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									                          PRESS RELEASE
                       Embassy of the United States of America in Damascus
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                                United States Assists Palestinian Refugees in Syria
                                                                   May 19, 2010
Damascus -- Mr. Charles F. Hunter, Chargé d’Affaires of the United States Embassy in Syria, inaugurated on May 19 a
newly constructed UNRWA community center that will benefit nearly 144,000 Palestinian refugees living in Yarmouk
refugee camp in Damascus. The United States contributed $1.4 million to support the construction of the community
“The Yarmouk Community Center represents the continuing commitment of the American people to meeting the needs of
Palestinian refugees in the region,” Mr. Hunter said in his speech.
Filippo Grandi, UNRWA Commissioner-General, thanked the United States for the generous contribution. “The United
States is our largest donor and we are deeply grateful for your longstanding support.”
The United States is UNRWA’s largest bilateral donor. In 2009, the United States provided over $267 million to
UNRWA. With this contribution, the U.S will have provided over $115 million to UNRWA in 2010, including $60
million for the General Fund. This fund supports core services for 4.7 million refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan,
Syria and Lebanon, such as providing education for nearly 500,000 Palestinian children in 691 UNRWA schools.
The new center was designed and built in consultation with community. It will run programs that focus on economic
empowerment and addressing the needs of women, the disabled and other vulnerable members of the community. The
new building replaces an old community development and women’s program center originally constructed in the 1960s
but which could no longer meet the community’s growing needs.
The US Embassy also donated Arabic language books for children from the first through the sixth grade to the center.
“We hope that these books will be a source of entertainment and learning for the many children who will benefit from this
delightful community center in the years to come,” Mr. Hunter remarked.
UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, provides education, healthcare, relief and social services, and
micro-credit services to over 470,000 Palestine refugees in Syria.
“The Yarmouk Community Center stands as a testament to the cooperation between Syrians, Americans, and
Palestinians,” Mr. Hunter said.

For more information please contact:
Waseem Abdo
Information Specialist
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                                                                                  ‫(/0102‬                 ‫91/أ ر )‬
‫وا‬                                  ‫آ‬                        ‫ر‬                                 ‫رة ا‬           ‫لا‬                       ‫ا‬        ‫ه‬   ‫ر‬       ‫91 أ ر ) ( م ا‬
       ‫ة‬          ‫ت ا‬          ‫ا‬        ‫ه‬           ‫. و‬                       ‫ك‬            ‫ا‬                    ‫ن‬                                       ‫000.441‬
                                                                                                                                             ‫آ .‬    ‫ءه اا‬       ‫000.004.1 دو ر‬

           ‫تا‬                                 ‫ا‬                      ‫ا‬        ‫ام ا‬             ‫ا‬                                ‫كا‬            ‫أن " آ ا‬                               ‫ه‬           ‫و لا‬
                                                                                                                                                                    ‫."‬          ‫ا‬                    ‫ا‬
‫ت‬          ‫، إذ ل "إن ا‬                 ‫ا‬      ‫ه‬         ‫ا‬           ‫ة‬            ‫تا‬                                       ‫وا‬              ‫ضا م‬          ‫ا يا‬                          ‫ا‬             ‫آ‬
                                                                                               ‫."‬         ‫ا‬            ‫د‬                                  ‫ع و‬                       ‫ة ه أآ‬           ‫ا‬

‫ن‬    ‫762‬                    ‫أآ‬              ‫ة‬    ‫تا‬    ‫ا‬    ‫م 9002‬                                                 ‫وا،‬           ‫ع ا دي ا آ‬    ‫ةه ا‬     ‫تا‬   ‫وا‬
   ‫م 0102،‬                   ‫وا‬             ‫ن دو ر‬   ‫511‬      ‫أآ‬                                           ‫ة‬               ‫تا‬     ‫نا‬      ‫وا. و ه ا ه‬      ‫دو ر‬
‫و ة وا ردن‬                     ‫ا‬            ‫ا‬       ‫ـ 000.007.4‬                                           ‫تا‬                ‫ا‬     ‫وق ا م ا ي‬     ‫ن دو ر‬   ‫06‬
                                             ‫وا.‬         ‫196 ر‬                                                               ‫000.005‬         ‫ا‬       ‫و ر و ن،‬
              ‫دي و‬            ‫ا‬           ‫ا‬     ‫آ‬                        ‫ا‬                 ‫ه ك، إذ‬     ‫ور ا‬                                             ‫آ ا‬         ‫و ءا‬             ‫ى‬   ‫و‬
‫ً‬           ‫ً‬
            ‫آ ا‬               ‫آن‬           ‫ن ء‬                            ‫ا ءا‬             ‫.و أ‬      ‫ى ا‬    ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬                                                ‫وا‬               ‫ت ا ء وا‬
              ‫.‬                         ‫تا‬    ‫ا‬                             ‫ً‬
                                                                            ‫درا‬                   ‫،و‬    ‫تا نا‬                                                ‫أ ء‬                      ‫ً‬
                                                                                                                                                                               ‫و آ ا ا ا‬

       ‫" أن‬             ‫ه‬           ‫ا ول وا دس، و ل ا‬                                  ‫ا‬            ‫ل‬                                    ‫ً‬      ‫آ أ‬                      ‫رة ا‬        ‫ا‬         ‫آ‬
    ‫ات ا د ."‬           ‫ا‬               ‫ا‬     ‫ه اا آ ا‬                                     ‫ن‬                       ‫ا‬                   ‫لا‬               ‫وَ‬          ‫رَ‬                    ‫َ نه ا‬
       ‫ت‬          ‫و‬                 ‫تا‬             ‫وا‬            ‫وا‬                ‫ا‬                 ‫وا‬            ‫ا‬                          ‫ة ث وا‬     ‫ا‬                 ‫ا‬        ‫وا أو وآ‬        ‫وا‬
                                                                                                    ‫ر .‬                                          ‫000.074‬                  ‫آ‬              ‫ا‬            ‫ا‬
             ‫."‬                    ‫وا‬               ‫وا‬           ‫ر‬        ‫ا‬       ‫ون‬               ‫ق‬                                       ‫كا‬       ‫أن " آ ا‬              ‫إ‬         ‫ه‬        ‫وأ ر ا‬

                                                                                                                                                               ‫ل:‬        ‫ءا‬     ‫تا‬           ‫ا‬
                                                                                                                                                                                              ‫ُ‬     ‫و‬
                                                                                                                                                                                         ‫ا‬     ‫ول ا‬

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