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Ormita India Advertising Offers on Barter

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Ormita India Advertising Offers on Barter

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									       Bartering For Your

Last Updated: 17th August 2010
Summary of Proposal
• Ormita can offer you a range of advertising, suitable to your
  target market, which you can purchase using your goods
  and services instead of cash.
• This is a form of barter which will allow you to acquire more
  customers without a great deal of capital outlay.
• Ormita acts as the facilitator in these types of transactions
  and lets multi-way barter transactions take place.
• You do not barter directly with the seller – we will provide
    them products and services from other organisations in our
What Types of Advertising Can We
Give You on Barter?
• Billboards
• Magazines
• Newspapers
• Online
• Public Relations Services
• Radio
• Sponsorships of Events
• Television
• Website Design
• … and more
Why You SHOULD Consider This
• You can acquire more cash customers
• You build your brand value
• Take customers away from the competition
• You are not paying cash to advertise – you are paying with
  your own products and services
• You are effectively getting something for almost nothing
• Significantly lower risk than buying the same advertising
  for cash
• Expand your audience – you never know who may be
  about to make a purchasing decision and will see you.
Big Companies Trade For Their Needs
• Barter trade accounts for nearly 30 percent of the world’s total
• 70% of all Fortune 500 companies utilize barter to reduce their
  cash costs.
• According to the Association of Advertising Agencies eight out
  of ten media corporations use barter on a regular basis.
• 65% of all New York Stock Exchange-listed companies barter.
• Nearly 16,780,000 businesses engage in formalised non-cash
  transactions every day.
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                 5.   Stodder, J. (2007)., Residual Barter Networks and Macro-Economic Stability. Renselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford, Hartford CT.`
In countries such as Switzerland barter accounts for
almost 30% of all transactions between businesses –
with more than $6 billion USD being conducted in
trade every year.
    You Have Almost ZERO Cash Outlay
•   If you have empty space, seats, unsold tickets
    or spare time it costs almost nothing to do a
    barter transaction.

•   If you have excess inventory you are
    swapping products, saving warehousing
    space and getting the maximum return on
    your idle stock.

•   If you make a product, it is the cost to
    replace that product (you are buying at a
    discount using your gross profit margin).
aFaqs Reporter                                                 Available on barter via Ormita

                     afaqs!, The online leader in marketing communications (1999)

                     Where else would you find in-depth coverage of the state of the media,
                     advertising and marketing industries? Our dynamic, eagle-eyed editorial
                     team brings you news and razor sharp analyses fortnight after fortnight.

                     Trends, Category news, Case studies, international summary, sales
                     promotions, interviews, profiles… It‘s all there. Small wonder then, that
                     executives from India‘s best-known companies are subscribed to afaqs!
Alive                                                              Available on barter via Ormita

                         Journalism, important national issues, international affairs, Indian
                         economy, industry and technology updates, fitness, poetry, fun and
                         personal moments, this magazine is for the discerning, enlightened

                         It has a loyal readership amongst top bureaucrats and corporate
                         classes, as also the young aspiring males who have set their goals high.
Beauty India                                                                Available on barter via Ormita

                        Our magazine "Beauty" brings a holistic approach to looking and feeling beautiful
                        through wellness, health, diet, and nature care

                        BEAUTY is the beauty, health, and lifestyle expert. Our goal is to bring out month after
                        month a magazine packed with latest information on makeup, skin, hair, health and
                        diet. We specialize in reviewing and providing our readers details on services, and

                        We bring to the readers clear explanations on what really works - the makeup trends,
                        skincare, hair care, styles, wellness, diet, and health tips – for Indian women and men.
                        We look to help our readers feel beautiful inside and out.

                        Readership in News stands, Salons/Parlor, Spa, Retailers, Dealers, Hotels, Airport
                        BEAUTY is for the beauty enthusiast be it a SEC A woman or a man, or a consumer at
                        tier II or Tier III city.
 Business Sphere                                                         Available on barter via Ormita

                              Business Sphere, a monthly business and industrial magazine, has been
                              published since 1992.

                              Over the years, it has picked up a respectable circulation of 72,000
                              copies p.m. and readership of around 2.80 lakh, mainly among
                              businessmen of the country.

                              It is one of the largest industrial magazines covering largely the core
                              sector SMEs in the country with subscriptions of over 60,000 copies.
Champak                                                      Available on barter via Ormita

                   Champak is a children’s fortnightly magazine named after a tropical
                   flower. It has been on the scene from 1968 being published by Delhi
                   Press Group. Today Champak is available in eight languages – Hindi,
                   English, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam.

                   Champak consists of modern stories for children with a moral tone. It
                   does not try to smuggle in adult folk tales as stuff for children. Champak
                   continues to remain a household name and a hot favourite for seniors of
                   today who were green fans of Champak yesterday. It is not unusual to
                   see grandparents rifle through the satchels of grandchildren in search of
                   a copy.

                   Champak consists of three sections – Stories, Picture Stories and Your
                   Page. The groups are not rigidly separated but intermingle to give the
                   reader relief. For instance jokes and puzzles might pop up from the
                   bottom of the page. The comics are colourful. Some of the characters
                   like Cheeku the rabbit and Meeku the mouse have become immortal
                   with each passing generation. Champak teases out the creativity of
                   children by inviting them to healthy competitions and asking them to
                   send in jokes.
City Cheers                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                      SO MUCH TO SEE AND SO MUCH TO DO. And elements of life changing-
                      lifestyle, surroundings, vision and views. In such a dynamic world, we all
                      are moving ahead but where are the moments of celebration, realization
                      of our dreams and sense of togetherness?

                      City Cheers magazine is a content rich family magazine from India. It is a
                      complete life style magazine about travel, celebrities, women's and
                      present life style trends in the country.

                      Get recognized, increase your profit margin and gain visibility globally.

                      40,500 copies are printed per month.
Cosmpolitan                                                          Available on barter via Ormita

                          The Indian Woman today handles it all. A zip-ahead career that is
                          challenging and fulfilling. And a burgeoning bazaar of products that
                          ensures they keep pace with style. Today's woman makes more money
                          and spends more money than they ever did. And she has begun taking

                          The India Today Group launched the Indian edition of COSMOPOLITAN
                          in 1996 under licence from the Hearst Corporation of the US. After all-
                          who but the world's largest selling young women's magazine
                          understands women better? Designed to reflect the fluid attitude of
                          women who want it all, COSMOPOLITAN plays big sister, best friend and
                          favourite doctor every month, offering advice, dictating style and
                          trends. The range of issues and straight-talk features cover relationships,
                          sex, career, health and almost every imaginable aspect of the new
                          woman's life and style.
Cruising Heights                                              Available on barter via Ormita

                   An airline and travel industry specific magazine with a circulation of
                   approximately 15,000 copies sent to Airline CEO's, Senior Managers, Ex-
                   Pilots and Managers.

                   The magazine offers a wide coverage of the air transport and air travel
                   industry. Topics include airline operations, airline management issues,
                   information technology, safety & security, alliances, distribution,
                   transport aircraft and engine programs, MRO, aero politics, regulation,
                   finance and leasing, airport development and air cargo.

                   The magazine also offers in-depth features examining issues affecting
                   the airlines, financiers, manufacturers, consultants and aviation law firms.
Delhi Dairy                                                      Available on barter via Ormita

                          Small-format weekly magazine highlighting what to do and see in the

                          Useful travel tips and a directory of museums, hotels, restaurants,
                          meditation/yoga centers, entertainment venues, foreign embassies, and
                          much more.

