selling, no experience                Calls appear on local Bell bill. 3.9
                                                                neccessary. Students welcome,                        cents/minute Canada, 4.9 cents/min-
                                                                training provided. Up to $13.50/hr.                  ute USA. for in-
                                                                Call today, start tomorrow. 519-570-                 ternational rates.
                                                                1888 (Mike).
                                                                                                                     Win DVD boxsets
                                                                                                                     Devoted Fans Network is an enter-
                                                                NEED COMPUTER STUFF?
                                                                                                                     tainment forum that provides the lat-
                                                                Volunteer a few hours weekly during
                                                                                                                     est news on your favourite shows,
                                                                the school day and make a life long
                                                                                                                     plus a safe and respectful forum for
                                                                difference to a child. Volunteers are
                                                                                                                     you to talk with other fans. We are
                                                                matched by the Canadian Mental
                                                                Health Association with children who
                                                                                                                     and Veronica Mars, among others!
                                                                need additional support at school.
                                                                                                                     You will need to register to enter (it’s
                                                                FRIENDS operates in partnership
                                                                                                                     free). For more details go to www.
                                                                with the local schoolboards and helps
                                                                                                            (click the
                                                                children 4 to 15 years. Call 519-744-
                                                                                                                     animated banner at the top). I am an
                                                                                                                     Admin at DFN, these prizes are for
                                                                                                                     real, sponsored by Warner Brothers.

                                                                        5 bucks for 30 words or less
                                                                      Come to the WLUSP oice and see Angela to ind out more

HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the blank squares so that each row/
column and each block of nine includes the numbers 1 to 9.
                                                                                        Rate applies to WLU students, staff and faculty only


                                                Jian Ghomeshi
                                                CBC journalist and host of The National Playlist on CBC Radio 1
                                                Saturday October 21, 8:00 pm in BA 101
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                                                and faculty!
20      THRUSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006                     The Cord Weekly                                                                                                            Opinion
                  The Cord Weekly
                            Editorial Board 2006-07
Editor-In-Chief               International Editor              Opinion Editor
April Robinson                Arla Latto-Hall                   Blair Forsyth-Stark   
(519) 884-0710 ext. 3563
                              Special Projects Editor           Graphics Editor
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                              Arts & Entertainment Editor
                              Joe Turcotte

Provost probs
Matt Provost’s controversial dismissal as Campus Clubs co-ordina-
tor has left Matt Park, chair of the WLUSU board of directors, asking,
“Where did things break down?” Good question, Park.
  Aside from the termination, which didn’t follow WLUSU policy, the
complete lack of communication, both to the board and to the campus
clubs, has left the department in “a big jumbled mess,” according to a
campus clubs executive. At a time when campus clubs are really start-                             WLUSU’s communication strategy in providing for the needs of students
ing to pick up, recruiting new members and organizing events, the dis-
missal and subsequent upheaval couldn’t have come at a worst time.                                                                                                                                      Emilie Joslin
  While no one seems to disagree that the dismissal process was wrong,
the real issue is the lack of transparency and communication within
WLUSU, which has only worsened the situation.
  BOD members weren’t informed of the situation and some campus
clubs executives have stated that they didn’t learn of Provost’s dismissal
until they read about it in the Cord. How can an organization run its
departments effectively if no one knows what’s going on? It seems the
Hawk’s running around with its head cut off.
  With approximately 90 campus clubs, the Provost issue will undoubt-
                                                                                             Giving thanks to
                                                                                             ‘mature’ students
edly affect a lot of students. So WLUSU needs to learn from this incident
and implement measures to ensure it never happens again. The man-
agement committee and BOD members need to implement a strategy
to guarantee policy is followed and that there is a clear chain of com-
munication when a decision is made.
  In order to best “provide for the needs of students,” WLUSU needs to                                                               teacher’s bitch.                       the catwalk.
do some serious internal reorganization and make transparency within                                                                    Thanks for working hard at             I’m just happy you don’t have
the organization a priority.                                                                                                         school, but not taking things too      to define yourself purely by your
                                                                                                                                     far. You’ve recognized that you’re     outward appearance. But keep
                                                                                                                   ALEX HAYTER       in university to learn, but also to    trying not to look like a complete

