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									Students solve the employment problem of the root of the
Students solve the employment problem of the root of the
  ?Brand China Industrial Alliance (BCIU) Secretary-General of Beijing Association
of College Graduates, vice president of Wang
Since last year, sweeping through the global financial crisis, governments had to make
very difficult employment problem worse, as group after group of students left school,
group after group of students studies abroad, "Graduate Employment
difficult to "appear more prominent, national authorities and the
community more and more headaches.
Therefore, the state parties concerned positive measures introduced, also made some
remarkable results. At the same time, China's "Students
Employment," the situation remains precarious. How to resolve or
effectively solve the "Graduates Employment" problem?
I think the only way to resolve "Graduates Employment"
problem,      we      should     first   find      the     root    of     the     problem.
"Employment" is working hard to find, hard to find a job why?
Because not enough jobs available to job seekers. Why is it not enough jobs? Because
companies can provide life's work hard! So who can provide sufficient jobs?
Of course, are entrepreneurs. So let entrepreneurs can secure enough to move people,
employment is the key to solving the employment problem. Which allows
entrepreneurs to secure enough to move people, employing the only way to reduce the
burden on enterprises.
30 years since reform and opening up, China's state-owned economy and
the emergence of the private economy and common prosperity of the good situation.
However, due to the state-owned economic system, planning, and many other factors,
to release a limited number of new jobs. But these rapidly emerging private
enterprises are relatively flexible, making them highly efficient, flexible, responsive,
they have gradually become the main emerging labor market digested. Therefore, in
order to solve the current problem of employment, the employer must not discourage
private enterprise concerns.
Specifically, it is necessary to reduce the burden on private business owners, the
burden lighter, smaller pressure, the force is sufficient, and the enthusiasm to mobilize
up, the employer will be big up the courage.
I therefore suggest that the state should put a series of practical policies to reduce the
burden of enterprises and provides a fundamental solution to employment problems.
A timely amendment to the "Labor Contract Law."
Proposed amendments in a timely manner, "Labor Contract
Law" on enterprises to be more demanding changes to establish more free,
relaxed working environment. Between business owners and employees can choose,
come and go freely, without taking excessive risks. In this way, at least to dispel the
concerns of business owners employing. When a business owner, if not get them,
when, on the plan, if the person who left the company how to do that when the active
recruitment of high-performance enterprise got it?
The new "Labor Contract Law" will enable enterprises in the
labor cost and labor significantly increased risk. On the surface it seems the new
"Labor Contract Law" is in the protection of workers, in fact,
the largest and injured workers themselves. Why? When business owners feel the
pressure and even employment is a very dangerous thing, recruiting new employees is
a risky thing to do and they will naturally be reduced in terms of new employment
scheme was originally to do three things will find a way to allow two people to do, to
provinces on the province, can not recruit new employees do not recruit new
I remember one of the leaders have privately said to me, "What Rights do
not defend their rights, to work more than anything else dry. To topple the companies,
did not work, and also talk about equity?" Yes, the new "Labor
Contract Law" seems to improve treatment of workers in the post, but as
business increased risk, increased the risk of business failure.
The skin, the hair stand! Business failures, and so those who receive good treatment
and good security staff will lose their jobs, then the so-called treatment will become
castles in the air. Even more frightening is that many not have access to work
opportunities and university graduates unemployed young people and often
inaccessible. Because they lack work experience on the one hand, not competitive; on
the one hand due to policy restrictions, so business owners can not recruit new recruit
not new, over time, so the employment problem is bound to become increasingly
   Person of the Year 2006, Brand China, Peking University Guanghua School of
Management Dean Weiying recent speech, called for decisive to stop the
implementation of the "Labor Contract Law"; In addition, the
Shanghai CEIBS Honorary President Liu Ji said China is not in the current crisis,
financial crisis, which in the labor contract law. He called on Beijing to
"change quickly", Zaichi will affect economic development.
Weiying said that labor law is that damages the interests of workers, because it allows
workers to find jobs more difficult. "We say that a policy is not good, is the
result of this policy runs counter to the labor contract law is a typical
example." He said, "If a company into a 'work in less
trouble in', the first recommendation is to further promote the market
reform, it should be stopped as soon as possible, "Labor Contract
Law". "
   Mr. Zhang Wuchang well-known economist recently essays Bo pointed out that the
new labor law have no choice, he believes that "statutes can be banned.
The new labor law have no choice but to ban forget."
2, effectively reduces the tax burden.
