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									                                                                PROJECT REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT

ecotours RIA
In this designer course project, you are challenged to take this requirements document,
sample assets, design mockups, and prototype files to develop a fully functioning rich
Internet application and AIR desktop application using Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™.

                           Project description
                           Client: ecotours is a London-based tour operator, known for their focus on
                           destinations of ecological and/or environmental interest around the globe.
                           Challenge: Create two versions of an ecotours interactive application, an
                           online version and desktop application. The ecotours application allows the
                           company to showcase the locations where clients can travel to experience
                           ecological tours and activities. The user interface should convey an inviting,
                           eco-friendly energy that effectively publicizes the services that ecotours

                           The following diagram describes the anticipated levels of expertise required
                           to complete this sample course project. These are proposed requirements
                           under ideal conditions and it is important to recognize that projects are
                           organic and evolve based on individual characteristics, team dynamics, client
                           issues, etc.

                                            VISUAL DESIGN

                                            INTERACTION DESIGN / INFO ARCHITECTURE

                                            MOTION DESIGN

                                            BACKEND TECHNOLOGIES

                                            UTILITIES / FUNCTIONALITIES


                           Project resources
                           You can use the example assets and project files from the ecotours RIA
                           project to deconstruct this completed project example and see how the
                           creator used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Catalyst to create the RIA.
                           The file contains content and project files from the
                           ecotours RIA. With these files as an example, consider how you may create a
                           similar ecotours RIA.

                                         PROJECT REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT

The completed web application shows the final online version of the
ecotours RIA.
The ecotours_ria.air file contains the desktop Adobe AIR application installer
for the ecotours RIA.

Step-by-step video tutorials
View the RIA step-by-step video tutorial series to see how an RIA can be
designed and published using Flash Catalyst. View the video tutorial series at

User scenarios
Rebecca Bradford, a travel agent working in an ecotours branch office, often
meets with clients outside of the office, where she is required to have travel
information on hand to present as options. Internet access can be spotty and
she needs to be able to show the ecotours tour options for her clients. This is
accomplished using an AIR desktop version of the application that allows her
to showcase the different locations where tours are offered while offline.
Ben Bradshaw, a businessman in Chicago, is hoping to take his wife and two
daughters on an ecological adventure sometime in the next 6 months. He
searches the Internet for tour providers and finds the ecotours online tour
application. Ben uses the ecotours online application to browse through the
locations and gallery images of potentials options for his family’s vacation.

The following features should be found within the dashboard interface:
    • Page to display information about the ecotours company.
    • Page to display general details about the kinds of tours that the
      ecotours company offers
    • Map of the locations where ecotours are offered.
    • Gallery showing images from the ecotours

Tasks 1-3 in the project task list show the work that needs to be completed
as part of the design phase of the project.

                        Design Mockups - Create RIA UI artwork in Adobe
               Task 1
                        Creative Suite and explore user interaction requirements.

                        Design Prototype - Use Flash Catalyst to import your

               Task 2   design document, create pages, states, and components,
                        and add navigation for the RIA.

                        User Testing, Revisions and Deployment –Conduct a
               Task 3   quality assurance test of the RIA, make necessary
                        revisions, and deploy to the web and desktop.

                                    PROJECT REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT

The following wireframes are intended as an initial sketch of the elements
within the ecotours application. You have complete creative freedom to
change the layout and explore innovative ways of interacting with the

                               Location page

                                 Tour page

                                Gallery page

                                   PROJECT REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT

Technical and design considerations
 •   Design application for a maximum of 800 by 600 pixels.
 •   There should be a total of three main application pages with intuitive
     navigation between them.
 •   The ecotours map should be animated to appear as a pop-up within
     the application.
 •   The same UI design should be used for the creation of the desktop
     and the web application.


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