Classroom Profiles by absences


                                                                                           Classroom Profiles

                 With the Classroom Profile, Align™ allows teachers to easily access, understand and use data on a
                 daily basis to inform instruction with one-click access to professional development resources, lesson
                 plans, resource materials, class rosters and student profile information.
                 This worksheet includes the following:
                      Viewing the Classroom Profile
                      Independent Practice

                 In Align, the Classroom Profile is the default page.
                 To view the Classroom Profile:
                 1. Go to Align > Profiles. When you click the Align tab the Classroom Profile displays by default.

                 2. Review the options available on the page. Teachers with sections will get to choose among the
                      sections they teach. Users with the Instructional Manager role (generally school administrators)
                      will be able to switch between teachers. Other users will not have the Section Chooser.

                                                                              Choose the

Links to: lessons                                                                                                        Be sure to
and units                                                                                                                watch the
scheduled today,                                                                                                         online tour
curriculum if
mapped to course
& reports

Switch columns
to display
grades or
student groups
created by you

                 3. Select the desired section to view. Some users will also see a teacher and school drop-down.

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            4. If not selected already, choose the Students tab with the ‘Roster’ view.

            5. Note that you can sort by column header. Click sorted column again to reverse order. Students
                  with upcoming birthdays are highlighted.

Student names
always link to
the Student

            6. The Section Reports tab provides shortcuts to the reports described in Activity Sheet: Generating
                  Benchmark Reports in Align and Activity Sheet: Individual Standardized Test Report in Align.

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                                            Individual Student Profiles in Align

This document provides step-by-step instructions for viewing the Individual Student Profile. Non-
teachers may find it easier to locate a profile from Account; refer to Activity Sheet: Individual Student
Profiles in Account.
The following topics are included:
     Exercise #1: Locating a Student Profile from My SchoolNet
     Exercise #2: Locating a Student Profile in Align
     Exercise #3: Navigating in a Student Profile


Teachers can easily access a student profile in Align.

To find a student:
7. Go to Align > Profiles.

8. Select the desired section.

9. On the Students tab, click a student name.

The student profile displays the Student Overview tab by default. Additional tabs vary by district
depending on what data has been loaded to the site. Individual student data is highly sensitive and
may be regulated by local, state and federal laws. Always exercise extreme caution in viewing,
analyzing and acting on this information.
To access standardized test results:
10. Select the Standardized Tests tab to view a student’s performance on all standardized tests that
    have been loaded into the system. Your tabs (and their order) may vary.

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11. Results for all years are displayed. If the list is very long you may wish to filter on a particular year.

12. An overview of all tests is displayed. Click Detailed Performance Tables to view the test detail

13. The Test Detail displays the full test information available. The format varies for each
    standardized test.

14. Return to the Standardized Test summary by clicking the Standardized Test tab on the Student

15. Return to the Standardized Test summary by selecting your browser’s back button.

16. Now that you know the Student’s performance on a Standardized Test you may be interested to
    compare that to the Student’s performance in class. Click the Enrollment & Academic Record tab
    for more information

17. Scroll down to the Academic Record section.
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18. Return to the profile by clicking your browser’s back button.

19. The Programs tab lists any special programs loaded into SchoolNet that have an enrollment
    recored associated with the student.

20. Click the Benchmark Tests tab for data regarding benchmark test performance.

21. For a particular test you can click Analyze for item analysis.

22. If (and when) available you can view the actual content of the questions.

23. Note the link on the top right of the screen to create an Acrobat PDF file. Click this link to open the
    profile in a format that is attractive for printing or saving locally.

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                                                                                                      Student Groups

        The Student Groups feature of Align allows you to place students into definable groups for
        differentiated planning, remediation, special events organization, seating arrangements, or whatever
        your unique activity or need may be. You can include notes, section data from the current section, and
        identify a category for the group. Only you can see the Student Groups you create. You may create a
        group that includes students from multiple sections.
        This document includes the following topics:
             Topic: Locations Where You Can Create a Student Group
             Creating a Student Group From Scratch
             Creating a Student Group with Selected Students
             Creating a Student Group from Report Results
             Accessing, Editing and Deleting Student Groups
             Independent Practice


        There are several locations in Align where you can create student groups:
          From within the Student Groups section
          Drill down to Student Mastery Groupings in the:
          Individual Benchmark Report
          Benchmark Trends Report
          Individual Standardized Test Report
          Skills Analysis
          Analysis Spreadsheet in Align (link to add to group is at the bottom)
          Student List

        You can create an empty group that you will add students to at a later time.
        To create a group:
          24. Go to Align > Student Groups and click Create New Group.

          25. In the Group Name field, enter a name for the group.

          26. In the Category field, indicate a category for your group, if desired. Your options may vary. (This
              is useful as an organizing device if you have many Student Groups.)

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  27. The Teacher’s Notes field provides an opportunity to add additional information. Your title may
      vary. In a later step you will have access to other content fields. You can add as much detail as
      needed—including references to web sites, links, lesson plans, etc.

  28. Click Save and Edit Group. Your group is saved.

  29. If desired, you can enter defining information for the group. This is optional and helpful if you
      have the permissions to create groups across multiple classes.

  30. You may wish to indicate learning standards that your group will focus on.

  31. Scroll down and click          .

You may find it easier to create groups and populate them at the same time.
To create a Student Group with students:
  32. Go to Align > Student Groups. The Student Groups page appears.

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  33. Choose View By: ‘Student Name’.

