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Did you know… A bit about Tonga by rkw11276


									September, 2006                                        The monthly newsletter of Fair Oaks United Methodist Church
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                            Did you know…? A bit about Tonga
                                      by Pastor Kelly Love
      As we at Fair Oaks United Methodist Church welcome Tongan brothers and sisters,
here is just a bit to get you started if you don’t know much about Tonga! Most Tongans in
the United States are United Methodists, and our own Annual Conference includes many
Tongan members and Tongan congregations.
      The first successful missionaries to Tonga were English Methodists who arrived in
1822. No wonder the ties between the Methodist Church and Tonga are so strong! The
king and the majority of the royal family are members of the Free Wesleyan Church,
which is a Methodist denomination. There are four other Methodist denominations in the
country, including the Free Church of Tonga and the Church of Tonga. In Tonga, church
services usually follow a call and response structure. Singing in the church is often done
a cappella. Often, a strong singer will sing the first notes alone, and the rest of the
congregation will then join in. Most congregations sing all hymns in harmony. In the 19th
Century, Western church music and Western classical and popular music began to
mingle with traditional Tongan music, resulting in the often hybrid music of contemporary
Tonga. If you were in worship on August 13th, you had the pleasure of hearing this
distinctive style of Tongan hymn-singing. If you missed it, don’t worry – there will be other
      Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific consisting of 169 islands, 36 of which
are inhabited. The largest island is Tongatapu, where the capital city of Nukuʻalofa is
located. Tonga has never lost indigenous governance – a fact that makes Tonga unique
in the Pacific. Tonga offers free and mandatory public education, and boasts a 98%
literacy rate! Although many Tongans travel overseas to pursue higher education, higher
education is also available in Tonga, including teacher training, nursing school and
medical training, a small private university, a women's business college, and a number of
private agricultural schools.
       I first learned more about Tonga and the Tongan community in America from my
Tongan colleagues at seminary - other students at Pacific School of Religion with me,
who continue as colleagues and friends. What a joy it is that FOUMC can now join the
ranks of churches that include Tongan families in the diversity of our community!

        Yours in Faith,
       need to be at the church,
         9:00AM TO 4:00PM                                    FOUMC may be a relatively small church
                                                     in numbers; however it is a very big church in
                                                     compassion and giving.              Your prayers,
                      WHY?                           thoughtful cards, telephone calls, visits, and
                                                     delicious food are some of the items that Sharon
  For an open workshop & first stage in our          has received during her recovery period due to
  congregational strategic planning process. Led     cancer of the uterus. Pastor Kelly has been so
  by consultants Richard Southern & Robert
                                                     vigilant in her visits, first at the hospital in the
  Norton of Church Development Systems, this
                                                     recovery waiting room (a visit when she didn’t
  meeting is open to all and involves no ongoing
                                                     get to see Sharon as she was in the recovery
                                                     ward so long because of a very difficult
  We will explore Fair Oaks United Methodist         operation and lengthy recovery time), visiting her
  Church’s reason for being, our vision(s) for       in her hospital room, and at our home.
  ministry today and in the future, and the values   Assistant Pastor Mary bringing us communion
  we hold dear.                                      was so special. So many things that have
                                                     touched our hearts that I can’t begin to list them
                  FREE LUNCH                         all. We are overwhelmed with your generosity. –
                                                     Bob and Sharon Moore
                                                            Nancy Klanjac, Betty Phillips, Gay
                                                     Anderson and Katy Houghton for making
        DISTRICT PRAYER SCHEDULE                     adorable cookies to give out at the 1st annual
Let’s pray for a church in our district each week:   “Fair Oaks Chicken Festival.”
   Sept. 3 Point Pleasant
   Sept. 10 Farmington
   Sept. 17 Sacramento Hope                                       ABOUT OUR FOLKS
   Sept. 24 Sacramento St. Mark’s                          Do you have news in your family? Let us
                                                     know, so we can share it with
            DELTA DISTRICT PICNIC                    your church family!
