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									Strategies to improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching
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Affected by many factors, classroom teaching, and improve the effectiveness of
classroom teaching, classroom teaching must seize the main points of the model to
take effective action strategies.
1, point optimization strategy
(A) dealing with materials science
Teaching materials to achieve the objectives and implementation of the teaching of
important resources. In classroom teaching, full and effective use of resources is the
key to teaching materials science and processing. In the new curriculum, teaching
materials for teachers and students teaching and learning, to provide a basic clue,
intended to help teachers teach how to solve the problem. Therefore, teachers in the
classroom teaching mission is to "use the textbook to teach."
1. Overall planning and design
Here the "overall", that the whole subject, or the whole school
year or semester as a whole, or the unit as a whole, or the subject as a whole, or the
class as a whole, is a relative concept.
Teachers should be "overall planning and design", you must
first know the various learning from primary to high school section of the teaching
materials and the preparation of ideas, an accurate grasp of subject knowledge
structures and systems. On this basis, the following measures will be implemented.
Can have a multiplier effect.
(1) Early penetration, comprehensive and timely
From the perspective of effective learning, teaching on important knowledge, ideas
and methods are on a graded progression, the principle of spiral arrangement. In
teaching, teachers should seize what they have learned the content of essential, timely
capture the right of the learning opportunity in advance of the relevant content, ideas,
methods of a conscious 渗透, to achieve enhanced point emphasized in the mitigation
study slope, improves learning results.
Increased accumulation and consolidation of applications from the point of view,
there is no time to consolidate an integrated student will not get in a timely manner,
failure to make timely comprehensive school students will not be applied flexibly. Not
integrated in time there is no ability to improve students. Therefore, teachers should
be integrated in time the content of the students have learned and learn where to
where consolidated.
(2) to a given problem, multiple problems normalization
Guide students to learn to identify problems, analyze problems, answer questions, is a
basic idea of effective teaching. This idea of teaching by implementation of two
things must be considered a single issue against the teaching, one of many problems
for the teaching.
On the single issue of teaching, teachers should make full utilization of resources. To
encourage and inspire students to use their brains active thinking to answer questions
from different angles to seek ideas and methods. This is a process of thin to thick,
helping to train and develop their divergent thinking.
On many issues of teaching, teachers should educate students to seize the essence of
the problem, by comparing, on the interrelated issues of classification of classified.
This is a thick to thin the process, helping to train and develop convergent thinking of
(3) variant exercises, group show
Exercise is to help students absorb what they learn, consolidate and enhance the
necessary channels, but the content must be selected exercises clever code, the form
of exercises to be flexible, to be group exercises to produce a show. This requires
teachers to the issue of organizational practice, completely give up title sea tactical
ideas. Around the actual course content and students, carefully selected and prepared
every exercises. Exercises in the form of, first of all to ensure the basic Questions in
textbooks, in order to achieve the basic requirements for training; second to the
flexible, not rigidly adhere to textbooks in the exercises, conscious and in college
entrance examination Questions in docking, in order to enhance the ability of students
taking the ; Third-depth research, to write some creative new issues, effectively
stimulate student interest in solving problems. Students to solve problems. Exercise of
the show, the form must be presented to the problem sets. Each group of questions at
different levels should be composed of several small issues and avoid solving
problems one by one showing the speed of the unity of the whole class restrictions.
This is for all classroom teaching in the implementation of an objective need.
2. Hierarchical organization and implementation
The overall planning design, convenient to use the higher of Guandian understanding
and grasp of real materials, easy to grasp, and from a higher level organization
teaching content. However, the implementation of teaching can not step to be
hierarchical organizations, different steps. Reflection on classroom teaching for many
years of research and practice, hierarchical organization of mainly the following
(1) clear learning objectives, organized and carried out step by step
Goal is to start operations, with the goal of ideas will determine the action, will be
taking action steps. Therefore, to give a good lesson. First of all, clear learning
objectives to guide the students to what is, and note that step for implementation.
Organized and carried out step by step to facilitate the teaching content split up, to
deepen the level of the students a sense of classroom learning and enhance classroom
learning the students a sense of achievement, inspire students to classroom learning.
Enhance the confidence of the students classroom learning.
(2) identify the cognitive starting point, the establishment of cognitive order
Students in classroom learning to be more successful, more effective, must be
students of the actual situation and the actual content of the teaching proceed to find a
suitable starting point. And thus began to establish consistent rules for students to
understand the learning sequence.
Consistent with the law students to understand what is it? Generally speaking,
students must meet the corresponding cognitive logic. Therefore, to ensure that the
practical effect of classroom teaching, teachers should identify the logical starting
point in logical order and the establishment of real effort.
Logical starting point for students to understand, should be based on existing
cognitive structure on students, and student of existing knowledge base, life
experiences, then the relative level of thinking. Students to understand the logic of the
order, it is necessary to close, reciprocal causation, but also light and breezy, with
practical results.
(3) grasp the basic elements, the whole focus of the commander
Effective teaching must seize the contents of the characteristics of discipline and
focus. Grasp the characteristics of the contents of the so-called discipline is to grasp
the basic elements of subject content, to seize the fundamental relationship between
the various elements. Grasp the main points of the so-called discipline is to focus on
organized around teaching, teaching with a focus on the whole command.
(B) treatment of student democracy
1. The establishment of a democratic and harmonious relations between teachers and
The attitude of teachers towards the students, teacher-student relationship is the basis
of a certain generation, what kind of relationship will generate what kind of attitude.
Therefore, teachers should correct their students, must first establish a good
teacher-student relationship.
