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									Supermarkets marketing strategy
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China's rapid economic development and China's accession to
WTO situation, the "vegetable basket" of products form of
circulation appears not to be optimistic about the opportunities and challenges faced
by large-scale reform is imperative. As a traditional farmers market fresh supermarket
chain stores and modern derivatives, not only has the modern supermarket
management but also has fresh broad consumer market, is to expand the supermarket
format has been another effective form of market segments. Based on the
"vegetable basket" product management, circulation status, and
to analyze the existing problems, try to clarify for supermarkets specialization
"shopping basket" products in the market prospects; through the
analysis of business strategy, try to clarify the supermarket of fresh business
First, supermarkets Overview
(A) of the definition and characteristics of supermarkets
Fresh mainly refers to people's daily life in the consumption of agricultural
products, including vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, grain, etc., it is the people
eating at home a very important part. Supermarkets, the food is fresh that specializes
in business and management philosophy of modern supermarket stores, chain stores,
supermarkets, its like home appliances, building materials supermarket. But at this
time is fresh with a richer content, including not only agricultural products in general,
also involves a number of strong correlation products such as processed food,
semi-processed food, kitchen supplies, but Yue fresh supermarket operators The
content is all farmers markets, family kitchen required.
Farmers markets and supermarkets is the result of combining the modern supermarket,
it can take two long, two short-site, features full advantage.
1. Advanced inspection and testing instruments, strict access system, preventing the
entry of toxic agricultural products, will help protect the health of consumers, regulate
agricultural markets more conducive to the promotion of agriculture with the world.
2.     Comfortable,     elegant    shopping       environment      conducive    to    the
"basket" of products and efficient distribution, close to the
modern consumer's demand and consumption.
3. Supermarkets specialization, diversity, quality management, and promoting the
small but modern retailing of a development, enhance ability to resist risks, but also
conducive to a rich agricultural production, increase production levels.
4. Supermarkets created the "green market" to promote green
production, speed up the traditional farmers market transformation to a modern
supermarket, there are resources to help make the products through modern
distribution channels to customer, for investors to improve and establish standardized
mode of operation, strengthening infrastructure improvements.
(B) of the fresh product and the Development of the supermarket format
Since the 90s since the 20th century, after the years of effort, "food
basket" project has made remarkable achievements, however, the
"basket" product of the current situation is not optimistic,
production, supply and marketing are all part of the existence of prominent problems,
the performance of the more prominent is the "vegetable basket"
of products quality, safety, health issues. A serious impact on people's
physical and mental health, sustainable agricultural development be hindered.
Supermarket as a new Format, are increasingly taking up the street past shops,
department stores and other traditional business state status, the more functions, full
of, as well as the formation of "a lot of things insisted to the supermarket to
buy" situation, the chain Supermarkets have sprung up everywhere. While
the reasons for this phenomenon is that people "one-stop
shopping" shopping concept, on the other hand it will be seen as a new
shopping mall leisure entertainment. Commercial retail chain known as the third
revolution, because he modern industry, the organizational principles to large-scale
production of commodity circulation, improve the coordination of operational
capacity, operational efficiency to achieve the scale, the flow of China's
most potential way, the supermarket chain's flagship Yetai as a modern
commercial circulation in the area play a significant role.
Chain management in China shows strong vitality and development potential, in many
ways play an important role. With China's accession to the WTO, the retail
market will see unprecedented competition situation, facing a serious situation,
accelerate the development of chain operation in China, to improve the flow structure
to further enhance the degree of organization of circulation industry, and
modernization needs of our country accession to the WTO, to promote the healthy
development of the national economy has an important role and significance. Experts
predict that in five major Chinese retail market trends, "to operate mainly
supermarkets and fresh food shops will replace the farmers market," bear
the brunt, it is conceivable, fresh business will be another competition for foreign
entry point. At present, the Chinese government has identified the development of
chain management in business development as the dominant position of the
"15 Plan" late, "the national chain stores will be
developed to 10 million, sales of 700 billion yuan," "cultivating
5 furniture home to 10 internationally competitive enterprise groups large chain.
