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					School Library Update
    Spring 2010

      Shirley Fetherolf
         Program Advisor
      Library Media Services
          Literacy Challenge
   Arkansas 8th grade
    black boys scored
    lowest in nation on
    2009 NAEP reading

   Students who can’t
    read are more
    likely to drop out.
  Big gaps in achievement
separate low income students
  and students of color from
    Arkansas Literacy Rates
Range from low to high:
   Saline County=9% can’t read
   Lee County=16% can’t read

 Chances of Going to Prison
Black male, 1 in 3

Hispanic, 1 in 6

White, 1 in 17

  •   US notches world's highest
      incarceration rate Gail Russell
      Chaddock, The Christian Science Monitor August

      18, 2003
Other States Are Closing
    School Libraries
      Charter Schools
Can get waivers for:
 Media services
 Numbers of books

 Nurse

 Certified teachers
Common Core Standards
   Emphasis on project-based

   Libraries not mentioned
      Gotta Keep Reading
 Lyrics to song:
 Video link:
Students in schools with strong
       school libraries

            learn more
        get better grades

           score higher

than their peers in schools without
  such resources.
 Improved school library
 programs can help turn
around struggling schools.
       Libraries = Magic Bullet
In "Reading scores hold steady on nationwide test"
  (March 24), Sacramento Superintendent David
  Gordon is quoted as saying that "there is no magic
  bullet" for improved academic performance.

“There certainly is a magic bullet for literacy
  development. It's called libraries. Study after study
  shows that those with more access to books read
  more, and those who read more read better, write
  better, spell better, have larger vocabularies, better
  grammar and know more, not just about school
  subjects but about "practical knowledge" as

Stephen Krashen, Desert News (Utah), March 24, 2010
       Libraries have the
        “secret sauce”
3 ingredients:
1. Reading

2. Collaboration

3. Technology

           Books that make you cry
Michael L. Printz—Topeka, KS
                 Printz Book Award
                  named for him

                 Edgy books for
                  those edgy teens
                  in your school.

                 He was famous for
                  student work.
       Survey Students Yearly
   Their favorite
   Favorite authors
   Books they want
    to read
   Favorite TV
   Hobbies and
Secondary Libraries: Booktalks
   In August start filling up calendar

   Ask teachers when they want to
    schedule booktalks

   Ask about possible thematic topics
  Collaboration Statement

“Library Media Specialists and
   classroom teachers should
    work together in order to
 meet the stated goals in this
           Act 1786 of 2003
        (Arkansas Coded Law)

   Defines LMS duties:
    •Information specialist
    •Instructional consultant
    •Teacher of information
    •Teacher of technology skills
Act 1786: Instructional Consultant
   Participates in curriculum
    development/assessment projects

   Provides PD on tech integration and
    legal issues (copyright)

   Publicizes new acquisitions

   Instructs patrons in optimal use of
    new software and hardware
         Information Specialist
   Runs a systematically developed
   Taps community resources
   Helps identify, locate, interpret info
   Uses new technologies
   Produces media in various formats
   Provides instruction in use of LMC

     Avoid isolation

     Start a Library Media Advisory

     Do newsletters, e-mails,
      podcasts, blogs, wikis, articles
      for local newspaper
    What is a wiki?
 A tool to organize
  information for easy
 A way to collaborate

 Textbooks of future?
     What is a wiki?
 Simple website
 Easy page creation

 Interactive or locked

 Promotes collaboration

 Wikipedia = most famous
    How to create a wiki
   Free to educators


         Wiki Content Ideas
   Websites and best practices
    3rd Grade, science or critical
    thinking skills
   Upload videos and student work
   College professors create pages
    for students to post class notes.
    Wikis & Tech Trends
 Supplement textbooks
 Substitute for textbooks

 Texas, California, Arizona are

  moving to open education
  resources online
 Cabot—new digital school
     Bookmark this link!

   Archive of materials for Arkansas
    School Library Media Specialists
   Read-only wiki
   No membership required
Shirley’s Hooray for Books Wiki
      Arkansas School Standards
           for Accreditation
   Every school must employ a state-
    certified school library media
    specialist (over 300 students)

   No requirements for library aides or
    clerical help

   No state-mandated minimum budget
           State Standards
   Appropriate, current collection
    • Weeded collection

   Selection/Challenge policy

   Parent center collection

   3000 book minimum, 8 per child
         New Free Stuff!

 SAS Curriculum Pathways
 Online, multimedia lessons

 Linked to frameworks

 Sign up for your school
Shirley’s Library Survey

 More funding for books

 Needs awareness

 Improving student

      Survey Questions
   Average copyright date
   Library budget per student
   Average yearly circulation per
   Average number of classes seen
    per week
 Commissioner’s Memos
Commissioner’s Memos
 Shirley Fetherolf