Ten descendants of Marshal

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					Ten descendants of Marshal
In 1955, the Chinese People's Liberation Army carried out the first rank of
the system. Huairen Hall in Zhongnanhai, Mao Zedong granted the rank of Marshal
Zhu De, and ten others; Zhou Su Yu and other 10 NPC will give the rank of the ten
famous Chinese army marshal and thus the establishment of ten generals. Decades
later, the descendants of ten marshals doing?

Zhu De (1886-1976), Marshal in 1955 when the first grant of ten.
Daughter Zhu Min, Beijing Normal University, Department of Russian at work.
Department of retired former director of 1986, established the training of military and
civilian Beijing Institute (now renamed as Beijing military and Training Institute), as
Son Liu Zheng, who work in the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union, any
translation, and studying in the Soviet Union, and Zhu Min understanding of
Grandson Liu (Zhu Min son), he was vice president of People's Liberation
Army chemical defense research;
Grandson Liu Kang (Zhu Min son), engaged in the business exchange between China
and Germany;
Grandson Liu Min (Min Zhu's son), French translator;
Grandson Liu Wu (Zhu Min son), PLA commander of a research institute.

Peng (1898-1974), Marshal in 1955 when ten second highest award.
Niece Peng Gang, major general, Central Discipline Inspection Commission Standing
Committee, deputy secretary of the Central Military Commission.

Lin Biao (1906-1971), Marshal of ten record and his ability to command all
Son Liguo, Department of Physics, Peking University students in March 1967 as the
Air Force Office of Secretary of the Party, October 17, 1969, was appointed deputy
director of the PLA Air Force Command and Deputy Minister of operations.
September 13, 1971 early morning flight with his parents in panic flight, through
Mongolia ?nd?rkhaan crashed plane crash.
Daughter Lin Liheng (Lin Doudou), served as "Air Force
reported," deputy editor, July 31, 1974, Mao Zedong personally instructed
to lift the isolation of Lin Liheng review. Later, she and her married boyfriend Zhang
Qinglin, and placed in a car factory in Zhengzhou. After the Third Plenary Session,
Lin Liheng work in Beijing, the question then to solve the problem and account, and
was assigned to the Chinese Academy of Social work, her husband was placed in the
Beijing health sector. May 18, 2002, Lin Liheng invitation to be home to a company
as large Yellow Crane Beijing chairman and general manager of the restaurant.

Liu (1892-1986), the representative of the Second Field Army, military career, second
only to Chu. When Liu endowed within the military has no real power in the party,
ranked fourth one reason for his qualifications, and second, high in the military of
human hope.
Eldest son Liu Taihang, a former Air Force deputy director of the Institute, he served
as Deputy Minister of armored combat troops;
Second son, Liu Meng, a former General Staff chief of staff, love of literature,
participated in the "Liu biography" of the preparation, created a
Screenplay "Youth Liu";
Three sons Liu too late, major general, the Air Force Command, Deputy Minister of
Daughter Liu North China, in June 1945 when the nursery school in Yan'an
was assassinated;
Daughter Liu Mi group, major general, the Air Force command and Associate Dean;
Liu Xie daughter first, Beijing General Hospital, the first out-patient medical
Daughter Liu Yan Ling, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Department of Nuclear
Medicine, Beijing Medical Association of Nuclear Medicine Professional Committee.
Long (1896-1969), Nanchang uprising with the Red Army commander and
commander of the qualifications to become Marshal.
Son Pengfei, the rank of lieutenant, deputy commander of the Navy.
Daughter, He Jiesheng, major general, Encyclopedia of Military Science Academy,
vice minister of the military.
Son Li Zhenjun, the former political commissar of the armed police headquarters.
Chen Yi (1901-1972), a three-year guerrilla war on behalf of the South, the New
Fourth Army, the Third Field Army three factions. With the purpose of joining the
army he literati.
Chen Haosu eldest son, a former vice mayor of Beijing, currently the Chinese
People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Minister and president of
the Sino-Russian Friendship Association;
Second son Dan Chen Huai, major general, members of the PLA General Armament
Department of the CST;
Three sons, Chen Xiao Lu, Department of Human Resources Development Center of
China International Personnel Agency Unit Standard International Investment
Management Limited.
Daughter of Accomplishment son was, Wang Guangya, Chinese Vice Foreign
Luo Ronghuan (1902-1963), Political Marshal, representing the status of political
work in the military means unique to the Chinese military with Chinese characteristics.
Marshal in the top ten in his most junior, joined the party in 1927, has never been a
strategy of the most senior. He was also the highest degree out of ten, went to college.
Luo east son, lieutenant general, former deputy political commissar of the PLA
Second Artillery Corps;
Xu Xiangqian (1901-1990), Xu Xiangqian, with a similar Long, Red Fourth Army
commander with the identity of a marshal.
Son, Xu Yan, major general, appointed Minister of People's Liberation
Army General Staff Communication;
Neizhi Give Full Play to the former deputy secretary of Hubei Province, Discipline
Inspection Commission.

Ye Jianying (1897-1986), identified as Marshal Ye Jianying, is his special status and
seniority, until communist rule from the Northern Expedition, he has been acting as
the "Chinese military representatives in the political arena," the
role of the party besides him no others within the military have such a special status
Cotyledon length Xuanping, CPPCC Vice-Chairman;
Daughter Xiao-Lan Wu (Ye Xuanping wife) is the granddaughter of Wu Yuzhang,
deputy director of the Shenzhen People's Congress;
Grandson Xin-Fu Ye (Ye Xuanping son), President of Hong Kong 10 000 letters.
Second cotyledon election Ning (Yue Fung), a former People's Liberation
Army General Political Department to contact the minister, lieutenant general, the
NPC Standing Committee;
Children cotyledon incorrupt, the CPPCC National Committee members, Kelly,
chairman and president, People's Liberation Army general, one of the
insured benefit companies;
Daughter Yechu Mei, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry Bureau, deputy
director of machine tools;
Son Zou (Yechu Mei's husband), Vice Premier;
Daughter leaves to the truth, the director, now doing business in Hong Kong, and her
second husband is Qianzhuang Fei foreign Sunluo Dan.
Daughter Ye Wenshan, Hainan Overseas Chinese Investment Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman,
is a former chairman of the Asia-Pacific Ben De Limited. Her husband is the son of Li
Yu Qiu Yu Fang Fang.

Nie Rongzhen (1899-1992), North China Field Army, which have worked in the
Whampoa Military Academy
Daughter, Nie Li, the rank of lieutenant, a former Defense Science, Technology and
Industry Committee and deputy director, deputy director of the China Invention
Association, National People's Congress Standing Committee.
Son-high D value, will the Chinese Academy of Engineering, served as COSTIND
researchers, Deputy Director and Director. Chairman of the China Society of Inertial

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