                          15,000 copies produced every week.
Design Today                                                 Available on barter via Ormita

                   Design surrounds us and makes up the rich visual images we live with
                   and amid. It's in the spaces we inhabit, the objects we use, the very life
                   we live. Going beyond the limited conventional interpretation of design,
                   DESIGN TODAY presents a holistic view that encompasses the stuff that
                   surrounds us.

                   From its first issue in October 2001, DESIGN TODAY has showcased cutting
                   edge international design and is structured on a unique thematic format.
                   Each issue of this bi-monthly explores a particular design theme through
                   in-depth articles and columns by some of the biggest names in Indian
                   art, design and architecture. And, since design is as much a visual
                   experience as a visceral one, these are supported by extraordinary
                   visuals of select homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts from across the
  Electronics Maker                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

                           Electronics Maker is a very popular monthly magazine subscribed by
                           almost every section of the society comprising students, academicians,
                           professionals, technocrats, industrial houses, technical
                           institutes/laboratories. At present it has readership in the range of over
                           two lakhs per month, which is growing at a very rapid speed of 20% per

                           It features technical notes/views/trade inquiries pertaining to
                           components and products used in electrical/electronics circuits such as
                           sensors, transducers, control equipment, networking and
                           communication equipment, laboratory equipment & scientific
                           instruments, semi-conductors, imaging & video equipment, industrial
                           automation services etc.
Eternal Solutions                                                  Available on barter via Ormita

                         Eternal Solutions the magazine comes with remedies and solutions for
                         everyone and there is a choice of remedies too.

                         The magazine comprises exclusive sections on yoga, astrology, health,
                         fashion, management, dance, music, fitness and so on. They make
                         every effort to bring a synthesis between the lifestyle of modern times
                         and the timeless principles of correct living discovered by our sages.

                         Recently, they have incorporated sections on Dharma, Artha, Kama
                         and Moksha which are the eternal aspects of living. They aim at
                         providing there readers the best content and entertainment. At the
                         same time, they shall never leave our roots and rather stay with the
                         ancient knowledge.
Events & Promotions                                                    Available on barter via Ormita

                            A first-of-its-kind magazine for the events industry and also gave a
                            knowledge-sharing platform for established personalities.

                            ENP is an intersection that brings together the expertise of the various
                            event management firms on one page. Interviews and experiences are
                            shared by the industry Gurus on the nitty-gritty of the process in ―Candid
                            Conversation‖, the ―Event Coverage‖ analyses a recent event and
                            points out the technicalities and significance of the events being
                            conducted. ―ENP News‖ brings together the information on the various
                            events taking place in India and Internationally as well.

                            ENP has over time become a reference point for everything there one
                            needs to know in this industry.

                            This is a must-have publication for anyone in the events industry or
                            anyone organising events.
Explore Delhi                                                            Available on barter via Ormita

Publishers of the monthly magazine entitled "Explore Delhi".

With a primary focus on the 25 - 45 demographic, Explore Delhi specialists in highlighting the best local
eateries, tourist destinations, hotels and entertainment venues. We also have a comprehensive
coverage of arts, theater and comedy.

With a circulation of around 15,000 the magazine is distributed directly to readers at high-profile
venues and hotels across the Delhi NCR region. These people are the affluent, wealthy leisure and
business travelers who want to know more about your products and services and have money to

Farm N Food                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

                   Farm n food, a magazine on agriculture and allied industries. This is the
                   first publication of its kind created especially for progressive farmers.

                   It aims at providing information that will increase agricultural efficiency
                   and food production in India. It also provides farm practitioners with the
                   knowledge of tools, techniques and the latest advancements in

                   Farm n Food is a fortnightly hindi magazine and it was launched in 2008.
Filmi Duniya                                                 Available on barter via Ormita

                   Filmy Duniya is the leading Hindi Movie Magazine of the country. It offers
                   its readers all the latest news from the world of bollywood movies.

                   The magazine contains information about all the latest releases and its
                   box office performances, interviews, gossips, quizzes and attractive
                   pictures of the movie stars.

                   The magazine is published in hindi and english languages.
Food and Nightlife                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                           The Food & Nightlife magazine is a fresh and innovative city magazine
                           that guides the young and spunky Delhiites about their food and party
                           quotient. It is one-of-its kind magazine, a much vaunted marriage of
                           culinary delights and leisure outs, which gives the best deals and steals.

                           Regions - The magazine is distributed in Mumbai and the greater Delhi
                           NCR area and is the single best reference source for restaurants, bars
                           and clubs in both cities. The magazine publishes articles, reports, critics
                           and entertaining information.

                           Circulation and Periodicity- Published Monthly with 45,000 copies in New
                           Delhi & Mumbai.

                           Target market - The magazine audience is affluent, culturally savvy, and
                           highly educated. Each publication our audience learns more about the
                           options in dining and entertainment available to them throughout the
                           Delhi/NCR and Mumbai regions.
Garmentline                                                  Available on barter via Ormita

                   Garmentline is a complete sourcing guide for buying agents, garment
                   accessories, fabrics, machines and everything clothing, material or
                   accessory related.

                   The magazine has both a print and free online edition with downloads
                   available to the general public. The publication goes directly to decision
                   makers and buyers in the industry so you know that your advertisement
                   will end up in the right hands.

                   The magazine has an industry readership of more than 1,00,000
                   individuals on a monthly basis.
gFiles                                                               Available on barter via Ormita

                         Gfiles is the country's first independent magazine written, designed and
                         produced for India's civil services—the vast and formidable network of
                         bureaucracies and public sector organisations that provides continuity
                         and stability to this nation's governance.

                         Every month this niche market product reaches 20,000 individuals with a
                         universe of more than 1,00,000 readers. Its exclusive audience consists of
                         the men and women who lead the Indian Administrative Service (IAS),
                         the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), the Indian
                         Revenue Service (IRS), Class I Union Services, as well as a host of Allied
Gloria                                                                  Available on barter via Ormita

                           GLORIA, Redefining Style, is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that has
                           been taking the fashion markets by storm.

                           Right from Fashion & Style, Wellness & Beauty, Relationships & Lifestyle to
                           Hotels & Restaurants, Travel & Interior and of course the Entertainment
                           Industry – GLORIA caters to all this and more!

                           The idea behind GLORIA was to come out with a magazine, which is
                           neither entertainment centric nor completely devoted to the world of
                           fashion. But to have a product that sells for its versatility, its mass appeal
                           and its content.

                           The magazine has been designed in such a way that it comes as an apt
                           choice for its target audience, which varies from brand conscious lot to
                           the affluent and elite high profile class.
Go Delhi etc…                      Available on barter via Ormita

                        Weekly regional travel guides and maps –
                        ideal for reaching out to travelers, tourists
                        and the young.
Go-Getter                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                   Go-Getter Magazine is the in-flight magazine for GoAir.

                   The initial response to Go-Getter has been good both from the flyers and
                   the advertisers. For the young go-getting travelers of GoAir, the
                   magazine provides vivacious reading material in tune with their
                   aspirations thus proving to be an effective vehicle to reach a multitude
                   of flyers with a modern and trendy consumption pattern.

                   The colourful features of the magazine truly reflect the personality of the
                   GoAir passenger and the GoAir brand.
Golf Digest India                                               Available on barter via Ormita

                   Golf Digest India is the Indian incarnation of the world's #1 golf
                   publication - Golf Digest.

                   It is a ready-reckoner for golfers at all skill levels with information on 'How
                   to play, what to play and where to play'.

