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									Tysons Corner, VA Sports Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Gary Blabey, Helps
Athletes Recover Quickly

Tysons Corner, VA, 17-AUG-2010 - Back in Action Spinecare & Rehab is
pleased to announce that Dr. Gary Blabey, Tysons Corner Chiropractor has
developed safe and natural methods to help athletes recover quickly from
sports injury. When an individual competes in sports, they are often
injured during play. In some cases, an individual will continue to
compete even when injured which can compound the injury and cause
permanent damage.

Sports injuries can be debilitating and take a person out of the game
when they are needed most. When an individual does not get proper care
for an injury, they can be in pain and often may find that the injured
body part is not functional. Having a Tysons Corner Chiropractor
available to provide safe and natural relief for the pain and help the
body to heal more quickly.

When the chiropractor meets with the athlete, he will perform a series of
tests and examinations to determine the extent of the injury. After a
thorough physical examination of the injured area, x-rays will be taken
to determine if there are pinched nerves or compressed discs. The doctor
will also discuss past injuries and current lifestyle with the individual
to identify any factors that may be contributing to the injury.

After compiling the information and analyzing the results of the tests,
Dr. Blabey will design a program to address the injuries and increase the
body's ability to heal more quickly from injuries. He will often provide
a diet plan that will increase vitamins and nutrients to the muscle
groups that have been affected. In addition, he will perform manual
manipulations to realign any parts of the body that have become

The doctor will also provide exercises and stretches to help the muscle
groups more effectively support the bones of the body. In some cases, the
stretching exercises provided are different than those that are normally
done prior to a competition. These exercises address the unique issues of
the athlete.

Dr. Blabey has developed programs for sports groups to teach athletes the
methods and techniques to avoid being injured. In addition, he provides
education and training to individuals and groups on how to avoid injury
on the job, during sporting activities, and during daily tasks.

You can find valuable information about the steps that Dr. Gary Blabey,
Tysons Corner Chiropractor takes to keep athletes in peak conditions and
free of pain by visiting http://www.backinactionva.com today. The
following contact information is available to members of the press who
would like additional information with regards to this specific release.

Contact Person: Dr. Gary Blabey, Tysons Corner Chiropractor

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Address: 8306-C Old Courthouse Rd., Vienna, VA 22182

Contact Number: 703.356.6284

Fax Number: 703.356.6304

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