Six steps to planning a successful website

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					Six steps to planning a successful website
Successful website means your business can get more customers from the Internet, the
rapid expansion of corporate reputation, create more business opportunities. If you
still think that site is the product manual on the Internet, then it can only play a little
publicity for the company, success is difficult to achieve the desired state. Successful
business websites must be able to bring more business, increase sales significantly.
Foreign research institutions, that here his six-step operation site visits to upgrade
400%. This is indeed worthy of our careful study. They are:
First, to convey a clear marketing message
Convey a clear marketing message is presented website visitor information can easily
be accepted to help assist and promote the visitor to take further action. This is when
the focus of the site planning issues. Most enterprises believe that the product features,
characteristics, detailed description of technical indicators, the number of awards
received and how the production of a long history, etc on the website at a Yi Bai Zu Yi
Ba Qing Xi need to express the contents over. Ah, the idea really is not bad. However,
this way you determine the most effective?
Not. The most effective way to deliver a customer's point of view of your
information. Who are your target customers? How you can help to target customers?
Them to your products and services from how to get the benefits? They make
purchase decisions or to issue the invitation cooperation will produce what kind of
concerns? You how to their well-known ways to express these interests? Xin Long
professionals will take time and effort with you to study and solve this problem,
forming a perfect site planning, to ensure your site caters to visitors of the need to
convey a clear marketing information .
Second, the layout is optimized for search engines
Search engine optimization web design layout requires us to consider doing the work
of search engine features, the page layout, the layout is conducive to search engine
retrieval. According to statistics, 70% -80% on the Internet visitors through the search
engine to query information, your site search engine to get your chance to appear in
the line of sight of most visitors, but because the limitations of search engine
technology The decision is recognition that we must adopt appropriate technology to
ensure access to its retrieval site.
For example, search engines can not read images, flash in the content, so a lot of use
of these elements will affect the robot to read your site. Because of this, some
international famous enterprises with simple and decent sites mainly on the use of
Flash and pictures taken with restraint. Of course, web design, web standards to
follow the same time, the page must pass W3C validation, so as to ensure that the
design of the pages in different browsers are more good display, lay a good foundation
for the website promotion.
Third, sustained and effective website management
Continued effective management of website to website success is particularly
important, it reflects the operating conditions of an enterprise and to convey a
continuing dynamic development of information, to the visitor a choice of reason and
confidence. Management Web site is mainly reflected in the daily maintenance work
of renovation: business news, market promotion, new product releases ... ... your
website needs to constantly attract new content to attract visitors frequented.
Now technology has been to the site of siting management background content with
the WYSIWYG editor, it might work in WORD environment, easy to use, a general
clerks after one hour of training can be competent website as well. Joolma world-class
content management system for the management of your site to bring more
convenient environment, you can not only increase the products and content, but also
be able to modify the existing sections, add or remove, but also on the site layout
simple adjustment. This site needs to adapt to changing business provides great
convenience, the new building site your dragon can really controlled by your hand.
Source: Web site construction technology experts Qi Website brands Shanghai
Shanghai eight years web production experience, providing the most innovative web
design in Shanghai
4, effective website promotion
When your business have a website, website address will be printed on natural card,
letterheads, pictures, etc. may promote the medium, which is delivered using
traditional channels of information on the site. In order to more potential customers
through the Internet to see her, we need to do web site promotion: the Google, Yahoo
and MSN ... ... Baidu and other well-known search engine and directory sites to
submit your site, the site's key words can be submitted through the
emergence results in the search results list. These often need to take some time
included. Of course, your pay will soon be submitted. In the new dragon customer
website management program will be developed under the scope of the target market
listed companies shall be submitted to search engines and directories, yellow pages
web site, and help customers to submit.
5, search engine optimization
Reflect the effectiveness of search engine optimization on your website can appear in
search engine results list page for free here. Of course, this effect and Website
optimization when the page is closely related. This requires our special attention is
sure to select trusted the "white hat" SEO techniques to ensure
that our website always have search engines trust, always appear in the results list for
Renmen visit.
The basis of site optimization in place, the focus of this stage is adjusted on the
keywords and establish extensive links to sites. And in businesses related to the web
link to the introduction of value ≥ pr for your site or sites with high name
recognition, not necessarily all on the home page, links within the page can also be
effective, site content is the best complement each other.
Web site links are an important means of promotion, website link directly affect the
quality and quantity of search engines on the web site to measure weight. Links to do
good PR can increase the value of the site will increase in the number of search
engine ranking level, another site was updated to increase the frequency.
Search engine optimization is to push more visitors to the site a means to attract
visitors to the real end is still the site's content and details of the deal. Xin
Long standing business professionals has always been the position of benefit to the
use of each technology to ensure that enterprises get the maximum return on
6, carefully measuring the effectiveness of site
You made after all the efforts above, you need to do is see how many visitors, by what
Fang Shi came to our site, Xin Long provide such analytical tools to help you monitor
website promotion Cheng Xiao, Biru : You can easily understand what visitors
through search engines, what keywords are used to find your site, of course, you can
easily get you to do what platform advertising effective, so avoid unnecessary
waste ... ... on the basis of these data to analyze, develop marketing plans next step to
further improve the sound ... ... I believe your site will inevitably lead to success.
Brings you unbelievable earnings. You can read how the micro level, evaluating the
performance of a cultural site to learn more.
Source: Web site construction technology experts Qi Website brands Shanghai
Shanghai eight years web production experience, providing the most innovative web
design in Shanghai