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2006 Culture and Arts Management 200 607 042 Liu Fengqin
3. Personnel training institutions. Online games industry is a kind of creative
industries, product innovation is an enterprise in competition to win an important
weapon. At present, the domestic online game products in large numbers, so dizzying
players, but behind the seemingly prosperous, but there are a lot of problems, summed
up in three areas: (1) domestic self-developed online games lack the degree of product
innovation Many are imitation or copying imported game products. (2) game theme
single, homogeneous product competition
Serious competition. (3) speculative mentality of many enterprises, as soon as
possible to seize market opportunities, improve the products of some yet to go ahead
and directly affects the quality of the products on the domestic game and the players
confidence. Apart from the third question, the first two root of the problem is that we
believe that the lack of a competitive domestic game developers. According to the
State Press and Publication is expected in the coming years the development of
human needs within the Chinese game of 2 million, but less than 5,000 at present,
there are still considerable talent gap. This problem and the domestic game personnel
training system or personnel training strategy is not without relevant. When the online
games industry in China has not the time to grow up, whether domestic or vocational
education, basic education, not enough attention, so developers do not have enough
reserves. When the industry into the development of high speed, China's
online games 人才 training institutions are like blow-Shi emerged, Zhezhong quick
success and type of training program not only impossible to train Chu qualified
Youjingzhengli of professional talent, Faner Hui Chan Sheng personnel training in the
bubble, mixed quality, easily lead to consequences that still exist for the people side of
gaming companies worry, while a large number of so-called trained game developers
suffer from no way out.
4. Financing system. A national industrial competitiveness and the strength of a
country's investment and financing system and the capital market is perfect
or not directly related. Online games is a "high risk, high cost"
of the industry, a game company To be successful, game quality, Internet Community
Management, Network Guanli technology, marketing channels four success factors
that are indispensable and online games Kaifa of more and more difficult, longer
development cycle, so the demand for capital and labor are more substantial.
Currently, R & D team can get financial support through the following:
venture capital, large-scale research and development consortium funds, capital
markets, IPO, government support and so on. As the main board listed in the capital
markets are generally very harsh conditions, so in addition to the development of
more mature companies have listed on domestic and international capital markets, the
capacity of the Main Board, the rest are mostly start-ups or even just have an idea of
the members, how to support or nurture such businesses to grow and even just a team,
which tested a few other countries, financing and boldness of vision. In China, a large
consortium of research and development funds are not invested in online games
almost industry, because the status of online games industry is not living in the
mainstream; and capital markets, there is only the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM
but did not really develop; in government support side, the online game products have
independent intellectual property rights to reduce the government approval process,
shorten product launch cycle, and provides preferential tax policy and from 1000 to
2000 million yuan of special state funds, compared to the South Korean government
and the annual input of 50 billion won Investment Union set up the game, risk game
Changshang on tax breaks, provide long-term low-interest loans Deng related support
measures, the Chinese government's support for efforts not as good as
South Korea, capital investment drop in the bucket, and no long-term financing
arrangements. Then, venture capital will become the online games industry, the
development of an important source of funds.
5. Lack of supporting institutions. Comparison of the rise of Korean online games
industry in the process, we find that industry consulting company, industry
associations, unified technology platform which also plays an important role.
Professional consulting firm can give the game industry, especially small and medium
enterprises, including technology, manufacturing production, market research,
marketing, financing arrangements, user feedback for professional advice. Industry
Association of common rules in the development of industry, resource integration,
industry as a whole package to promote, coordinate the interests of enterprises,
information sharing, technical exchange seminars, maintenance of relevant interests
play its due role. Unified technology platform is in the South Korean
government's request to establish, to reduce development costs, avoid
duplication, but also conducive to the assessment and tracking of future product
improvements. The three areas in this country is almost still in the vacuum, we
believe that such aid agencies to strengthen the building of China's online
game industry in enhancing the competitiveness of great benefit.