Second, market opportunity analysis supermarkets
1, "basket" of products and supermarket necessity of combining
Over the years, sales of agricultural products in China has been a "small
baskets to sell," or country markets, while supermarket sales of
manufactured goods are considered as places to present China's
development, agriculture, industry, service trade has a large across the range, but the
microscopic development of agricultural products and its sales have been lagging
behind, so need to "learn from the experience of developed countries,
relying on supermarkets such a handle, the safety and quality of the product to a new
level, the formation of agriculture new ideas. " One after another reported
from all over the news media in the business news on fresh, we should be able to get a
very important message: farmers market, supermarket operators to replace the
"food basket" products will be inevitable. According to the
survey, fresh food supermarkets in developed countries occupy more than 10% share,
while only 1% of our country.
2, "food basket" products existing business model and
competitive environment
Fresh consumption and people's lives, the past is the farmers market and
the state-run food stores dominate the world, and now consumer demand has clearly
showed diversity, individuality, and hierarchical. Sales of all fresh retail terminal
differentiation function continuously, restructuring and upgrading of, are constantly
creating their own market characteristics and survival of traditional farmers market
sales of the original position Beishou excluded. Fresh graduate business environment,
we can find the current market, there are three forms of competition: traditional
farmers market, small scale chain supermarkets, large supermarkets / hypermarkets.
They each have their own characteristics, there are both advantages disadvantages.
Supermarkets only carefully analyze the current competitive environment, understand
the situation, identify the opponent's weaknesses, learn from each other in
order to accurately locate and seize the initiative. So the real significance of the
establishment of supermarkets where? This is a "shopping
basket" for the combination of point and breakthrough products to find and
resolve substantive how to make fresh carrier operating in the most effective form of
the most effective use and play, to meet the needs of modern consumers, adapt to
social development needs.
Third, market positioning of supermarkets
With China's rapid economic development, urbanization building needs of
farmers market with the planning and management, Gaibian Students Donate Sperm
of the situation, while people's consumption level is also Tuidong Zhao
farmers market building toward the security of food consumption Nenggouyouxiao
security system form of government. To this end, through long-term exploration, over
the past few years the transformation has also created a distinctive pattern, mainly
patterns of Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen model of three modes. In which the
number of Shenzhen model to be most effective, its agricultural production to the
original base and the backing of large wholesale markets, the development of chain
supermarkets, fresh out of operating profits of wholesale and retail net price source of
the limitations of production and processing of agricultural products to the upstream
link extension of the supply chain in the formation of fresh rival can match the
advantages. Comparing the above three models, the model is more characteristic of
Shenzhen, more awareness of innovation lies in its distribution channels on the fresh
form of this vector was the transformation of nature, abandon the traditional operation
for several decades the old farmers market model, fundamentally transforming the old
tradition of relying on the supermarket concept to solve the many problems caused by
farmers markets, and explore the true meaning of nothing is gained by accumulation
experience to find a more reasonable and effective market entry points and reduce risk.
Still has a tenacious vitality in the farmers market in front of supermarkets is only a
good grasp of the direction, to substitute as a farmers market, with a total of live and
develop together, until eventually replace the farmers market. For this reason,
supermarkets must do the following four aspects of work, reasonable position.
1. The implementation of product diversification and innovation management;
2. Mode of operation must also close to consumer demand;
3. In the environment, health, price, service and other aspects of a high level of
professional transformation.
Fourth, the marketing mix strategy of supermarkets
(A) Product strategy
Abroad since the last century, 90 years, according to consumption of meals and meal
processing, processors of different locations and dining venues, will be divided into
fresh food consumption patterns within the food, eating out, the food. In food
processing mainly refers to consumption of traditional meals, chef, and diners are
family members of consumers, cooking, kitchen and dining place is at home, cooking
the raw materials purchased, but the whole meal process and consumption process is
completed in the family. Mainly refers to eating out eating out the form, the chef and
the kitchen and dining venues are all consumers outside the home, the entire
processing and consumption is done outside the home location, diners have a variety
of combinations. Food is becoming more popular in recent years, dining way, its
processing and processing sites are outside the home or the supermarket to complete
processing, semi-processed products generally, consumers Zeyi family members
mainly from the dining outlets at home can not at home. Therefore, in the
embodiment specialized supermarkets should have a more comprehensive category of
consumer goods to meet the various demands of consumers.
