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									Shenzhen Google Promotion; Shenzhen Google proxy; Tencent soso; soso Promotion
Export trade plan (TradeYep)
Global marketing homes
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What is the Google AdWords keyword advertising export easy to program?
Easy export of Google AdWords keyword advertising program is Google (Google)
and its duly authorized agents to meet the export needs of companies launch overseas
promotion of the English keyword advertising program.
Google AdWords keyword advertising examples

Why export trade scheme?
Enterprise users worldwide hit
In the global Google (Google) and many partner sites to promote your products and
services. Data show that in July of this year so far, Google (Google) account for more
than 62% of the global search market share, covering more than 200 countries and
regions, there are more than 100 kinds of interface languages and international
domain names in the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Sweden, Denmark,
India, Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries visit Liangjun
market share and ranks first. You use the Google AdWords keyword advertising
export trade program can display advertisements in Google (Google) and Google
(Google) tens of thousands of partner sites, global coverage, to search for your
products and services, users take the initiative to find you .
Advertising only targeted customers
So interested in your products and services to customers easily find you. Target buyers
in Google (Google) search on the related keywords to trigger your ads. Your business
and product information directly to them really interested in showing potential
customers. Customers with a strong intention to bring more in sales.
Spent on advertising investment which clearly
Only when someone clicks on your ad, you only need to pay. You can also decide on
ad spending.
Pay-per-click advertising only: Google AdWords keyword advertising program export
trade, not only to bring the global goal for enterprise buyers, businesses need only
click on the number of times the ad was paid.
Your own decision budget: Google keyword advertising system to your own budget
and determine the right price, and free results tracking tool.
Professional system to help you analyze return on investment: By Google (Google)
strong technical and management background, you can analyze and track system, at
any time to adjust advertising strategies, advertising reset the time and cost estimates.
Out of your own decision how to spend every penny, and can objectively see the
investment effect.
Adjust the marketing program at any time
You can independently decide to national or regional advertising, language, and time
commitment. And is different from traditional advertising, Google AdWords keyword
advertising can change your strategy and the need for adjustments at any time.
Area Location: You can choose to target advertising to specific more than 200
countries, regions or cities, can also target advertising to specific regions.
Language localization: You can choose to target advertising to customers in a specific
language, there are 40 languages to choose from.
Time Position: You can choose to ads in a specific date, time or weekly, the daily
show a specific time.
Full 1 on 1 professional services
Professional overseas network of overseas keyword list and bid proposal package
Overseas Promotion Creative Copywriting
Site Selection list of overseas trade
Web site production and overseas production space overseas promotion of the
standard Web site * (less than 24 products)
300M O space, free of service 1 year *

Easy export of customer services, senior, senior customer service
- All through the English 6 (CET6)
- Easy export of services through the Google exam
- Google customer service work in over six months
Optimization program regularly account
Investment results of investment analysis and optimization of Google Analytics
Optimization program regularly account
VIP 1 on a full-service standard telephone service support
Working fast email reply within 24 hours
Use weekly account statements
Industry News Industry News sent customized

* Overseas promotion of the standard website format and limited to designated
website template; more optional services.
Low-cost start
Traditional advertising, exhibitions, etc., companies do not see the effect must be
substantial investment before. Easy export of Google AdWords keyword advertising
program, pay only the number of ads is clicked, display free of charge. Upfront
investment cost is low, and spend every cent of potential customers.
¥ 12,000 from the first phase of pre-deposit | services 30% | setup fee ¥ 1,000
Alternatively, you can pay by the English translation, domain name services, website
changes and other services.

Long-term service-oriented
?google core agency the sole agent for Guangdong, Tencent soso (Main: Shenzhen
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Google overseas promotion; Google alliance to promote; Google how to do so)
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