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    Stay up all night watching the game is physical deterioration ing. Dizzy all day, but
times er enjoy the non-normal state. Table alarm clock wake me up more than two,
sleeping in the passion of the game I think there are resolutely get up he feels pain.
Open by consumption to maintain the brightness of the notebook battery, morning
radio has been no explanation, in the depth of sleep time to be facing the screen, I can
look at mime, sometimes cheering and sometimes regret. Two more dark and the quiet,
almost no sound out the window, slowly dawn, end of the game just want to sleep out
at the birds began to twitter, okay, I'll talk about when you are in eagle with
just Pampas What praise.
  ?I will not go to who is sad sad le, I and my used to say in vain, and what no longer
try to rely on unreliable things. Personal independence without self-consciousness can
not only be manipulated in envy. What thing has a reason, but I do not want to know,
because I would be mad! That I have anything to do with you! ? Care. I admit that wo
now irritability, exaggerated, and restlessness. But I also vaguely aware that part of
my soul is not willing to ignore those people who make me angry. From now on, I
want to continue to build my new life. I want to change a person. It seems the end,
everything had to rely on their own. To be responsible for yourself, but expect others
is not responsible for their own maximum.
  ?So thanks for the World Cup to attract wandering away my attention at any time
give me trouble, I want to continue after the World Cup, I consider what attracted me
a long time. I will follow Argentina, to follow Lionel Messi and Barcelona. Tennis is
also the debut of the time.
    Ah. 28-day test to see not a 1 / 8 Final Argentina VS Mexico has. But the blue and
white forever in my heart. After the key is likely to be vs. Germany. Physical Review
said Argentina's weak link is the defense, there are front line is not stable
enough. Organized by Macy's no problem, yesterday gave him some
wonderful Barcelona goal, I am crazy! He is missing is so little luck. There
Mascherano, Higuain, Carlos Tevez, Heinze then, all of them are praised. I really
do. . . July 3, defend to the death of Argentina!
    I ordered a fish-flavored pork rice with meat and vegetables for lunch and a half
copies. Good to meet. Eat at a half copies. Table, a pile of statistical review of data
Tanzhuo. I find myself still very powerful. No no no make life difficult for the school.
Evening out and buy a newspaper. Buy snacks eat.嗯嗯. Good review can be read at
the Italian race. Good ah. Tomorrow, the last class to go home to see the Portuguese in
Brazil. Chanya ~ ~ ~
    Saturday will mark the last SHE concert. I now want to change! I call Pizza Hut to
eat dinner Ah Kun, the month with my salary. Help yourself! Smoke on the painting
of the super satiated makeup. Then go to the show with a bunch of paper towels will
be slightly!
Massey, happy birthday!

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