The state should spare no effort to "Jane the tax system, broad tax base,
low taxes, strict administration" and implement the basic principles of tax
Let us look at the most likely to provide a large number of new jobs the living
environment of private enterprises. While the global economic deterioration, sharp
drop in market demand, orders declined sharply, on the other hand as long-term
financing problem can not be resolved, money chain tension. Especially last year, the
state implemented a tight monetary policy, making a lot of enterprise funds strand
breaks, the financial crisis makes this worse, corporate support does not go on it to
close down. The second half of last year, China began to implement loose monetary
policy, but in practice the operational level, those in need of funds for SMEs,
especially small enterprises, lack of collateral for real estate, land, loans, difficult
problems remain solution.
At the same time, the burden of private enterprises in the further increase. At present,
the private enterprises significantly higher tax burden, corporate consolidated tax
burden close to or above 10%. We all know that more and more difficult to do
business, the profits of some items is not enough even to pay tax. These enterprises, if
honest tax, plus the cost of office staff salaries, businesses do not have any profit at all.
So overwhelmed many private entrepreneurs, have been forced to close their own
business, or layoffs, to reduce to the smallest firm size, and even forced to work from
home, a SOHO owners, so can only be "one full, the whole company
hungry! "
I remember a child in school history books to the "50 tax 1, or 20 tax
a" One is to pay the so-called 50 tax 2% tax, while the 20 one is 5% tax,
now close to a "10 tax one. "
Public figures, China's tax revenue higher than the GDP growth for 10
consecutive years, 2008 first half of the nation's tax revenue grew more
than 30%. Until late last year, affected by the financial crisis before it hit the real
economy, our revenue growth began to slow down. State tax revenue increases year
after year, the treasury has more money, more and more of our foreign exchange
reserves only. In other words, countries are getting richer, while the enterprise is
increasingly difficult, I am afraid this is not normal.
Also, taxes are too high also forced many private enterprises have the idea to tax
evasion, because if they do not tax evasion simply can not survive, it has become the
tax industry and the business community an open secret. In this environment, a
variety of classes to teach people to avoid tax endless variety of sales invoices wanton
proliferation of text messaging and e-mail. With "white slavery"
is not such as lowering tax rates to improve the initiative of enterprises, so that
"rovide water for fish", so the national body in a collection of
business tax may be too few for the time being, but because of tax evasion behavior to
reduce the tax base resulting from the increase Perhaps there is likely to increase total
tax revenue.
Always, will directly reduce the tax burden on businesses, allowing companies to take
a breather in the winter, the burden of light, and pressure on smaller, entrepreneurial
enthusiasm and natural high, and also worry that they do not recruit new graduates
Third, subsidies to actively recruit new businesses.
That university graduates need to work, because there is no work experience, it is
difficult to find a job. Coupled with the existing "Labor Contract
Law" constraints, employers are afraid to hire them easily. To solve this
problem, the state should actively recruiting university graduates enterprise payment
"subsidies to recruit new" or through the form of tax incentives.
Comparison of university graduates are now part of the impetuous, can down-stop and
not many people to learn, but the grass is greener on the other side. Just graduated,
they are used to in front of several companies as a springboard, not butt hot seat was
gone. Why? Because these graduates lack work experience, can not do much for the
contribution of enterprises, so companies can not get good salary. The original
business with these new hope to cultivate them, and hope that will come in handy.
However, when they are a little bit familiar, they often forget that the cultivation of
the grace of enterprises, but hope to be able to immediately switch to command a
higher salary, so that businesses down. Over time, the company will lose its patience
to train a new, more and more difficult to find a new job.
In my opinion the one hand, enterprises should respect the students the value of labor,
rather than blindly believe that "man is my culture, they must get value for
money from these people return," this is too old-fashioned idea, because
employees survival demands, this is completely understandable. On the one hand,
students should also develop their own business heart gratitude, there is a time when
ideas and enterprises should be good communication, not just walk away.
Recommended by the state to actively recruit new business grant special subsidies,
because in fact these businesses help countries to train newly graduated university
students to solve their employment problems, maintaining social stability.
Meanwhile, the state also should encourage university graduates to zero or low basic
salary to the company to practice that allows companies and those who can not only
graduated from the College within one year of signing the labor contract, when the
enterprises to employ these students can not, "Labor Contract Law
"constraints. Thus, at least get these graduates the opportunity to work and
work experience, a very important development in the future. This can avoid the
"business can not use the new", "college graduates in
unemployment," the embarrassing situation.
To sum up, solve the "Graduates Employment" the problem is
in need of help recruit new businesses establish confidence, enhance recruitment of
new enthusiasm. The enterprise initiative to improve the only way is to reduce the
burden on businesses through "correction" Labor Contract Law
","           "reduce         tax      burdens,"
"positive strokes and new business subsidies," and so on, so
there is no pressure on companies to employ college graduates. In short, to reduce the
burden on enterprises to solve the "Graduates Employment" the
root of the problem.
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