  34. Check the names of the students who should be in the group.

  35. Then select ‘New Group’ and click Go.

  36. Enter the group details as described in the previous exercise.

In addition to adding students to a group through the Student Group menu, you can also select
students to add from reports. Only one Score Group can be added at a time.
To create a student group:
  37. Go to Align > Analyze Sections.

  38. Run a Individual Benchmark or Standardized Test Report. (For help, refer to Activity Sheet:
      Benchmark Reports in Align or Activity Sheet: Individual Standardized Test Report.) Click one of
      the numbers under a score group column.

  39. Under the Students by Score Group area, select any Score Group (using the radio button next to
      the Score Group name) to add it to a Student Group.

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  40. Select ‘New Group’ and click Go to create a group as described above. Alternatively, select an
      existing group in which to add the students.

After you’ve created a Student Group, you can edit the group details or membership.

To access a group:
  41. Go to Align > Student Groups. Select View By: ‘Group Name’and click a group title to access.

  42. In the Student Group Detail Page, note that you can add comments to any available additional
      fields that were not part of the group setup.

To make changes to a group:
  43. You can edit any of the following items:
         Student Group Detail: click the Edit button in the right corner of this section to edit the
          Group Name, Category, Department, Grade Level, Course, and any Associated Standards.
          Click Save to save any changes you make to this area. ***The Delete button deletes the
          entire group.***
         Students: click Edit in the right corner of this area to remove students from the group, using
          the checkboxes provided. Click Save to save any changes you make to this area.
         Notes Fields: click the name of any field that lives within teacher’s notes to edit. Use the
          formatting tools in HTML toolbar to edit your text as needed. Click Save.

Complete the following activities on your own or in a small group:
    Apply your knowledge by adding students to a group from the Skills Analysis Report or the
     Student List.
    If applicable, create a list of students from multiple sections
    Create a group of students that are struggling with the same standard. Make sure the group is
     aligned to the standard and also use the notes section to create an Independent Learning Plan
     for the group
    In a small group, brainstorm some uses for student groups

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                                                              Benchmark Reports in
        SHEET                                                 Align

Align™ allows a teacher to analyze benchmark test reports, trend reports, test item results, student
skill reports and a wide range of student information. The following reports are covered:
.         • Accessing Benchmark Reports
.         • Report #1: Individual Benchmark Test
.         • Report #2: Benchmark Trends
.         • Report #3: Skills Analysis
.         • Report #4: Item Analysis
.         • Independent Practice


Benchmark reports can be accessed by teachers through My SchoolNet. Most users can access
these reports through Align’s Analyze Sections as described here.
To access benchmark reports:
               1. Log in and go to Align > Analyze Section.

                 2. By default you should be on the Standards Mastery tab on Individual
                    Benchmark Test.


The Benchmark Trends report allows for up to three benchmark test results to be compared for
students in a teacher’s course or section. It displays the percentage of students who are classified
as at least proficient in each course standard. Proficiency cut points are set by the district. The key
at the bottom of the screen displays the range of what percent of the students had to score
proficient for that color.

MODULE 1 Compilation                                    10                      Created on: 8/17/2010
To run the report:
                 3. In the Analyze Classes section of Align in the Standards Mastery tab, choose
                    Report Type:

                 4. By default, the first column displays the test selected for the individual
                    Benchmark Test report. Select one or two more tests and click Go.

                 5. Each ‘stoplight’ identifies the percentage of students who were at least
                    proficient (as defined by your district.). Just as in the Individual Benchmark
                    Test report, the ‘stoplight’ cells link to the names of students by proficiency on
                    the standard. Click on a column to sort.

                 6. Unlike the previous report, this one lists the highest level of the standard since
                    each benchmark might cover different skills. You can click on a standard to
                    drill down to substandard level performance. Click the up arrow next to the
                    column header to return.


The Skill Analysis report provides a comprehensive overview of student standards and skill mastery
organized by student name and by the chosen benchmark test. The report groups test questions by
                 1. To run the report, click the Skills Analysis tab.

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                 2. Select a Test Administration Date for the Test Name field. For the most
                    comprehensive results, select ‘Year-to-Date’. You may also choose to view the
                    results as ‘Points Achieved’ or ‘Percentage Correct’.

                 3. The report indicates the number of points (i.e., questions) achieved on each
                    standard tested in the selected benchmark test (or year-to-date). You can
                    select which students to add to a differentiated instructional group; refer to
                    Activity Sheet: Student Groups.

                 4. Drill down to the sub-standard level by clicking the View All at (Topic) Level link
                    located above the student list. Your link(s) name may vary.

                 5. Scroll down to the bottom to view the skill detail portion of the page.


The Benchmark Item Analysis report allows for question level analysis for any benchmark test.
To run the report:
        1. To run the report, click the Item Analysis tab in Analyze Sections of Align.

MODULE 1 Compilation                                   12                      Created on: 8/17/2010
        2. Select the desired test.

        3. Review the class-wide summary grid.

        4. For multiple choice and T/F questions, correct answers have green checks; letters
           indicate wrong responses. ‘Gridable’ responses, if applicable, indicate the actual
           correct answer. Freeform response questions indicate points achieved. You can select
           students to add to a differentiated instructional group; refer to Activity Sheet: Student

        5.    The standard aligned to each question is listed at the bottom of the screen.

MODULE 1 Compilation                            13                            Created on: 8/17/2010
        6. Click View beside a question number to display the Item Detail page. If provided and
           loaded, the text of the actual question is displayed.

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