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       …I know you didn‟t have a choice…I
      know you did not have anything better
                    to do….
Textbook Training

              August 13, 2009
Inventory Issues

       …or to quote Jerry Mcguire “Show
                me the money”
Today‟s Topics

   Inventory Issues
   Logistics
   Policy Changes
   New Procedures
   Language Arts Adoption
   Procedure Changes
   Open Forum Q&A
Inventory Issues

   All inventory
  issues need to
  be resolved by
  10 September.
Inventory Issues
   Get with me to finalize or pay the bill.
   The following campuses need to see me:
       WFHS
       HHS
       RHS
       Southern Hills Elementary
       Lamar Elementary
       Crockett Elementary
       Burgess Elementary
       Lamar Elementary
       McNiel Junior High School
       Sheppard Elementary

            Like UPS or Fedex…we aim for
                  on time delivery…

   New Classes
   Consumable Textbooks
   Consumables
   Shipping Paperwork
   Consumable Ordering
   Surplus
   Out of Adoption
Logistics – New Classes

   If you have opened, or are going
    to open new classes I need to
   I need to know, if at all possible,
    where those kids are coming
Logistics – New Classes

   Books will be moved between
    campuses where we can.
   In some cases that is going to
    mean cutting campuses to the
   In some subjects you will not be
    allowed to keep any extra
Logistics – New Classes

   I anticipate issued with the
    following subjects:
     Elementary Math – especially 5th
     Elementary Social Studies –
      especially 5th grade.
     Anatomy and Physiology.

   There may be 1 or 2 other
    subjects as well.
   There are several consumable textbooks in
    the district.
   K - 2nd grade math foremost.
   As with all textbooks we are limited based
    on enrollment. Unlike other consumable
    material there is not a surplus of
    Consumable Textbooks in the district.
   Because we are limited based on
    enrollment and these books are issued
    based on enrollment when the enrollment
    for these books declines the books must
   When a student transfers to a new
    school the consumable textbook
    must follow them
   The new enrollment campus needs
    to contact the district office.
   We need to know which campus the
    student came from.
   We will get a textbook from the 1st
    campus and deliver to the new
Logistics – Consumables

   We are still missing several
    consumable titles and are trying to
    get them in as soon as we can.
   Missing consumables are, for the
    most part, back ordered from the
   If you have any extra consumables
    that were shipped this summer
    please let me know. They will need
    to move.
Logistics – Consumables

   6th-8th BK English consumables
    were printed by the print shop in
    coordination with the Curriculum
    coordinators and teachers.
   All BK Consumable titles have
    been placed on the District
    Launcher for campus use.
Logistics-Shipping Paperwork
   Make sure you are returning one of the 2
    copies of the yellow shipping paperwork
    you receive.
   I know there have been a few instances
    where books arrive without paperwork. I
   Typically I send the paperwork via school
    mail bags and books come with the drivers
    when they have room.
   This means that there is sometimes a day
    between the paperwork and the books
    arriving either way.
   If you need more consumables
    on your campus I need to know
    as soon as possible.
   I anticipate another round of
    small scale consumable
   Again, if you have extra‟s let me

   We will be moving surplus off
    campuses during the course of
    the school year.
     We will come out and check for
     If you know you have surplus let
      me know.
Logistics-Out of Adoption

   Literature is going Out of
    Adoption this year.
   As soon as you have Literature
    books you are done with for the
    year let me know.
   We will come remove them.
Policy Changes

        …or more things to keep track
Policy Changes

   There are a couple of new policy
    changes for the upcoming
    school year.
   Most are small but there are 1 or
    2 radical departures from
    previous policy.
   Some of the policy „changes‟
    reflect active enforcement of
    current policy.
Policy Changes

   Forgiving another campuses
   Withholding Records
   Book Checks
   Letter Cycle
Forgiving Fines

