CANADIAN COMBAT SAMBO RULES
Sambo Kurtka or Gi top, with shorts (fight, board or sport shorts with no pockets). Sambo, or
wrestling shoes are optional. Headgear, knee pads, shin guards, foul cup, mouthpiece are
obligatory. Open finger gloves will be provided by the organizer.

Match time:
∗ 5 minute round. Overtime will be 2 minutes.

Scoring system:
   1. Tapout by choke or submission techniques.
   2. Referee stop due to dangerous position of fighter.
   3. Doctor stop due to condition of fighter.
   4. KO by strike or takedown.(10 second count)
   5. Loss by fouls.
   6. Decision by judges.
   7. Throwing in the towel by a fighter’s corner.
   8. 3 knockdowns (first 2 have 8 second count).

Weight Divisions:
-70kg, -80kg, -90kg, +90kg

   1.    Elbow strikes or head butts.
   2.    Heel hold.
   3.    Low blow.
   4.    Knee strikes and kicking to the head in ground position.
   5.    Striking an opponent in ground position form standing position.
   6.    Striking a downed opponent.
   7.    Intentionally going out the ropes.
   8.    Intentionally grabbing on to the ropes or corner posts.
   9.    Foot stomping.
   10.   Grabbing the opponent’s headgear.
   11.   Attacking the eyes, grabbing the hair, fish hooking, or any other immoral attacks.
   12.   Striking the back of the head, or the spine.
   13.   Slamming an opponent past one’s waist level (standing).
   14.   Improper sportsmanship.
   15.   Stalling.
   16.   Fleeing the mat with no technical action.
   17.   Striking after the referee makes a break call.
   18.   Grabbing less than 3 fingers of the opponent.
∗ The referee shall caution the competitor for involuntary fouls by: 1 will be “Caution”;
2nd caution=”Warning”; 3rd caution=disqualification.

Match execution:
∗ “Fight”: Start of the match.
∗ “Action”: Prompting the fighters to have less stalling.
∗ “Break”: Should the referee decide there is lack of action during the match, both fighters
will be restarted in the standing position.
∗ “Stop”: Stopping the match for any reason.
∗ “Stop, Don’t move”: Should one of the competitors, in ground position be outside the
mat area, the match will be restarted in the middle of the mat in the same position.
∗ Time of the match will stop only on the call of “Stop” by the referee. All other calls, the
time will continue running.
∗ Injury from a foul or to stop bleeding will be entitled up to 3 minutes of recovery time.
If at any time during the match a cut or nose begins to bleed again, the match will be
stopped immediately and one’s opponent will win by “Injury Default”.

1. The results of the matches will be determined by 2 judges plus the referee. A 2 out of 3 decision
is needed for a win.
2. Judging criteria will be based on damage, dominance and aggressiveness.

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