                   The magazine draws on the experience and features tips from an
                   impressive array of International golfing superstars and the Indian edition
                   supplements these features with customised local content. Simply put,
                   Golf Digest India is a complete golfing experience!
Good Housekeeping India                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                   Our magazine brings immediate solutions to your everyday challenges,
                   with the same level of trusted, expert advice you've come to expect
                   from us over the past 125 years.

                   In the Recipes & Entertaining area, you'll find quick and easy meal plans
                   and healthy food makeovers. House & Home features Heloise's legacy of
                   indispensable household advice, plus our favorite deals on home decor.
                   Style & Beauty delivers makeup tips and fashion trends that suit your
                   grown-up tastes. Diet & Health will help you trim and slim down safely,
                   while Family & Pets gets real on talking to your kids — whether toddler,
                   tween, or teen — and working out conflicts. Our Saving Money area
                   dishes out smart advice for spending wisely and saving in this tough
GrihShobha                                                Available on barter via Ormita

                   Published in 8 languages and commanding an enviable readership, it is
                   the only woman's magazine with a pan-India presence. Covering all the
                   topics that are most popular among women, Bollywood, beauty,
                   fashion, family, relationships, travel, recipes and personal issues.
                   Grihshobha has been a genuine advisor and an agent for the evolution
                   of the Indian woman.

                   Year of Launch: 1979

                   • Bangali
                   • Gujarati
                   • Hindi
                   • Kanada
                   • Malayalam
                   • Marathi
                   • Tamil
                   • Telugu

                   Frequency: 24/Fortnightly
Hamar Cinema                                                           Available on barter via Ormita

                            Hamar Cinema is an NTI Media Ltd. Publication. It is Bhojpuri Cinema's
                            no.1 Magazine.

                            The magazine is an amalgamation of gossips, interviews, box office
                            collections and insight from Bhojpuri Film Industry.It also provides news
                            about Bhojpuri TV Serials.All this is provided online in the form of e-
                            Magazines too.
Harpers Bazaar                                                 Available on barter via Ormita

                   One of the world's most influential fashion titles, Harper's Bazaar has
                   always been famous for its ability to blend inspiring fashion with
                   intelligent features.

                   Harper's Bazaar is for the sophisticated, discerning woman, bringing her
                   a perfect mix of stunning fashion stories, informed arts coverage,
                   informative beauty pages and strong, intelligent features every month.
India Today Travel Plus                                      Available on barter via Ormita

                   If the world is an oyster, India is her most celebrated pearl. Since April
                   2002, TRAVEL PLUS has presented an in-depth view of select Indian states
                   going beyond touristy cliches. Presenting straight-from-the-heart travel
                   pieces by the state's most respected names and essential information for
                   the upmarket traveller, the publications were enhanced by a
                   panoramic visual feast.

                   Kerala was presented in a two-series theme woven around the elements
                   of Water and Fire; the less known north-eastern states of Assam,
                   Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh as the exotic east. The less known
                   but no less fascinating regions of Chhattisgarh and Sikkim too were
                   explored through in-depth articles and specially commissioned
                   photographs. Then, there was Maharashtra Unlimited- focused overview
                   of a multi-dimensional state.
Live IT                                                    Available on barter via Ormita

                   Live IT magazine is an IT magazine for modern women.

                   Live IT provides information on campus life, online degrees, E-learning
                   games and it uses for computer users who seek practical advice on how
                   to make better use of software, internet, or anything related to IT.
Manohar Kahaniyan                                             Available on barter via Ormita

                   Talk of bringing live drama in real life and you‘re talking of Manohar
                   Kahaniyan. A magazine that‘s been around for 66 years and enjoys
                   immense popularity among its readers, for its bold portrayal of the
                   drama that is played out in all its myriad forms in the human lives.

                   Languages: Hindi

                   Frequency: Monthly
Mans World Magazine                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

                          Man's World prides itself in the quality of its writing, photography, design
                          and presentation. It is brought out by a group of experienced

                          Man's World is a monthly magazine targeted at contemporary Indian
                          men, to explore and stimulate their interests and passions. It combines
                          the best of British and American men's magazines that have been long
                          known for their compelling writing, great pictures, impressive layouts and
                          great production values.

                          In our rapidly globalising environment, Man's World is an Indian
                          magazine suffused with international sensibilty but backed by local

Mega Modelz                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                      Behind the glamour and the glitz is a lot of hard work and very little
                      information on the "know how" is available. Here, at Mega Modelz
                      Magazine, we call it-'en route modeling via the know how'! For aspiring
                      models who want to make it big; the best way to do it is through staying

                      This magazine is treasure for those who want the 'know how' on
                      modeling and photography. The magazine also assimilates all that is
                      new and fresh in the industry, with the scope for the aspirants to follow
                      the lead of people and achieve success! Bringing together events
                      update of the big shows of the industry like Model Hunts and fashion
                      shows, Mega Modelz would give its readers a peek into what's hot and
                      happening. The best of national and international news on all that one
                      needs to know, Mega Modelz is one mega help for all the aspiring
                      models and photographers out there!
Mens Health India                                           Available on barter via Ormita

                   Men's Health is the #1 source of information for and about men. It's a
                   magazine for active, successful, professional men who want greater
                   control over their physical, mental and emotional lives. We give men the
                   tools they need to make their lives better through in-depth reporting
                   covering everything from fashion and grooming to health and nutrition
                   as well as cutting-edge gear, the latest entertainment, timely features
                   and more.

                   Men's Health is the world's largest men's magazine.
Mukta                                                       Available on barter via Ormita

                   A magazine that caters to the concerns and interests of the youth. With
                   proper guidance and direction on career, marriage, romance, health,
                   entertainment and fashion, Mukta has been a trusted friend and
                   advisor to more than one generation.
Open                                                                Available on barter via Ormita

                          Open, the weekly current affairs and features magazine, is the flagship
                          brand of Open Media Network, the media venture of RPG Enterprises. The
                          RPG group is one of India‘s fastest growing-conglomerates, owning
                          premium brands like Ceat Tyres, SareGaMa and Spencer‘s, with a
                          turnover touching Rs 14,000 crore. The group has diverse business
                          interests, owning more than twenty companies in areas like tyre
                          manufacture, power transmission, IT, retail, entertainment, carbon black
                          and life sciences.

                          Open is three magazines rolled into one. The first section, Small World, is a
                          zippy 10-page selection of the most relevant and interesting news of the
                          week from the world. The middle section has in-depth stories and features
                          on politics, sports, entertainment, science, technology, social trends,
                          health, culture, and practically everything under the sun. Finally, there‘s
                          Mindspace, a section of literary essays, stories on books, arts, gadgets,
                          celebrity gossip, science and a unique page of puzzles, mindgames and
                          questions of ethics. The last page: the editor‘s column.
Prevention                                                  Available on barter via Ormita

                   Indias leading health publication, Prevention is devoted to informing
                   readers about smart ways to live well. Top experts offer advice on weight
                   loss, fitness and nutrition that will help you better manage your health and
                   enhance the way you feel about yourself and your life.

                   Each issue features quick, nutrient-rich recipe ideas that encourage you
                   stay on track with your health. Prevention gives you the information you
                   need to slow down the aging process and fight disease using nature's
                   medicine chest. You'll find tips on alternative medicine, how to achieve
                   lifelong beauty and easy ways to boost your immunity.

                   With personal success stories and anti-aging tips that really work,
                   Prevention is the ultimate source of motivation to make the changes that

                   will transform your life.
Rolling Stone                                                             Available on barter via Ormita

                               Rolling Stone magazine is a cultural icon. It's the number one pop culture
                               reference point for over millions of young adults across the globe in 16
                               countries. In addition to its authoritative position in music, Rolling Stone's
                               sphere of influence reaches into entertainment, movies, television,
                               technology, and national affairs.

