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					                                   CORBIN MIDDLE SCHOOL DRESS CODE

Corbin Middle School has designed our dress code to ensure our success in three major areas:

         1.   To ensure the safety of our students.
         2.   To avoid distractions.
         3.   To prevent our students being subjected to vulgarity, violence and/or the promotion of alcohol and

Students should enter Gym or Main Building in dress code. Students should remain in dress code until they
permanently exit the building for the day. Sponsors/coaches of extra-curricular activities may use their discretion
once their activity begins. If a student is dressed inappropriately they will be written up and disciplined according to
the Corbin Middle School Code of Conduct. 1st offense=BL; 2nd offense=ASD; 3rd offense=SD. If a students’
clothing is deemed offensive or vulgar, they will be asked to call their parent for a change of clothes or be sent to the
Youth Service Center for a change. If clothes are borrowed from the YSC, they should be returned at the end of the

If your clothing choice is questionable, dress on the side of caution and do not wear it.

Gym or equipment bags will not enter the school. They will be placed in the designated area in the gym. (We need a
better procedure that includes the ability to secure these – major safety issue)

Backpacks and purses should be placed in the lockers before A & A. All outerwear must be placed in lockers before
A&A. (We may need to explore a better procedure that would insure more safety)

*If a classroom is cold, the students may, at the discretion of the teacher, be allowed to wear a heavy sweater or
crew neck (non-hooded) sweatshirt, with no pockets, for warmth.
What to Wear                                               What Not to Wear
TOPS                                                       TOPS

Size appropriate clothes – tops should not be so small     Tops that show any cleavage. Tops that show bare
that they are revealing or unable to stay tucked, nor      shoulder.
so large that they could conceal dangerous or
inappropriate items.                                       Team uniforms or any part of the uniform.

Tops with sleeves (cap, short, elbow, long)                Chains attached to clothing or chain belts.

All tops, no matter the style, must be tucked. If a        Any hooded apparel or tops with large pockets.
student has on two regular tee shirts, they should both
be tucked. Shirts should stay tucked when seated.          No outerwear – light jackets without a hood or
                                                           pockets may be worn.
Students may wear a button up shirt out and
unbuttoned with an inner shirt tucked in.                  No trench coats.

Corbin Redhound apparel.                                   Fabrics such as Lycra or spandex
(related to school sponsored only)
                                                           Any article that depicts alcohol,
Writing that is only the manufacturer’s logo that          violence, or vulgarity.
matches the tag. (The logo cannot promote violence,
drugs, sex, or alcohol. No graphics, pictures or           Pictures or large graphics on any article of clothing
distracting images – i.e. TapOut, UFC, etc.)               (belts, shirts, pants)

BOTTOMS                                                    BOTTOMS

Size appropriate clothes – bottoms should not be so        NO HOLES (this includes stress areas and/or
small that they are revealing or make shirt unable to      frayed edges)
stay tucked, nor so large that they could conceal
dangerous or inappropriate items.                          No sweatpants or athletic pants/shorts.

Pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses that are at least mid-   Pictures or large graphics on any article of clothing
thigh when seated. If leggings are worn skirt or dress     (belts, shirts, pants)
must still be mid-thigh.

ACCESSORIES                                                ACCESSORIES

A standard belt must be worn, if there are belt loops.     Shoes with wheels
(NO scarf, or ribbon belts)
                                                           Pictures or large graphics on any article of clothing
Natural hair colors only.                                  (belts, shirts, pants)

Clear or mesh backpacks (cloth totes                       Zipper free binders
are not allowed).
                                                           Visible tattoos must be covered at all times.
Small purses (placed in locker).
                                                           Hats or bandanas
Piercing in the ear only. The post should be standard
gauge (1 mm in diameter).