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By Florri Levi

    Ms. Pat Cleary: senior homerooms A-E
    Mr. Gregg Walkes: senior homerooms F-P and General Advisement
    Ms. Kathryn Oliver: senior homerooms Q-Z and Scholarships
Urge your student to ask questions and get answers in the College Office.

Be sure to maintain records of academic achievements, honors, awards, extracurricular activities
(and time spent on those activities), community service, employment, etc. It is never too early to
prepare your information and maintain records.

   Stay informed, be organized!
   Read the college handbook! (Additional copies of the College Handbook –in English,
     Chinese and Korean–are available for purchase at PA meetings.) Most of your questions
     will be answered there.
   Most colleges strongly prefer students to apply online, either through their own
     application or through the Common Application plus the supplemental. This includes
     SUNY and CUNY. Some colleges have a Part I, which should be filled out now.
   Call, write, or email for college applications and financial aid information. Most can be
     downloaded. That way you can work off a hard copy while doing the application online.
   Obtain a Social Security number if you do not have one!
   Attend homeroom. College information is disseminated during homeroom.
   Start drafting application essays. Write, revise, write, revise.
   Go to regularly and read the online Bulletins posted there. These
     bulletins have the schedule of individual college representative visits to Stuyvesant and
     valuable scholarship information.
   Meet the Rep. Attend college sessions here at Stuyvesant when representatives visit.
     These are the admissions counselors who will be reviewing your application. Get a pass
     from the college office before of that day and get the classroom teacher from that period
     to sign the pass (again, before that day). The interest you show will be noted.
   Attend Open Houses that are scheduled in New York at this time of year. Schedules are
     available in the College Office Bulletins and are posted outside the college office. The
     Big Apple Fair is held in each borough during the month of October.
   Arrange for school visits and inquire about overnight hosting and special tours. Advance
     registration may be required. Usually overnight hosting is restricted to seniors.
   Investigate scholarships. These are also listed in the College Office Bulletins. Contact
     Kathryn Oliver in the college office for further information.
   Be prepared for your session with your college advisor. You will have 20 minutes, so use
     the time wisely. You must have your College Selection Worksheet completed.
      Help your SSR writer by keeping your information updated online!
      Observe SAT/ACT registration deadlines. Go to to register for
       upcoming SAT standardized tests and to for the ACT.
      Counselor Recommendation Forms (SSR Form) for the following schools must be neatly
       filled out with your information and given to the college office: Michigan, Penn State,
       Wisconsin, and Maryland. For all other schools, the SSR forms are generated by the
       college office. Make a copy of everything you send or turn in. Print out a copy of
       whatever was submitted online to the college.

Stuyvesant's Parent Coordinator, Harvey Blumm (212-312-4926,, can
answer many procedural questions or assist you in obtaining an answer.

Ms. Cleary has divided the responsibilities of each party in the college procedure as follows:
              Senior students will:
    Send out SAT and/or ACT scores to colleges and scholarship programs. Tthis can be
       done through; please allow sufficient time.
    Complete college application forms online. (There are a few exceptions; speak with the
       college office if you are unsure.) Follow instructions carefully. Recheck everything. Have
       someone proofread their work.
    Write their essays.
    Approve their transcript.
    Give stamped envelopes addressed to the admissions office of the college to the teacher
       who will write the recommendation for them. The return address is the teacher's name
       and Stuyvesant's address. On the inside back flap, put the senior's name, official class, the
       college name, and the due date.
              College Office will:
    Send the Secondary School Report (SSR).
    Send the official Stuyvesant transcript to colleges.
    Send Program form.
    Send School Profile.

College Office Deadlines
Early Decision and Early Action--Sunday, October 8: Avoid deadline lockout, make sure you
have communicated your choices to your college advisor.
Rolling Admissions/Early Deadlines--Sunday, November 5:
    If you plan to apply to schools that have rolling admissions (e.g., University of Michigan)
       get your information to the college office early. Try not to wait until the November 5
       deadline. These schools review applications as they are received. Spots may fill up fast
       and schools may become more selective. Even if you are applying Early Decision and/or
       Early Action, this deadline for the college office for rolling admission schools MUST be
    Early deadlines (e.g., University of California, 7-year medical programs, Early Decision
       II, etc.): You must enter your choices online at no later than Friday
       November 3, even earlier if you can.
CUNY–Monday, November 6: If you are applying to CUNY and you haven't applied online,
bring your completed application and check ($65) to the College Office by Monday November 6.
Enter the campuses you wish to apply online at before coming into the office.
SUNY–Monday, November 20: If you are applying to SUNY and you haven't applied online,
bring your completed application and check ($40 per school) to the College Office by Monday,
November 20. Enter the campuses you wish to apply online at before coming into the
CUNY Honors or Brooklyn College BA/MD–Monday, November 27: If you are applying to
the CUNY Honors College or the Brooklyn College BA/MD program (and haven't applied
online) bring your completed application to the College Office on Monday, November 27. Enter
your selection at before coming into the office.
Private and Out-of-State Colleges–December 2: This is the last day to enter your choices
online for all private and out-of-state public colleges.

November College Tour
Friday, Nov. 10th through Sunday, Nov.12th.
Seniors and juniors are invited to participate in campus visits to the Northeast corridor. A wide
range of schools that are popular with our students will be visited. Specifics about the trip will be
available through the Stuy. and PA websites. You may also contact AP Eleanor Archie at (212)
312-4800 x1031. Financial assistance is available to those qualifying for the reduced lunch

Parents: The College Committee of the Stuyvesant Parents' Association is always looking for
members and volunteers to help out and get involved. If you are interested, let the PA know.

College Committee Co-Chairs: Michele Parker,; Sherry Lin,; Angela Wong,; Florri Levy,

Stay in touch with the Stuyvesant College Office at:

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