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  ?Yesterday CCTV "economic half-hour" broadcast a news
shocking. CCTV after revision, I think the direction is clear, to strengthen news
coverage, strengthen the mainstream media propaganda and supervision, which is a
common international major media. I personally think that more successful revision.
   Peking University professor died surgery doctor practicing medicine without
A Peking University professor of medicine, for various reasons very strange, and
eventually even death in the Peking University First Hospital in the operating room;
in the practice of registered doctors in the Ministry of Health announced inquiry
system inquiry has not registered any *** information; Beijing Lawyers Association,
Wan-Jun Sun, secretary general of the medical profession told us that his
agency's three cases and two of them had been filed, a case involving
Peking University First Hospital eight doctors practicing medicine without a license,
another case involving North First Hospital, 12 doctors practicing medicine without a
Today we come together with incredible attention to things, a Peking University
professor of medicine, for various reasons very strange, and eventually even death in
the Peking University First Hospital operating room.
The deceased is the photo the woman, her name is Xiong Zhuo as, a medical
professor at Peking University, Peking University First Hospital, Institute of
Cardiovascular Research at any researcher, her research on lipoprotein, won two
National Natural Science Fund.
The abundant research professor of medicine at Beijing University could never think
of, even her life for many people because the end of the Peking University First
Hospital, and here is her lifetime of research and work in place.
Peking University professor of medicine died mysteriously
Peking University professor Wang Jianguo Xiong Zhuo for her husband:
"thought of the death of my wife that badly, then, is like the feeling
Wang Jianguo, Xiong Zhuo as the husband, he is a professor at Peking University
Guanghua School of Management. He recalls, in December 2005, Xiong Zhuo is
applying for the third Science Research Fund, a long desk for work, she had some
back pain, to the First Hospital of Beijing University discovered after shooting a mild
lumbar spondylolisthesis, Peking University First Hospital Director Lee Chun Tak
diagnosis orthopedic surgery as soon as possible.
Wang Jianguo: "He (Lee Chun-Germany) told her about four days to get
out of bed, what can be resumed, he (Lee Chun Tak) said there was no
Wang Jianguo remembers the next morning after admission, orthopedic director of Li
Chun Tak gave Xiong Zhuo to do orthopedic surgery. However, after surgery, Zhuo
Xiong did not like the doctor said was as soon resume, but suddenly more serious
Wang Jianguo: "She holds up the left edge of the bed, probably still only
about a minute to go, 'Wow' is what came up, they said
nation-building, I to die, then pour in the ground."
January 31, the first 7 days after surgery, Peking University First Hospital, announced
Xiong Zhuo as a result of postoperative complications, pulmonary embolism, died.
Wang Jianguo: "I have been kneeling in the emergency room door, where I
was seeking God, I have always been in demand, I did not tear."
Wife just had a little orthopedic surgery, how would the accidental death of his
wife's departure, so sad Nan Yi Wang Jianguo.
Wang Jianguo: "Because we do not have children, have we all, with
Dependence 20 next year, my wife, she called my father, I told him to your mother,
because we do not have children when she died, I gave her written in elegiac couplet,
I say, I say you, you are a wife, a mother, a daughter, loved ones, is a treasure.
But a friend, let Jianguo grief into unparalleled shock. The friend called Sheng-Shou
Hu, who is the wife Wang Jianguo Xiong Zhuo for the students, the current president
of Beijing Fu Wai Hospital. Xiong Zhuo for the coma in the final stage of anxious
Sheng-Shou Hu Jianguo got a part in the rescue, the well-known cardiovascular
expert at Peking University First Hospital in the operating room Xiong Zhuo
witnessed the last moments of life.
Wang Jianguo: "He came out told me that the founding of her (Xiong Zhuo
as) said there was no rescue, he said, too late, too late to save, he said, he said there
was no rescue, he said You Jidao barriers He said that any one will not die if blocked,
will not die. "
Practicing medicine without a license in school led to a fatal accident
It's really very, very sorry, Professor Xiong Zhuowei died when only 49
years old, a scholar of this age is the most prime time, if she were still alive in the
medical field will be able to achieve more, benefit more patients.
