TEDA probiotic research new model _amp;quot;TEDA world - the wealth of electronic direct marketing of the eighth wave by fdjerue7eeu


									TEDA probiotic research new model "TEDA world - the wealth of
electronic direct marketing of the eighth wave
TEDA probiotic research new model "TEDA world - the eighth wave of
electronic direct marketing of wealth"

   Foreword: "Throughout the history of the world's commercial
development, world-class enterprise by selling their business model to change the
   The 21st century is a pathway for the king's era, the company has no
fixed size, and today may become tomorrow's big little small today, may
soon become tomorrow's great. A big change in society, the upgrading of
enterprises actually introduce new business model. The future of commercial
competition, the final analysis, business model dispute, but a company has created a
unique value, a new business model, will lead to unprecedented business
transformation, which led to a new pattern of asset reorganization will eventually lead
to Also the production of a commercial revolution.
   Business model is the company through what channels or methods to make money?
In short, the beverage company to make money by selling drinks; courier express
delivery company to make money; Internet companies to make money through
click-through rate; communications companies make money by closing Hua Fei;
supermarkets and warehouses to make money through the platform and so on.
World-class companies not only sell their products, they sell their business model,
while more advanced companies through their business model will change
people's lives, and even change the pattern of development of the world.
   Like Microsoft are not just selling WINDOWS, but a convenient and effective
problem-solving; McDonald's are not just selling burgers, fried chicken
and french fries, but the quick and the environment; Buck sell is not new Ka Fei, but
leisure; Kaidilake Sell not cars, but honorable; DELL not sell computers, but direct
sales, direct distribution, direct maintenance; GOOGLE search is not sold, but the
information; Tencent not sell QQ, but communication. These companies are selling a
business model.
   Of course, selling business model is no longer uncommon, higher selling is a
culture, a way of life.
   Microsoft helps the world every business and every family and individual
efficiency, today anyone with a computer Lide Kai WINDOWS? Amway will spread
the global concept of health, so that the 21st century people to understand how
important the health (of course, selling Amway is another thing called the
"dream"). Buck created the new "third
space" theory: In addition to home, office, is the new Buck, he changed
people's leisure. GOOGLE let people know "the world at your
fingertips." Tencent's QQ changed the traditional way of
communication that people, even if separated by thousands of miles, are as close at
hand. Alibaba changed the way people's business to tell people that any
business can be global ... ...
   These companies have unknowingly changed the world, promoted the development
of society!
   In mid-May 2009, by chance, know the benefits of Health launched the TEDA
TEDA world of this model. In fact, we are more direct in the eyes, the impression of
the TEDA and the background is nothing but a great strength of this business, selling
soy flour, mushroom fungus, through several experts gathered in the struggles, ups
and downs, but nothing is always stable then a direct selling event of the company
only. Nan heard if this is just the very professional in the industry very lucky person
to be responsible for this new model and parity among professional managers of
domestic advocacy and implementation of the mall model, one of Li Xue has passed,
and led us to a sense of curiosity and objective, said, "that is not
necessarily fully aware," and from my own, and some like-minded friends
and I mainly follow the pattern of such parity mall, so the world heard of this mode of
TEDA and the needs of our close, with the first understand the mentality of the next
talk in the May 20, and a few good friends came to Tianjin Teda.
   TEDA to see that after the first Li Xue, as are old friends, meet more enthusiasm
can not help but fun. But Li Xue always gives the impression that: able, generous,
professional, really. Even years no trace of 40-year-old man in north-east woman
wiped away forever the kind of atmosphere, style (she was born in Dalian person).
Xue Li's remarks, saying that she came to the mission of TEDA. On the
one hand is to invite several friends that if Nan, the most important thing is never
forget, determined to realize her dream of parity mall. About parity mall, always start
our warm piece of nerve and dreams. China's direct selling too many
refugees, it has become an indisputable fact! Through so many years on the direct
selling market analysis and observation, we found that the establishment of large,
solid base of direct corporate spending almost minimal, what are the reasons?
   We know that no matter how much a company produced, what company, what
dealers to sell, this is a typical store business. Amway, Mary Kay, perfect, infinite pole,
new era, whose son, Sun God, Longliqi class companies are direct sales store business,
products are concentrated in health care products for daily use cosmetics and simple,
the product is a single number already apparent homogeneity and are more expensive,
and needs to depend on the training concepts to guide the consumer, the product is not
required to purchase products, direct sales for the group is also mainly limited to the
business crowd, more than 80% of a large number of consumers unable to enter the
direct selling for real consumption, and almost impossible to lock the real consumers,
the family has not been mining gold. 20 years of direct selling in China has multiplied
to the various stores around 17 000 direct selling companies, employed more than
8,000 million population, direct sales team large and small, dotted, conflicts, and
gradually raise the operating costs of the market.
