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The first story: the story of Tang Seng Mentoring
Tang Seng team is a team of well-known, often in the lecture when they are used as a
model for speaking, but the team did not seem a good performance management. We
look at the story of their performance management.
Saying, Tang Seng team to travel by plane, en route, aircraft malfunction, need to
parachuting, Unfortunately, the four only three parachutes, to be fair, Master Tang
Monk disciples were checked on each, you can get a clearance examination the
parachute, examination failure, the Free Fall, his jump.
Thus, the master asked the Monkey King "Monkey King, the sky a few
sun?" Wukong replied without hesitation: "One."
Master said, "Well, answer, and give you an umbrella." Drifting
and then asked, "Heavenly Several moon? "Drifting
replied:" One. "Master said," Well, also, and give
you an umbrella. "Pig saw, psychological feel pleased but not:"
Ah, so simple, I know I can . "So, eagerly, waiting for a title master, master
of the subject out, but to jump off the Pig, you know why? Master with the question,
"How many stars in the sky?" Pig was lost on the stupid, jump
up directly. This is the first tour.
Several days later, another four apprenticeship travel by plane, the results on the way,
the aircraft has a fault, as only three umbrella, master suit, once again the question by
everyone, first ask Wukong, "The People's Republic of China
which was established a year of? "Wukong replied:" October 1,
1949. "Master said:" Well, give you one. "Drifting
asked," How many million people in China? "Drifting is 1.3
billion, the master said, "Yes, answered correctly." Drifting has
also been an umbrella, turn Pig, Master's problem is that 1.3 billion people,
the names of name? Pig then collapsed again in free end of the discharge.
The third time for sightseeing, aircraft crashes again, this time Pig said,
"Master, you do not ask, I jumped." And then plunged into the
stream, the master hands together and said, "Amitabha, does not know that
this time four umbrella. "
Comments: This story illustrates the value of performance index set to the capacity of
staff within the staff can be enough to jump with, if the employee has been jumping,
but never out of reach, then lose the confidence of the staff, assessment indicators also
lost its original meaning. Many enterprises in setting of performance indicators, time,
like the employees with high index value of extreme pressure, the design assumption
is that if the index value set is not high enough, then employees would not have
enough power, another, with a high index value assessment employees, even if
employees did not complete 100%, but only 80% completed, but also far beyond the
expectations of the business. This logic is gangster logic, showing the
manager's inability and helplessness, only know that employees with high
index value of extreme pressure, does not know that behind the action plan target is
the real means to help employees achieve their goals, while the index value itself is
not. In fact, through the efforts of staff to set a target value can be achieved, then, to
help employees to develop action plans to achieve goals and help employees to
achieve, is the manager of the value of the manager to do this, is to help employees
achieve growth target, it truly reflects the value managers!
The second story: the power of the system
This is a historical building a system of well-known example. The late 18th century,
the British decided to commit a crime ZF British all exiled to Australia.
Some private owners of large-scale contractors from the United Kingdom to Australia
to transport prisoners to work. ZF is the way to the British ship-breaking number of
the owner to pay the cost. At that time most of those ships transporting prisoners,
some very old converted cargo ship, ship poorly equipped, no medical aid, and no
doctors, the owner in order to reap huge profits, as much as loading, so that the ship
was deteriorating. Once the boats left the shore, the owner got the ZF by the number
of money, whether these people can travel across the ocean to Australia to live no
longer cared for the. Some boat owners in order to reduce costs, and even deliberately
without water fasting. 3 years later, the British ZF that: the prisoners transported to
Australia on board the mortality rate of 12%, the most serious one on board 424
prisoners, 158 died, the mortality rate of 37%. British ZF costs a lot of money, failed
to achieve the objective of a large number of immigrants.
British ZF think a lot of ways. Each vessel is sent on a ZF official supervision, and
dispatch a medical doctor and health care for prisoners, while prisoners in the
ship's living standard has mandatory. However, the mortality rate not only
did not come down, and some supervision of officials and doctors on board are
unclear even to death. Some original owner for the sake of profits, bribing officials, if
officials do not connive to feed the fish had been thrown into the sea. ZF spent
monitoring costs, but as usual the dead.
ZF has taken a new approach, bringing together the owners of all education and
training, teach them to cherish life, to understand to Australia to develop a long-term
plan for the UK, not to money more important than life, is important, but the situation
is still not improved, the death rate has been high.
Members considered a British private owner who drilled a system of loopholes. The
system's shortcomings is that ZF is paid to the owner calculated the
number on board. He proposed to change the system from the beginning: ZF to come
ashore in Australia subject to calculate the number of reward, whether you installed
on board how many people in the UK, to Australia and then counting the number of
landings, when paid.
Problem solved. Owners take the initiative to ask the doctor with the ship, ready to
ship drugs to improve the living as much as possible to give each person on board are
healthy to Australia. One means of income.
