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Shameless remarks by fdjerue7eeu


									Shameless remarks
Study: pp0614 on :2006-09-28 12:08:50 Updated :2006-09-28 12:08:50
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What is a well-off, well-off concept to have two suites, should encourage China to
buy two suites, the home is set, go off to live another time. House prices rose faster is
normal, indicating the income more. Previous investment in real estate appreciation,
and is a good thing.

--- Li Yining (Peking University Guanghua School of Management Dean, deputy
director of the CPPCC National Economic Committee)

Conservatively speaking, the next 10 years, China's major cities, both in
Shanghai, Beijing or Nanjing, prices will go up 3 times; bold to say that prices will go
up 10 years more than 5 times.

--- Wang (National Development Reform Commission, China's
macro-economic Society of Fellows, the Deputy Secretary-General)

Note: Europe and the United States of people with incomes 30% of the purchase of
property, the Chinese people have to pay 70% or more, while housing prices climbing,
are due to collusion due to speculation, the purpose or should dig into the
bank's money their own pockets, even if Daoteng the end, can not sell
because prices are too high, the difference they have earned, and finally banks pay,
after all, or the loss of people. They help those who deceive the people taken in the
interest groups.

State-owned assets

How restructuring of state assets? In the reform process, the loss of state assets is
inevitable, no fuss. As long as the business of property management rights to
"legal property rights," all the problems of state-owned
enterprises and the problem disappears. In order to achieve the objectives of the
reform, must sacrifice a generation, this generation is the 30 million older workers.
More than 800 million farmers and laid-off workers is great wealth, without their hard
How can a few pleasures, their existence and maintenance of the current state is
necessary. China should use the employment promotion of employment, because of
the number of people employed, and made money he would immediately spend, other
people have the opportunity to make money.

--- Li Yining

Many state-owned assets are popsicles, will not disappear, only the operational
benefits will be generated. MBO state-owned enterprises to realize the unity of
ownership and management effectiveness. Even the "zero price"
or even negative price purchase, the state does not necessarily lose out, because many
state-owned enterprises have a lot of the burden of liability and workers, which like
you, and you're single with a daughter remarried remarry when a person is
certainly not the bargaining power of the same.

--- Weiying (Associate Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University,
Peking University, Centre for Economic Research Network and director of the
Institute of Business Administration, Peking University)

Sooner or later, to sell state-owned enterprises. That being the case, you must first
sell-effective, or, after the poor performance on nobody wanted it.

---   Fan       Gang      (National      Economic                Research        Institute,
"Jingchengsishao" one)

May wish to public property as those things without the Lord, who first brought it to
sell, this public property, even if his property rights. If you just state-owned
enterprises as a director, partner authorities can and sell this plant the rich, private
property becomes a.

--- Sheng Hong (Beijing day was Economic Research Institute)

Note: According to Zhang, Li, Fan, Sheng and others, "Called on first
married," "Popsicle Theory", "rotten
apple theory" and "spit on" and "social
wealth to the tilt of the elite", 20 years a number of of thousands of billions
of dollars of state assets through this pass into someone's private property,
a very short time, nearly 90% of small and medium state-owned enterprises were
privatized. They are for all the theories to justify such acts of banditry, to brainwash
the people so that people agree with this robbery is reasonable.

On corruption

In public, the officials may obtain a Pareto improvement surplus; because it is
conducive to reducing monitoring costs, mobilize the enthusiasm of government
officials. The existence of corruption in the private product of social and economic
development is the best, if not also the second-best. The second-best. Take proper
anti-corruption efforts in, to be very modest, if efforts to grasp the appropriate indirect
negative effect caused by very large.

--- Weiying

Exchange privileges of assets, and promote privatization. I told the central
government that is best decided to give these people a lot of money to buy these
powers, so that they later do not use the power. China's top no corruption,
there are countless corruption below.

--- Zhang Wuchang (Hong Kong University)

Note: According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
(OECD) expert, said the seriousness of corruption prevailing in China is becoming an
important source of social discontent. The sophistry is plainly sing the praises of
corruption. Protection of interests of all the lines without interference.

On the gap between rich and poor

China's wealth gap between it? China's wealth gap is not big
enough, only widening the gap between social order and progress, harmonious society
can there be hope. Why do poor people in China are poor, because they have hatred of
the rich psychological. I want to speak for the rich, not to please the rich. Today, some
people criticize the rich, as outlet to the poor is, in fact, they harm the poor. Kill the
rich not the poor economy, poor people should be rich as his big brother, big brother
little brother to wear new clothes to wear clothes, right and proper. Gini coefficient
will be calculated separately from the rural city, so rich-poor divide in China is not
serious. Farmers are expected to enter the middle class strata of society. Chinese
farmers do not be afraid when the middle class.

--- Li Yining

Just grab the total increase. Do not control distribution. Developed to a certain extent,
all problems will be resolved.

--- Weiying

Note: In the past 20 years, 9.5% average annual economic growth of China, is the
world's fastest-growing wealth gap between countries, United Nations
Development Programme's data show that China's Gini
coefficient of the current warning level of 0.4. Huge increase in the gap caused by the
prominent social conflicts, which lead to social unrest, social instability factor is these
interest groups usurpations. China's farmers has never expect anything to
go when the middle class, they just want to eat, to live.

On welfare and social security

China should improve the welfare and social security system? I propose to abolish the
so-called old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance
benefits, etc. The purpose is to maintain our enthusiasm and ability.
--- Li Yining

History does not cause nausea have not seen a social welfare system. We often feel
helpless, not willing to pay, but come up with money I do not know who will fall on
the hands.

--- Zhang Wuchang

On the Chinese stock market

China's stock market healthy? China's stock market is very
healthy, morning and evening rush 3000 points.

--- Li Yining

I do not believe the stock market will always be in the doldrums, in the first half is not
up, in the second half will be up, not up this year, next year will rise.

--- Xiao Zhuoji

Endorsement of whom

Economists is for the interest group services.

--- Fan Gang

Note: listen to the Queen's speech writers, a more profound understanding
of what is outrageous.

On the Reform of Medical Education Reform

Education and health care should industrialization? Why do poor people afford to go
to university in China now? Because the fees are too low. A really good system, I can
pay, but I spend 80% of the scholarship on the poor afford to go to college. For
example, the poor out of 4,000 yuan a year, he Chubu Qi.

--- Weiying

Note: from the health care industry of the 90's, Chinese hospitals charge
more than 20% annual growth rate, higher than the rate of income increase more than
4 times. China Consumer Association, a statistical report in 2003 pointed out that
about 50% of the life of the disease can not go to the hospital, primarily because of
high drug prices. According to official statistics, China has reached 10 years of local
bonds two hundred billion yuan!

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