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The Legend of Leo


									The Legend of Leo
Hercules is the illegitimate son of Zeus and the mortal, He is endowed with immense
supernatural power, day and therefore jealous Hera. Hercules was a baby at the time,
they put two Serpent in the cradle, hope killed Hercules, Hercules did not expect
death grip on their smiling, young age was regarded as a Hercules
"humanity's greatest hero."

 Hera of course will not give up because of a failure to kill Hercules, Hercules she
deliberately played his wife mad, Heracles woke up after a very sad regret, the
decision should come forgiveness of their sins ascetic He came to request the King to
send him messini task, who knows the instigation of the King by Hera, and she gave
him 12 mission impossible and must be completed in 12 days, one of which is to kill
killed a lion eat people.

  This lions usually live in the forest, Hercules into the forest looking for him, but the
forest silence, all the animals, birds, deer, squirrels are lions eat clean, looking tired
Hercules was dozing off on. At this point, giant lion from a double hole in the head
high out of the cave, He looked outside the five forces, God! Food Lion has a general
who five times the lion, the body covered with animal blood, but also added some
terrorist. Heracles shot him first with God, and then stick to beat him, to no avail,
giant lion invulnerability, the last sea lion Gree Williams had to fight and the process
is very tragic, but finally strangled the lion with a brute force .

 Lions eat people, though dead, but his honor Hera Hercules struggling with the
courage to fight, people will eat the lion threw the air, into the constellation Leo.

Greek mythology, the legend was the first hero of Greece, which is strongly Shihai Ge
Li Si, although the birth was cursed by Zeus's wife Hera: After he was born,
destined to bear a heavy sin and to bear 12 challenge. However, Hercules no fear, and
11 through the test. Growing up, Hercules first challenge is to kill the Nemean lion,
and peeled off its fur. But the lion is very ferocious, and tremendous strength, and
invulnerability. Hercules shot the arrow with his divine power, he was thick to bomb
it away; sword cut it, the sword is also bent, which he picked up a large stick to hit the
nose towards the Lions, the Lions hit only then ringing in the ears to the shook.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hercules Bianjiang lion's head
squeezed in under the arms, straining to squeeze a fierce attack, and finally killed the
lion. When the heroic son of Zeus that after the first dead happy this Heaven lion
liters of air into Leo.

Leo ranked fifth in the 12 constellations, is ruled by the sun, the patron saint is the
myth that the sun god Apollo's predecessor, the symbolic guardian of the
sun light and heat of Apollo, this constellation of birth of people, free and easy lively
personality, great courage, self-esteem strong.
Legend of the Lion constellation, originally located in Greece Ni Mian (Nimean)
valley, it was Hercules in a fight to kill. Haigeliesi is the illegitimate child of Zeus,
just born, they were jealous of the days of Hera's curse, so to face a
lifetime risk of 12 difficult test. The first is with invulnerability, the Titanic lion
fighting. After a close fight, courageous He
Lacreuse will eventually kill the lion. So Zeus the lion up the sky, to show off
Hercules record. In late April, people can see it in the southern sky.

Nimit A is the giant Typhon and the snake demon E Gede's son. When
people fall in love with the demon when Nimit A fall from the moon down, is God
gave the couple a beautiful baby and family call him Ani.
  Arnie is actually half man and half demon creatures. During the day he is a ferocious
lion, the body of the coat color of the sun shining; to the night before he turned into
human form, is a blond blue-eyed boy.

  Ani's sister Hydra is a Hydra monster, her upper body and a person, and
very beautiful; lower body is a snake, as the silver moonlight.
Ani beloved childhood promise, although they have the same parents, but Arnie is
from heaven. And Xu is the mother Ege De homegrown. Hsu has been that Ani is a
heaven stars, after all, is to return to heaven, but Arnie said, before returning to
heaven willing to promise to do anything, including death. So they fell in love.

But happy days will soon be doom pieces. Five Forces hero He declares in accordance
with the oracle, received the king's 10 missions, two of them is to kill Arnie
and Xu. Ani did not understand why the struggle to spread the spirit world to them,
the wrong committed by Zeus to bear them. Ani five forces of the enemy He did not
want to, but the promise to protect her lover, he decided to He blocked five forces
outside the forest in Nimit A Dasen. Xu wants to prevent him from going, Ani comfort
to: "Apart from you, no one can kill me! Do not worry, I will beat this son
of Zeus and the mortal." Then he went alone to the five forces will He .
Xu is Ai Eni, he will not let Ani to die, before she decided to Ani five forces repulsed
He, even die. Xu came to Miami next spring against Sheikh Mana five forces.
However, although she can be turned out of the formation of the aggressive tendency
of the first nine, but five forces, after all, He is a great hero, he was brave and decisive
Xu killed a snake demon, and to carry an arrow all soaked in the blood that play
snake .
In the evening, Arnie He finally found the five forces, he is now a bloody lion, five
forces and rushed towards Hz. He drew his sword and the lion five forces in a war, but
the lion's fur seems to have not penetrate any weapon, He simply could not
kill him five forces. Darkening down, He thought of those five forces Baptist poison
arrow, then aimed shot past the Lions. One, two did not hit, the third branch hit by an
arrow in the heart of a lion. That Jin Zhao Xu's Noxious shoot arrows at
once a Ani broken heart. Lions fell to the floor into a man. He surprised the watching
Ani five forces, and Arnie said not a word died.

Zeus Ani back into the heavens to the stars, let it be with the sun is that bright as the
sun Leo. The man is Leo was given the courage to love at the expense of character.

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