Spring 2003 Induction Weekend

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					                     2005 Tamegonit Lodge #147
                      Spring Induction Weekend
                        & Brotherhood Feast
WHEN:                April 29TH, 30th & May 1st, 2005

DEPARTURE:         We will meet at 3:45pm at the Wendy’s at 135 th & State Line (same
  center as Target). We will plan to eat supper there (or before) & then head to Camp
  Bartle. Please contact Rob Wheeler: if you can transport Scouts
  to or from Camp Naish.

REGISTRATION: Please register ASAP. You MUST Register by Friday, April 22nd,
  Register with Rob Wheeler; or sign up at Troop meetings.

WHERE:               Bartle Scout Reservation, Osceola, Missouri

DIRECTIONS:          South from Kansas City via Harrisonville:           Highway 71 south to
  Harrisonville. Highway 7 East from Harrisonville, south to Clinton. Highway 13 South from
  Clinton to St. Clair County Highway C. Stay on Highway C approximately 12 miles to a stop
  sign. Turn right (south) through the town of Iconium, MO. At the cemetery turn right (West)
  onto Highway Z. The camp entrance is less than a mile from Iconium on County Z. Signs
  will point the way. (Any late arrivals check in at the Cortez Health Lodge for where they sent
  us to camp)

MEALS:               All meals will be provided. Ordeal candidates will eat in the dining hall. The
adults will prepare our traditional Troop-10 Brotherhood Feast for returning Arrowmen. Two
days of lavish cracker barrels, made to order breakfast omelet’s, pizza and peach Nehi. Please
note any caviar allergies.

COSTS:        Ordeal Candidates:                 $45.00
              Brotherhood Candidates:            $45.00
              All Other Arrowmen:                $45.00

ORDEAL CANDIDATES: You will be called out Friday Evening. After that, you will be
  given directions and instructions to gather your overnight articles. Following the Pre-
  Ordeal ceremony, you will be led to a place to spend the night out. You will spend the
  next day in self-evaluation and unselfish service. Your Ordeal Ceremony will take
  place Saturday evening. You will spend Saturday night in a tent with the Troop.
       Ordeal Candidates will need the following items for Friday Night:
1)   Plastic Ground Cloth                               8)  Insect repellent
2)   Sleeping Bag                                       9)  Work Gloves
3)   Flashlight                                         10) Work Clothes
4)   Rain Gear                                          11) Class “A” Uniform Shirt - Worn at Tap Out
5)   Canteen & Water (water only!!!)                            on Friday and Induction Ceremony
6)   Prescribed Medications (if needed)                         Saturday
7)   Backpack recommended to carry these                12) Tent & Camping Gear for Saturday Night

PLEASE NOTE: Bring ONLY these items. Scouts found with additional
items, food or drink (other than water) may be asked to leave. While on
“silence” it means just that… Scouts talking while on silence may be asked
to leave.
BROTHERHOOD CANDIDATES:                 You will need to learn the Brotherhood
  Membership Requirements. These are available on the Troop’s Website – “Secure
  Pages”. You will need your letter to the Lodge Secretary in a #10 Envelope.
You will also need:
            1) Personal Camping Gear
            2) Work Gloves
            3) Work Clothes
            4) You may bring your own personal tent (tents not provided)
            5) Class “A” Uniform Shirt or Tribal Attire
                 (only one feather worn until after Ceremony)
                 Worn at Tap Out on Friday and Induction Ceremony Saturday
If you would like to act as a runner during the Tapout Ceremony, please tell Mr. Wheeler.

SCHEDULE:                Friday, April 29th
                   4:00pm       Registration Begins
                   7:00pm       Runners & Elangomat meeting
                                        (Runners need to be in tribal attire)
                   7:00pm       Scoutmaster’s Meeting
                   7:25pm       Flag Ceremony
                   7:30pm       Tap Out Ceremony
                   9:00pm       Pre-Ordeal Ceremony
                   10:00pm      Lights Out
                         Saturday, April 30th
                   7:25am       Flag Raising at Flag Mall
                   7:30am       Breakfast
                   8:00am       Workday begins
                                   (AM only workday for Brotherhood candidates)
                   12:00pm      Work Break
                   12:30pm      Lunch
                   1:00pm       Work Resumes for Ordeal Candidates
                                Brotherhood Candidates to the Flag Mall
                   1:30pm       Nemat Program Begins
                   2:15pm       Brotherhood Ceremonies Begin
                   4:00pm       Work Day Ends
                                Brotherhood Ceremonies End
                   4:45pm       Flag Lowering
                   5:00pm       Dinner
                   6:30pm       Ordeal Ceremonies Begin
                   10:00pm      Lodge Crackerbarrel
                         Sunday, May 1st
                   7:25am       Flag Raising at Flag Mall
                   7:30am       Breakfast
                   8:00am       Spiritual Service in Council Ring
                   8:30am       Arrowman 101 (new member orientation)
                   10:00am      Depart for home
                 Contact Rob Wheeler with your questions
          (816) 405-3283