           Stop taking my candy…
Policy Changes- Forgiving Fines

   Student who have textbook fines are
    not eligible to be issued textbooks.
   They are entitled to access to a
       After school
       Study hall
   They may not take home a textbook,
    whether checked out to them or a
   You may give them a classroom set
    stamped book if you have one.
Policy Changes-Forgiving Fines
Student Changes Campus
   If the student          If the student
    has a textbook           does not have a
    fine:                    textbook fine
       DO NOT ISSUE            They can be
        TEXTBOOKS                issued
       Contact campus           textbooks as
        where the                normal.
        student has a
Policy Changes-Forgiving
   If you forgive textbook fines at
    another campus your campus
    will be responsible for paying
   Keep in mind this current district
    policy that will now be enforced.
Withholding Records

       The Bark finally got some bite….
Policy Changes-
Withholding Records
   Previous Policy, based on the
    most conservative
    interpretations of existing state
    law, forbade campuses from
    withholding student records.
   This is no longer the case.
Policy Changes-
Withholding Records
   From the Texas Legislature House Bill
    …If a textbook, including an electronic
    textbook, or technological equipment is not
    returned in an acceptable condition or paid
    for, the district or school may withhold the
    student's records. A district or school may
    not, under this subsection, prevent a
    student from graduating, participating in a
    graduation ceremony, or receiving a
    diploma. (HB 1332)
Policy Changes-
Withholding Records
   This finally give us some teeth
    to use for those graduating.
   You may no longer keep a
    student from walking the stage.
   You may not deny them a
Book Checks

           …more work for the
          underappreciated AP…
Policy Changes- Book Checks

   The total dollar value for lost
    textbooks for the district, as of
    Monday of this week is
    ~ $52,000.00.
   Of that $52,000.00 dollars
    ~ $48,600.00 was from the
    secondary campuses.
Policy Changes- Book Checks

   This is dollar amount represents
    money and/or textbooks we are
    responsible to TEA for.
   Contrary to popular belief we
    take that responsibility seriously.
Policy Changes- Book Checks

   The district spent over $10,000.00
    from the lost textbook fund on
    consumables and textbooks for
    various campuses.
   WFISD replaced nearly $5,000.00 in
    missing textbooks from the lost
    textbook fund.
   The district cut a check to TEA for
    over $10,000.00 to have textbooks
    that were lost removed from the
    district inventory.
Policy Changes- Book Checks

   The point is that money
    collected from lost textbooks is
    used for the benefit of every
    campus to:
     Replace Textbooks
     Buy new or additional textbooks

     Purchase or Print consumables no
      longer available from the publisher
Policy Changes- Book Checks

   The district is mandating book
    checks for textbooks issued to
    students and teachers in an
    attempt to stem the tide of
Policy Changes- Book Checks

  Book Checks
  are Mandatory
  for Secondary
Policy Changes- Book Checks
   There are several goals here:
       Give campuses a tool to effectively
        identify potentially missing textbooks as
        early in the year as possible
       Give campuses enough time to work on
        tracking down books, kids, and money
        for missing textbooks.
       Give the campuses a set of tools to
        enable functional book checks
       Give the campuses an effective set of
        district backed penalties to enable
        campuses to recover lost textbooks or
        receive textbook fines.
Policy Changes- Book Checks

   Book Checks will be performed
    every 9 weeks at a minimum
   It is recommended they be done
    every 6 weeks.
   We will discuss just how book
    checks are to be performed in
    the Procedures section.
Policy Changes- Book Checks

  Book Checks
  are Mandatory
  for Secondary
The Letter Cycle

          Or how textbooks become
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle

   Lost Textbook Penalties
       No UIL
       No Sports
       No Dances/Proms
       No Parking Pass
       No clubs, or other extra-curricular
       Loss of work privileges
       Suspension of any privilege or activity
        that is not considered a „right‟ by the
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle

