RAFT Strategy R A F T Role
In developing the final product, what role will the students need to “take on”? Writer? Character (in the novel)? Artist? Politician? Scientist?

Who should the students consider as the audience for the product? Other students? Parents? Local community? School board? Other characters in the text?

What is the best product that will demonstrate the students’ in-depth understanding of their interactions with the text? A writing task? Art work? Action plan? Project?

This is the when, who, or what that will be the focus/subject of the final product. Will it take place in the same time period as the novel? Who will be the main focus of the product? What event will constitute the centerpiece of the action?

SAMPLE Categories Role  writer  artist  character  scientist  adventurer  inventor  juror  judge  historian  reporter  rebel  therapist  journalist SAMPLE Writing Assignment
Role Audience Format

          

Audience self peer group government parents fictional character(s) committee jury judge activists immortality animals or objects

           

Format journal editorial brochure/booklet interview video song lyric cartoon game primary document critique biographical sketch newspaper article

 


Topic issue relevant to the text or time period topic of personal interest or concern for the role or audience topic related to an essential question

You will assume the role of Juana, wife of Kino in John Steinbeck’s, The Pearl. The audience is “herself.” In reading the novel, we considered the “Song of Evil” and the “Song of the Family;” now, you are to create Juana’s “Song to Herself.” The format you will use is a personal journal or diary. Assume or pretend that Juana communicated with herself, talked things over in her head, as the action of the story played out. What was she thinking? How did it feel? When you assume the first person, the role of Juana, you will be using words to describe how you feel—you will be singing the “Song of Herself.” The time you will use is during the action of The Pearl and a speculation on what happened afterward—what did the family do after they threw the “pearl of the world” back into the ocean?


Adapted from http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/instruction/ela/6-12/Tools/Index.htm

Adapted from http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/instruction/ela/6-12/Tools/Index.htm

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