          “Uniting United Methodists”
       The annual picnic is Saturday October 7th             Ellen Frosch’s mother
at William Land Park, Sacramento from 11am-          Mary is healing from a scrape
3pm. All proceeds benefit Side-by-Side Ministry      during a colonoscopy that
with the Homeless, directed by Rev. Linda            caused        some        health
Kelly.                                               problems, but will be ok. Ben and Ellen Couch
       Meet the Delta District Family, pastors,      are getting their strength back and making a
church officers, lay members, friends and            recovery from pneumonia.
colleagues for a potluck picnic. Beverages and               On Bryce Leach, Bryce is heading into
tableware will be provided as well as general        neutropenia in the next 4 to 7 days. His Hgb is
entertainment and Funderland Tickets for the         low so he is getting a blood transfusion 8/25. His
kids! Suggested donation is $5.00 per person,        radiation burns are bad, and he is not walking
$15.00 per family (3 or more). We’ll be in area      much. Wayde Wicker is recovering from a bad
GA-13 behind Fairytale Town. For more info,          infection that was hard to shake. Please pray it
see the flyer in the Narthex.                        stays gone this time.
                                                             Sharon Moore is free from cancer of the
                                                     uterus and will now undergo radiation.
                 with Ched Myers                                  YOU KNOW
        “The Church and the Body Politic: The                    Susan Peters
Bible Takes on the Culture Wars” will take place
Sat. Sept. 16 from 9:30-3pm at St. Mark’s UMC        Mary McCollum’s Story:
in Sacramento. The $20 fee includes lunch.
        This workshop will look at two scripture     “About 12 years ago, I tried to market a piece of
passages (Isaiah 56 and Mark 7) which invite us      property I had in the hills as we were unable to
to reflect on the question of inclusion and          maintain it any more and still made tax
exclusion in the community of faith. Author and      payments on it. We had improved it with
teacher Ched Myers will lead participants in         reforesting and built a nearly complete cabin. It
looking at the ways in which issues such as          was a nifty weekend get-away. But we had
immigration and homosexuality have been used         come to the end of being able to keep it up, or
in the culture wars to scapegoat and                 even go to it. I was unsuccessful in selling it
marginalize, and offer an alternative based on       through a local mountain realtor. So I made the
biblical visions of hospitality and embrace. A       decision to give it to the Conference Claimants
cofounder of Sabbath Economics Collaborative,        Endowment Fund as I’d heard what they did with
Myers is published widely on issues of theology      the funds, investing, and how that played out in
and social justice.                                  helping the conference, persons and local
        To register, send the $20 registration fee   churches. They sold it almost immediately in the
to Caryl Callsen, 23281 Fortress Ct., Pioneer,       Bay area for cash, which they invested. Half of
CA        95666       (209)      295-2151       or   the dividends come to me for the rest of my life,                                and the other half go to the conference. When I
                                                     die I have stipulated that Fair Oaks UMC will get
                                                     my half of the principle and the other half
           SPIRITUAL LIFE INSTITUTE                  remains with the conference to help with retired
Programs & Studies in Contemporary Spirituality      pastors’ income. (Now I am a retired pastor so
       Attention       Parents,     grandparents,    this is dear to my heart as well.)
