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									Sogou Pinyin input method 2003 Sogou Pinyin Input Method Download
Universal cut into the input method software
Universal input method | use of search dogs | google | Purple | Pinyin | five-stroke
input method such as an integrated full download version
Change shortcut keys: Ctrl + Shift to switch, Sogou input method. Purple input.
Five-stroke input method, Pinyin input method. Do not deliberately go to download a
single input. Simple
Universal Input Method Download full integration:
Universal software inventor Deng Shiqiang. Universal input started in the
"sound image code," also known as "fast
pen" name comes from its input rate than "fast"
development now known as "universal quick pen" theory and
practice are better than Wubi, universal Universal Input Method products are
"universal Wubi" universal alphabet "Universal
Express document" universal translation of "universal
strokes" and so. Wubi "the advantage of less weight codes, fast,
but the drawback is split not only Chinese characters are very complex and difficult to
learn easy to forget. Quick pen" to learn its essence is easy to use, and
faster than the five-stroke input also fast. As early as 1995, "fast document
on the State's approval, obtained a patent con image code Chinese
character input method - China patent number: 95120931.0 but the country really get
the input method patent certificate, take off in the coding scheme from a single ,
turned to the design of multi-coding scheme, in 1997, was the second program of this
patent in China first "multi-input method" was born, breaking
the single input radical history of imprisonment can only be one-way code, input
method to write the history of the Spring and Autumn Under a glorious page.
Set the input method of skin

[Plug-in version] modified the universal Wubi installation prompts in Vista as an
administrator to run the problem with
Play Wubi; will Pinyin, playing alphabet; will play in English English; not Pinyin is
not English, to play strokes, universal plug-in version EXE Wubi input method
platform: will Wubi. Thinking about what hit, but a five-stroke high-speed input
priority-based fast input method, a variety of input methods are free to use, without
conversion, anywhere, easy to learn and easy to use.
Does not require you to switch to switch to a five-stroke if you enter, the universal
Wubi is a popular five-stroke internal and Pinyin, English, stroke, Pinyin + stroke
input method as a whole variety of multi-input method. All input in only one input
method window. Can not find the words to be input, Pinyin or English words can
enter any of the words you want.
DIY portfolio also provides the user input method table function, the version comes
with a big dictionary version 100000. Each input window can be customized skins.
All     GBK      difficult   words      while    increasing  the     input    output
"rong" generous "Kun" and other less
frequently used Chinese characters, to prevent a radical five-stroke for the
"melted"          the    (expected)    La   (repetitious)    Peng,
"Nuisance" harms and "double happiness",
etc. Chinese characters can not enter the embarrassment.

Free, universal and function Wubi no time limit. Individual or corporate users free of
charge, worth a try. Meanwhile, please to the official website
universal or universal Wubi Wubi Forum =% CD% F2%
C4% DC% CE% E5 % B1% CA feedback.

7.61 version update records
[Built-in version] double semicolon added functionality.
      ?Double semicolon + digital (+ s output to digital, + h character, + d uppercase)
      ?Double semicolon + figures and the decimal point (+ s figures, + h character, +
d upper) of various years Day, minutes and seconds
      ?Double semicolon + digital (+ j number, + jh character, + jd capital) of various
units of data
      ?Double semicolon + date time output system date and time.
[Built-in version] added punctuation to follow the words on the screen features
[Built-in edition] revised deadline 4 yards on the screen appear just lead to empty the
input code word problems.
[Plug-in version] modified the IE browser window, the problem can not follow
[Plug-in version] modified the device when the universal plug Wubi Ghost systems on
the screen entrainment issue letters or spaces
[Plug-in version] modified to use Ctrl + Shift to switch input method can lead to other
problems normal use
Not the problem on the screen by -= [plug-in version] modified the selection code
reverse search and phrase association.
Again as the "Ten Outstanding software" and "Ten
popular software"
As long as you start the plug-in,
Unique platform for Chinese input method
EXE plug-in input methods. N do not have a window open to re-open the input
method of the save time and effort! Universal input method compatible with the
Window operating system worldwide, both ends of the earth can you go to enjoy their
professional input.
More simple and convenient!
Will Wubi Wubi; will play Pinyin romanization; will play in English English; Wubi
phonics will not, hit five simple strokes; also Pinyin + strokes and other functions,
typing actually that simple, without any manual conversion, one look to understand, a
school would "make you happy typing! happy work!
Artificial Intelligence and memory!
Universal input intelligent memory, work necessary weapons, once all important input
code word or phrase, then enter the word or phrase will automatically FM in the first,
simply hit the space bar on the screen directly without time-consuming re-election
numbers. Automatically based on your usage will be replaced from time to time
Convenient and practical features intimate home!
Universal original "English Translation" in English translation,
"input, the unique word association and the five-stroke, Pinyin, English,
anti-stroke code search function, convenient features from coinage can be your own
professional terms commonly used self-made code to facilitate the work.
Personalized combination code table
DIY unique combination of code table for a more personalized chose freely their right
to work, study, personality code table, to make you work up even more handy.
Latest 64-bit Vista Universal Pinyin feature page
Powerful new universal alphabet feature page on 64-bit Vista. This version fully
supports 64-bit Vista installation environment, use and update functions, for the
majority of users use the Vista system, the multiple convenience, want to make a hit,
arbitrary. Variety of different styles of the skin while you enjoy the new vision. Also
waiting for? Mouse clicks, you can have, quickly!
Universal input received the honor
1998, 1999, reported on by the Chinese computer, trendy electronics,
China's major websites, multimedia magazine's "Top
Ten Domestic sharing software"
1999 was again a leading international website CNET groups as "China
Top Ten domestic software"
On the Deng Shiqiang more so by China Software Industry Association and China
Software Network as a "good developers" title March 31, 2001
the first China-sharing software and free software award in the General Assembly.
Full interview with China News Service report, November 8, 2002 party congress, the
occasion. And in the special issue of China News Shiliu Da "IT section
granted the" lucky star of Chinese text input "
December 27, 2002 was again the Pearl River Delta Software Industry Association,
Shenzhen Information Software Association as "Outstanding Software
Product of 2002"
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