                               Rolling Stone covers everything that's important, trend-setting, and
                               newsworthy to the thought leaders among young adults. In India Rolling
                               Stone was launched on Feb 26 2008.

                               The Indian edition has content specific to India and aims to provide the
                               necessary coverage to upcoming Rock & Roll musicians and bands and

                               be the voice of youth culture.
Saris Salil                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

                   Saras Salil is the largest read magazine in the country, Saras Salil enjoys an
                   unparalleled reach amongst urban and rural masses alike.

                   With its unique mix of commentaries on social and political issues, and
                   varied articles on society, fiction and entertainment, Saras Salil magazine
                   has become the most respected publication in the hinterland.

                   Saras Salil is published in various popular languages Hindi, Telugu, Gujrati,
                   Marathi and Tamil.
Sarita                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                   The flagship magazine of the Delhi Press group that best embodies its
                   ideology of fighting against religious obscurantism and political

                   Since its launch, Sarita has maintained a bold stance on issues of
                   national importance and has been at the forefront of a crusade against
                   the fetters that hinder the progress of our society.

                   Year of Launch: 1945

                   Languages: Hindi

                   Frequency: 24/Fortnightly
Satyahatha                                                  Available on barter via Ormita

                   A magazine that tells pure untouched truth. With a long history of carrying
                   hard-hitting articles and true stories, it shows the world as it is-boldly,
                   unashamedly, and without mincing words.

                   Languages: Hindi

                   Frequency: Monthly
Shopping Centre News                                          Available on barter via Ormita

                   With the shopping centre industry in India rushing ahead on the strength
                   of a solidifying retail base, it becomes imperative to set the tenor right.
                   Growth does not happen in a haphazard or an arbitrary manner. There
                   is method and manner to the madness.

                   Shopping Centre News will want to see the Indian shopping centre
                   industry evolve with direction and determination, and claim its place as
                   an institution of importance. It will be an enterprise that involves the

                   opinions and guidance of industry stalwarts and thought leaders.
Spice Route                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

                   SpiceRoute is the in-flight entertainment magazine for one of India's
                   largest domestic carriers, SpiceJet. With 125 flights to 18 destinations daily
                   and over 15,000 people flying Spicejet for business and leisure within India
                   everyday, Spiceroute is one of India's most widely read inflight

                   Spiceroute is much appreciated for its editorial content offering enough
                   to keep every flier engaged through his journey with features on travel
                   and destinations in India; trendy food, recipes and restaurants; covering
                   art and culture across the nation including socially conscious citizens and
                   a section dedicated to children.
Spiritz                                                          Available on barter via Ormita

                       SPIRITZ is India‘s most comprehensive monthly magazine for liquor, its
                       associate industries, and liquor lovers, keeping readers abreast with
                       developments across the world.

                       Packed with lucid and informative news, analysis and features, the
                       magazine is a must for all those who seek information in India‘s highly
                       competitive liquor industry. Written and contributed by top names in
                       media and industry, SPIRITZ is a vital source of information, analysis and
                       entertainment for all liquor enthusiasts and industry players.

                       SPIRITZ will connect with the readers in India and abroad month after
                       month, giving a fresh perspective of events in the industry.

Suman Saurabh                                               Available on barter via Ormita

                   A magazine for the young adolescent mind that carries fiction and
                   general interest articles. It also covers science, geography, biographies
                   and many other interesting topics in a manner that is informative and

                   Languages: Hindi

                   Frequency: 12/Monthly
The South Asian                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                          The South Asian Life & Times is an arts and cultural journal featuring a
                          range of mainstream and fringe issues, and valuable regional data,
                          related to South Asia.

                          The Magazine is produced on a quarterly basis and sent to embassies,
                          government officials, high-net-worth individuals and CEO's across the
                          South Asian region.

                          Its readership is comprised of affluent and influential decision makers.

                          Readership of near 2.5 lakh with a direct circulation of approximately
The Blue Moon                                                        Available on barter via Ormita

                          Magazines on tourism and hospitality industry are soft in their writing.
                          They never criticize any service nor point out its shortcomings. After
                          reading a ‗travel trade‘ magazine one draws the conclusion that
                          ―Bhaiyya, all is well!‖ on the contrary it never is. At times things are as
                          bad as they can be, but everything is swept under the carpet and the
                          reality remains hidden behind that mask of a silly smile that many wear in
                          the industry.

                          The Blue Moon offers a critical appreciation of the hospitality and travel
                          industry and circulates its publication directly to over 38,000 subscribers
                          across India and the rest of the world.

                          This monthly magazine is primarily distributed to industry CEO's,
                          Diplomats and Government officials and has a huge readership.
The Caravan                                                          Available on barter via Ormita

                          The prime focus of the magazine is politics i.e. domestic as well as
                          international, with a sub-focus on culture, travel, society, art and
                          literature as well.

                          The magazine is distributed through more than 3,000 distributors and
                          agents across India. The publisher also has 12 company owned
                          distribution offices across the country.

                          The Caravan is a magazine for those who love to read detailed, in-depth
                          and insightful account of developments in the areas of politics,
                          international affairs, economy, business, the arts and culture. It targets
                          decision making thinkers and leaders of every genre.

                          This is one of the most widely distributed politically focused magazines in
                          India with a readership of several lakhs.
Touchdown Magazine                                           Available on barter via Ormita

                   Touchdown is India's first airport lounge magazine.

                   The magazine is widely distributed through airport lounges across the
                   country and features a wide variety of travel related information; both
                   nationally and internationally as well as features and highlights on a
                   wide range of topics of interest to the business traveler.

                   The magazine also offers international gossip and entertainment features
                   which will amuse the reader; making it an excellent source of all-round
                   information to keep travelers occupied.
TravelX                                                      Available on barter via Ormita

                   The countries finest travel magazine - exclusive destinations, luxury
                   resorts, spas and villas for your family or romantic getaway with in-depth
                   research into places to go and things to see.

                   The magazine is targeted at the most indulgent of leisure travelers and
                   has a monthly distribution of 35,000 with a readership in excess of

                   Our readers range from 35 - 65 years old and have a high average
                   household income. The common denominator is a love of travelling for
                   pleasure at least 3 or 4 times per year and citing their expenditure on
                   travel as their greatest indulgence of all.

                   Our readers are a unique niche, so when advertising in the magazine
                   there is no wastage, and it is by far the most targeted way to reach the
                   affluent lifestyle traveler.
Verve Magazine                                                    Available on barter via Ormita

                        Verve, India‘s premier women‘s international magazine, was launched
                        in 1995. Published and edited by Anuradha Mahindra, Verve reflects the
                        spirit of today‘s woman -- changing with the times, moving with trends,
                        styles, fashion and yet remaining constant in its search for perfection
                        editorially as well as in design.

                        Exhibiting some of the best international and Indian writing talent, Verve
                        chooses to cover achievers in every field from fashion, business and style
                        to Bollywood, books and travel. Editorially stimulating and visually
                        exciting, the monthly devotes several pages, every issue, to fashion and
                        personal style. Verve can be easily credited for having pioneered a
                        revolution in the depiction of contemporary Indian fashion, through
                        stylised shoots that are international in approach and individual in

                        Modern in approach and dynamic in styling, Verve‘s covers are a   talking point as much as the magazine‘s inside pages. Quality and
                        aesthetics are the cornerstones of the magazine.
Womens Era                                                      Available on barter via Ormita

                   Speaking to the hearts & minds of the contemporary, decision making
                   women, Woman's era shares insight and ideas on health, lifestyle,
                   relationship, beauty, social & relationship, beauty, social & personnel
                   issues, and the world at large, while not forgetting the lighter side of life.