Lose the apathy                                                                                                    FEATURES EDITOR

                                                                                             Mature students. Amongst other
                                                                                                                                     experience. It’s good to have a
                                                                                                                                        On that note, thanks for not
                                                                                                                                                                               Thanks for not being such a
                                                                                                                                                                            jerk. It’s great the way you treat
Jack Layton’s visit to campus yes-                  cally geared towards the 18 to 24        things, Laurier’s admissions cal-       dividing your student life purely      people with a fair amount of re-
terday got students talking poli-                   age bracket. Imagine the apathet-        endar defines them as over 21,           between academics and getting          spect, regardless of gender, race
tics, a seemingly rare occurrence                   ic attitudes that exist today, when      with two or more years of work ex-      wasted. There’s so much more in        or ugliness. If you’re nice to peo-
these days. Layton, as leader of                    no one’s telling students to care        perience and who are adequately         between, and beyond; thank God         ple, they’re generally nice to you.
the NDP came to Laurier to dis-                     about politics.                          prepared to undertake university        you’ve figured that out: well done.     If people act like jerks, they are
cuss what he believes are incred-                      The NDP have seen the oppor-          courses.                                People like you can offer much         jerks, so avoid them.
ibly important issues in Canada                     tunities available by addressing            I think the definition needs a        more to a conversation than               But most of all, thanks for ex-
that affect students, and it’s about                and engaging students, and, as           little work. You see, there is an ob-   just, “Did you go out last night?”     pressing your opinion. Maybe if
time someone did.                                   such, is taking the time to visit a      vious line between undergrads,          People like you are actually fun to    more people behaved like you do,
   Layton is the first of the current                few university campuses includ-          regardless of age, who act like         be around, not just when they’re       Laurier would be a better univer-
federal party leaders to arrive on                  ing Western and McMaster. It’s           adults, and their counterparts:         wasted.                                sity to go to. It’s too bad that what
WLU soil, which isn’t surprising                    a move that was clearly well-re-         students who progress through              So thanks for not getting drunk     seems like a growing number of
given the party’s focus on youth                    ceived by the packed house in the        university without even an ounce        every single night of the week,        students here act like packs of
issues. However, the arrival of a                   Paul Martin Centre, regardless           of maturity to their names.             and not letting the world know         inane, unintelligent, unfriendly
political leader shouldn’t be such                  of political affiliations, and the           The former make university an        that you are plastered by shouting     idiots. But thanks at least for of-
a rare occurrence, especially with                  Liberal and Conservative parties         exciting, engaging and wonderful        “Wooo!” at the top of your lungs       fering a shining example for those
voter apathy running so high                        would be smart to follow suit.           experience for students around          whilst belching, screaming and         lost souls to look up to.
among youth.                                           But it shouldn’t be up to the par-    them. The latter, I’m afraid, con-      vomiting simultaneously. Thanks           Students at Laurier need to be
   In the 2004 federal elections,                   ties to encourage students to care.      stantly seem to do their worst to       for not spending every penny you       aware that this is a time in our
only 39 percent of Canadians aged                   After all, they do have a country to     ruin the quality of university for      have on alcohol and not dedicat-       lives when we should be matur-
18 to 21.5 voted, while only 34 per-                run. Too many students shrug off         their “mature” counterparts.            ing every part of your fridge to 24-   ing the most. It’s a time for people
cent of individuals aged 21.5 to                    politics saying they aren’t relevant        So it’s time to show my grateful-    packs of beer.                         to set a precedent for how they’re
24 cast their ballot, according to                  to them, and they’ll care in the         ness to the superior portion of the        Thanks for being in a long-term     going to live their lives. Are you
Elections Canada. Not even half of                  future.                                  student body. You know who you          relationship and loving it. It’s re-   going to do everything half-assed,
all eligible youth voters turned out                   If undergrads want to spend           are. You’re friendly, intelligent,      freshing to see that you don’t jug-    undignified, superficially and
to the polls, which is a sad state-                 the rest of their lives living in a      pleasant, interesting and thought-      gle between partners like lumps        unintelligently; or are you go-
ment about the political involve-                   country with a stable economy,           ful. You’re just like me.               of meat. Juggling lumps of meat        ing to put that extra energy into
ment we can expect in the future.                   top-notch education and health              Thanks for talking in class and      is disgusting; any person should       your daily efforts in order to bet-
   What’s worse, these low num-                     care systems and a superior qual-        participating in discussions. You       know that.                             ter yourself as a full-featured hu-
bers occurred during the politi-                    ity of life, they need to start caring   make the day go by so much fast-           Thanks for not wearing pyja-        man being? Are you going to try to
cal media blitz that takes place                    about and getting engaged in poli-       er. It’s super. People who don’t say    mas to every lecture or class you      make university a better experi-
around elections, in addition to                    tics. And they need to do it now.        anything make class really boring       go to. People who do that look like    ence for everyone?
advertising campaigns specifi-                                                                and pretty much destroy the point       total fools and deserve to be pant-       If you do, thanks for being a
                                                                                             of being there.                         sed and/or slapped in the eye. Oh,     “mature” student.
These unsigned editorials were agreed upon by at least two-thirds of the Cord’s edito-          But thanks for only talking          but I’m also grateful for the fact
rial board and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cord’s volunteers, staff or        when you’ve got something to            that you don’t treat every appear-
WLUSP.                                                                                       say, because everybody hates a          ance in public like a prance down       
Opinion                                                                                                                        The Cord Weekly        THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006            21

