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   ?Last until winter, and finally had the chance to skate, and nice!
   ?Or Christmas, or in the Chinese official, there is the feeling of flying. And fellow
students, sometimes with the slip, and sometimes shoot growth team; Or, show off
just turning skilled technical. Sometimes fall, traveling up support immediately, not
too embarrassing, or even in no hurry to get up and laugh in that heap, but also funny
moments with cell phone camera.
   ?Slip tired standing there watching someone slip. Always that small group, are
aware of each other, of course, which is very lucky to fall beginners always gloat half
laughing, reckless. In particular, the "ice-danced," coach fall,
we clapped and cheered: "He will fall down, really not easy!"
   ?With the slippery, four coach-class people, they are skilled pediatrician, they
exhibit is a variety of difficult movements, graceful movements, a series of
performances, we set half as silly on the ice lattice , like a chess pieces, they freely
shuttle in the middle of this piece, changing the attitude, speed, direction, with their
performance, we present all the mouths "O" type, the pupil of
the eye is also amplified.
   ?Several coaches had enough, and will stop pointing us. Outside the character, rise
to open arms, the body moves forward ... really beautiful, I also rub in the past studies,
despite the excellence that I have been very skilled child; Jiang Xuan is also, in order
to learn standard action also fell over. To practice according to their actions, it seems
better and better. There are actions that fly, watching the coaches come in handy
action only light are like light rain Yanshuang Fei, envy. Methodical study, made a
parody of action, one of the coaches also told me thumbs, huh, huh. Win the coach
please teach me how to slide down, so, for a while, I actually succeeded in sliding and
falling over one meter, happy, ankles are very acid.
   Small Yan tempted, attending the Beijing Municipal Civil Service Examination on
transfer flew over. All afternoon, I was wrestling king, Zhuo struggling for our
children one by one camera, Jiang Xuan of the skating foot method gradually to water
ice, and small Yan, due to dark, not enough time to learn how to pressure Road,
Fortunately, I , Zhuo, Yan learned to slip back foot law, a good harvest.
   Li Yimin is five points came after dark, lights are lit up a little. I see things and
small-Yan Li slide well and is praised, it found that he had a pretty direct to wrestling,
do not laugh at something obviously is not live him.
   Exhausted enough, to eat. Lee is still entertaining, was much fun when we end the
"black family" status, food satiated, one by one straight asleep.
Zhuo child's gift, by our brains have not guessed, the result is my wallet
has not "retired." There are small Yan chocolate, so more of the
Christmas atmosphere. Encouraging small-Yan stay in Beijing, expanding the
revolutionary ranks, I broke the news "may go to Shanghai",
was zhuozi lady's rebuff is not "Do you dare."
Bugger, Did not want to stay at the foot of this emperor, the capital of revolutionary
comrades lush, just do not know this, Comrade pig weed plants where the final root.
   For the first time into the Beijing University Guanghua School of Management,
four little girls get together, that was go to the bathroom. Heating inside the full, there
is a good slogan, forget the original sentence, meaning or "Today I **
proud ** proud of me tomorrow," meaning, but the expression in a more
innovative, more impressive number.
   Stroll the street, look to the future, but also a lot of pigs in the Carrefour doll in a
long time to forget the night, has urged us to go back. Waving goodbye, the suburban
railway, metro rapid advance, gradually approaching my Yuquan.

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