   4 Part Process
     Issuance Letter
     Missed Book Check Letter

     Lost Textbook Letter

     Truancy Letter
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle

   At every stage the language of
    the letters escalates.
   Every letter increases penalties
    a student suffers for missing
   The final outcome is Truancy
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
       Issuance Letter
   The Issuance Letter is the first step
    in the process.
   The Issuance Letter is sent to
    parents after textbooks have been
   The letter gives parents an overview
    of the WFISD Textbook policy as it
    relates to students.
   The letter details books issued to
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
       Issuance Letter
   Issuance Letter Sample
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
     Missed Book Check
   Second step in the Letter Cycle
   Books not seen during a book check
    are declared lost.
   The Missed Book Check letter is
   The Missed Book Check letter
    notifies parents and guardians that 1
    or more books has been lost.
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
     Missed Book Check
Missed Book Check Letter
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
     Lost Textbook Letter
   Third step in the Letter Cycle
   Mailed 10 days after the Missed
    Book Check letter was mailed.
   Only mailed if the student did
    not bring the book back.
   Letter provides notification that
    the student is restricted from the
    listed activities.
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
     Lost Textbook Letter
Lost Textbook Letter Sample
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
        Truancy Letter
   Final step of the Letter Cycle.
   Refers the student with lost
    textbooks to Truancy Court.
Policy Changes – Letter Cycle
        Truancy Letter
Truancy Letter Sample
Policy – Textbook Refunds

   If a student pays for a book and
    returns that book within 90 days
    the campus can refund the
    money to the student.
New Procedures

           This is how we do it…

   The new school year will bring
    two changes to textbook
   Both changes relate more to
    secondary campuses than to
    primary campuses.
     Book Checks
     Letter Cycle Printing
Book Checks

   Book Checks will be done using
    the LM 756 report program.
   These reports will print by
    teacher section.
   Each report is a separate list for
    each section with the students
    assigned to the section.
Book Checks – LM 756

   Action: P
   Borrower Type: **
   For School: Your Campus
   by report code: / All
Book Check – LM 756
Book Checks – LM 756

   The record will be repeated for
    each student tied to a textbook
    in a given class for a given
    course number.
   This should enable relatively
    simple book checks.
Book Checks – LM 756

   Running a book check
     Schedule the book check, give
      student prior notice.
     Print the reports for the whole
     Distribute those reports by
     The teacher can then mark the
      report for missing textbooks.
Book Checks – LM 756

   Running Book Checks con…
     Every book not present during the
      book check must be declared lost.
     The missed book check letter will
      be sent home.
Book Check-Questions?
Letter Cycle

         ..killing more trees than we can
Letter Cycle – Printing Letters

   Printing all of the various letters
    is done in LM 716.
   If you need a custom letter
    written or changes made to a
    letter we can do that as well.
   We can also create letters for
    other purposes.
Letter Cycle – Printing Letters

   LM 716
   L1
   / select the letter you wish to print.
       ISSUANCE-Books checked out
       BKCHECK-Missing a book during a
        book check.
       CHARGES-Money owed for lost books
       TRUANCY-Truancy Court letter.
Letter Cycle – Printing Letters

 „P‟
 Building: Your building #

 Location: OFC

 Letter/document: as selected

 Letter type: OUT

These options will print letters for
  every student.
Letter Cycle – Printing Letters

   The same process is repeated
    for each letter type as needed.
Letter Cycle – Questions
Overdue Letters

   There is a stock letter for
    overdue books.
   The due date for all textbooks
    this year 1 May 2010.
   After that date all books are
   You can generate a letter to
    send home with that information.
Language Arts Adoption

       ..we finally get to get rid of these
Language Arts Adoption

   There is a textbook adoption this
    summer which will be the first
    half of the Language Arts
   During the course of the school
    year we will begin pulling any
    excess Literature books being
    replaced by the first half of the
Language Arts Adoption
These are the books due for adoption during
the 1st half of the ELA adoption
   English Language        English for
    Arts & Reading K-1       speakers of other
   Spanish Language         languages 1&2
    Arts & Reading K-1      English language
   Reading 2-5              proficiency
   Spanish Reading          standards 9-12
    2-5                      teacher‟s editions.
   Reading (Elective)      AP English
    6-8                      Language &
   Lit 6-12                IB Language
   Spanish Lit 6            studies, standard
                             and higher level.
Questions and Answers

       …or how does all this stuff work?
What can the district do for you to make
life easier?

           Seriously we want to help….
            …We‟ll take any ideas….

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