Since the implementation of measures count after landing on board the mortality rate
fell below 1%. Some of carrying hundreds of people after several months of sailing
ships that no one died.
Comments: This story tells us that the guiding role of performance appraisal is
important, performance-oriented enterprise determines the behavior of employees, if
the business that performance appraisal is a tool for punishing employees, then the
behavior of employees is to avoid mistakes, neglect and creativity ignore the
creativity, not can provide a strategic growth, then the business can not reach the goal;
if the performance-oriented enterprise is the achievement of organizational goals, then
the employee's behavior tends to be consistent with organizational goals,
organizational goal decomposition, understanding intentions of his superiors, and to
develop practical plans to achieve performance of partners and managers in the
manager's help, continue to improve and ultimately support the
achievement of organizational goals.
The third story: mouse Touyou
Three mice went together to the Tou You drink. They found an oil bottles, but the
bottle high, out of reach. 3 to discuss a stepping on a rat's shoulders,
pyramid turns up drunk. When a rat has just climbed up the last two mice on the
shoulders of another when, for unknown reasons, oil bottles upside down, startled the
man, three mice ran away. Back to the rat's nest, they met to discuss why
the failure.
First mouse says, I do not drink oil, and pushed the oil bottles, because I think the
second mouse just shake a little.
The second mice, I was shaking a bit, because the bottom of the mouse also struggle a
Third mice said, yeah, I seem to hear the voice of a cat, I was trembling.
So 3 rats laugh, and it seems not our responsibility.
Comments: The purpose of performance appraisal is to improve the performance,
rather than clarifying the responsibility, when the performance problems, when
everyone's focus should be on how to improve performance rather than the
delineation of responsibilities. Problems encountered after the first discussions to
define the responsibilities to improve the strategies that people thinking, but when we
focus on how best to draw a clear responsibility not to improve on, then the final
outcome will go wrong in addition, as employees who are not responsible for the end
customer was cool in the side, when the clear division of responsibilities, and
customers also have lost the patience. As a result, customer satisfaction and customer
loyalty will disappear, and the last business goals without the financial sources of
shareholder value can not do anything.
Fourth story: Russian mine explosion
In a corporate quarterly performance evaluation meeting, marketing manager, said A:
The recent sales have done very well, we have certain responsibilities, but we are not
responsible for the major competitors are launching new products, better than our
products. So we are very well done, R & D departments should
conscientiously sum up.
B R & D department manager, said: We have recently introduced new
products less, but we also have difficulties it. Too little of our budget is meager budget,
the financial sector has also been reduced. No money how to develop new products?
Finance department manager C wrote: I cut your budget, but you know, the
company's costs have been rising, we certainly do not how much money
was invested in R & D department.
D procurement manager, said: Our procurement costs increased by 10%, why do you
know? Russia, a production of chromium mine exploded, causing the price increase in
stainless steel.
At this time, ABC with three managers, said: Oh, so it is, so to say, how much
responsibility we all do not, ha ha ha ha.
F Human Resources Manager, said: This shows that, I can only go to the mines of the
Russian assessment
Comments: This is the story of mice Touyou Enterprise Edition, how fresh the case,
look at the story, then ask yourself, is not the time to change their way of thinking of?
The fifth story: shut your curtains
Washington said to Jefferson Memorial Building, the famous square, because
Nianshenrijiu, wall cracks. In order to protect this building, the experts in specialized
Initially we think that the culprit is damage to the building surface erosion of acid rain.
The experts further study, but found that the most direct cause erosion of the wall,
wash the walls every day cleaning of the building contained a etching effect. Why
should wash the walls every day then? Because the walls of a large number of
droppings every day. Why do so many bird droppings? As the building around which
a lot of swallows. Why are there so many swallows it? Because there are many wall
swallows favorite spider. Why do so many spiders? As the building is surrounded by
spiders like to eat insects. Why are there so many flying insects? Because insects
breed so quickly here. The insects breed so quickly here, the reason is most
appropriate here, the dust flies propagation. Why are there flying insects best breed?
Because the open sunny window, a large number of insects gathered in this
extraordinary breed ... ...
The solution thus found is as simple as closing the curtains the whole building. The
experts had designed a set of complex and comprehensive maintenance program will
become a dead letter.
Comment: Peter Senge in "The Fifth Discipline," in reference to
the problem solution both "fundamental solution" and also
"symptoms                Solutions",             "Symptoms
solution" to the rapid elimination of the symptoms, but only a temporary
effect problems and often have better side effect, make the problem more difficult to
be solved. "Fundamental solution" is the fundamental solution,
only through systems thinking, see the issue as a whole can be found that
"the fundamental solution."
We deal with performance issues, if through heavy fog, systems thinking, go back,
taking the whole, grasp the root causes are often able to receive small but powerful
chain of effects. As Jefferson Building, the crack appears, close the curtains can be
solved as long as millions of dollars in maintenance costs, which is beyond the
expectation of those experts. Encountered many problems in the fog, you really can
turn off your curtains it?

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