Don’t use stereotypes to pick your friends
By making assumptions about someone’s personality based on their looks, you could miss out on some great friendships
                                      Laurier.                                every single [Southeast] Asian       hand. “As a young black woman,           stereotypes obviously don’t apply
                                         Everyone has undoubtedly             person.”                             how I dress definitely affects how        to everyone. Each person, regard-
                                      heard of the dumb or easy blonde            South Asian women are also       people will view me [especially          less of their gender, ethnicity or
                                      stereotype. These stereotypes as-       subjected to stereotyped views.      for those] people who don’t know         religious beliefs, is different.
                CHRISTINE SUIZA       sociated with blondes often creep       “I think one of the biggest [ste-    me,” she said.                              So take the chance to really get
                  GREEK PHILOSOPHER
                                      up whenever a girl has made a           reotypes] is if I can cook. And if I    “For example, I remember go-          to know people and don’t be too
                                      mistake around guys.                    can cook Indian food, especially     ing into a Shopper’s Drug Mart in        quick to judge. Remember, the
One day, my good friend and I got        “Just because I’m blonde, any        curry,” was what Bhavna Verma,       the university area. I was wearing       way you perceive a person on
into a conversation about how         little slip or any little thing they    a fourth-year psychology and an-     a black sweatshirt, and the hood         the basis of a certain stereotype
girls who wear a lot of makeup are    don’t understand [is considered]        thropology student recalled.         was up because it was cold, and          affects how you will treat them.
often misunderstood and judged        a blonde move,” explains Emily              Her reasoning was simply that    black track pants,” said Walford.        If I had not been open-minded
in a negative way.                    Shaw, a fourth-year psychology          it’s assumed that within the South      “I noticed that one of the em-        about my friend, not only would
   I mentioned to her that, in one    student. “It’s something that I’ve      Asian community, “girls are sup-     ployees kind of followed me when         our friendship not have devel-
of my classes, there had been         dealt with on a pretty consistent       posed to know how to do certain      I was in the store. I could sense that   oped, but our assignment would
a blonde girl who wore a lot of       basis.”                                                                                       she was watching        have also suffered and the group
makeup. I felt that she was just         Another stereotype that exists                                                             from time to time,      dynamics would not have been as
another one of those girls who        within the Laurier community is                                                               so that threw me        strong.
                                                                              “Just because I’m blonde, any
would flirt with the guys and not      that all Southeast Asian girls are in                                                         off,”      explained       Unfortunately, the same ste-
take the work seriously.              business or in the sciences.            little slip or any little thing they                  Walford,      noting    reotypes that have been encoun-
   I also assumed that she was the       “When I tell people I go to Lau-     don’t understand [is considered] a                    that her skin co-       tered by Laurier students also ex-
type to look down on other girls      rier for my university, their auto-                                                           lour may have           ist outside the campus and within
and only accept girls who were        matic response is ‘Oh, so you’re in     blonde move.”                                         been a factor.          most societies. It is important to
just like her.                        business, eh? Or science?’ I’m like                                                                Looking back at    be aware of the repercussions of
   But as soon as she spoke, these    no, no, I’m not. I’m in arts…. You      - Emily Shaw, fourth-year psychology                  my in-class expe-       judging a person on the basis of
perceptions began to dissipate.       know, Asians are a lot more di-                                                               rience and draw-        stereotypes.
She turned out to be very articu-     verse than [people] think and they                                                            ing from my inter-         As well, think on how quick
late and intelligent. When the as-    seem to clump us all together,”                                                               viewees’ experi-        judgements would affect you.
signment was in full swing, she       Sandra Ng, a fifth-year sociology        things once you hit a good age ences, I realized that stereotypes             Would you really want someone to
was committed, diligent and the       major strongly suggested.               like 16 or 17,” she says. “And you can sometimes hinder a person’s            judge you based on stereotypes of
sole motivator of the group. In the      As well, there appears to be         should know how to make roti judgment of others.                              the cultural or community group
end, we became good friends.          another misconception that all          and curry and how to do all these       It’s understandable that we           you are a part of? Think about that
   With this experience in mind,      [Southeast] Asians within K-W all       things, and do it well, because by have these preconceived notions            and keep it in mind the next time
I began to think of other existing    know each other. Ng explained           22 to 23, you’re supposed to be whenever we are meeting people                you meet someone for the first
female stereotypes. I realized that   that she is often asked whether         married.”                            for the first time, and they are of-      time.
there are many stereotypes of dif-    or not she knows so-and-so from            Shayna Walford has experi- ten hard to dispel. But it’s impor-
ferent groups of women within         Laurier or UW. “No! I don’t know        enced racial stereotyping first tant to keep an open mind since                
Opinion                                                                                                                                         The Cord Weekly       THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006             23