   To avoid the drawbacks of shop class direct sales model to more effectively capture
the market, reducing the so-called "direct refugees"
phenomenon alone created 50 years ago this has been a mature direct marketing
model to some deficiencies, and to be with the times into to the idea of each
consumer-oriented, creating a new business model to lead the trend of
today's marketing. Direct sales channels in order to avoid duplication and
build a common network channels to help more small and medium sized companies
can successfully enter the direct selling products, absorbing 80% of the mall to build a
large number of inexpensive consumer groups into direct sales, is suitable for
China's national conditions, direct sales with Chinese characteristics Way!
A leading marketing expert had five years ago: "in its future will be the
emergence of a share-based network, the community sales of all products can be
accomplished via the network."
   Li Xue spared no effort to explain to her in spades sharp theory: direct sales in the
current multiplier is indeed a very good way to market, we can form a legitimate
direct sales compared to the sharp spade, shovel the tip by open, then the formation of
a large number of consumers , then by shovel body --- in order to achieve parity mall
to spend to keep them long. So the plan as TEDA world, but also more than that on
completion of the direct marketing - the process of parity Mall, dealers because of
TEDA in other areas of the world plan to expand its business district. TEDA is the
basis of dealing with direct sales service network, there are business centers. WANG
Yong-sheng, chairman of the current to our concept is to: This platform can really
make you understand these ideas, but you must be a kind of sense of proportion,
which measured allows us to understand that this platform if take the good with the
winning features. When we truly understand the TEDA, it done all the effort, for in
2009 after the market tailored platform, platform diversity, the team can be
   We can look at the professional description:
   TEDA plans to model the world
  A Member Network Marketing: A large consumer group
   Direct selling business license business license - a prerequisite
   Direct marketing products - high added-biological health products (including health
   Features high-quality commodities at home
   Innovative Home Appliances
   --- Super Member system features e-commerce platform, optimize the member
self-management, and large capacity quality education platform, members of the
value-added services
   --- Online Communication System Communication System in a timely manner UU
(Thai beef), an interactive mobile phone global declarations, SMS management,
real-time Order Express channel
  Second, TEDA world platform: a good variety of resources and effective whole,
members of a virtuous circle of resource use
  Third, business center: retail, service support, member clubs and business culture in
one communication network
   "When you sell a product only when other people treat you as a
salesman; when you sell hundreds of products, you become a retailer; when you have
a large supermarket chains, people call you entrepreneurs; When you involved in the
retail industry, real estate, cars, education, tourism, investment and other industries,
people will say you are for the commercial giant. "
   TEDA world launch plans:
   Initial stage (2009):
   1, WEB platforms, messaging platforms, and mobile WAP platform
   2, TEDA supermarkets, real estate Teda, Teda Motor City
 ?Up period (2010):
   1, call center, application platform
   2, TEDA daily life, tourism, education, health care, insurance, finance, technology,
logistics, banking contacts
 ?Peak period (2011):
   1, the service platform for a comprehensive upgrade to meet global demand
   2, TEDA charity, Extreme Life
   SMS platform Description: SMS registration, SMS payments, transfer SMS, SMS
   WEB platform Description: Personal ERP management system: We help each
member is treated as a group to the system is fully in accordance with the construction
of enterprise-class standards, capital flow, logistics, information flow, human
resources, several elements of an ERP should taste.
   Successful system: the success of the direct selling industry's most
prestigious eight-step, and day to day team management.
   Humanization design: the world's most personalized direct marketing
management system, voice assistance, animation, basic procedures, hands-on
operation tips, answers to difficult operating manuals.
   TEDA probiotic three technologies:
   Life Sciences lead the team, the formation of consumer spending and productivity,
some members spend part of the construction team of people, walking on two legs.
   0-100 years of education technology face a different capacity in different
populations in need to improve the overall quality of all our members.
   Information Technology (UU) to make our communication more convenient and
faster integration team can really sit at home.
   Buy one get two: buying life science products, get education, technology and
information technology products.
   In the future China will adopt the model:
   1, TEDA living Hall (kitchen culture, culture bedroom, bathroom and cultural, etc.)