                   Womens Era is the most popular women's magazine reaching over 24
                   lakhs readers, Covers fashion, cookery, articles, contests, serial episode,
                   poems, sex, health, travel and more.

                   Generally caters to married women.

                   Age range: 26 – 45
                   Fortnightly publication.
Yuva                                                             Available on barter via Ormita

                      Yuva explores the interests and passions of the young, besides providing
                      them a platform to voice their issues, their angst, their worries and their
                      questions. This is a fortnightly magazine that will catch the pulse of
                      India‘s huge youth population.

                      The ad-edit ratio is 25:75. Each issue of Yuva contains 80 to 100 pages

                      The magazine covers everything such as current affairs, politics, trends,
                      careers, sports, Internet, entertainment, including music, movies, leisure,
                      travel, adventure, food, fitness, gadgets, astrology and fashion, etc.
                      Everything will be covered from the youths‘ perspective. The magazine is
                      more of a mass based kind of publication, hence it will be available for

                      everybody, from students to working professionals.
Aajkaal Daily Newspaper                               Available on barter via Ormita

                   A daily newspaper published in Gujrat and has captured huge
                   market and public interest around the state.

                   Circulation in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Gujarat etc.
Aaj Hindi Daily                              Available on barter via Ormita

Aaj Hindi Daily Newspaper is available in:
• Allahabad
• Gorakhpur
• Kanpur
• Lucknow
• Agra
• Bareilly
• Ranchi, and
• Jamshedpur.
Amar Bharti Newspaper                                     Available on barter via Ormita

                             Daily Hindi Newspaper distributed across the following cities:

                             •   Delhi & NCR
                             •   Uttar Pradesh
                             •   Uttarakhand
                             •   Haryana
                             •   Rajasthan
                             •   Chandigarh
                             •   Punjab
                             •   Himachal

Daily Shah Times                Available on barter via Ormita

                   Daily Hindi Newspaper distributed in the
                     following locations:

                   •   Bareilly
                   •   Dehradun
                   •   Haldwani
                   •   Meerut
                   •   Muradabad
                   •   Muzaffar Nagar
                   •   New Delhi
Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper                                        Available on barter via Ormita

                   Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi: दै निक भास्कर) is the no 1 Hindi daily newspaper in
                     Madhya Pradesh with more than 3.5 million copies printed daily across
                     the following states:

                   •   Madhya Pradesh
                   •   Rajasthan
                   •   Chhatisgarh
                   •   Himachal
                   •   Punjab
                   •   Haryana
                   •   Delhi
                   •   Uttar Pradesh
                   •   Bihar
                   •   Jharkhand
                   •   Maharashtra    •   Gujarat
DLA Newspaper                                           Available on barter via Ormita

                   DLA, the first of its kind in every aspect has come about as a
                     revolution in the Indian print media. This all colour 24-page
                     tabloid caught the attention of the masses and the classes,
                     including the reader, the advertiser, and the entire media

                   DLA sells over 2.5 lakh copies in Agra itself As the clock strikes 1 in
                     the afternoon, the Taj Nagri comes alive to the call of its
                     beloved tabloid, DLA. DLA is the No. 1 daily in the city of Taj
                     Based on an international format, the strength of the content
                     and overall presentation of DLA immediately wooed the
                     readers and gathered a Herculean circulation of more than
                     2,00,000 copies daily in the Agra region. Suddenly Agra
                     became a buzzing bell for the media industry.

                   Our newspaper also covers the following locations:
                   • Meeret
                   • New Delhi
                   • Agra
                   • Noida   • Jhansi
Mail Today Newspaper                                           Available on barter via Ormita

                     One of the largest English daily newspapers in India.
People Samachar Newspaper     Available on barter via Ormita

                       The newspaper has four editions
                       Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior
                       and focuses on the young generation
                       with its unique 7 day-7 colour
                       concept. The publication is part of the
                       People Group, which has a vast
                       portfolio in education, hospitals, real
                       estate and media.

                       Apart from Peoples Samachar, the
                       People Group also publishes ˜Peoples
                       Post, which was launched in February
                       this year.
Rajasthan Patrika                                       Available on barter via Ormita

                   Rajasthan Patrika is the no.1 Hindi daily in Rajasthan, Gujarat,
                   Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. (IRS 08). In Rajasthan alone more than 1
                   Crore 32 lakh 90 thousand readers (IRS 08 TR) read Rajasthan Patrika.
                   The readership of Rajasthan Patrika alone is more than the
                   combined readership of rest of all newspapers in Rajasthan, put
                   together (IRS 08). Recently conducted BBC-Reuters Survey ranked
                   Rajasthan Patrika among 3 most trusted newspapers in India.

                   It has workforce strength of 2000 correspondents, reporters and
                   stringers spread all across the country.

                   Rajasthan Patrika has an intensive national coverage through its 17
                   publishing centers across India at following locations:
                   Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Bikaner, Sikar, Sriganganagar,
                   Bhilwara, Alwar, Ajmer, Pali, Banswara, Bangalore, Ahemadabad,
                   Surat, Chennai, Kolkata.
Surya Telegu Daily Newspaper                                             Available on barter via Ormita

National Telugu Daily. It offers the complete news of Andhra Pradesh, from Politics, Sports, Fashion & Film
news to many more things, thereby covering the entire news of the Telugu State. They offer the online
edition of their newspapers also with added attractive movie section.

(Surya Telugu Daily)

Vaibhav Newspapers                                           Available on barter via Ormita

                   Vaibhav is the only Hindi daily which connects many migrants in different
                   states with worldwide news.

                   Our first edition Gujarat Vaibhav printed from Ahmedabad is the first Hindi
                   daily and still the only full-fledged hindi daily circulated in Gujarat . With
                   more than 8 lakh of readership Gujarat Vaibhav goes to all the corners of
                   Gujarat and the 7 bordering districts of Rajasthan.

                   Similarly our Delhi edition Virrat Vaibhav is gaining a lot of popularity not
                   only among eastern and western side Hindi speaking population but also
                   succeeded in capturing the heart of our English speaking population in
                   central and southern.