But the grief of Professor Wang Jianguo kept thinking, what exactly is the reason for
his wife to leave this world? Beijing Fu Wai Hospital, he was difficult to understand
President Hu said in favor of a few hurdle, round after round of the meaning out of
control. He also could not believe his wife as a professor of medicine at Peking
University, Peking University First Hospital in the work, and how the First Hospital
of Peking University will not dedication? Subsequent investigations, not only shocked
him, leaving him angry.
Peking University professor Wang Jianguo Xiong Zhuo for her husband:
"broken three ribs and also broke the heart, the liver has broken, I saw in
the cases when I myself was almost fainted at this place."
Zhuo to death for the bear, Peking University First Hospital concluded that the
complications of pulmonary embolism after surgery, she died. And Wang Jianguo
record in his wife's case that his wife's ribs broken, heart, liver,
all broke even.
Wang Jianguo: "To what extent the liver break? Liver break into a 3 cm
wide and one meter wide hole in Bali."
Xiong Zhuo as an orthopedic surgery is done, why the broken ribs, broken heart, the
liver has broken out? Records from the surgery, Wang Jianguo found that doctors in
the emergency caused by press time.
Legal representatives Zhuo Xiaoqin: "Save the process is very, very to the
rescue of a rough one, and then cause rib sternum fracture, and then pierced the
pericardium, the heart punctured, while causing liver laceration, and was finally
broken as the liver can not stop the bleeding and give up bleeding rescue. "
Wang Jianguo: "3 cm wide, 8 centimeters long, what kind of hole in you
can imagine, then, as Maoxue people be saved?"
Bear in the end because the table is what causes death? Wang Jianguo and lawyers in
the course of the investigation, they discovered an incredible thing.
Zhuo Xiaoqin legal representative: "All cases occurred among doctors and
nurses we have to go online to check his qualifications, so that we find in paragraph
Hong Chau, in the emergence and Xiaojian Tao is not qualified."
Reporter Xiong Zhuo's medical records to see, for observation, treatment,
rescue of the attending physician is called segment Hong Chau, in lofty and Xiaojian
Tao, the final death certificate, but also in the lofty open. And Wang Jianguo told
reporters that three people are not even qualified to practice in the students of Beijing
University School of Medicine. Reporters then went through "The
People's Republic of China misdeed," Article XIV: Register to
obtain a practicing certificate without physician shall not engage in medical practice.
Reporter incredible that Beijing University First Hospital is well known for good
hospitals, its technical standards and specifications management has long been a
model for hospitals, such blatant regard for the interests of patients and the behavior
of home, how it could happen here, more Moreover, the patient or the hospital, a
well-known professor?
Wang Jianguo: "This large hospitals, this is one of the country's
best hospitals, how can out out that ABC, which is a low-level offenders most
ABC's a mistake, you think of a person lives to an unqualified person what
does this mean? This is like the street I put myself to a man asked him to give me
surgery is the same, at any possible loss of life. "
Wang Jianguo told reporters, such as for the emergence of three physicians qualified
students do not practice the truth, Peking University First Hospital does not deny,
however, stressed that the hospital, the patient died of complications of pulmonary
embolism, there is no direct relationship with the students to practice hospitals have
no responsibility. In order to clarify his wife's death, Wang Jianguo his wife
had just died, Peking University First Hospital from copying the case, when he was
ready and the court of Peking University First Hospital, he found many cases of
which have been modified. His wife, three broken ribs, that even in cases of
disappeared, and the hospital Hai Ba Xiong Zhuo walked into the hospital for the
initial situation of their own adapted into a wheelchair hospital.
Wang Jianguo: "We have a lot of people together, including her students
are colleagues, carrying bags laugh go to the hospital, she said this slander, my wife is
pushing a wheelchair past, threatened her students, students and their staff to fraud,
said she was a wheelchair to go. "
Wang Jianguo and lawyers statistics, cases are modified where no less than 10.
