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?Personal Data of the name: Xu Song
  Sex: Male
  Birthplace: Anhui Hefei
  English Name: Vae
  Date of Birth: 1986-05-14
  Height: 180cm
  Weight: 60kg
  Constellation: Taurus
  Blood type: A
  Education: graduated from Anhui Medical University, original debut album,
  Awards:          Top         Ten         students        in    Anhui        Province
  Musicians Association of Anhui Province
  05 Year Best Male Chinese Entertainment Network
  06 year Sina Festival "Annual Network Red" nomination
  Expertise: writing, music composition
  Musical instruments: piano, guitar
  Childhood dream: to develop the same as cattle X windows software
  The most satisfactory animation: Doraemon
  Currently Creative Partners: chaotic feel groups teammates, stopped at yesterday, V.
stone scissors cloth.
  Italian girl types: thin, baby face, gentle, intelligent
  Favorite music type: R & B, HIP-HOP
  Usually dress: casual casual
  Favorite food: no interest in eating
  Favorite place: home
  Singer Description: The most wanted at this stage: the completion of their studies,
while constantly exploring advances in music
  Network of only 23 years old Red Vae (Xu Song), within two years of the network in
appearance, with "on the 7th Park", "light
singing," "Rose's funeral," "If
you become a trend" and a large number of original works loved by the
mass users, award-major portal network selected the best male singer, best songwriter
award and so on. Romania has won the runner-up on international popular music,
Asian music festival new popular music contest grand prize. It is worth mentioning
that, Vae not only master lyricist, composer, arranger, recording all the works of the
late mixing and also by the independent completion of projects, see Vae full range of
music ability and high quality music.
  November 13, 2006, a song called "moth" track in Sina caused
a sensation after the release of the first day downloads 70 000 times on the break, the
song's singer Vae, in the summer of that year had also received invitation to
the days entertainment company, featuring over 2006 female album producer.
However, this is known as "Jay's successor" of the
music young, not long famous professional musicians, not record companies are
pushing Which star, he was just an ordinary Anhui Medical University junior, whose
real name is Xu Song, graduated from Hefei one during, and after studying at a large
health management safety Medical College, graduated in June 2008. Currently writing
his debut original album.
 Xu Song-student writers at that time in the "bud",
"Children's          Literature",     "Juvenile
Literature" and other journals published over 20 papers large and small
works. Eleventh grade, he wrote a "to injuries as dimples"
composition, "was only interested in actions, and to send to the personal
home page." But let him not think that the exercises later this year in
Jiangsu Province was hit by Language Simulation Examination papers as reading
comprehension questions. Currently he's Sina blog traffic is very high.
 In addition to writing, Xu Song is also good time great computer. High moment that
was "fast flying" Cup National Web Design Contest Anhui first.
[Edit this section] major works
 1 "pink stationery"
 2 "City of Fantasy" theme music demo
 3 "shook his head to play"
 4 "Dangling"
 5 "Nostalgia"
 6 "Andersen no regrets"
 7 "finish at a movie"
 8 "Sugar Wind blowing"
 9 "Flower Moon House"
 10 "I have been love"
 11 "swing fall"
 12 "disorderly sing"
 13 "sitting alone"
 14 "earthly beauty"
 15 "delivery of the torture"
 16 "shallow sing"
 17 "Rose's funeral"
 18 "Rain on the Tomb Sweeping"
 19 "Broken English"
 20 "Melbourne, clear"
 21 "Green"
 22 "small universe"
 23 "Black Minor"
 24 "7 Park"
 25 "Our Valentine's Day"
 26 "Q Edition Huoying"
 27 "stroll you play"
28 "chaotic Budo"
29 "fireworks laugh"
30 "to be your man"
31 "in November of the skewer"
32 "The poor cat"
33 "Do not touch my friends"
34 "potato chips and pies"
35 "Southern Encounter"
36 "Totem War"
37 "Hokkaido Flower Season"
38 "big Vae"
39 "new concept"
40 "But love you"
41 "sad song"
42 "Happy to find the wind"
43 "Pavilion Room Road"
44 "Moth" Dome
45 "Santanyinyue"
46 "pavilion"
47 "tail bleeding"
48 "Feng Lin Juxiang"
49 "Venice mask" Demo
50 "The night is beautiful"
51 "rain"
52 "to find the wind"
53 "Merry Christmas"
54 "LOVER"
55 "Love Hong"
56 "Saint Sofia church"
57 "Butterfly Dream"
58 "Korean Dance"
59, "she told me"
60 "Spring Wind"
61 "invisible landscape"
62 "too big festival"
63 "Day break"
64 "Constellation book"
65 "I really like"
66 "Red Square"
67 "Love in Summer"
68 "children of small dimension"
69 "rendering Parting"
70 "I want to hold your hand"
71 "lovers"
 72 "it snow"
 73 "Angel"
 74 "to send your monologue"
 75 "Do not bite me"
 76 "love the world"
 77 "Love in Tears" (and Angel duet)
 78 "Gemini"
 79 "Angel" (mark 5.12 children victims of the earthquake)
 80 "Expo Museum"
 81 "shrewdness"
 82 "Snow Mountains"
 83 "Wine Xiao language to make"
 84 "Monkey King"
 85 "UK Lovers"
 86 "World of Warcraft"
 87 "But love Iraq"
 88 "winter warmth"
 89 "Song of the future"
 90 "Vanilla bar pops"
 91 "Christmas chaos feel"
 92 "If you become a trend"
 93 "singing who will listen"
 94 "cherry wrong"
 95 "Pig Birthday to You"
 96 "My heroine"
 97 "Love does not stay"
 98 "orange soda"
 99 "the taste of summer"
 100 "out"
 101 "Love Painting"
 102 "My baby"
 103 "Shan Yi"
 104 "acoustic trauma"
 105 "inside"
 106 "Had"
 107 "Rain on Qingming"
 108 "Why not"
[Edit this paragraph] The Introduction
 Born on May 86, 23 years old Xu Song, change also is changing many people know
the song for the network.
 "Astrology books," still continue the so-called fans
"V-style" romantic poetic style, simple melody line is not a lack
of skill, state department and the chorus has a great contrast between the emotional
impact. Vae arranger and the production is admirable. Singing is concerned, the fans
have been referred to as "Soul School" - children of the most
heart touching song. If you listen to Vae, do not expect to hear a very superb vocal
technique, where only the primitive, such as talking to talk.
  Vae consistent with the close cooperation of sony company producer Li Yijie In the
interview, praised Friends Vae: "has the ability to work
independently," "give him a home computer and a microphone,
he can create good music."
  Critic Ogawa Comment on "constellations book": simple
allocation, rather difficult to sing the melody, there are bones of the word. Many
country music music in the end is not yet clear for what, I suggest trying to learn this
young. This piece does not do too much processing virtuoso style, there movement of
simple pleasure of melody. Of course, if has been into this routine, make people tired,
but at least not yet seen Vae running out and changing the melody and lyrics cut into
the style of approach, with his age and musical experience that has potential.
  Tom play it edit Fez: If we go alone analysis Vae composer, lyricist, arranger,
singing ability, perhaps every kind can only be said to be good, but can not be called
brilliant. But he's a man swept the whole production process all the family
on such a full range of musical accomplishment up on the more precious. Even the
so-called creative music is not all completed their pickup mixing these. Most people
admire, when he was not very bright these elements together, he immediately burst
into the music a unique flavor.

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