The establishment of a democratic and harmonious relations between teachers and
students, teachers are generally dominant, with some initiative. This requires each - a
teacher must have a loving, really loves each child. Including a defective child; have a
patient, sincere inclusive of all students, students not demanding, not blame, do not
accuse; have a open mind, open to the views of students, and students learn together
and improve.
2. Students participate in a real and effective mobilization
Main participation is a code of conduct classroom, teachers must participate in the
implementation of the principal to the classroom each - a part of. To this end, teachers
must do the following three tasks: first to believe the students, I believe students have
the potential subjects of the courage to allow students to participate independently in
the classroom; Second, we should liberate students to lift the main body of the
students thinking and behavior in various Bound for students to dare to actively
participate in every process of teaching - a link; 3 to guide students so that students
learn to choose self-acceptance, self-exploration, cooperation, acceptance,
cooperation, explore ways of learning, students participate in classroom teaching in
the main efficiency security; 4 to motivate students, classroom learning and timely
feedback to help and guide students to overcome difficulties, and ultimately learning
3. Respect for individual differences in objective reality
Different students have different ways of thinking, different hobbies and different
development potentials, this is the group of students in the objective existence of
personality differences. Teaching, teachers should pay attention to individual
differences of students, allowing students thinking level of diversification and
multi-layered thinking, to the diverse student Shige individual education so that all
students be given due respect and full development. To this end, teachers in particular,
do the following three points: persist for all, so that all students should be inspired; the
implementation of group learning, so that all students can fully participate; strengthen
individual guidance, so that students can receive special specific help.
4. Evaluation of the implementation of the right incentives in good faith
In real life, the evaluation of a universal psychological needs of humans. Students in
the learning process also needs assessment, evaluation of the growth of students has a
very important role in promoting. We do not attach importance to the students before
the evaluation, the results in teaching and caused many problems; subsequent
evaluation of the initiative in encouraging, the results everywhere Dushi
"you terrific" of praise. Now we realize that a simple evaluation
of incentives, can not fully evaluate a variety of educational functions. To correct
understanding of things, evaluation is a value judgments, correct evaluation of the
benefit of people's self-improvement; evaluation is a form of
communication, in good faith evaluation of the cooperation is conducive to human
interaction. Therefore, evaluation of the implementation of incentives, while teachers
must ensure that the evaluation of the students are correct and sincere.
(C) rational use of multimedia
With the implementation of multi-media classroom teaching is the objective to
improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching requirements. But only to the rational
use of multimedia in order to play its supportive role in teaching.
Currently, our specific requirements: first, according to the actual needs of teaching a
wide range of media consolidation, it is necessary to attach importance to modern
information technology, but also the full use of traditional teaching media; followed in
the choice of media should pay attention to local conditions, simple and practical, the
reality of all the students, all learning services for students: third, to guide students to
modern information technology as a powerful tool for learning, efforts to promote
change in the way students learn.
Second, model operations strategy
Classroom teaching is a new curriculum to optimize the effectiveness of classroom
teaching and improve classroom teaching important measure is the outcome of years
of classroom teaching as a concentrated form. "Three-step
guidance" in the classroom teaching is an effective teaching model, the
specific steps:
(1) passion lead class
Passion Guide Course is the first part of classroom instruction, time normally required
control in the beginning of school for 2 minutes, no more than 5 minutes. This step
time is short, but related to the success of the whole class teaching. Therefore,
teachers in the classroom teaching must be given sufficient attention to this step.
In operation, the main lesson of passion guide are: organization of teaching, including
the form of organization, attention, organization and attitude of the organization;
emotional exchanges, including the good faith response to the students, passionate
and full sure that students look forward to students; outcome expectations, including
the proposed topics for study, clear learning objectives and expectations for results.
(B) Democracy Guidance
Guidance democracy is the central link classroom instruction, students build
knowledge, skills, abilities, qualities such as the specific process, D is directly related
to teaching the new curriculum goals.
Seriously study the materials and Xue Sheng, is Shi Shi Daoxue the premise of
democracy. Of teaching materials, teachers should have "an overall sense
of the knowledge structure, the scientific division of the content level"; of
students, teachers must "identify the cognitive starting point, straighten out
the cognitive order." On this basis, to guide students in the following
manner to accomplish specific learning tasks.
1. Situation Guidance
Create the appropriate context, to guide students into effective learning state. Scenes
include subjects to note the contents of a simple role of the real interesting and
2. Law School Guidance
Select the appropriate way to guide students to engage in effective learning activities.
Studies should note that the preferred method of choice simply economic,
self-selection and in turn guide the coaching of teachers.
3 issues Guidance
Appropriate questions to guide students into effective problem-solving. Problems to
pay attention to the content provided should be targeted, Questions in need diversity
training should be effective.
(C) detection of lead end
Detection of classroom teaching guide is the last statement - a link, designed to help
teachers and students abreast of the actual teaching effectiveness. Encourage students
to continue to learn and teachers to further improve their teaching.
Detection of specific operational guidance statement requirements are:
1. Target Detection
Appropriate target detection tool, within the specified time, organize students to
independently target detection problem. Production of target detection tool for
learning objectives in mind, the appropriate amount of moderate difficulty and
2. Results Feedback
Under the guidance and exemplary teachers from the same table or group mutual
inspection checking each other, to help the students to correct mistakes, and finally to
detect the situation back to the teacher.
3. Summary Reflection
According to test results, the control objectives to guide students to reflect on how
much of this lesson learned, not how much and how to improve the summary.
                                        ?(Source: "Educational Theory and
Practice" 2009.8)

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