                   Ours is the ONLY Hindi publication has four full colour entertainment pull-
                   out dedicated to Page -3 parties, fashion, movie, vogue style, masala talk
                   etc. In our main paper Viraat vaibhav gives special attention to the news
                   related to current affairs, youth oriented topics, Business, Commerce,
                   Sports, Entertainment, international, stock market and Inter-State
Why Barter For Billboard Advertising?
• Billboard Advertising works 24-hours per day and are a
  constant reminder to those passing by.
• It is always in sight for the public night or day, rain or
• The majority of people will quite naturally focus on
  outdoor advertisements as they travel past.
• Outdoor advertising can be located in any areas
  where it will most likely be effective.
• Reaches a very wide audience - wealthy or not.
• Costs virtually nothing when done via Ormita on barter.
What Cities Do We Have Billboards In?
Agra               Gurgaon              Noida
Ambedhkar Nagar    Haldwani             Pakhwada
Baghpat            Hapur                Panipat
Baraut             Haridwar             Pilkhwa
Bijnore            Incholi/Saini        Rasulpur
Brijghat           Kanpur               Rishikesh
Dasna Toll Gate    Kosi                 Roorkee
Daurala            Lucknow              Rudrapur
Dehradoon          Mathura Ref.         Saharanpur
Delhi              Modinagar Entrance   Sakoti
Faridabad          Moradabad            Shamli
Gajroula           Nazibabad            Simbhawali
Ghaziabad          New Delhi
• Uni-poles are a large format billboard
  type placed atop a very high pole.
• Its effectiveness is enhanced by the
  fact that this billboard can be seen
  even from long distances.
• Unipoles also give the opportunity to
  achieve unusual and striking
  placements and position for the
  advertising board.
• It is considered to be one of the most
  preferred outdoor media.
• This is a Rooftop or
  side-of building sign.
• It is placed on a
  building in a high
  population area.
• The big panel size
  ensures high visibility,
  even from long
Bus Shelter Advertising
• Almost everyone goes out on the street
  every day - whether in a vehicle or on foot.
• By placing an advertisement on public
  spaces which have the most foot-fall you
  increase your visibility.
• You are able to reach both the every-day-
  worker and those whose transit routes take
  them past these sites.
• Wide target audience.
Mobile Advertising
• Advertising which is placed
  on the sides of vans or trucks
• The message can be moved
  across town if necessary.
• Ideal for locations where
  permanent signs are not
  allowed by law.
• Great way to get market
  exposure in areas for a short
  period of time.
Side of Bus Advertising
• Bus advertisements take your message to the streets
  and to the people.
• Allows you to specifically target potential customers
  in your geographic catchment areas.
• By isolating your target market and using buses that
  circulate in your region, there will be very little
  wastage of your advertising dollar on distant
  customers, unlike other media such as newspapers,
  radio and even television.
• Particularly effective for communicating with "hard
  to reach" markets such as working women, active
  people and the mobile eighteen to twenty-four year
  old age groups.
Metro Station Advertising
• Get a message
  across to a travelling
• Those at the stop
  may have a long
  wait with nothing to
  do other than view
  your advertisement.
• High number of
  people pass through
• Almost all
Why Barter For Television Advertising?
• Rates can be as low as RS 400 per 10 seconds depending on the

• A 100 slot campaign could cost as little as RS 40,000

• We have a range of channels to reach your audience

• Long term promotion on smaller advertising is a great way to “flood”
  the market with information about your product or service at a very
  low cost whereas on higher cost channels you will receive less
  advertisements and your message will be “mashed up” with hundreds
  of potentially larger brands.

• Costs virtually nothing when done via Ormita on barter.
Some Stations Available on Barter
Reach a Dedicated Audience
Advertising on a variety of smaller stations lets you:

• Target a niche market

• Target a market of permanent viewers

• Target an audience with related interests (i.e. a channel dedicated to
  health will have an audience only interested in health and
  complimentary products and services)

• Target an audience of a certain income level
Big FM                                                        Available on barter via Ormita

                   BIG 92.7 FM, India's No. 1 FM Station with a pan India presence spanning
                   across 45 cities, 1000 towns and 50,000 villages to reach more than 200
                   million Indians across the sub-continent, the brand is now looking towards
                   expanding to more cities within the country as well as overseas.

                   The brand has taken FM as a medium of entertainment beyond the
                   metros, to virgin markets, offering consumers and advertisers a new
                   experience of this medium of entertainment. Within a short span of time
                   with distinctive content and innovative promotion, BIG 92.7 FM has
                   established leadership in the FM space and firmly laid the foundation for
                   an exciting future ahead.

                   BIG 92.7 FM believes that each city is unique in the tastes, preferences
                   and requirements of the local populace and hence does not replicate a
                   common programming format across its cities, rather tailor making it to
                   suit local requirements. This ensures the Stations' stand out from the clutter
                   and is clearly differentiated, a result of extensive research and in-depth
                   analysis of the listener predilection.
Meow FM                                                    Available on barter via Ormita

                   Meow FM is a talk-based FM Radio Channel in India currently
                   broadcasting in major cities Delhi and Mumbai and Kolkata.

                   It is an India Today Group venture. Its broadcast frequency is 104.8 MHz
                   FM. It has been noticed for its catchy advertisement on BEST buses which
                   clearly catches attention.
My FM                                                       Available on barter via Ormita

                   My FM operates at the single frequency: 94.3 over all stations in the
                   following cities:

                   Madhya Pradesh :- Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior
                   Chhattisgarh :- Raipur, Bilaspur
                   Rajasthan :- Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Ajmer
                   Gujrat :- Ahmedabad, Surat
                   Punjab :- Jalandhar, Amritsar
                   Haryana :- Chandigarh
                   Maharashtra :- Nagpur
Radio Noida                                                Available on barter via Ormita

                   Radio NOIDA-107.4 FM is a community radio in the truest sense of a
                   community radio format. A Community Radio gets license for small-scale,
                   not-for-profit radio stations operated for the betterment of members of
                   the public, or of particular communities, and in order to deliver social

                   Radio NOIDA-107.4 FM gives air-time priority to programmes by, for and
                   about women, children, disadvantaged and disabled people, youth,
                   spiritual and non-profit making community groups, who would not
                   otherwise have the opportunity to make and present their own desired

                   The tag line of Radio NOIDA is AAKI AAWAZ ( Apna Radio) , from which
                   the word APNA is being used for the recently launched non-for-profit
                   organizations like Apna School, Apna Sishu Sansthan and Apni Library in
                   the slums of NOIDA. Radio 107.4 is offering unconditional support to the
                   unprivileged children of this area.
ONLINE ADVERTISING                                                                 Available on barter via Ormita


afaqs!, The online leader in marketing communications (1999)

Advertising on afaqs!

* World's number one website in advertising and marketing segment.
* High credibility for quality, reportage, and loyalty of users.
* Existing/past relationships with over 250 advertisers, including our recruitment section.
* Continuous pageview growth since inception.
* Over 211,440 unique visitors per month.
* Over 3 million page views per month.
* 65,000+ registrants from advertising, marketing and media industry for our free information services.
All About Outdoor Media                                                  Available on barter via Ormita


All about outdoor media is India's 1st portal for Outdoor Advertising!! All about gives you a
comprehensive platform to reach your target audience effectively. We reach them when they are
actively looking for information about your products and services. Thus, ensuring that your message is
delivered to the right person, at the right time.

• Take your business to the buyers desktop:
  With, India‘s first and only interactive OOH website you can reach out to your
  clients whenever and wherever they need you.
• Amplified web presence
  Enhance your visibility on the widely used search engines like google and yahoo as well.
• Premium brand positioning
  Position your brand through us on a page dedicated solely for your brand with your logo and profile.
• High visibility to your clients
  Take advantage of services like media locator and a host of other add-ons meant specifically to bring
  you into lime light, and provide extended market coverage.
• Filtered and dedicated audience reach
Delhi Invites You                                                             Available on barter via Ormita


Delhi Invites You, a division of the DIY Infomedia, is a travel portal that widely covers travel and tourism
industry. This portal is a gateway for the domestic and international tourists to India. It covers roads that
are less explored and blankets a range of stories about Indian culture, society, lifestyle and spiritual

The portal invites you to lose yourself in a journey through the fascinating lanes of the country, which
reflect its numerous national traits, such as art, national identity elements, cultural extravaganza, and so
on. Living up to its name, this portal houses information on all the elements that go on to shape this
splendid nation called India, and is an enlightenment zone for anyone who wants to know all about this
spiritual country.