   2, TEDA coffee business (the establishment of flagship stores)
   TEDA probiotic huge resources system, through a TEDA mall platform, and we
share! TEDA mall goal: to build the world's most advanced integrated
electronic life of the community, along the street to beg alms monk, the temple of the
   Seen Xue Li, we see a world model TEDA helm if Ms. Nan. For if Nan, we already
had some understanding of who she was born in Changchun (Having said that, people
will think, TEDA chairman Yong-Sheng Wang was born in Harbin, Dalian Li Xue is
the person, if Nan is in Changchun, TEDA's Golden Triangle is Northeast
helped. destined TEDA model, will be the Northeast's character and
atmosphere in it.)
   If successful history of Nan is always very smoothly, and college graduates to go to
Guangzhou alone, candidates work the Inland Revenue Department, has not been easy.
Direct access after the first e-commerce is Leikesesi this noble old direct sales,
operating 3C after the first person in this industry earned nearly on billion in revenue.
Of course, have heard that if Nan's fighting spirit in the direct sales,
sometimes said to have talked about the 14 day OPP, and even tired of the coma, seen
mainly from the success of efforts.
   Li Xue introduced TEDA chairman Yong-Sheng Wang Yisheng 2 years has been
paying attention to and follow if Nan, if Nan came to TEDA, the requirement of 4
   First, we must get a license. The need to take a license if Nan, holding a license is a
prerequisite to gain market confidence. Wang Yongsheng get a license before that
meaningful, to say wait and see. The Yong-Sheng Wang promised to win a license in
September or so, and personally take, mainly under the brand work. But because of
the need to take a license, then get a license in the months before, the need to maintain
a low profile.
   Second, the system must be unified. TEDA's history, because the
integration and acceptance of other small companies affiliated with, there have been
several systems and system, it is a good performance is only 2, and the two affiliated
companies have agreed to a period of time, must be uniform over .
   Third, we must by her cabinet. All other executives have her follow-up appointment,
a way to find a way to form a senior management team. WANG Yong-sheng looking
for all his previous work and with no way to start, so that the old model is one of
drawbacks of state-owned enterprises. WANG Yong-sheng, chairman of TEDA has
now completely decentralized, and he only get a license for work and he needs to
speak out is to do other things, the company's operations, if fully put to
Nan and Li Xue.
   Here, I think the sentence: the Yangtze River superseding the old, dead on the
beach before the waves. Big names such as TEDA for state-owned enterprises, from
2003 to the current six years, the actual process of learning to swim is the past, that
several well-known professional managers to serve as a good swimming instructor to
accompany the. Of course they contributed to the TEDA, though the ups and downs,
but the carrier has been driving the growth and strengthening of TEDA. Experienced a
6-year journey, TEDA has finally adapted to the sea, but today's helmsman
and driving machines, sailor and so completely changed. TEDA building remains the
same, but the internal factors and the pattern --- a completely big change, changes in
internal factors, TEDA has now more than a non-eve!
   Fourth, create a new model. Belong to the Tianjin Binhai New Area TEDA, if the
plan is to rely on their Nan TEDA whole fuss is a direct upgrade compatible with
traditional business intelligence. TEDA rely on the whole fuss, you can play great, but
also out of traditional direct sales model. Companies generally can not afford to live
the cause of such a large scale, TEDA's economic base from enough to
support such a large tray.
   Completion of this change, we need to change the past, selling soy flour, mushroom
fungus production - inventory - direct to the old establishment of the first e-commerce
service platform and brand model. If Nan began to inventory all the clean up of all
Teda, stock 20 million health care products in the quality assurance of all declarations
during the escort, and more than 1000 million in a long time, and all the destruction.
And began to burn to create first-class equipment. Those in the industry understand
the power equipment. Strong advance mode + equipment + excellent system + your
actions, is equal to your success.
   Nan to see if the moment, we are surprised. Relatively more than 1 meter 70 tall,
seems too much fat, but she smiled and said, I often think of weight loss, but the more
people that see me like this would feel more free from anxiety, so I do not lose
   If Nan aged less than 40 years old, talking about things that seem to have very
stable, mature, professional, seasoned, if Nan soft-spoken, eloquent. She did not
appear to meet us, but paint a beautiful landscape. I feel her conversation the
following paragraphs are classic, others we can go and see "Why TEDA
win? ---- CEO speech if Nan order. "
   Since 2003, although many people TEDA mixed, but we can see, TEDA has been
very safe, strong background, dealers do not owe a penny, not a dealer out over things
that many people in fact TEDA do not know, TEDA has been very low profile in
recent years, though the ups and downs but have been moving forward.