Zhuo Xiaoqin legal representative: "A malicious tampering case, it is the
doctor who did surgery record, he is slipping into a time slip to second degree, and the
changes are very obvious signs."
Wang Jianguo found many cases involving professional medical knowledge changes,
they are repeated like him famous doctor of the academic friends to help find, only to
discover the mystery.
Legal representatives Zhuo Xiaoqin: "So why change this, if there is no
surgical indication slip once also should not do this surgery, we believe that the doctor
found out after that is the problem, assume responsibility for fear, tried to change the
preoperative diagnosis by a second time once. "
After the sixth day, Zhuo Xiong was slipped into a coma during the rescue, Peking
University First Hospital from a blood clot out of her body,, Wang Jianguo was
present at the scene, he saw out of thrombosis is white, but later the first North issued
by a hospital laboratory blood clots are written in single red blood clots.
Wang Jianguo: "said she was red thrombus, because there is no
anticoagulation due to thrombosis, in general it is mixed thrombus, if it is red
thrombus, then it says you have no problem even without anticoagulation."
Wang Jianguo was found, Peking University First Hospital trying to get rid of this
responsibility thrombosis laboratory test, in time, simply not valid.
Wang Jianguo: "Because my wife is 31 January to take the clots early, just
testing it on January 29."
Been modified beyond recognition in the cases, Wang Jianguo they found a lot of
contradictory doubt, for example, time of death actually has three. Temporary orders
in a single on the record, on January 31 in 3:30, a body treatment, the patient had died,
but death is recorded inside Chi 4:50, rescue breathing cardiac arrest null and void,
and in that Xiong Zhuo for the death of the electrocardiogram, heart apnea time is
Wang Jianguo: "What kind of things, this is unheard of, such a good
hospital, how would you than such a thing."
Students do not practice medicine to patients eligible for medical treatment, the
patient dies, modify cases, this happens tertiary medical centers, sounds really like the
Wang Jianguo that these students do not practice the lack of medicine as a vocation
qualification experience in many areas on the improper disposal of man-made
accident after another, the hospital in order to conceal the truth, had to modify the
case afterwards.
For example, Xiong Zhuo as a high coagulation in patients prone to lead to blood
clots during surgery, patients need to take anticoagulant drugs to prevent, but Wang
Jianguo found that students in Peking University First Hospital, doctors not to bear
the table to take any anticoagulant measures.
Peking University professor Wang Jianguo Xiong Zhuo for her husband:
"(after surgery) within two days, my wife started this foot expansion, the
bottom feet began to hurt, according to the present view, she was already in the event
of blood coagulation in fact, she is suppository (divine) venous thrombosis, and has
been in the feet, but when we asked the doctor, he said that the wound neuralgia.
Wang Jianguo memories, finished the third day after surgery, Xiong Zhuo as severe
leg swelling.
Wang Jianguo: "They not only did not give her inspection, gave her to eat a
lot of great painkiller, the pain killers to hide, cover up the pain of this
characterization of the thrombus, tied up do not know pain."
The fifth day after surgery, Xiong Zhuo to start breathing difficulties, the day had to
oxygen six hours.
Wang Jianguo: "It turns out, this time has been a very serious blood clots,
and it said does not have to go to these places inside the lung, because her shortness of
breath, it would definitely be affected lung, but they still did not take measures.
The end of 2008, an accidental discovery lawyer, found his wife dead so Jianguo
behind these hidden secrets. Peking University Hospital 麻醉科主任 published an
article analyzing the severity of neglect leading to death anticoagulation, the author of
this quote from the deaths of the protagonist, happens to bear Zhuo is.