The portal takes tourists through the timeless mystery and beauty of India. Always warm and inviting, a
place of infinite variety - one that favours you with different facets of its fascination every time you visit
Dujugaad                                                                    Available on barter via Ormita


Online advertising in a website portal aimed primarily at the 50,000 students who attend the University of

The site focuses on:

- Details and locations of all the accommodation facilities available in North Campus
- All that's going on in the colleges
- The best food joints around - where to eat and what to eat
- Details of brokers who will show you aroudn the best PGs and flats
- Contact details of tiffinwalas, dhobis, maids, cooks and other allied service providers.

This is an excellent opportunity to advertise at a low cost to the student market in Delhi.
MensXP                                                                       Available on barter via Ormita


India‘s first lifestyle portal for men, is a leading online Men‘s Magazine.

Selected by many publications as one of the hottest online destinations, MensXP has cemented itself as
an authoritative voice on men‘s lifestyle.

UPDATED DAILY: Designed to provide urban Indian men, with topics and advice they can incorporate
into their daily lives. MensXP is updated daily with dozens of fresh lifestyle features. Its unique lifestyle
contents keeps it‘s readers coming back.

Sections: Fashion, Dating, Sexuality, Work Life, Health, Grooming
The MensXP reader is global, has a cosmopolitan lifestyle, seeks social ammunition to navigate through his
day to day life. Our readers are purchase ready and influential amongst peers, lend to watch more
movies, endorse to publications and have a metropolitan lifestyle.
•            83% MALES
•            29(AVG) YEARS OLD
•            EMPLOYED
PooraProfit                                                               Available on barter via Ormita


Our site offers a fantastic market place for all shop owners and brand sellers. If you choose to join our
Brand promotion program you will benefit from great per visitor conversion rates you will also benefit from
stats that can be tracked directly through printed discount voucher taken from by
consumer to seller.

We are committed to monetize your existing traffic and increase your own business revenues through our
daily business promotion program in Delhi/NCR.

You can buy featured spots, Banner Advertisements or Channel Promotions on our online website aimed

at consumers of retail goods.
The India Inc                                                         Available on barter via Ormita


We are India based company. Google Inc. certified us as certified google adwords professional. We are
also an ISO 9001:2008 company, certified by JAS-ANZ, which is the government-appointed accreditation
body for Australia and New Zealand. Besides these, we are also registered with Ministry of Information
Technology, Government of India and DGFT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

We have passed through various phases of business such as:

* Website Designing
* Server Space Hosting
* Domain Name Registration
* Search Engine Optimization
* Internet Marketing
* Lead Generation
* Google Adwords Campaign Management
* Yahoo & MSN PPC Campaign Management
Approach Communications                                             Available on barter via Ormita

Approach Communications is a full service PR and Integrated Marketing Communications Agency
providing total integrated marketing communications services like Public Relations and other
communication tools, delivering results oriented programs that support corporate goals. The broad
umbrella of services in the Approach Communications portfolio covers integrated communications needs
of Corporate, Organizations as well as individuals.

•Image management
•Media relations
•Corporate communications
•Product launches
•Event management & promotions
•Content creation
•Rural communications
•Press conferences
•Press release dissemination
•Political PR
•Online PR and Digital marketing
•Editorial services
•Crisis Management
•Strategic Planning
Avian Media                                                      Available on barter via Ormita

Avian Media develops and customizes your messaging for
different target groups within the media, they differ in their
information needs and requirements and respond to a
customized approach based on their profiles, interests and
types of media.

We provide a full press office service that includes writing,
researching and placing press releases, opinion pieces and
case studies, feature tracking and on-line media relations
and a dedicated website for the media.

We coordinate with your international press offices to ensure
that the messaging in local markets is in sync with the global
messaging and timing.
Comnet Media                                                             Available on barter via Ormita

We offer the perfect blend of intelligence, innovation, imagination and efficiency, providing tailor made
solutions in close consultation with our clients.

We understand that every client has different work cultures, priorities and objectives, for which we map
out a communication plan which is then put into place to achieve those goals. Our services highlight
proven capabilities in the areas of Issue Management, Crisis Management, Investor Relations and
Corporate Communications.

Branch Offices in:
-New Delhi
Dmas                                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

We don't just pass on the message to the audience on behalf of our clients, we get deep into the
medium to do it better and at a lower cost. For this, Dmas has specialised subsets with individual
capabilities that function as a tight unit to achieve the desired result.

 Media Relations and Publicity (Consumer Press and Trade)
• News Releases
• Employee Communications
• Customer Communications
• Crisis Communications & Issues Management
• Special Events and Promotions (e.g. Grand Openings, sponsorships)
• Investor Communications
• Annual Reports
• Media Training
Mabbitt Communications                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

Mabbit communications ensures creation of effective pr strategies aimed at image building in the
market to achieve business goals. It is only after a vigorous market research and analysis, clear defining
of company‘s objectives and identifying its people both internal and external, we derive a complete set
of strategies for a PR campaign and make the best choice for the most apt strategy or tactics to meet

the objectives of our client.
Regional Public Relations                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

AT RPR we align our PR strategy with your organisation‘s core business strategy. Our
entire PR effort is tuned to deliver quantifiable results. As a full service Regional PR
agency we are passionate about taking ideas forward and transforming a clients

The company offers the added convenience of complete range of PR services, in
the states of Hindi heartland primarily – Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Himachal
Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar,
Jharkhand and NCR Cities (Gurgaon,Ghaziabad,Faridabad,Noida) through our
centralized network.

RPR is a surefire gateway to ensure the regular and repetitive Positive Editorial Visibility
of your desired messages in print / electronic media in the cities beyond metros, in a
most cost effective way through the most sought for, the most powerful and the most
credible mode of communications in the world.

RPR helps you harness the VAST untapped market potential the urban, semi-urban
and rural areas offer, thereby enhancing your bottom lines.
Shubang Communications                                                   Available on barter via Ormita

Shubang has the expertise of offering full range communications services in the
areas of: Broadcast & Corporate Communications, Advertising, Social Marketing,
Public Affairs, New Media Initiatives, Media Relations.

PRACTICE AREAS: Our areas of operational expertise provide our clients with deep,
focused state-of-the-art centers of excellence! This enables us to work together on
greater challenges sharing knowledge, while also, applying insight to local issues.

-Broadcast & Corporate Communications
-Internet & Marketing Communications
-Advertising & Brand Management
-New Media Initiatives
-Media Relations
-Online Media Exchange
-B2B Advertising & Product Marketing
-Corporate Social Responsibility
CAD & Software Designers                           Available on barter via Ormita

Specialists in:

- Website Development
- Database Application Development
- E-Commerce Solutions
- B2B & B2C Portal Development
- Security System / Secure Transaction Solutions
- Search Engine Optimization
- Software Development
- E-Mailing Solutions
- Graphic Designing
Communique Solutions                                                        Available on barter via Ormita

Impactful, interactive and motivating...

Good web design and web development leads the prospect through a sequence of thought that
results in the action you require. You may have noticed how much websites have changed in the last
five years. They are now much more interactive and intuitive. They are less a static brochure and
more of a living sales tool that reacts to input from the customer.

Your website should also act as a prospect qualification tool with high levels of functionality; for
instance, as a merchandising channel.

Communique Solutions understands what is involved in developing such a presence online.
Glamorous India                                                          Available on barter via Ormita

Glamorous India Advertising Agency is among the established advertising agencies in Delhi with
several years of experience in offering a comprehensive array of world class advertising services in
Delhi. We are among the renowned advertising agencies in Delhi with specialization in the domains
of full-service advertising and marketing communication.

