Ten well-known economist in China

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					Ten well-known economist in China
Ten well-known economist in China
   In China, the economists point unavoidably affects the expression state policies,
industry development, and public life. Economists, including several celebrities, their
unique point of view, language sharp and full of charisma. We are most concerned
about is what economists, most of the business guide? Business people who are the
most authoritative benchmark? To this end, I s manager of the company invited more
than 200 jobs to conduct business survey showed economists were recognized basic
exposure consistent with the economists.
1, Wu Jinglian
China's stock market in 2001 after World War photographed high, as long
as there Professor Wu will be the focus.
Wu Jinglian first to propose and promote market economy, is
"market-oriented reform of" the main representative; economic
system, one of the pioneers comparative study subjects; the different periods of
theoretical ideas and policy recommendations in practice to promote the cause of
China's reform forward.
Popular in the business people in the favorable impression, click-through rate reached
70%. Giving the impression that a just, wise, learned, pleading with the conscience of
His main crowd evenly distributed among the men and women. People,
"although not to the heart and desire." But some people in
recent years, China's stock market slump in part to blame him.
2, Li Yining
Professor Li and Professor Wu in 2001 the vanguard of debate, as the Internet spread
the riches of his family inside the article, Professor Li made the controversial and
popular as his writings.
Professor Li Yining of China and many other countries on the economic operation of
the practice of comparative research, based on the development of the
non-equilibrium economic theory, and apply this theory to explain China's
economic performance. Li Yining of China's economic reform from the
beginning of the shareholding system is proposed to the idea of the Chinese economy.
So enjoy at home and abroad, "Li shares," said.
By the high-end business people welcomed the crowd.
3, Lin Yifu
Because of its special status, his title and more like a big tree painted on paper.
Professor Lin Yifu scholarly diligence, research more widely, forming a rich academic
thinking. He stressed that the endogenous system, as early as the late 1980s, his
success on the premise that economic reform is to abandon the implementation of
development strategies with a catching colors. In summing up the economic
development of countries of the world lessons, he put forward his original hypothesis
of the development of economic theory.
Returned by a business as a good impression on people and scholars.
4, Mao Yushi
Economist with the Romanticism of the color.
Mr. Mao Yushi, "powerful" is his microeconomic resource
allocation problem of thorough research and subtle interpretation, he had summed up
the micro-economics and the core of market economy: full competition in the supply
and demand balance that the resources optimal configuration.
His "preferred distribution principle" as easy to understand,
drew much of the beauty of economics, so a lot of young scholars entering the field of
micro-economics of introduction. Writing the language because of its fascinating,
concise point of view, training a large number of loyal Mao Yushi, "Mao
Yushi fans."
Because of its tolerance and peaceful character of people's livelihood
issues, is considered a model for economists.
5, Fan Gang
Fan Gang is considered the Western Economics in China's remarkable
theory of interpretation, he's "Modern Economic Theory and the
System of Three and comprehensive" lay their position in the Chinese
economic circles.
Fan Gang in "" immoral "economics" in
the reference: "As a general sense of intellectuals, even he should pass on
evangelism; Dan as an economist, Tan Dao De is a 'proper
job'." caused no small controversy. Among economists in the
latest on the "war" in another and with non-mainstream
economist Yang Fan into focus.
Fan Gang, an economist at many large can called a "handsome
youth" to participate in the selection of women feel a lot like a certain TV
host Fan Gang, so popular.
6, Weiying
Professor Zhang Weiying business theory and the reform of Chinese state-owned
enterprises in domestic and international academic research, zgzf departments and the
business community have a wider impact, is acknowledged as the authority of the
academic theory of the firm, is the first proposed and demonstrated two-tier price
system Reform scholars.
Weiying recently launched "University of logic," a book, as
Associate Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University actively
promoting education reform, arguably.
7, Lang
Lang high reputation in China, he has the vision to protect small shareholders and
therefore the media is known as the "Lang supervision", He
used the emergence of an independent third party Yang Rong popular attention. Lang
has recently raised the yuan should be "re-depreciation of 2% to fight hot
money into the Chinese market", "should not be bigger and
stronger company should strive for excellence" and other viewpoints, and
shelled Haier, TCL, Kelon and other well-known enterprises in China, once again
alerted the whole world.
Lang's                                      "integration",
"operation", "manipulation" in the book
market, sales are also excellent. His academic achievements are world-class business
schools generally recognized.
8, Hu Angang
Hu Angang has joined the leadership of Zhou three academicians of Chinese
Academy of Sciences study group conditions, and as one of the main researchers,
systematic research in China's national conditions. He is a pioneer in this
new field one of the main. In early 2000, Hu Angang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
and Tsinghua University are jointly employed as director of the Center for China
Studies, the Centre aims to build the domestic first-class national policy think tank.
He led Center for China Studies of Tsinghua University is one of zgzf four major
think tanks.
9, Xiao Zhuoji
Professor Xiao Zhuoji the first time in the domestic academic theory put forward and
the socialist state ownership enterprise ownership and use rights (management rights)
separation issues. Made to understand the socialist and capitalist. Ownership of the
reform proposed by the means of production are the main contents of economic
reform. The basic idea is ownership reform: improving the ownership structure of
socialist society; improvement of the socialist public ownership structure; complete
state ownership mode of operation.
Xiao Zhuoji years of research, "Capital", in recent years
focused on the use of "capital" theory of the socialist economy.
10, Zhang Wuchang
Zhang Wuchang as the new institutional economics and the founder of modern
economics, property rights, his theory advocated widely debated in academic circles.
The transfer of shares on the domestic foreign exchange transfers, government
regulation, gave his own unique view. Zhang Wuchang in Guangzhou, China on WTO
deal with the challenges that the future of China's agricultural population
should be reduced to 25% ... ... almost every public speech he will cause an uproar -
and of course one very important reasons for their exaggerated Professor Zhang
Wuchang Evaluation of the role of winning a lot of eyeballs.
His Economics "practical theory" are also subject to public
attention. Some people rating him a genius, some people said he grandstanding.

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