teachers, ministers, coaches…all who play
major roles in the lives of young people today!      I enjoy the quarterly “extra income” and find
“It Takes a Village” is a program that offers        interesting unplanned ways to use it, like buying
information and insight into raising our young at    curriculum for a Bible study, or expensive
all levels of their development through their        teaching maps, or supplies for classes that are
young adult years.        Joyce Hansen is the        taught. But initially I got a big tax deduction that
presenter. She is a graduate of Sacred Heart         lasted several years. With the deduction I got a
Major Seminary in Detroit, MI.         She also      tax refund that I used for other church gifts of a
coordinates youth retreats at Christ the King        smaller nature that continued to benefit the
Retreat Center.                                      church and my tax status. But mostly I enjoy the
       The program is on Thursdays Oct. 5 & 12       feeling of knowing I have made a real
from 7-9pm at the Christ the King Retreat            contribution where my heart is. I know that it is
Center. Cost is $20 ($14 seniors 60+). Grab a        and does, benefit God’s work and ministry of the
registration form in the Narthex.                    church. That feels really good. So I think that
                                                     after I’m gone the gift will continue to do some
                   PINOCHLE                          good, and that it will continue to bless this
                Sept 8th 7:30PM                      church even as it has blessed my life. It is an
       Join us for an informal game of Pinochle.     exceedingly good feeling!”
We'll show you how to play! We'll be at Lynn
and Gloria Phinney's home this month. Call to            If you would like more information on how to
say you're coming - 726-7252. For more               make your own planned gift, you can talk to any
information on monthly pinochle games, please        member of the Endowment Committee, or
call Sue McGee at 967-6123.                          Susan Peters, our consultant from the
                                                     California-Nevada United Methodist Foundation
                                                     at 530-957-8654.
           ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL                         electric guitars, amps, drums, horns or
                   George Roth                         keyboards would be appreciated. Call Rev.
        Who was Judas?           What was his          Linda Kelly at 443-4362.
relationship to Jesus and to the other disciples?              Sr. Nora’s Place is in need of volunteers
If you are interested in finding out more about        to put together and serve meals for 13 women in
the Judas Gospel that was recently discovered,         the shelter. Also, volunteers are needed to help
translated and published, please join us for Adult     in the day kennel which houses 40 dogs and 15
Sunday School. Over two Sundays, September             cats belonging to the guests. Clerical help is
10 and 17, we will explore the traditional, Biblical   also needed, MacIntosh exp. a plus.
portrayal of Judas and compare that to Judas as
presented in the Judas Gospel. George Roth                         SACRAMENTO PFLAG
will lead the discussion. Meet in the Sanctuary                  (Parents, families and friends
at 9:00 a.m.                                                          of lesbians & gays)

                                                        Monthly meetings are on the third Tuesday at
                                                           7:30PM at St. Mark’s Methodist Church.
                                                       Sep. 19     Quarterly rap session w/ Will
                                                                   Green, MD
       People in our communities are looking for
our church right now. They're right outside our                This year’s Service of Remembrance
door, waiting to be asked inside. Get ready now        will be Sunday Oct. 29 at 4PM at the Unitarian
to open the doors wide in September for Open           Universalist Society. Honorary Chair will be
House Month!                                           Dennis Mangers, Chair of Board of the Capital
                                                       City Unity Council. The Rev. Douglas Kraft from
       On Aug. 28th the “I Believe” national TV        the Sacramento Unitarian Universalist Society
messages start airing. The United Methodist            will officiate. The Sacramento Men’s Chorus
denomination will have high visibility through         has been invited to perform.
Sept. 17th.
                                                                   DOWNTOWN MINISTRIES
                                                               Current needs for this family haven for
                                                       the needy are:
                                                        • Unexpired and unopened food and toiletries
       Meet at the steps of the State Capitol on        • Furniture, appliances, housewares
Sunday Sept. 17th.      Registration begins at          • Linens, pillows, towel sets
7:30AM with the run at 8:30 and the walk at 9.          • Children’s books, toys, school supplies,
An exciting and informative Health Fair will             backpacks
follow the 5 kilometer run/walk.        Walkers,        • Medicine, hygiene items
volunteers and teams are needed to take part            • Disposable diapers
and raise money that will benefit 15 local AIDS
service organizations. To register call 916-453-       The collection warehouse is in Rancho Cordova.