Wang Jianguo: "This article clearly speaking of the inside of her
pulmonary embolism, say this is a high-risk patients prone to pulmonary embolism,
they do not take any anticoagulant, and the second which he also proved that one
point, the lung, both pulmonary artery and not completely dead bolt, bolt only one, the
other can flow, then you can rescue the rescue is won, if by that time not to break the
heart, not to the liver by breaking into One removed her that pulmonary embolism
would not die. "
Sheng-Shou Hu Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing participated in the Bears for the final
rescue Zhuo, Wang Jianguo, after the death of his wife, and Sheng-Shou Hu talked
over a telephone, the Sheng-Shou Hu determine cause of death for his wife, recorded
in the phone.
Fu Wai Hospital President Sheng-Shou Hu: "The whole surgery done to
her after handling routine postoperative problems, he did not give her anticoagulation
was clearly a hypercoagulable state, to do orthopedic surgery bedridden, not give her
anticoagulant, which is a direct result of her reasons for the formation of pulmonary
embolism, the process of rescue, they use non-medical personnel for emergency
treatment, leading to rescue failed. "
July 1, 2009, Xiong Zhuo was killed at 3 years and 7 months after the Beijing
Xicheng District People's Court made a ruling, Peking University First
Hospital clinic with Zhuo Xiong's death for the cause and effect. Get the
Judgement, Wang Jianguo howl. His wife upon his death, he was busy while the
corpse is to collect evidence, while traveling in Beijing and his wife's home
in Singapore, to appease advanced age of the mother. The mysterious death of his
wife inside information, since he did not dare to tell the elderly.
Wang Jianguo: "She's ashes in the above, I do not dare to go
underground, I put it Babaoshan, I did a dream, she said she wanted to come back, I
gave her from Babaoshan bring her back, Some time not dreaming, I'll
kowtow to seek her. "
Peking University Hospital without a license to practice repeatedly wounding life
And none of the students eligible for the illegal practice of medicine, due to lack of
experience has led to endless medical malpractice, such things actually occurred in
the nationally renowned Peking University First Hospital, it is indeed shocking.
Yes, our reporter found that Professor Xiong Zhuowei Peking University First
Hospital, encountered in all this is not one example, a Beijing lawyer told us that he
had three hands from the case involves illegal practice and revision cases, the defense
is the First Hospital of Peking University.
Beijing Bar Association, secretary general of the medical profession Wan-Jun Sun:
"I am the agent of these cases, I do not think that is the case among
hospitals in Beijing, such a large country hospitals will have been so serious acts of
illegal practice."
Wan-Jun Sun, the Beijing Bar Association's Secretary-General, told
reporters that his agency's three cases and two of them have been closed, a
case involving Peking University First Hospital eight doctors practicing medicine
without a license, another case involving the First North Hospital, 12 doctors
practicing medicine without a license, he recently took over the case of a new, more
serious cases of illegal medical practice.
Wan-Jun Sun: "I actually found that 34 doctors did not permit a patient to
medical treatment to the same, this situation could imagine how serious?"
Photograph of a girl named Liu Li, in November 2006, 19-year-old Liu Li for gingival
bleeding, diarrhea and vomiting, to Peking University First Hospital emergency room
treatment. Four days later, Liu Li died.
Liu Li Mother F. I. Chou: "blood pumping out more and more people
becoming more and more white, his face has acne, and slowly are invisible, and
turned white."
Liu Li's mother as she had got memories, Liu Li admission, his condition
deteriorated rapidly, but for his condition, doctors do not seem to attach great
F. I. Chou: "Children are the speed of running, this heart rate, how can you
not worry, I said as I asked the doctor, one asked the nurse, he told me normal, we do
24-hour care."
Autopsy report, Liu Li's cause of death was thrombotic thrombocytopenia.
The court found that in four days of treatment, a doctor wrongly diagnosed illness,
and then to Liu Li treatment of the 10 doctors, yet there are no doctors qualified 8.
F. I. Chou: "I really want her brought up, looked at her happy, I said I also
have to rely on old, I say, you say how do you go, you let me how to live."
