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Soft paper series: "Student Chapter"
Select students to give up school, my job do not worry!
In recent years, more and more highly educated people, and business recruitment are
increasingly rational a; If you take a prestigious university diplomas and graduates
compared to individual abilities and work experience, companies often choose the
latter. Why do so many famous graduates enter the business simply can not work up
to the task? Some, if not even years of work experience, low-educated people? The
answer is simple: businesses need to combat type, skilled personnel to the greatest
degree of reduction of labor costs, shorten product development cycles and accelerate
market. Once the curriculum can demand decoupling, then how to do?

n get the admission notice, I do not become excited!
October 2009, India's Bangalore University College welcomed Sag another
batch of Chinese students, they will learn the language matriculation finished, began
to learn the basis of specialized courses, from Anhui Province, Zheng name is one of
them. Just a few months time, but now he has rapidly improve the English level, buy
something, can be very fluent in English, bargaining, and arrived at the beginning it
will only gesticulations are too many compared to progress. Face is about to enter the
world of software engineering education in India and even top-ranking college in
Bangalore, he felt too excited it! Nobody could think of, Zheng name but in two
schools in the country to get the admission of students in! He openly say:
"Really, when I get the domestic acceptance letter home feel like a
complete account of a task, I am not at all excited together. Think of the future and
millions of graduates to grab" rice bowl "of the pressure He was
very disappointed. "
Zheng name is not on the university discouraged, but the fear of knowledge out of
date! Worried about their future access to society, not competitive!
n uncle call, my job is bright!
August 15, 2009, Zheng were to leave for Chengdu the day before, but a call has
changed all that. Telephone is calling uncle, uncle suddenly to his brief the Indian IT
students, and then said simply: "I know that you start today, and to the
schools in the country is not bad. But you have to remember that no matter on what
schools have better employment for the future. now this society and not the same as
the previous two years, too many students, college students no longer have any
brand-name advantage. you want to better you can learn here what the future can do
What? like a good decision you have made it such. "and then hung up.
Uncle suddenly faced with a telephone, Zheng were temporarily overwhelmed.
Uncle in the news department for many years, but in his forthcoming visit of the day
did not send him. Since that day, uncle met a guest in the unit, she is currently
studying the project in India, India's most successful network of
responsible students discipline teacher. In the communication, discipline the teacher
described in detail India's education system, as well as reputation in the
world of advanced IT education, and in English language teaching environment.
Receive after the end of his uncle's heart is not never calm down,
immediately to the on-line access to the more detailed information on studying in
India. Then quickly dialed the phone about to set off the Cheng name.
Hang up the phone, Zheng name online search of the "Indian
students" It is not the information so that he accidentally flashes before his
eyes. I had always liked computers, University of candidates is also software
professional, software engineering is to see a huge market and employment
opportunities! Never detailed understanding of the Indian IT industry. To Indian
students! Not only fluent in English, but also learn the world's most
advanced IT technology, the same university four years in the job market can be is the
"meat and potatoes" again!
Away in Chengdu, to study in India! Although some sudden decision, but the home
including the uncle sat down with the discussion, the family support! Autumn 2009,
Bangalore University, addition of a Chinese student!

n India, the world-class IT skills of students = advantages + + language, the global
To learn more advanced knowledge and skills to improve their employment
competitiveness, the parents chose to let the children go to the most important reason
to study abroad, study abroad throughout the year 2009 the number reached 17.98
million, of which the number studying abroad at their own expense up to 16.16
million, accounting for year studying abroad at their own expense for 90% of the total
number. From 1978 to the end of 2009, China's various study abroad a total
of 139.15 million workers. Among these, since 2000, to study a relatively low
threshold of some developing countries began to study the scale of development,
Asian countries, especially India, Chinese students on campus figure gradually
Indian students really have such a big attractive? Because the admission threshold, the
professional advantage, in the teaching environment, in the study cost, in job
prospects on the advantages of attracting more and more Chinese students to study in
India. First, wide entry, stringent exit criteria for admission, high school diploma as
long as Chinese students after matriculation English language learning, can be
obtained through the application of India University Admission Notice, without
adoption of IELTS, TOEFL and other tests; and secondly, because India's
computer software industry is developed, and its related fields of higher education is
also very advanced system of education and teaching is very sound, where Chinese
students can learn in the advanced level of a world leader in computer technology and
design concepts, etc.; In addition, all English Teaching Chinese students can make
fluency in English, ethnic and religious traditions can affect the traditional concept of
Chinese students return; low cost is a major reason to attract Chinese students,
studying in India for one year the cost of living together, learning about 2 to 4 million
yuan, and universities in some areas only certain professions from 1 to 20,000 yuan,
with the price advantage compared to other countries, study abroad is clear; other
point is the employment advantages, the Indian IT professional students can not only
grasp the advanced computer development and management techniques, master the
English language, but also worldwide for further education or employment, and the
employment rate and the employment of very high quality.
It is reported that India's Human Resources Department 2009 College
applicants have been started in China can apply for the Indian Education Advisory
authorized - India studying network, the formal exchange of India project, the formal
study organizations, official channels output, Guanfang academic qualifications, for
the protection of students went to India Health and well-paid employment, study India
network and Zhongguancun, Dalian, India Software Park, Qingdao Industrial Park,
and air network, bubble net, in the oil, Luneng and other famous enterprises home and
abroad with more than 50 Indian students formed a coalition of employment for
Students provide a broad space for development.
Check website:
National Advisory Tel :400-600-5153

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