Cell phones hinder human interaction
By putting your cell phone on vibrate, you can avoid awkward social situations and even save yourself some extra minutes
                                                       need to start thinking more about        thinking something along the           could have avoided being glared      butter for the rest of the night, and
                                                       the message they’re sending to the       lines of, “because this isn’t awk-     at by countless people you don’t     saved a good number of people
                                                       people around them while speak-          ward at all.”                          know.                                some popcorn.
                                                       ing on the phone.                           So you say you’re sure your            Applying this knowledge to oth-       I, however, would have lost the
                      JEREMY TREMBLAY                     One of the most frustrating           friends aren’t bothered when you       er situations can potentially pay    chance to witness an event con-
                                   ON THE VERGE
                                                       problems is when a cell phone in-        get interrupted by calls? Even the     off as well.                         siderably funnier than the movie
                                                       terrupts a conversation.                 avid cell phone addict will agree         During the summer I was           it interrupted.
Have you ever been in the middle                          You’ll be sitting with an old         that there is at least one time when   watching a movie in the cinema,          So who knows, maybe paying
of a conversation when, out of the                     friend, maybe having dinner, and         a ringing phone becomes terribly       and perhaps fifteen minutes into      a little more attention to how you
blue, you were interrupted by the                      you’ll be catching up. All of a sud-     awkward: in a lecture.                 the showing a cell phone went        use your phone will pay off.
ring of a cell phone?                                  den, you might as well have fallen          A room full of students and a       off.                                     Maybe you can even save
   Nowadays, everyone seems to                         off of the face of the earth: his cell   professor staring at you when your        I was absolutely shocked at how   enough minutes to move to a
have one. Seeing as we’re often                        phone rings.                             phone starts to blast “SexyBack”       unifying the situation was. In-      cheaper plan; I’m sure you can
out of the house, we move an-                             For some reason, when a cell          probably isn’t how you hoped           stantly, an unbelievable amount      easily find something to do with
nually and we need to keep tabs                        phone rings, normal ideas of re-         your Monday morning would go.          of popcorn flew at the man – who      the five bucks you’ll save.
on where the happening parties                         spect and manners fly out the                Of course, the person you hung      actually answered the call – from        And hey, even if you don’t save
are, it makes sense to own a cell                      window.                                  up on without an explanation           every direction.                     money, at least no one will re-
phone.                                                    How often do you say, “sorry, I       probably isn’t too thrilled either.       I don’t know: perhaps the call    member you as “the girl whose
   However, we seem to act like                        have to take this,” or tell the per-     Had you turned your phone off          was truly important to the man.      phone always goes off in lecture,”
any time our cell phones ring, the                     son calling you’ll call back later?      (yes, it does have a power but-        What I do know is that switching     nor will you spend a night smeling
world will pause around us so we                          You’ll talk away, leaving the         ton) before going into the lecture,    the phone to vibrate and taking      of popcorn.
can take the call. Not only is this                    person you were talking with just        the caller would have been able        the call into the hall would have
untrue, but cell phone users also                      standing in front of you, probably       to leave you a message and you         saved the man from smelling like      