Photo man called Wang Lei, April 2007, Wang Lei for cold to the Peking University
First Hospital emergency room treatment, three days later, Wang Lei died. Wang
Lei's wife, Ms Lau recalls the day of hospitalization, doctors to Wang Lei
infusion, he appeared in tic symptoms.
Wang Lei wife: "input on the drug began to shiver on the sick, in this case I
find a doctor to find their four, sitting in that not driven."
Doctor prescribed antibiotic drugs is a worship service music, Sharon instructions
carefully looked at drugs and found her husband's symptoms with the
instructions described in the allergic side effects are very similar.
Wang Lei wife: "I'm telling him what I said he used the drug
may have some problems, the doctor Chen Xia Huan, hands stuck in the pocket,
finished leaning against the table, all on a kind of disdain for the results they give He
pushed away after fighting a strong tranquilizers. "
Contributions in the order list, Ms. Liu found that Wang Lei from admission to death
for only 50 hours, the doctor even out the 54 strong sedatives, combined with other
drugs as high as 47,730 ml, equivalent to 47 kg of water. And from the later wills,
Sharon see that the outreach clinic the next day, when doctors have noticed there is
Wang Lei reflect on the bad drugs and stay in the doctor's advice.
Wang Lei wife: "We see cases on record that he is the onset of seizures in
patients is disabled (thanks to Vladimir music), finished output (Posen), which is not
very clear yet? Third day of the summer Huan Chen, who gave opened and completed
the drug began to lose a high fever. "
Ms Lau inquiries and found that, on Wang Lei treatment of doctors and nurses, 12
were not the solicitor. Chen Huan Xia doctor, turned out to be poor for three years
before graduating from Beijing University School of Medicine of the students at
Wang Lei wife: "I do not think that the top three state hospitals to face this
problem, open black shops under Red Hat."
Sun lawyers have told us that his agency's Peking University First Hospital
of the several medical malpractice cases, investigation and evidence collection are
extremely difficult, the patient's case is a lot of changes.
Beijing Bar Association, secretary general of the medical profession Wan-Jun Sun:
"This condition had not changed a fever fever, these drugs could have been
used in medicine 0:00, change to the four changes to the seven, the number is not the
Wang Lei wife: "We heard this case in the process, the whole look,
it's all all re-done, the entire changed again."
Reporter: "Have you done statistics, modify the number of
Wang Lei wife: "136."
Peking University Hospital reporter witnessed illegal practice
Before dark we heard the illegal practice of medicine clinics, but in public hospitals,
especially in this country Peking University First Hospital, hospitals of all names, do
people think of.
Our reporter repeatedly asked for an interview Peking University First Hospital, were
rejected. This illegal practice if it really exist? Our reporter went to the identity of
patients carried out unannounced visits to Peking University First Hospital.
Peking University Hospital, Director of the Office: "No, never will,
because they do not the right prescription."
Peking University Hospital Office refused our interview, but for the trainee
doctor's prescription, the hospital director, said the Office of the dragon no
Reporter: "Are you sure you do not open prescription interns, will not
participate in clinic activities."
Peking University Hospital, Director of the Office: "certainly
Long said the director, in accordance with the provisions of the First Hospital of
Peking University, along with higher medical trainees are learning from an
independent doctor will not. The fact is that not so? Reporters subsequently were
linked as in the Peking University First Hospital, a surgical emergency number.
Doctors simply asked what condition, the to open a number of anti-inflammatory
reporters. This reporter noted that the doctors in the out-patient clinic name is Xi-high.
So high is not Xi-physician practice has been made eligible for practitioners? Practice
published by the Ministry of Health's physician search system for
registration of a query. Found, the system does not contain any information on the
Xi-registered high.
Reporter: "You work here?"
Peking University First Hospital emergency room doctors Xi-high:
"I'm here for Ph.D. study at Beijing University Hospital,
Reading stroke, also PhD, Bi does not necessarily stay."
Reporter: "Even before graduation, which graduated?"
Xi-high: "There are two or three years."
