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2007 Evaluation of Chinese graduate education sub-professional level table (the top
20 schools)
Rank School Name University Total number of A + A professional professional
professional number the number of B + B, C and so the number of professional
expertise the number of professional quality rate (%)
1 Peking University 1,806,588,206,185.00
2 Tsinghua University 163,465,730,181,263.19
3 Zhejiang University 251,419,369,371,153.39
4 Fudan University 164,355,946,101,457.32
5 Shanghai Jiaotong University 166,244,462,231,340.96
6 Nanjing 154,145,245,261,742.86
7 Wuhan University 207,287,468,251,249.28
8 Huazhong University of Science 16,723,675,417,653.89
9 Sun Yat-sen 16,922,625,819,849.70
University of Science and Technology 10, 751,234,149,661.33
11 Jilin University 215,165,775,353,233.95
12, Renmin University of China 10,334,282,012,960.19
13 Harbin Institute of Technology 9,718,303,112,649.48
14 Nankai 132,184,131,172,544.70
15 Sichuan University 199,106,878,311,239.20
16 Xi'an Jiaotong University 137,173,839,251,840.15
17 Shandong University 19,065,673,332,232.63
18 Beijing Normal University 133,224,834,161,352.63
19, Central South University 18,176,247,372,838.12
20 Xiamen University 13,894,148,241,636.23

Experts Return Weapon: Kaoyan how to select professional school choice
Although candidates in recent years, more and more people reported, but there is still
insufficient number of professional candidates, individual or even discontent or no
reported phenomenon. Hot Programs at individual schools, even score more than 350
points (four courses total score of 500 points, the general line for the 325 points
minimum), may not be guaranteed to be accepted for the program students on
government scholarships. It is understood that the number of candidates less
professional focus on a number of professional science and engineering, literature and
history and economics are generally more professional candidates. Such as Beijing,
science and engineering professional candidates with the generally accepted ratio
between 2:1 ~ 4:1, but the liberal arts and professional candidates taking the ratio is as
high as 6:1 ~ 9:1. Between the specific professional school, this imbalance is even
more prominent. In the professional, computer engineering, automation has been a
popular, liberal arts legal, financial are always popular. In these professions, the
proportion of applicants and admitted more than often as high as 20:1 or even higher.
Peking University, People's Congress and other elite schools are many
candidates concentrated. In such schools, individual departments may be more than
1,000 candidates who did not absolutely high-performance, basically difficult to
ensure the plan is accepted as students at public expense. If there is no absolute
certainty, it is recommended students can avoid such type of schools and professional.
Of course, some popular professional or

Top schools are still some relatively popular and professional direction, the students
might have chosen to sit.

In recent years, increasingly multi-disciplinary team of Entrance Examination for
growth, many candidates to cross-examination not only related to professional, even
among the liberal arts person "big." As we all know, "
隔行如隔山", multi-disciplinary applied for the degree of difficulty in a
newspaper is the largest, "Sword go the wrong front," both
"lose the whole game," the danger of surprise attack could bring

So, the situation on the inter-professional Entrance Examination for calm, and
according to their "remedy" would seem particularly important.
In general, multi-disciplinary Kaoyan should follow the rules:

First, the inter-professional discipline is usually the dominant mathematics and
foreign languages, because these two majors on the first exam in the country accounts
for "cheap." Moreover, the doors of science and engineering
basic course with math-related, to learn the mathematics, turn the economy,
automation, computer on a "comparative advantage", the
foundation more solid. Second, relatively speaking, more agreeable to the rules of
candidates is "reason to switch the text easy to change the text or
difficulty." Pure liberal arts such as history, English or other professional to
focus more on perceptual knowledge, all professional can try to sit. But change
management culture is different, higher mathematics is the first major threshold.
Therefore, the liberal arts transfer of science and engineering to Cautious. Third, turn
the direction of the best professionals to comply with "proximity
principle", that is, to find similar or related disciplines to
cross-examination. The most secure method is to find under the same category or
under the same basic theory of the different branches of its own strength, if not
particularly strong, should not span too much. Fourth, multi-disciplinary Kaoyan as
well as "speculative", that is, identify the relevant departments
in the Note and the instructors time. Some schools and departments are welcome and
encouraged to apply for a multi-disciplinary.

From the situation in recent years of postgraduate, across multi-disciplinary
professional Entrance Examination are mainly the following: economic majors to test
math, science and engineering students to choose for such professionals to consider
the following two points: first, the profession of mathematics relatively high demand,
may be beneficial to science students, such as the Peking University Guanghua
School of the national economic planning and management, financial and professional.
Tsinghua School of Economics and Management Accounting, etc. to test number (1);
II subject test in less specialized courses, such reasonable chance of success to change
the text candidates may be larger.

Sociology is a broad subject areas, according to the calendar year of enrollment
situation, the majority of fresh candidates, the proportion of social science
background is also larger, with a background in other disciplines into the sociology,
has its unique advantages. Sociology more compared to other professional disciplines,
the relatively easy entry, as long as the well-prepared, well-reviewed, obtaining the
hope is great.

Law School graduate is a significant part of the formal academic training, as
evidenced by the fact that the professional is not insurmountable gap. Non-legal
professional financial professional quality candidates can often learn the law, they
have a broad vision to see new and unique perspective of the problem, if coupled with
review of even more fully, the success probability is very large.

Sit between the multi-disciplinary science, choice of profession, the best choice for
the professional similar to their own professional, 隔行如隔山, arts, social sciences
also between the slightly better, greater differences between science and engineering,
should apply for other professional reinvent the wheel, to start from scratch, naturally
more difficult to pay. Of course, do not turn the mountain is not the past.

In short, when deciding whether to apply for multi-disciplinary, to be fully prepared,
carefully chosen, not chasing a hot moment, trend, as possible candidates according to
their own situation.