can these individuals, the presi-
dent and vice presidents, run an
$11 million corporation when they
cannot even deal with a simple hu-
                                                             GET AHEAD, STAY AHEAD.
man resources issue?
   I wish to raise two points regard-
ing this fiasco. Firstly, since this
was a human resources issue, why
                                                             GO TO THE TOP STAY ON TOP.
did the responsibility to terminate

                                                             BE INDISPENSABLE, NOT DIS-
Provost fall onto Mossab Basir, the
VP of Finance? Surely that seems
like something that falls within the
realm of the VP of Human Resourc-
es. What was the reason for this
“passing of the buck?” Secondly,
what good does it do to for Basir to
acknowledge his mistake after the
                                                             PENSABLE. BE WORTH MORE.

                                                             EARN MORE. EMBARK ON A
   Surely, if he was given the neces-
sary authority, he should have fol-
lowed the proper protocol when
firing Provost instead of acting
so impetuously in the first place.
What did Provost do that was so
bad to warrant such a quick termi-
nation? I’m trying to bring to light
                                                             PROFESSION LIKE NO OTHER.
the way in which the Students’
Union is being run by its current
   Students need to know the an-
                                                             ONE THAT IS EVOLVING WITH
swers to, among others, the fol-
lowing questions: How are the VPs
hired? Who are they accountable
to? In my opinion, this whole fias-
co is probably reflective of deeper
                                                             THE NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY.
and more widespread problems
within WLUSU. To say it bluntly:
if WLUSU management cannot
deal with a simple HR issue, how
                                                             ENHANCED AND EXCEPTIONAL.
can they be capable of running a
corporation that involves so much
money and affects all students?

- David Jenkins

Letters Policy:
All letters to the editor must be signed and submit-
                                                                        TAKE THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS
number, and telephone number. Letters must be or through our website
                                                                           A REWARDING CAREER.