Press that, in accordance with the Medical Practitioners Act, medical practitioners
must obtain registration to practice medicine practice. The emergency department is
usually rapid re-admissions of patients, so doctors demanding, generally require more
than 5 years in clinical practice to go to the emergency room doctor. The Xi-three
years of high school just a poor doctoral student in school, why you can see a doctor
to patients in emergency department since then?
Xi-Gao: "usually in the ward, only 3 months of the emergency department,
emergency ended on the back wards, and training mode is for you as hospital
medicine, this treatment is for you."
Xi-Gao said the North admitted to the hospital as long as the graduate student, you
can enjoy the treatment of hospital doctors, 1,000 yuan monthly salary, Hospital room
and board, more importantly, can directly participate in clinical practice.
Reporter: "back to the ward have access to clinical?"
Xi-Gao: "Yeah, every day, put the patient, the surgery, every day operation,
all of our time in the hospital, school is the weekend."
Reporter: "How much surgery you did it?"
Xi-Gao: "I did a small, what appendicitis."
Reporter noted that the emergency office of the table there is a doctor on duty table,
then the relevant medical practitioner's name into the Ministry of Health
conducted a medical practitioner inquiry system check and found that in addition to
Xi-high outside, Shao Lei, Yi-Jiun Chou, also without any registration information.
Cho's later came the bear had surgery for the Department of Orthopaedics,
First Hospital of Beijing University. In the name of the doctor on duty inside, the
reporter saw the unexpected places in the lofty name. He is the reason for Xiong Zhuo
school students to see the doctor. We understand that under the Penal Code 336,
failure to obtain qualification for practicing illegal medical practice, if the
circumstances are serious, three years imprisonment, serious damage to human health
visits, residence three to ten years imprisonment, resulting in doctor who death, term
imprisonment. The emergence of illegal medical practice has long court found,
however, where the reporter learned from the nurse on duty at the towering does not
seem to be the impact of this matter, and now he is already a Beijing
hospital's head doctor, orthopedic, director of Thailand this week to follow
study now.
Reporter: "You say that the emergence doctor is not it."
North Hospital Orthopaedic Nurse: "Yes, he is now our Branch doctor, that
is, the head doctor."
Nurses tell us, now the main hospital doctors office, many students are in school.
Doctor duty room, we encountered a patient is preparing to undergo an operation on
the operating table to the Beijing University School of Medicine students.
Reporter: "That guy just test qualification card?"
North Hospital Orthopaedic Intern: "He should be a test next year can
Reporter: "But he is already doing clinical work."
North Hospital Orthopaedic Intern: "Yes."
Reporter: "Hospital allowed to do so?"
North Hospital Orthopaedic Intern: "Yes, actually here is the income
received out-patients come to see patients, will open, on the surgery."
Half-hour observation: who will protect our right to see a doctor?
Unannounced visits to see our reporters, particularly the last to see doctors who do not
obtain the qualification students are ready to perform an operation, I really do not
know what to say, I really am worried about the patients who lie on the operating
Today, I also look specifically at the official website of Beijing University First
Medical College, Peking University First Hospital, founded in 1915, is the earliest
founder of the National Hospital, the site claims to hospital disciplines complete,
comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of high, bear the entire city of Beijing 60 000
people in the public health services, and accounting for one eighth of cadres Beijing
health mission. And patient, 1 / 3 from around the country difficult patients. Peking
University First Hospital, claiming the hospital culture is still Tak Road, but the state
laws and regulations clearly, there is no professional qualification shall not practice, I
do not understand such as Peking University First Hospital, a long history of
well-known medical institutions why am flagrantly illegal and in the aftermath of the
accident is still not changed frequently? Countries and the health regulatory
authorities in Beijing Why out of control here? This is not a well-known hospital
compliance with national laws, does not respect the rights of life in patients, not only
shocking, even more chilling, the country in the end how many similar hospitals in the
disregard for human life? We look forward to an answer as soon as possible, whether
the doctor who is protecting our right? (Reporter: solemn video: Tribute deposit, King
Extension) (reproduced Sina)

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