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?Graduation is also quite a long time to see, and even during the summer have passed,
and in the company for nearly 4 months, their home, how much work has not started,
start very depressed, and then just drift along, no matter spirit or material
?Executive power is really beginning to feel a very important matter, a lot of dreams
to achieve a step before or are just head in one idea. So I can imagine a lot of things to
do. The result is I still bum the last day work, and then bum's back, playing
games, the Internet looking Huoying .....
?Memories of university life, I suddenly felt very pale, and one side looks like a very
beautiful resume curriculum vitae, one side is implied in the heart of the
community's fear. Said I was to avoid the failure of candidates to present
corporations, or indeed the beginning of the conditions more attractive or not now, I
found that material things is a very painful thing. always satisfied when you want to
get more. such as the premiere of Harry Potter, such as new clothes, such a beautiful
gift promise. eventually found myself too far from his mind. I do not want to appear
in a local organizational capacity and their remarkable ability to create it?
?That the ideal and reality may be too broad, and it is said that my future and your
salary. Figured, if I want to achieve my life goal, a monthly salary of at least 2.6W,
the truth is that I am not to 2K, also stay within a house complacent, because I have a
network, because I am starting to rent, and several boys after me. so he felt really,
really needs to change.
?Never developed all kind of ambitious goals, such as Zhejiang University, China
Europe International Business School for example. In the end is great or face big heart?
I think the former. Maybe I will weakness in the face of reality, but the heart is still
ambitious dream, and I disturbed in three feet of land disturbed at the roots of life.
?Anxiety will change ah, it seems that preaching has always been easy to sell than to
do some things to sell his mouth much easier. Since the last summary statement at the
meeting seemed quite a long time, I did not submit any report, because I know that in
addition to to bring more negative impact on their own do not have much meaning
outside. I have to admit the reality, I am not creative thinking in a popular company.
found that the older generation is right to say more. such as to get into big companies,
such as manufacturing industry more promising than the agents, such as stay in
Chongqing, you will not meet. but where I'm going to do, if not in
Chongqing? Shanghai? Shenzhen? or another more developed areas.
?Dare not say that throughout history, not the ability, but I know people are certain to
improve upon. Dog feces can not let you have the luck to go. Similarly, I would not
have been unlucky. Although this thing is luck well said.
?Thought, it would seek to change it, or do not daydream, is married and forget!!
?Really like this picture, it was a dream wings!