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  ?Finally understand why the business school within 18 months, 5 semesters, allows
you to leave four times: in order to keep the pressure high intensity caused by some
kind of mental problem. Oh, into the school when secretly steal hi - finally to rest 18
months. If true, nothing is to be blase, and the fact that by no means to pay tuition to
rest, picking their own people are likely to be pleased to come can only recognize it!
  ?If I say here, work, study, work better than real life is also busy, but also tired, can
you believe it? If I say here is the real master of no other time management, can you
believe it? This can prove it to you: one month to learn later that month-long test, and
finally, personally I really understand, but Ding's purgatory. 11 7 days after
the holidays completely physical, mental temper and struggle are two kinds of
celestial heaven or hell Quwang critical, at this time you will really appreciate the
importance of time management, even in work intensity, struggled . . . Enjoy. . . . . .
  ?This month, the dinner to learn, to sleep for learning, leisure to learn, the weekend
is only half the time to relax but also to become more involved in discussions and
have unlimited CASE poverty among a large variety of jobs to go. In addition to the
three clubs even work, really do not know what else is to learn lessons rod box, two to
three points early into the charm of Central Campus. Oh, sad to say? ? !
  ?Struggling with the temper!
  ?To breathe, to drink plenty of water, changing oxygen, the fish to dry up! ! !
  ?Binge music store. Fish breathe the fresh air, finally. Drop everything and enjoy
oxygen, free return.
  ?Thus, the name "learning." No exaggeration.