Students lack of career planning is serious

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					Students lack of career planning is serious
Not long ago, 8020 Joint Sina Finance Talent Network, the Economic Observer
reported that the cornerstone of China jointly issued the "2005 Best
Employer Survey of Chinese College Students." The report showed that in
our universities, 70% of the students have not received career planning, 而且 most
students right Qiyeguihua superficial understanding of Fei Chang, a real plan to make
the Shiji less than 10 percent of the students. It is understood that only a small number
of universities have set up career planning courses. ChinaHR consultant pointed out
that the employment situation is also tense as the last two years, select the
"first job in any case," the students gradually increase the
proportion of one of the reasons.
The lack of a scientific career planning, college students may be "blind
employment" There are two kinds: the first is to reduce demand before
seeking employment. Tsinghua University, director of the Center Semiological
Significance of employment that this is a "double-edged sword",
on the one hand does allow the employment of college students deal with serious
challenges; but early career unnecessary waste of time trying to form, but also very
sad situation. Xu also pointed out that compared with foreign countries, the
employment gap between students is the biggest professional awareness, rather than
professional ability. To resolve this problem, before the students of employment, help
them to their advantages, on the career development path with good design, to their
own planning and business Nengti Gong's Guiji good combination of need
Gao Xiao Huan, enterprises and society, and university students and other aspects of
their conscious attention and improvement.
The second blind is that I want every chance to not miss posts that have the skills the
better, or even spend a lot of money in advance to participate in a number of different
areas of skill level training. In this connection, Lenovo Group Human Resources
Director Mr. Deng Zhixin that, we should first consider the matching problem.
Different positions people have different requirements right, companies will under the
post needs to examine the overall quality of students, quality is the most basic and
most important, such as Qualification of, many Zhiye skills, business will be in jobs
and offer training to help 相应 They grasp.
Students can get from the existing employment guide way, except that schools provide
career guidance and business internships, most students believe that the employment
experiences of alumni is the greatest impact on the guidance of their sources of
information. This conclusion is supported by the Peking University Guanghua School
of Management Career Services Center Director Miss Sun Yi's identity.
Sun instrument mentioned earlier, students want to understand the population from
the corporate workplace, "fellow" brothers and sisters they are
very concerned about the recommendations and advice. Alumni opportunities but is
not common, on the other hand, companies make more use of online recruitment
platform that will focus on enterprise-side management and distribution of
information, students will also have a great purpose.
How not to much better and faster career planning of college students match business
requirements? GE argues that corporate internship program is very important, so
students have access to before graduation, business and jobs, internship, businesses,
and students have sufficient time to two-way communication choices, and to some
extent after graduation to help students plan employment of the road. In addition, GE
human resources manager Miss Cheng Jing talked about, for university graduates, not
very worried about their career adaptability, they are smart and drive to, but they are
generally not subject to the capacity of frustration. Teach students in pre-employment
understanding of corporate work environment, to give guidance in their defeat, is also
very important.
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