24    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006             The Cord Weekly                                                                                                            Opinion

                                                                                                                                                                                          Contributed Photo

Image is the new sound in music industry
Artists don’t have to be talented these days, they just need killer abs, a sexy outit and a great producer argues JC McLaren
                                         the right family. Paris Hilton, set      dios in Canada, which has record-   log and sent through the speak-            are many musicians in all types of
                                         to inherit $27.5 million of the bil-     ed acts from “one-take-Prince” to   ers,” explains Lake. He went on to         genres who are producing ground-
                                         lion-dollar Hilton Hotel’s legacy,       D12, Lake has had to learn to be    describe some of the more promi-           breaking music and not getting any
                                         was born into the public eye – cel-      unbiased in his opinions of certain nent tricks in live sound including        credit for it because it doesn’t have
                       JC MCLAREN        ebrated from a young age. On top                                             auto-tuning the guitars and vocals
                                                                                  types of music. His quick rebuttal is                                          that popular image – that liquidity.
                  LIFE AS A SOUNDTRACK
                                         of her heritage, she grew to be an       evidence: “Actually Britney Spears  to the key of the band.                       We’ve turned “Stairway to Heav-
                                         attractive woman.                        has a very good voice. That’s a true   As well, there is a program that        en” into a Big Mac.
Sadly, they just don’t make music           Good looks and money. Why             story.”                             can pre-record lyrics so that as              It’s gotten to the point where
like they used to; but at least Paris    wouldn’t we idolize her?                                                                       soon as you start        someone else writes, produces,
Hilton’s new single is doing well.          Not only did we celebrate her                                                               to articulate it live,   and fiddles with the knobs, and we
   These days any one of us could        for the mere fact of being born, but     “We can change the key of an                          say the beginning        are paying these stars millions of
pick up a guitar, grab a pair of         we gave her a TV show (The Simple                                                              of the word, the         dollars to keep their six packs and
sticks or even flow to some beats,        Life), showing her inability to op-
                                                                                  entire song, smooth it out, add                       program will rec-        look good for the cover of Rolling
but the real talent, my friends, is      erate at the basic motor function        rasp, make it more mellow and                         ognize the foun-         Stone.
looking good.                            level, and now a record contract.                                                              dation of the word          Paris was reported in UK’s Sun-
                                                                                  everything in between. We could
   I couldn’t tell you who instigated       Personally, I think it is an insult                                                         and regurgitate the      day Times saying, “There’s nobody
this school of thought, but the ma-      to all musicians, good or bad, but       have a goat make a Britney Spears                     recorded version         in the world like me. I think every
jority of us most certainly jumped       with innovations in technology,          song.”                                                through the speak-       decade has an iconic blonde in-
on that crazy train; just look at        skill is no longer an issue.                                                                   ers in time with         cluding Marilyn Monroe or Prin-
popular music.                              “We can change everything,”                                                                 the music. “It’s the     cess Diana and right now I’m that
                                                                                  - Lake Curry, Metal Works Studio
   To me, the definition of a musi-       boasts Lake Curry, an audio en-                                                                next step in lip         icon.”
cian must include at least one of        gineering student at Metal Works                                                               synching,”      Lake        Well Paris, we’re all glad to have
the following: the ability to write      Studio. “If a person sings flat we                                                              explains.                you and all your wondrous talents
music or the ability to perform it.      can make it sharper, we can pitch           Being true or not doesn’t matter    With the various tools of manip-        – whatever they may be.
   Today it seems – based on most        shift anything. We can change the        in the studio as much as it doesn’t ulation, it’s safe to say that almost         I guess at the end of the day they
musicians in the spotlight – you         key of an entire song, smooth it         matter in live scenarios. “We can anyone could be a musician.                  may not be the most talented mu-
don’t need to be a musician, to be a     out, add rasp, make it more mel-         change just as many aspects of a       So how, then, do we separate the        sicians, but who cares - they’re the
musician.                                low and everything in between. We        live recording, if not more, than boys from the men? Easy: image.              best looking.
   Celebrities are no longer praised     could have a goat make a Britney         you can in a studio because the        It is how easily you can sell the
based solely on talent; they can be      Spears song.”                            sound is converted to digital be- music. The innovation, the validity
celebrated just by being born in to         Being at one of the largest stu-      fore it’s transformed back to ana- and the art cease to matter. There            

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