Teaching Reflection by fdjerue7eeu


									Teaching Reflection
First, how to reflect on teaching
  The general requirement is from the "teaching problems that have
occurred to reflect" to "teaching on the issue will take place to
reflect on" the transition. Namely: First of all, attention should be paid
before the reflective instructional design, and only then after the reflection of
  (A) reflection before teaching. Teaching each unit, each subject before the book or
each lesson, reflect on: how to teach it effectively? This call really effective? Why is
this to teach effectively? Are there more effective ways and means?
  (B) teaching reflections. Each unit, each section of each lesson or teaching, from the
lessons learned, identify problems reflect on two aspects.
  First of all, from experience, reflect on success: what good design, why good? What
good teachers to guide students learn better, and why? Thus, in order to extract the
experience, the future can be further carried forward.
  Then, is to reflect on aspects of the problems, and summarize lessons learned from a
will in the future do not make repeated mistakes and avoid detours.
  Reflection of problems come from? From the teaching goals, teaching philosophy in
the past; from the teaching methods, teaching process to; from the teaching behavior,
student performance in the past; from the students enthusiastic and active
participation to the validity of; from the quality of operations, assessment of past;
from the teaching stage Summary, analysis papers to. In short, we must attach
importance to reflect on the teaching of major problems, but also seriously reflect on
their own or the students, "trivial" little problem. Whether the
problem size, as long as there is no solved problem, there is the value of reflection
  Reflections on teaching how to do? Reflect the psychological process of an issue,
teaching those who appeared in the issue of value, which occurred prior did not think
the phenomenon? What kind of phenomenon? This should be a natural phenomenon it?
The root causes of this phenomenon What? How to deal with today's, or
the effect? Is there a better method of interaction?
  Reflections on teaching should pay attention to it? First, grasp the
"point", can be a point or points, it is best not to generalities.
But the phenomenon through the classroom, reflect on the causes and lessons of
nature. The third is to find solutions, strategies.

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