1110 or visit            Call Deanna at 916-631-4357 to schedule a
          LOAVES AND FISHES (L&F)                                    CHURCH COUNCIL
       All Loaves & Fishes volunteers are invited                         Betty Phillips
to the Appreciation Dinner Thurs. Sept. 28th to                Council meets Sept. 12th at 7PM in the
be held at St. Anthony Parish on Florin Road.          Sanctuary. As always, everyone is welcome.
Hors d’oeuvres at 5:30pm and dinner at 6:30pm.         The church and the Little Methodist School are
RSVP to L&F by Sept. 1st by email                      participating in the First Annual “Fair Oaks or             Chicken Festival” on Sat. Sept. 16th in the
916-446-0874                                           village. We will have a booth and be available to
       Recently, all of the musical instruments        hand out brochures and chicken cookies. This
used by our guests have been stolen from the           is a simple public relations project for our church
Side-by-Side program. Any donations such as            and school.
     WHY WAS PASTOR KELLY SINGING?                      Wanted: Some Office Help for Pastor Kelly
                    By Pastor Kelly                             Do you have some time available during
        If you were in worship on Communion             the week and during the day? Do you have
Sunday in August, you heard me singing the              reasonably legible handwriting? Pastor Kelly
communion liturgy. And you may have                     desperately needs help with tedious office tasks,
wondered why. After all, my singing voice is            primarily filing, in order to bring order out of
nothing to write home about.                            chaos. Just call the church office or email Pastor
        It all started with Katie’s parents’ visit. I   Kelly if you are available and willing!
went to Roman Catholic Mass on Saturday with
Katie’s mom. As the priest was presiding over
communion, it got me thinking about how it
would look through Katie’s mom’s eyes to see             HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT
the clergyperson (me) abdicate a significant                 LITTLE METHODIST
piece of the role of presiding over the sacrament                  SCHOOL?
of communion. You see, the introductory                           Pastor Kelly
dialogue in “The Great Thanksgiving” is intended               We have come so far in weathering a
to be a dialogue between pastor and laypeople           financial and administrative challenge that felt
(see the United Methodist Book of Worship).             overwhelming many months ago! Still, I know
That’s the part that goes “the Lord be with you;”       that folks may continue to feel frustrated or
“and also with you” (etc.). It caused me to do          angry about what has happened. I very much
some soul-searching over my reasons for giving          want to hear from you. How are you feeling?
that up.                                                And what are you thinking at this point in time? If
        No part of worship is a performance,            you would like to talk, please just let me know!
whether the choir’s anthem, a solo, or the              I’m available! I can be reached at the church at
readings or prayers. Every part is a different way      961-6631,        or    through       email      at
of turning to God. In the religious traditions that Thanks!
use a lot of musical liturgy – including some
                         Jewish traditions, Roman
                          Catholic        churches,
                          Lutheran              and     CONTINUE YOUR PRAYERS IN SEPTEMBER
                           Episcopalian churches –                       Pastor Kelly Love
                           the worship leader often            Please continue to hold your church in
                     takes on a role of “cantor.”       prayer throughout the month, as we cast our
                Unlike a soloist, the cantor may or     vision toward the future. Remember to listen
            may not have a beautiful singing            when you pray – God may reveal something to
voice. In the Christian denominations, it is often      you! Offer whatever prayers for the church are in
the priest or pastor leading sung parts of the          your heart, or use this suggestion:
liturgy. And when that priest or pastor has a nice             Generous God,
singing voice, that is great. And when they don’t,             You provide all we need,
that is accepted, too.                                         and call us always to use Your gifts for
        So when it comes to communion, I will be               the good of Your world.
stepping back into the role assigned               to          Give Your guidance to Fair Oaks United
the pastor. I will enlist Michael’s                            Methodist Church.
help to work on my voice. And I                                Point us in the right direction.
will trust that you all will bear                              Help us use the rich gifts of these people
with me, in the spirit of                                      and this place,
experiencing communion for                                     for the ministries You would have us do in
what it is: a sacramental act of                               Your name.
worship, and not a singing                                     Reveal to us the future You have in store
performance.                                                   for this church.
