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                 Compare Health Insurance Plan
 Written By: Matthew Peterson –

To compare health insurance plans you will need to establish three things
for starters. The first thing would be to find out which companies are the
most reliable and will do you well in the long run and those that you
should really avoid, even if the rate sounds really attractive. The second
thing you will need to do is to look at what coverage you will be receiving
and figure out what you are and are not covered for. Lastly you need to
determine the price that you will be paying, sometimes cheaper is not
always better. I will elaborate on the three points above.

1. Which companies are the most reliable: You might be wondering how in
the world you are going to accomplish this; well the answer is right at your
fingertips, the internet. The internet is the best and most effective way to
find reliable insurance companies that will pay out if an accident does
occur. The best way to do this would be to go onto google and search for a
general term like 'compare health insurance plan' or 'list of health
insurance companies' and list them down. Once you have a list you will
want to do some research on them, search for terms like 'xxxx company
did not pay out' or you could do the reverse and say did pay out. This way
you can read up on what people who are actually insured are experiencing,
chances are you would not want to be with a company that does not
operate the way you want.

2. What coverage you will receive: To compare health insurance plans
effectively you need to find out what each plan from the different
companies are prepared to offer you. There is not point going for coverage
that does not suit your lifestyle and include added extras that will only
make you pay extra. With a free quote you will be given detail on what
you will be covered for, allowing you to be judgemental on what offers
you will be favouring more.

3. What it is going to cost you: This is usually directly related to what
coverage you will be receiving. Cost can also be determined by the
competition, as competition increases, price usually decreases. I need to

                    Compare Health Insurance Plan

stress that you that the cheapest insurance might not always be the best. If
the company is a major one then you can be pretty certain that they are
reliable, but if it is one that you have not heard before then you must do
your research first.

To compare health insurance plans you must first always get a quote -
which is free. Once you obtain the quotes then you can begin to compare
each company against each other and work out what you need and who is
the best to supply that need for you.

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                    Compare Health Insurance Plan

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