   Understand people do not understand the Internet direct marketing, direct sales
people are not understand the Internet, these two industries is the fault, and we
understand then, wanted to direct a little more progressive, so that really blends
together the two industries. TEDA is a new blend of physical economy, which
includes the Internet, direct marketing and modeling.
   Do not talk about the company, about the company than you can not and TEDA,
TEDA is already a great city. Also not talk about products that can be said that
products are flooding China, because China does not lack products, do not talk about
your product is good, his product is not good, do not talk about this, about the childish.
When talking about products Haier, TCL is also about quality time, Gome and Suning
win, this is ironic, in a sense, we are still talking about a time when hotels and air
tickets, Ctrip won. Where win?
   We have to stop and sum up, because we are true professionals channels builder.
You want to become a truly professional trades people. You need to know what you
sell? Do not sell products, not to sell the company, reference system are also no
system to make money, performance only to make money. On the mode of only one
thing to talk about a new model of the real sector, on an equipment race, talk about
these topics will shake the vision of people from all industries, he will immediately
understand that this is not your fissile ignored. Days did not change, to not change,
tools need to change, the equipment needs have changed.
   TEDA is to direct and integrate the Internet in the true sense, is an industry leader
in the doing, the new body a new blend of the industry leader in the economy. We
have to remember a concept, we are a professional builder channel, the promotion of
our model is far more than the promotion of a product more powerful. Operation of
the operation better than to come to the flexible and effective to come. 2009 is the
ultimate goal of a broader market and the ownership of an industry. If you have but to
shake the market a product, so we are definitely struggled, but we do have a platform
and model to hit the market when we absolutely a lot easier.
   Understood that only years after the organization TEDA model implementation
began in March to try to improve the development side, side started trial operation.
First, the domestic IT industry, a leading a team of 30 people, and all dug to TEDA,
TEDA currently more than 30 times leading information technology research and
development team, the best software available for dealers and users. Many companies
in terms of hardware, such as office buildings burned a lot of money, these are not
dealers, is you can not go. The TEDA is the software burn is really help to dealers,
and investment in this area is absolutely better than less hardware investment. Dealers
around the world can be used.
   TEDA started not how dynamic the market, the company is always in the process
of improvement. According to their plan, initially to build models and to better equip
stage burn, the current parity Mall and docking products that also improve the process.
Plan early in July after the official launch of the market opening, the product also
need to continue to improve the docking, the establishment of more production base
and accept more good for daily use. Plan in September to get direct sales license in 9 -
10 月 form a wealth of wave TEDA, TEDA generate wealth effect. But the market
began to be recognized, start up, can be imagined, where the accumulation of large
numbers of people, talents and formed a new wealth flow vortex.
   The first wave of wealth: the early 80s when the self-employed to make money;
   The second wave of wealth: the stock market late 80s, when the stock subscription
card, so that part of the courageous people rich overnight explosion;
   Third Wave of wealth: real estate;
   Fortune The Fourth Wave: e-commerce, was to be a site on making money;
   The fifth wave of wealth: health industry;
   Sixth wave of wealth: work at home.
   Seventh wave of wealth: business cycle.
   The eighth wave of wealth: direct electronic, parity mall to expand direct sales
business district, the formation of economic blend of body stage.
   TEDA prebiotics create the wealth of electronic direct marketing world wealth
eighth wave.
   The field research and comprehensive analysis of TEDA world model, I think,
TEDA has won in the starting line up. As for possible future risks, I think the issue or
in person: If Nan rich noble --- Direct e-parity mall, represents the rich and make the
rich Qian Haozhuan can No, and Li Xue's spade tip + civilians parity mall
this large refugee problem solving China's direct selling is the premise of
wealth, whether real organic integration, need a run-in with the practical operation of
the process.
   However, these concerns may be superfluous, as Ma said: "One thing, as
long as You Sicheng grasp on to do it, otherwise the opportunity will no longer be an
opportunity!" - Seize the opportunity, success will be closer to you!
    Select TEDA benefits students, is to choose a stable, comfortable life, choose a
high-grade quality of life, is a way to create happiness. We look forward to
everyone's life can be some more romantic, more of a pleasant surprise, a
little more spice of life! Extreme life, one step!

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