                                                               We pray in Jesus name, Amen.
              MUSIC MINISTRY                          singing, and you, as a member of the church,
      Michael Schwagerus, Music Director              may share its song.” So with this new attitude I
                                                      invite you to sing as one voice and as the voice
Welcoming Samantha Nielsen                            of our church. To help with this I will take every
                                                      opportunity to make clear certain logistically
       We have a new accompanist! I am very           problems, such as: when to start, how to read
pleased to introduce to you Samantha Nielsen.         repeats and when to stop. Please feel free to
Samantha has been playing piano for 15 years          ask questions. I will be waiting in the Narthex
and accompanying for 10. Her first accompanist        shortly after every service to answer questions
job was at a United Methodist Church.                 or just to hear feedback in general. Don’t be shy
Samantha has also played for many non-church          and don’t worry, you wont offend me either way.
related functions including Garbeau’s Dinner          Let’s have some fun singing in our new 100+/-
Theater and as the winner of the Young                person choir this fall!
Musicians’ Symphony Award with the Sierra
Symphony at ages 15 and 17. Both pastor Kelly                    BOOK OF RESOLUTIONS
and I were very pleased with Samantha’s                                 Katy Houghton
audition. Which by the way was not easy for                   What is the Book of Resolutions? Come
many of our applicants.                               to adult Sunday School in Spencer on
       I would also like to add that I find myself    September 24 and October 1 to find out. The
experiencing some conflicting emotions over our       Book of Resolutions has been published after
recent change in accompanists. As hard as it          each General Conference since 1968. The
has been to see Meagan go I must admit that I         2004 edition includes all resolutions that are
am excited to see what we can do this fall with       currently valid. There are seven sections in the
Samantha having joined our team. Let us all           2004 edition. Come to Sunday School to find
welcome Samantha with joy and excitement.             out what the different sections are and how they
                                                      affect the United Methodist Church.
Choir: The choir is working again! New singers
are always welcome. Just drop in Thursday                            WEDDING UPDATE
nights in the Sanctuary from 7:30-9:00pm.                 Geri Ann Gomes, Administrative Assistant
                                                             Many of you have taken an interest in my
Congregational Singing Campaign                       wedding, so I’d like to give you an update. The
                                                      date is set for April 14, 2007. I’m marrying
       It is my intention to make singing during      Steven Alviso, who you may have met in
service more enjoyable for everyone in the            worship or in the office.
congregation this year. Our music ministry is                We had planned on a large wedding in
working from Hal Hopson’s congregational              Folsom and had made a lot of the necessary
singing book entitled 100+ Ways to Improve            reservations in order to get there. However, with
Congregational Singing. Each month we will            the volume of my flower business, Flower
address a new issue concerning our hymn               Fiesta, growing and picking up pace, we decided
singing. This Month we begin with a new               to postpone the reception and scale down the
question. Who sings in the most important             wedding as well.
choir in our church?             The answer is:              So now, we’re just
everyone!      That’s right, all of you in the        going to do a quick simple
congregation become one as in a choir during          wedding – we have no idea
our hymn singing. This month we will work to          where. And, we’ll postpone the
convince ourselves that the most important choir      large reception and formal
in our church is the congregation itself. The         wedding ceremony for some
following quote from Hal Hopson makes this            other year when things settle down. Boo hoo!
point quite clear. “The singing of a hymn unites      But that’s how it goes. We are going to do up
the congregation in its one voice in a way            the honeymoon since we’re really not doing
achieved by no other means.”               Dietrich   much else for the occasion. The two of us are
Bonhoeffer expressed this way, “ It is the voice      Portuguese, so we’re planning a trip to Portugal!
of the church that is heard in singing together. It
is not you that sings, it is the church that is

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