We offer:

- Ad Films
- Company Presentation
- PR & Events
- Fashion Shows
- Models Video Folio
- Media Production
- Post-Production
- Web Solution
Hiring Call                                                              Available on barter via Ormita

Hiring Call is a web-designing & web-portal solutions, who design innovative designs.

They offer a complete solution for Brand Promotion through:
1. Search Engine Optimisation
2. Customised ERP & CRM
3. PHP
4. NET
5. VTS
6. Joomla
7. Anything related to internet
India InfoTech                                                           Available on barter via Ormita

India Infotech provides innovative website design & development services and progressive marketing
tools to make website management fast and simple, while improving visibility and search rankings,
converting visitors into customers, and reducing costs.

Our years of experience and passion ensure that when you partner with India Infotech on a custom
web design project, you'll get a perfect site and a stronger business.

All of our custom websites are designed with these essential features in mind:

* A clean and user-friendly interface
* Relevant and focused information
* Easy-to-read content layouts
* Cross-browser compatibility
* Intuitive navigation
* Use of the most current web standards and practices

An example of our work can be found at:
Miracle Creations                                                          Available on barter via Ormita

Miracle Creations is an advertising agency dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising
for its clients.

We provide all graphic designing, web designing and Flash
animation solution for creating their brand and corporate identity.

We help them realize the full potential of their brands through fresh ideas and creativity that are
consistent with the brand's image and identity. Our services primarily are for:

-Graphic Solution
-Web Solution
-Flash Solution
Protech Systems                                                          Available on barter via Ormita

PROTECH SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. is a leading provider of IT solutions for various sectors. We have been
providing IT solutions for last 21 years now.

Our technology integrates the application into database backend seamlessly using Native or
ODBC connectivity. We also offer solutions on MetaFrame technology to have minimal
investment on hardware, networking and easy maintainability of applications and databases.

We undertake web projects for all industries and sectors.

Our applications cater to:
• Hospitals
• Diagnostic Centers (Path Labs and Imaging Centers)
• Pharmacies
• Office Automation
• Manufacturers
• NGOs
Smart Web Solutions                                                     Available on barter via Ormita

Our team at Smartweb Solutions understands, conceptualizes, executes and implements your web
identity. Whatever be the nature of your business and however small or big you might be is size,
operations and activities; we just have the expertise, tools and insight to design your website.

After understanding your needs we come up with the right web site structure which promises to work
the best for you. Each web design is a masterpiece in itself; 100% original and effective.

We are at ease in any kind of website design requirement; static, dynamic or a mix. Right from form
submissions to complex database based websites, we have it all under one roof for you. Needless to
mention you get the fastest turn around time for your deadlines.

Our web design solutions include Complete Site Design from Scratch, Redesign of your existing
website, Error correction in your website, New Sections in your current website, Complete revamp of
your present website with old / new content and Daily site content maintenance.
Web Host Nucleus                                                            Available on barter via Ormita

The company has a sole motto of "client satisfaction"... This is what we have in our mind always since
the commencement of the company. Our services are highly reliable and have quick response time
in terms of customer support.

The major mantra of our success is that we always keep ourselves updated with the dynamically
changing needs of technology and we upgrade our products as per the current market trend
keeping in mind the future possibility for our clients. Our major driving force is to retain the existing
customer by our high quality services and add on our client base by serving them with their business
requirements. We provide a wide variety of web hosting packages on Linux, Windows and Java
servers to cater the needs of any size of the company.

Our products benefits both to End Users and Resellers. We provide end-to-end automation to Domain
Resellers, Web Hosters, Web Designers, and other Web Service Companies at the most competitive
prices. Our Product Portfolio and Services alone can fulfills a small as well as a large company web
service needs.
    Some Common Sense …
•   If you are an existing cash customer of one of our suppliers it is unlikely that
    they will do a deal with you where they let you pay using Ormita (on barter).
    In such cases you are better off choosing a similar supplier.

•   In some cases you may have to sell before you are allowed to buy (not
    everyone can buy first or else there would be no sellers in the system plus
    some of our more popular outlets may require what you have to offer – what
    goes around, comes around so they say… )

•   Bookings are limited per edition. You need to get in quick.

•   We have specialist media brokers who can work with you to reach your
    target audience across a variety of media.
    And …
•   You must not over-price (yes, even on barter deals) because – if you do it
    then everyone will do it …

•   All of our customers treat each-other as though they were regular cash

•   We can even extend you an interest-free credit line after you have worked
    with us for a period of three months or more. This will allow you to buy in
    advance of selling in those instances.

•   You can also purchase PR and Graphic Design via Ormita on a barter-basis.

      Honesty is the key to any business relationship…
Our Indian Operations
Our Delhi NCR office is located at:

    D.3. Sector 10
    Noida, U.P. 201 301

    Telephone: (0120) 4141 000
    Facsimile: (0120) 4141 001

Part of a Global Commerce System
• Founded and operated by Economists

• A network spanning 52 countries

• Selective membership

• We own and operate our own global
  telecommunications and IT infrastructure

• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week global operations

• Independent professional Board of Advisors

• Committed to an environmentally sound,
  socially responsible future

• Mobilises local assets and protects communities
Our Global Leadership Team
• Global Experience
                                                                               James (Jim) Gielarowski
                                                                               Experienced CEO & Business Leader
• Seasoned Business Professionals
                                                                       Founder and former CEO of Pittsburgh Trade Alliance, one of the
• Economists, Lawyers & Technologists                                  largest independent barter companies in North America.

                                                                       •   American Economics Association
• Real-World Knowledge                                                 •   EcoMod
                                                                       •   Freelancers Union
                                                                       •   Internet Society
     Chris Cook                       Lynnea Bylund                    •   Kidney Foundation
 Former director of the          Founder of Catalyst House.            •   The Association of Maintenance Professionals
 International Petroleum         Founder of AdMax. Venture
 Exchange & originator of the
                                                                             Daniel Evans
                                 capitalist. Nationally
 Iranian Oil Bourse Project.     recognized spokeswomen.
                                                                             Experienced CEO & Senior Economist
                                                                   Founder and former CEO of XO Limited, one of the largest
     Marc Gauvin                      Xi Sun                       providers of software for the barter exchange industry.
 Founder of NetPortedItems       Masters in Economics and Law.
 S.L, creator of the             Founder of Beijing Barter         •   American Economics Association
 DigitalShadowCaster             International. Organizer of the   •   Canadian Economics Association
 technology. Serves as DMP       International Forum of            •   Commonwealth Association of Public Administrators
 Chair of Requirements and on    Community Economic & Credit       •   Economic Society of Australia
 Board of Directors.             Systems.                          •   Internet Society
                                                                   •   Midwest Economics Association
     Sjaak Adriaanse                  Chris Lindstrom              •   New Zealand Law & Economics Association
 Computer scientist and          Founding member of                •   Kidney Foundation
 mathematician. Involved in      Berkshares and author on
 several community currency      barter and community
 projects. Maintains over 400    currencies. Advisor to E.F.
 complimentary currency links.   Schumacher Foundation.
World-Wide Experience
A Performance Based Business
• No joining fee
 Why should you pay to join if you haven‘t yet been delivered anything?

• No monthly or annual fees
 We believe that we are a service provider – and that members should only pay when we actually deliver what we offer.

• No fees until we meet a businesses needs
 We work to offset a businesses current and planned expenses and only charge once we find the things they need.

• Low transaction fees
 We charge a low 7% fee in cash.
 This fee is waived when you buy certain products and services.

• No interest on credit lines
 We don‘t buy on barter – we are a service organisation. We also don‘t warehouse.
 We offer real-world prices, honest membership criteria.

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