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KineticD™ sets a new standard by providing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with the
same level of service and protection for irreplaceable digital assets that large enterprises enjoy.
KineticSecure™ and KineticExtend™ are comprehensive cloud-based solutions that enable small
and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to continuously backup, restore, access, and share information
online from any location.

Kinetic Secure
As business information and assets become increasingly digital, there is a rapid growth in data, drives and devices.
Protecting these assets for disaster recovery has become more important than ever before. The KineticSecure active
data backup & recovery service provides businesses with the assurance they need to guard against computer hard
drive failure or theft.

With KineticSecure, users can easily backup, access, share and recover online digital assets using either a Windows PC or
Mac client including:
•   Continuous Backup - Unlike other online backup services, our patented Continuous Backup™ technology immediately
    detects, encrypts and automatically saves incremental changes.
•   Easy-to-use - No tasks for you to remember, such as uploading changes or initiating back-up. Just set it up and then sit
    back and relax.
•   Simple Rate Plan - Just $2/GB. No hidden fees, no license fees. Back up as many computers as you want under the
    same, low monthly rate.
•   Open Files Driver - Most backups don’t protect open files. This feature does just that. Perfect for files left open for
    lengthy periods in apps such as Outlook, QuickBooks or “always-on” servers.
•   Suspend and Resume Backups - Backup suspends when you’re typing, resumes when you’re not – so you’re never
    slowed down.
•   Access Backed Up Data Anywhere - Wherever there’s an internet connection, you’re a click away from any of your
    backed-up data.
•   Sharing - Send someone a special password allowing them access to just the files you want them to have. And imagine
    the convenience of sending a link to access large files – photos, for example – rather than jamming someone’s inbox.
•   Secure Bank Grade Encryption - This is the strongest encryption available. It has never been cracked. So you can rest
    easy that your valuable data is safe.
•   Fast Recovery - We assume you need that file or folder back instantly. With our smart features, you’re just a few short
    clicks away from recovering it. And our Web Carts make the entire process even faster by allowing you to collect multiple
    files, folders and/or systems into a single ‘cart’ for easy downloading.
•   File Versioning - We keep multiple versions of every saved file, so you can restore older or deleted versions of your files.

Wherever business takes you.
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System Requirements
Back up from any PC or Mac. In fact, back up from both on the same account.

For Windows Systems                                               For Windows Systems
KineticSecure was designed to work on a wide                      Operating Systems: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7
range of Windows PCs. Anything from Windows                       Processor: 1.5 GHz PowerPC G4 or Intel CPU
95b all the way up to Windows XP, 2003 Server,
                                                                  RAM: 512 MB
2008 Server and Windows 7 are supported.
                                                                  Hard Drive Space: 5 GB free

Operating Systems: Windows 2008, Windows 7, Vista, XP,
                                                                  Our software has been tested to work on the minimum
2000, Me, 98, NT, 95
                                                                  configuration recommended by Apple. If you are happy with
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 1.7 GHz
                                                                  the performance of your system today, rest assured that the
RAM: 1 GB RAM (512 MB minimum)                                    backup will not degrade your performance.
Hard Drive Space: 5 GB free

Our software has been tested to work on the minimum
configuration recommended by Microsoft for each version
of Windows. If you are happy with the performance of your
system today, rest assured that the backup will not degrade
your performance.

No high speed? No problem.
Though backups work best on a high speed Internet connection, it’s not required. In fact, many customers are totally
satisfied using KineticSecure on dial-up or accelerated dial connections.

Older System? Don’t worry.
The KineticSecure client is small and efficient, so it can run easily on older systems.

Designed for firewall compatibility
KineticSecure was also designed to be compatible with home and office hardware firewalls. To a firewall it just looks like a
web browser. Or, put another way, if your PC can surf the web you should have no trouble using our backup service.

Wherever business takes you.
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or call 1.866.430.2406 (toll free) or +1.416.203.2406

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