1. Within the water main, 2. Coverage, 3. Classification clear;
4. Assisted eating, 5. Construction of the supermarket kitchen project;
6. Vigorously promoted in the food, 7. Expand the scale of the supermarket industry;
8. Radiation range of products.
(B) the pricing strategy
As the elasticity of demand for fresh consumption, smaller, category of consumer
demand for high frequency products, market position lies in the low-end, quality
products in the price or quality low-cost pricing strategy as the most sensible pricing
strategy, so puerile, students should be the principles of fresh supermarket. Price
positioning in the decision-making to be flexible, which is mainly reflected in product
pricing and after splitting the combined product pricing aspects. According to the
different needs of supermarkets is likely to be some split-up operation, it will
undoubtedly change some of the original data, so that pricing complex. Therefore, the
supermarket should be flexible, effective method of calculation used to develop a
reasonable price, to both the competitiveness of the purpose of achieving the objective
of profits.
(C) promotion strategy
Marketing purposes to inform the information to persuade clients to remind customers
to purchase actions, to achieve marketing purposes, you must choose the right time,
right place, using the appropriate marketing mix strategies, we must first address their
specific target consumer groups depth analysis of consumer behavior. Supermarkets
in the control group behavior where consumers can make full use of advertising,
public information, activities, prizes and targeted manner, with the purpose of
promotion, advertising their own advantages, to guide customers to consumption.
1. To the theme of social responsibility, highlighting supermarkets green marketing;
2. With a strong emotional theme, showing advantages of price and variety;
3. To enhance the image of the theme, life, and advocacy services;
4. Maintaining the status quo, innovative marketing model.
(D) channel strategy
Operation of supermarkets as fresh at the end of the sale of part of the supply chain, of
which there are many from the upstream supply chain issues, if supermarket sales of
fresh goods enter the maximum standardized previously, then the business will
definitely fresh to reduce unnecessary losses and the cost of waste. Our distribution
channels by analyzing fresh producer - producing market - marketing wholesalers -
retailers - consumers find the optimal procurement channels and ways to build sales
channels. As cumbersome and complex distribution channels, making distribution
cost increases, fluctuations in the cost of the great marketing, coupled with
uncertainties, but also increase operational risk, it is necessary to reduce, eliminate
some of the traditional circulation, set up "companies + farmers
"marketing model, the household production system directly into the
supermarket. Meanwhile, supermarkets analyze specific issues to address, in
determining the target consumer groups, in particular location, we should fully
consider the analysis and rational distribution. Well-developed city building, stick to
two principles, one relying on the traditional farmers market and learn the layout,
close to the farmers market building supermarkets; second, with residential
construction, stationed in residential areas.
V. Construction supermarkets should pay attention to the problems
With the concept of people's consumption level and consumption increased,
the chain of supermarkets selling agricultural products will become the main channel
can not be replaced. However, in management, administration, logistics, there are still
a lot of problems. Fresh operation in the face of the existence of a lack of marketable
agricultural products, no complete cold chain supply and distribution, not the integrity
of fresh business, management and training system is not complete and so on, fresh
supermarket operators are required to cool on Current operation of their own fresh,
gaps and profitability to make an objective analysis and evaluation, in fresh
management, operation, logistics three in doing the work. The implementation of
chain management, localization; building distribution centers, logistics related to
grasp; sound management mechanism, establish a rational management standards and
operating systems. The only way to full scale fresh chain management, enhanced
operational flexibility and fresh competitive edge, formed to resolve differences in the
barriers; Only then can the human, material and financial resources on the parties to
reflect the enormous resources integration effect, reducing input costs and loss cost,
the greatest degree of rational use of resources; Only in this way can give full
expression to the supermarket and farmers market fresh fundamental difference
between, to a high level of management standards and operating system as the basic
protection, to achieve and maintain a high standard of fresh, so supermarkets are
unique to the core competitiveness of the greatest show.
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