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									Letter to Cancel your Appointment

A cancellation regarding anything means termination of the stipulated activities
due to any reason.

A cancellation of an appointment in this regard means terminating the fixed
meeting for any kind of activities.

When someone who has a fixed meeting with another person, is unable to turn
up due to some other reasons more important than the meeting, then such letter
of cancellation is meant to be written.

The same letter is written as a medium of courtesy towards the second party with
whom meeting was fixed, so that the second party does not face any problem &
his work runs smoothly, without any interruptions.

Thus, a letter is written to cancel the appointment when the party understands
that he/she won’t be able to make up for the same. This letter is needed to be
written in advance so that the second party may know the same and fix other
meeting in the same time, thereby, saving his precious time.

The letter to cancel the appointment must include name, place, meeting for what
reason, date and time of the meeting and drafted once the person responsible for
meeting is sure shot sure that he will not be able to meet the person, in person.

These letters act as a channel of goodwill in maintaining a cordial relationship
with client. These letters gives an impression to other parties that the people they
are dealing with are professional and good gestured.

The format for the letter to cancel your appointment is simple. It needs to be kept
simple and short. The tone or the language used in the letter also needs to be
positive and short.

In other words, the cancellation of appointment letter shall be structured in such a
manner that it becomes viable to convey the message of the cancellation of the
fixed appointment in a direct but soothing way.

Let’s see a sample letter in this regard

Mr. Anuj Gupta
Senior Sales Executive,
Tata Tele Services,
Shivajinagar, Pune
Shahid Jahangir
Senior Sales Executive,
Bharti Airtel Limited,
M.G. Road, Pune

Dear Shahid,
                I am sorry to cancel my appointment dated 15th December at
10.30 am slated at your corporate office as I am going out of the town on an
urgent priority due to some personal problem. I do understand that this meeting
was of prime importance for the benefit of both the companies. I will reschedule
the appointment once I am back in town. My secretary will surely contact your
office and fix up a new appointment for the same.

My mother is suffering from some heart related problem back home. Doctor has
advised a surgery in this regard but it has been kept pending due to my business
commitments here.

However, the condition might deteriorate further if not taken in to account now.
So, it has prompted me to act like a responsible son and that’s why I am leaving
for home.

I am taking a ten day break from all my work related ventures. I will be back in
the town by 24th December. I will fix up all my meetings & appointments once I
am back.

Treating the above condition as grave, I am writing the letter to you. I hope this
does not disturb your schedule. Sorry for inconvenience. I am looking forward to
meeting you in person for the appointment we had, and same shall gets fixed by
my office once I am back for which I shall let you know the date and time in

Yours Truly,
Anuj Gupta


Upon looking the above sample on the captioned subject ‘cancel appointment
letter sample’ it should have been clear by now as to what shall be used while
penning down a cancellation letter to cancel your business related appointments.

The above written format of cancellation letter is up to date and is in sync with
adherence to the latest ethics of the business communities.
However, if you want to have a look at more of the cancellation letter template,
then it would be right for you to hover over the internet for the same.

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